Sydney Tamiia Poitier Auditioned For ‘Star Trek’

Grindhouse hottie (and daughter of Oscar winner Syndey Poitier) Sydney Tamiia Poitier revealed last week that she auditioned for J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film. Rotten Tomatoes report on the Grindhouse DVD panel at Comic-Con quotes the actress asking "did they announce the cast of Star Trek? I auditioned for it and I’m curious who got what roles in there." She asked this while Paramount was making the Nimoy and Quinto announcement in another hall at Comic Con. No indication as to what role she might have auditioned for, but a good guess might be Uhura. However, Poitier is 34 which is a few years older than they appear to be looking for that role. It could be another role…a love interest for Kirk perhaps?  

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She would have been one cool (badass) Uhura.

Hottie indeed!

I’m not sure I’ve seen her in anything, but who cares? Hailing frequencies are open!


Not Potier. Not Poteir. (Both used in the article.)

I value as a great web site. Can we see more effort with the copy editing/spell checking, please? ;-)

Willing to put some money down she’s a good actor, what with her father and all…

Would probably make a great Uhura. Go with her J.J!

…oh yeah, put her in the film. Anywhere!

Okay, I remember her from Veronica Mars. She’d be great!

She’s too old. I’m 30 I’m too old. Adam are we too old to post here????

Looks like Logan’s Run is not too far off

Now we know how this younger Kirk goes from cadet to spaceMan.

She would be perfect…. for one, she’s beautiful. She has an immediate presence on screen where she commands attention, which would be important because Uhura is integral, but probably won’t have the screen time of Kirk, Spock etc. You need an actor who can do a lot with a little…. Finally, how profound that the daughter of an actor that broke so many barriers and probably did more than anyone else to show the intelligence and humanity of African Americans to an ignorant public would play the a character that is historic for the same reasons. My guess is she would “get” the importance of the character like no one else.

Jeff-hear, hear. I totally agree with your valid points.

Plus, she is smokin’!

I’d go to Antares with her anytime!

Sidney Poitier\

her father, who she is no where close to being as talented as

One thing comes to mind here. I have read a lot of posts on this web site. Typically Anthony posts some information gleaned from various sources.

There are several people who have posted here with pleas, demands, threats not to see the movie if JJ “does this” or “doesn’t do this”. You can fill in all the various forms of “THIS” relating to story line or potential cast.

Yet, so far everyone or thing that has actually been confirmed for Star Trek 2008, not sure if I have heard much or anything negative about ‘said’ decisions.

So to JJ and his entire production company, just keep doing what you’re doing.

PS. to JJ, it would be nice to keep a diary, then sell it after the movie starts making millions, and title it “How To Make a Star Trek Movie”. This would be something I would love to read.

505 dtst

If they’re looking for someone around 25, as they are reportedly doing, an article I just read gave me a strange idea… bear with me…

Kelly Rowland as Uhura.

She’s dabbled with some acting over the past few years, she’s 26, and remember, Nichelle Nichols started out as a singer, so she’d bring that background. It may be a stretch, but it might work, no?

No, I could really see this girl as Uhura, seriously. Nice work!

Uhura wasn’t African American .Wasn’t She Swaheli? (I hope I spelled that right).She said Her name meant “freedom” in Swaheli in one episode.

#7 Lord Garth!

Totally Logan’s Run for us, dude. Being 30 is like a sin in this world. What are we to do? I’m going to have a drink to start…

Yes, Uhura was Swahili…she even spoke the language in some episodes…


Actually, I believe the blue book calls Uhura a Bantu. Of course, this doesn’t mean much- Roddenberry may not have known what the Bantu actually were, and of course, modern actors often have no actual ethnic connection with the role (that’s why it’s called ‘acting’).

16 — correct. She was African (they pointedly didn’t identify a country. Swahili is a fairly common language in many places in Africa.) This is one of the reasons I really object to the PC term African-American. THAT IS NOT A SLAM AGAINST ANYONE, but against the term.

Nichols tells the story that she was carrying a copy of a book called Uhuru (which means Freedom) and Roddenberry turned it into a woman’s name by changing the last letter.

She has my vote… DL

She looks MUCH younger than 34. + Hot and acted in a Tarantino movie – she would be a great choice.

Man, if they hire her I really hope they keep the miniskirt!

Seriously though, in the movie she really tough but sexy at the same time, which I think would be perfect for the character.

Hopefully the film is mature enough that a pretty black girl could be playing a part other than Uhura or a love interest

Dunno Adam i guess i better start running

She is very beautiful.

She’s got my vote any day.

I’d love to take her to Risa ;)

She was good in Grindhouse and certainly easy on the eyes. And I had NO idea she was even close to being in her 30’s. She’d be great for Uhura.

Man, some of these suggestions for actors are real head scratchers. Kelly Rowland? Yeah, she really moved me in Freddy Vs Jason. Eeek.

I didn’t know a lot of Star Trek fans are big Destiny Child fans considering a lot of people are suggesting members from that group to play Uhura.

I’d rather see her as a Klingon.

Just as I expected. This is very nice young woman, but it ain’t black woman. She’s almost white! :-(

…Jeez, isn’t it obvious? She’s playing McCoy :p

#33 Paul “Just as I expected. This is very nice young woman, but it ain’t black woman. She’s almost white! :-( ”

Huh? Sheesh.

#34 “…Jeez, isn’t it obvious? She’s playing McCoy :p ”

And :p to you too. :) I plan on visiting sickbay as often as I can. WOW! Now, that’s my kind of doctor.

No, an African-American actress does not HAVE to be playing Uhura, but name ANOTHER established character she would be playing. Inam’s shape-shifter from ST 6? While ST pioneered various ethnic casting, it has fallen into in the trap of “Sulu (or whoever) is the ONLY Japanese (or whatever) character”-type mentality. This is one of the problems in never introducing new continuing characters in the movies (except Saavik, and they dropped her like a hot Vulcan).