Star Trek Vegas Con Starts Tomorrow – Shatner, Nimoy (and will be there

Creation’s Sixth Annual Official Star Trek Convention kicks off on Thursday at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel (home of the Star Trek Experience). Creation are expecting over 15,000 Trekkies from all across the world to attend. 75 Star Trek Celebrities including Trek ‘captains’ William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew  and Avery Brooks will be appearing. In addition to Shatner, all other surviving  TOS cast members will be there (Takei, Koenig, Nichols and Nimoy). This year marks the 20th anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation and and much of the cast will be in Vegas to celebrate: Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Will Wheaton, Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton and even Dwight Schultz (Barclay). This year there will also be some big behind the camera names appearing, including Nicholas Meyer, Brannon Braga, Bob Justman and D.C Fontana.

In addition to celebrity appearances, the non-stop auditorium show will include behind the scenes presentations, a ‘Star Trek’ concert, costume and trivia contests, no minimum bid auctions of unique collectibles and one-of-a-kind items, and special salute videos and previews of upcoming sci-fi television shows. Hopefully there will also be some news or message regarding J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film (Abrams has sent messages to the fans at previous cons). will be attending the con and reporting anything new and interesting. So what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas!

More info available at

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Hope some visiting aliens don’t take this opportunity to swoop down and grab the original cast a la Galaxy Quest. If they did the Shat would shit!

How come all the good stuff happens in the South West. If is coming to be there, any chance of taking lots of pictures Anthony and posting them for us unfortunate souls living on the wrong side of the country.

505 dtst

I will not go to Vegas this year.

dont have a ship :(


from first and only FAN CLUB in Macedonia – MakTrek

I was in Vegas last January, and went to the Star Trek Adventure. It was pretty cool! I had my pic taken in Jean-Luc’s chair. I looked like a big fat bald geek sitting in Jean-Luc’s chair, but hey, I was there, and the pic is in my office. :) For a few dollars more, I could have donned a TNG uniform, but as I was a little tired I said no. Now I wish I had. Sitting in the command chair of a Galaxy class starship in shorts and sandals is so gauche.

The bridge set was pretty cool, and was claimed to be quite authentic (ie made by the same production crew that made the original set for TNG). Someday I hope to walk on to a TOS or TMP bridge, or both…

Will we get any hints about Shatner being in the film?

Yay! I won’t be able to attend *tear* so I look forward to EVERY SHRED of information & pics you guys will post! Thanks! Keep up the good (nay, AWESOME) work Trekmovie!

6 – I have a feeling that, if they’re going to let The Shat out of the bag, it’ll be the last cast signing they’ll announce. Nothing like milking the suspense – I don’t recall any other Trek movie that got this close to production, yet leaked out so little. You’d think some early pre-production sketches would’ve hit the ‘net by now, or something.

DANG! That’s one heck of a line-up. I’d love to be there!

Must be kinda weird for the TNG gang. It’s their 20th anniversary, but the focus of the media is firmly on TOS again because of the new Star Trek film.

The TNG guys deserve some attention too, so I hope their stuff goes well. I wonder if Marina Sirtis will vent about the new Star Trek movie again! ;)

As for the announcements, I wonder if we’ll get any more casting announcements at the con. It’d be as good a time as any to do it… I’ll be keeping an eye on these pages in case!

I will FedEx you some old smelly eggs and too ripe tomoatoes for the B & B sessions.

That way, when Berman blames the failures of Voyager/Enterprise on “The fans” or “General exhaustion of Trek” you can have some eggs tossed his way.

Then as he walks away from the Convention Hall in shame, he’ll smell of Sulphur, which is just about right for that Character.

Good for the Shat for continuing to show up to these things and not pout.

Well Braga’s going to be there I hope some of the trolls off this board are giong to Vegas you guys can tell him what you really think of him, oh wait I forgot you can probably only talk tough from behind a keyboard, you’d probably choke on your own spit if/when you see him.

Of course Shatner’s showing up and not pouting, he’s GETTING PAID, isn’t he?

Nick Meyer!! w00t!!

I wonder if they will announce who is playing Kirk and the rest of the cast? After the cast I wonder how soon we will see what the 1701 look like?


Huh. That was the first negative thing I’d ever posted, and my tounge was firmly planted in my cheek

It’s not like I called him a Denebian Slime Devil or a Regulan Blood worm.

But- I’m not even going to do IMHO

Clearly, the man did overstay his welcome, but he did to a very good next gen and DS9. he was just a bit… “stubborn” when it came to new ideas.

yes #13 Harry. yeah, Shatner’s paid. But still, a good sport.

Happy 20th TNG!

there. Happy?

I’m there in K’atra.

Ooh, I loved it when I was in K’atra, especially the museums!

why the hell is ensign brocolli being given any space whatsoever on the panel???, next to nelix he was the most annoying ST character of all time!


It’s hard to talk tough to Braga when he hides from the fans as much as he has. But Braga is completely irrelevant now.

Hopefully someone can get Shatner to respond to Abrams’ comment and see if there is an update.

Just like how on the 30th anniversary of TOS, the TNG gang was the focus of attention with First Contact.

One good turn deserves another…

What goes around comes around…

Tit for tat and shit on Shat! Ooooops…….

Maybe they’ll announce TNG coming back for TV specials! I wouldn’t even mind if Berman and Braga were back just as long they get a better writer to co- write

Probably be better if I had just written ‘as long as they get a better co-writer’ guess I need one myself

#2: Hey, PH, to answer your question (and to paraphrase Jim Morrison), “The Southwest…is the best…” :)

I wonder if fans give Brannon a tough time at these convention considering half of them accuse him of killing Star Trek. I hope not but I wonder if he ever does get heat at conventions.

If you get the chance to visit Vegas in any capacity, do check out the Experience. I also had the chance to sit in the Captain’s chair. Was very surreal. The ships hanging from the ceiling are very impressive as you enter the place. And the timeline with props, oictures, and costumes were cool too. The ride was not much different than any other motion ride but how they get you there was pretty cool.

This would be a great time for Shatner to announce to Nimoy that he is looking forward to working with him in the new Star Trek movie. The place would go nuts. It is more important that they get the main cast hammered out. It is obvious they are well underway . The team seems to have a great understanding of the beloved characters. This will prove invaluable in their casting choices.I am also east coast so will be watching through the site. The next year and a half will be fun. Hat is off to Anthony and all the posters that make this site so informative and enjoyable.i used to glance about once a month and now i try to check in daily.

Yes, thank you for the hard work and sacrifice to make this site possible, Anthony. I am hooked so bad!!

Any word of what is going on out there yet?

Per Brannon Braga, one of the reasons he rarely did conventions and talked to fans and such, is that writers are always leery of that. When a project is still in production, and a fan comes up and starts pitching ideas, you always run into the problem of that fan coming back later and saying you stole their ideas. I know it sounds lame, but it’s a theme I read about a lot from writers. In fact, in the Animated Series DVD, David Gerrold tells a story of the exact thing happening to him from a young visitor to Filmation studios. I also wouldn’t expect him to get booed off the stage at a convention either. In fact, I believe he has done them in the past? Rick Berman might be less welcome, by both fans and former talent there.

Indeed. The suspense is killing me.

Went to the Can last year in Vegas, wont be there this year. Wasn’t quite what I expected, was a lot different than the one in 76. Where’d all the SLASH come from? Wow! Shocking!

Did meet a nice hotty for across the pond. Almost ran Jolene Blalock down. She was coming around the corner as I was coming through the double doors leading to the dealers room. She is little bity. I didn’t expect her to be some small. Was surprised at how the stars height was different from what you expect. Frakes is the only one that was rather tall.

You know, they didn’t have the lights on in the Refit then. Does anyone know if they are working? Loved the Klingon Encounter. The Borg 4D thing didn’t grab me.

^^^ Doh! CON Went to the CON LOL Doh!

I used to have Bragas autograph that I got some 13 years ago, so I would say he does do conventions

If Ron Moore’s there, we can just let him and Braga slug it out!!

As for TNG TV movies, I very much doubt it! With a major build up to a new version of Star Trek, the studio wouldn’t be likely to want to muddy the waters with other Trek productions. The general public don’t read film sites and easily get confused.

If a TNG DTV film turned up and they watched it, they might not bother with the big screen Trek film thinking they already saw it on DVD. I know it sounds stupid, but people have too many other things going on in their lives to care that much about the details of which film they are seeing!

Anyway, it would be kinda insulting to the TNG cast to offer them the chance to be ‘relegated’ to DTV. Unfortunately in the West DTV is seen as second stream, which is a shame. The earliest I can imagine a TNG universe DTV would be 2009. Frankly, it would make more sense to shoot a DTV spin-off of the new movie on the existing sets. Indeed, that’s what’s happening with Get Smart: two of the supporting characters are apparently starring in a DTV film which will be released about ten days after Get Smart hits the cinema!

TNG is dead dead. FYI, Shatner and Nimoy go on at 3:25 PM Sunday, together.