VegasCon07 – Russ: Of Gods and Men To Be Released in September

From the Las Vegas Creation Star Trek Convention (Thursday)
Tim Russ, the director of the independent fan film Of Gods and Men (and VOY’s Tuvok), told the Vegas crowd that the first part of the anticipated and much delayed mini-series will ‘probably’ be available for download in September. He asked fans to be patient and said that the editors and CGI artists were doing ‘painstaking work’ on the 2nd and 3rd part. However, this is not an official release date. The first part of the mini series is pretty much complete now, but they want to be able to release all three parts over a few weeks…hence the delay. Russ also showed a new version of the full trailer with new CGI effects and it is an improvement over the one on the official site.

Russ also talked about his continued acting gigs including a new role on the ABC sitcom "Samantha Who?" which premieres this fall. Russ stars along Christina Applegate who plays the title character. Tim describes her character as a ‘self-centered narcissist’  who suffers amnesia and has to re-asses her life. Russ plays her doorman who will give her his ‘sidewalk philosophy advice on life.’ In a case of ‘small world’ Voyager co-star Robert Duncan McNeill directed the pilot for "Samantha Who?" Russ can also be seen in the current release Live Free or Die Hard. The actor joked that he will be appearing in a sequel titled "Die For Crying Out Loud."

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the first 3 minutes felt like ALIENS.

I hear Tom Cruise appears in part 3 as Charlie Evans….

I hope we see this finally, I am looking forward to this release.

Wish it was on dvd.
And I heard something about New Voyages trivia contest winner getting a dvd of “World Enough and Time.” What’s up with that?

The last I heard, his upcoming show was called “I Am Sam”. Checking it up, though, the producers apparently had conflicts with the estate of Dr. Seuss over that title. That’s mildly amusing. :P

Anyways, thanks for the update, Tim and Anthony!

Can’t wait to see it. Tim Russ did such a great job directing Living Witness and that is a classic Star Trek episode so I can’t wait to see this one.

gobble, gobble.

So, September. Do we believe them this time?

On a slightly different note, did anything come out of trying to have OGAM licensed as an “official” Trek film? I’d be curious to find out how receptive the suits were to the idea (or if they just enjoyed a good belly laugh, which is what I suspect was actually the case).

And on a completely different note, Tim Russ is both a charismatic actor and a great singer (as he demonstrated in a Voyager episode – “Innocence,” I think). What the heck is he doing playing the “Philosophical Doorman” on a sitcom…?.

Maybe they took the shaky out. Nah. The only kind of shaking I want to see on Star Trek are the bods of scantily clad hotties.

I’m looking forward to this.

I do notice a lot of people being negitive that it’s been pushed back a few times.

I say cut these guys some slack. These are pro’s who are doing this for free on their own time.

How can you not respect their dedication to the fans?

I am eagley awaiting this film be it in September of 07 or September of 08.

It was a nice surprise catching Russ in Die Hard 4. I nearly didn’t recognize him until a few scenes in, when for a moment I geeked out and nudged and whispered to my girlfriend, “This guy was in one of the Star Trek shows!” Her reaction was of course muted, for she’s a novice Trekker (she’s only seen the all the movies for the first time just last couple of years).

Though I normally am not interested in the fan films, I, too, am looking forward to Of Gods and Men (also because of Koenig and Nichols’ involvement).

Funny…the premise of that new TV show is very, very similar to the fictional movie in Bruce Campbell’s novel, “Make Love…The Bruce Campbell Way!” As it’s described on Amazon:

“…Sci-Fi channel schlock film actor “Bruce Campbell” is unexpectedly offered the A-list role of a “wise-cracking doorman” and “emotional lynchpin” in the new Mike Nichols romantic comedy Let’s Make Love…”

The book is a very silly send-up of Hollywood casting and production, with Bruce writing himself as a well-meaning idiot in scenes.


You would think Paramount would want to toss them a few more bucks so they could release it on DVD and make some money off of it. They could probably make a nice profit off little Trek films like this.

When do Shatner + Nimoy go on?

8/13 – I agree, you would think Paramount would embrace these films, but that simply is taboo for studios to do. It has been done, with the Animatrix being the example first to my mind. However, that takes someone who controls the property and is willing. From what I’ve read, J.J. Abrams is supposedly completely in Rick Berman’s position? So any such project would have to go through him? I doubt he has the time to think about that.

14 – How long is this convention? Don’t Shat and Nimoy usually go on Sundays?

I think the trailer needed more choral chanting in the background.

#15 LOL. And maybe the tense soundtrack from “Aliens” thrown in for good measure.

With Abrahm’s new movie in the works, I find it increasingly harder and harder to get excited about these kinds of films. Always liked the character of Tuvok though and thought he was, like most of Voyager, never used to the greatest potential.
I do hope CBS denies them the right to license it though. The producers took something that, as I understand it, was supposed to be a “gift” to the fans, then suddenly it’s delayed and delayed and delayed as FX work is reportedly ” finished” (while the producer, admittedly, tries to peddle it to CBS to make a buck).

17 – What’s the joke?

18 – I agree, Paramount should not license that film only. If anything, they should be doing what they’ve done (in several editions of Strange New Worlds) with Trek novice writers. I’m speaking of a distribution deal or network of some kind. That would allow various fan filmers to submit their work to Paramount, who could put out a DVD of various films (since they are all relatively short), maybe once a year or two. Also, the time to make a deal with Paramount was prior to production of STOGAM. That would have allowed the FX to be done this way, from the get go.

Why would CBS or Paramount want anything to do with this or New Voyages? Unless by new FX they mean ‘complete replacement of all filmed scenes’ nobody will want to touch these with a ten foot pole. I’m embarassed for Alan Ruck, because he can do much better than this.

Also, ENOUGH with the Mirror Universe stuff. Please.

This is GREAT news!!! I can’t wait to see my favorite people in this film. I think Paramount SHOULD BUY IT so that the fandom can be reached on television and DVDs.

Much as i admire what they have achieved with New Voyages, am I alone in feeling much of the charm has been lost with the inclusion of ‘real’ actors?

well Sept. is almost over….still no sign :(