Nichelle Nichols To Appear In Heroes

Is the NBC hit Heroes becoming a proxy for Star Trek?. First there was the popular recurring role for George Takei (TOS: Sulu), then Dominic Keating (ENT: Malcolm Reed) was announced to recur in the 2nd Season and then series regular Zachary Quinto was announced as the new Mr. Spock for the new Star Trek movie. Earlier this week Heroes creator Tim Kring told E! News that he was looking "for another face that will have a very similar impact" to Takei when he came onto the show. Now can reveal the ‘face’ Kring was talking about is none other than Nichelle Nichols, the original Uhura. Last week was told by a source  about the Nichols casting and today had a chance to ask the actress herself about it (at the Las Vegas Creation Star Trek Convention). Nichols confirmed that she will have a recurring role, but couldn’t give any more details – noting the show’s penchant for secrecy. According to our source Nichols will appear in 5-6 episodes of the second season of Heroes.

Due to her hectic con schedule Nichols didn’t have much time, but did talk a bit about J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek film. She said she was looking forward to the movie and was pleased to learn it will include the character Uhura. The original Uhura wasn’t aware of the latest report about Sydney Tamiia Poitier auditioning for a role in the film (possibly Uhura). However, Nichols said she knew Sydney Poitier (the father) well and gave her a bit of an endorsement saying "that would be beautiful…she’s beautiful."

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I seriously need to start watching this show… :(

I’m glad she’s getting work. She’ll be very good, too.


It will be good to see her in another major project.

great ! I’ve always like Nichelle Nichols and I’m looking forward to see her on Heroes !

They just need Nimoy on as Sylar’s father (grandfather) and the circle will be complete.

I met Nichelle back in 1986, she was beautiful then, and beautiful now. I hope she will have great powers.

Cool. I’m tearing throught the first seaon right now. Great show.

Cool beans. Let’s get Keonig on there too. I’ve long thought he had untapped performances in him yet.

I met her probably 5 yrs ago. She was very nice; my dad was working at the con, and he was posted right next to where she was signing. Towards the end of the day I went to get an autograph from her and she handed me a copy of her book “Saturna’s Child” and signed it (the signed book was selling for $60). I was able to stand around with my dad and chat with her, it was great fun.

I am glad that she has another role and am also glad that she’s happy for the new movie

Nichelle rocks! I can’t wait to see how they use her on Heroes!

guess she will be playing Ali Larter’s Mother-in-law? wonder what power she will have. look forward to seeing Her in both september projects

Good for Nichelle!!! And the TOS Trek hits keep on coming!!!!!

Hope they don’t make her do another fan dance.

Well, the producers did say Heroes season 2 would focus on the relatives, so I think Nichelle playing Simone’s mother would be a possibility as well. Of course, that would mean Nichelle wouldn’t have powers… but that’s all speculation at this point.

Maybe Shatner will guest star and he and Nichelle can have an on-screen kiss.

Hell, YES. I’m really excited about season 2–and this news makes me even more excited.

#13 “hope they don’t make her do another fan dance”
Nah, they don’t make fans that big! If she gains four more pounds, she’ll deserve her own zip code!

Save the fat jokes for Shatner. I’m glad she’s working. I hope I’m still enjoying life at that point.

Good for her, and for all TOS regulars for keeping their noses clean and staying out trouble. Too many yesteryear names have had run ins with the Law or became inactive and killed their show biz careers. Heck, Nichols could have easily replaced Rosie O’Donnell and added much needed class to the View.

Wow, sounds like next year is going to be the year of Trek!

And I like Nichols too. She did an awful lot of overacting back on TOS but she settled down and was much better in the movies. She had a lot more character to her.

A fat joke for Shatner?
Hey, did you hear that the Shat was laying out sunbathing the other day wearing a Malcolm X T-shirt?
Yeah, a helicopter tried to land on him!!

Did you hear that the doctors have diagnosed the Shat with having that flesh-eating disease?
Yeah, they give him seventeen years to live!!

Shatner can’t afford to be this fat at this late stage of life, I really fear for his fat ass

I’m looking forward to season 2 of heroes and this just adds to the antisipation.

The Shat has been looseing the weight.
If you’ve seen him on Boston Legal you’d know this.
Doing a TV series is hard on your body if your not in shape.
So The Shat is getting in shape.

Anyhow, back on topic.

Looking forward to seeing Nichelle on Heros

– W –
* Who’s been enjoying Heros on sci-fi to get caught up with the show *

I was thinking she’d be playing Simone’s mother as well (married to Richard Roundtree), but DL’s mothers is a possibility as well. Actually, they could be the same person. Hmmmm.

If Koenig shows up, he’ll try to get Parkman to where a black jacket and leather gloves. If not, he’ll send him to the re-education facility on Syria Planum.

#17-Frankly, I’d be thrilled if my wife looked as good as her when she reaches her age…because, I know I’ll look more like THE SHAT. But seriously, Shatner isn’t nearly as fat as some people TRY to say he is.

Great news for Nichelle and us! I hope this season of Heroes is more even than the debut!!! :-)

Hooray for Nichelle. She’s a lovely lady.

Twice I’ve talked to Nichelle recently. While she is always polite she refused to take a pic with me. the second she let me take the pic but not with me in it. Takei is the cool guy and I love him in Heroes.

But good for Nichelle anyway.

Oh cool. Heroes is a must watch tv series. Can’t wait to see her role in it then. Nichelle Nichols is a wonderful actress and great singer.

Roll on Sept., 24th.

#30, I thought NIchelle always posed with fans, wonder what’s up with that?

Pretty fair singer, but to say she was ever an actress is a bit of a stretch! Every time I see that old TOS episode where she turns to Kirk and says, “Captain,…I’m frightened”, I feel like I’m going to lose my lunch! Blechh!!!

13: Screw you, pal. I’d *love* to see Nichelle do another fan dance. She’s held on to her figure far better than most women her age!

LOL, I can’t say I’ve paid much attention to Nichelle Nichols’ figure lately, but I’m thrilled to hear my two favourite shows are morphing together even more. And this is only the second season of Heroes, at this rate, half the original TOS actors could’ve been in it by the time it finishes. :D

Did you see her during the Shatner Roast? The difference between her and an elephant? About forty pounds and an expensive dress!

Hey Harry Ballz…

If I want to listen to a roast, I’ll go watch Comedy Central. I don’t come on here to read comments from people like you constantly dissing actors from the classic series (or any Trek, for that matter). I don’t find your comments funny at all. In fact, I find you very offensive. Its clear you are leaving rude comments on here only to upset others and make yourself feel big. Time to grow up, or get out.

not sure if this was mention…but another star trek-heroes connection would be malcolm mcdowell who played soran in star trek generations and plays what’s his face on heroes :)

“time is the fire in which we burn.”

Likewise George Takei, I never understood why Nichelle Nichols has been so infrequently in films or on tv? I guess typecasting, although Shatner has overcome that. Glad to see her still active.

I’m glad she’ll be on a legitimate production. It might actually make up for being involved with Of Gods And Men!

she’s aged gracefully

Hey Demode, you’re the one who is mentally deficient if you think Nichelle Nichols is a gifted actress. She may be a nice enough person in real life, but don’t let the fact that someone’s been around for forty years cloud your judgement with nostalgia as to their talent or ability. If Ms. Nichols was starting as a young actress again today, she wouldn’t get past the first audition. Wake up and smell the corbomite!

Harry Ballz,

All you do is make fun of people that you don’t like. You don’t just criticise her acting skills… you make fun of their weight, their singing, etc. All you have done is tear her apart on these threads. Just because you don’t like someone’s acting doesn’t mean someone else can’t enjoy it, and Nichelle has fans world wide. Hell, a woman became an astronaut because of her. She was (and still is) a role model for black people everywhere.

I wonder what the deal is with all these star trek names ending up on heroes, and with one of the characters being a Trekkie. Is there somebody in the production trying to help give Trek a boost or what. I am not downing on this fact…I think it’s cool.

Hey, to HARRY BALLZ. So what…lay off her on all accounts. In my mind the only really good actor on the oringal series was Nimoy, however I am not downing on anybody else at all. They all played the part they needed to play and they played it well. No way are they ever going to be worthy of any oscar at all. But it doesn’ matter. If there proformance added even a little bit of spark to the oringal series, and to HEROES then it’s worht there contribution. Don’t down on them..

I also agree that Uhura was better played in the movies (minus ST:TM)

Okay guys, I get the picture. Your points are reasonable and well stated. I look at this site as an opportunity for fans of all things Trek (and yes, I am a big fan of TOS, believe it or not) to voice opinions, concerns and observations. I sometimes use puns, jibes and ribald humour to make my own subjective point. Please don’t be offended, it was my clumsy attempt at wordplay and stimulating interaction. In this day and age, if anything entertains us to the point that we go to a site and comment on it, we should consider ourselves both lucky and satisfied. As John Lennon once said, “whatever gets you through the night”!

I had a slight fever one day and stayed in bed most of the day. I happened to run across a Heroes marathon on TV. I had never seen the show before and was hooked. Quality actors, great casting along with a fresh story line make for a captivating show.

Now, it really is a good start but i’m going to check into that a little bit more. Will show you just what more there really is.