VegasCon 07 – CBS Planning ‘exciting’ Star Trek Film Tie-ins + New Trek Compendium In The Works

At the CBS Products’ presentation at the Las Vegas Creation Star Trek Convention CBS Exec Paula Block stated they are just starting development for "really exciting new products" to tie into the new Star Trek movie. CBS still didn’t know themselves what those products will be, but in the Q&A follow-up it was said that ‘there is sure’ to be some kind of PC game tie. Block told that (besides Pocket Books) no licensees have been selected for the new film – so it should not be automatically assumed that current license holders (such as Diamond Select for toys or Bethesda for games) will be doing the products. The new film is the biggest merchandising opportunity for the franchise since the launch of TNG and let’s hope that they get this right. Block tells that there is a lot of new interest from companies that haven’t worked with Trek before and so hopefully we truly will see ‘exiting new products.’ One new item that was announced was a new ‘overview’ (tentatively titled ‘Star Trek 101’) from Pocket Books covering everything about Trek including a comprehensive episode guide from every series. The book will be released next fall just in time for the new Star Trek feature…more details below

"Trek for Dummies"
Paula Block of CBS Consumer Products described the new book as "kind of Star Trek for Dummies." It is being co-written by Block and her husband Terry Erdmann who wrote "The Deep Space Nine Companion," "Star Trek Action" and many other books about Trek and other shows and films. I had a moment to talk to Terry about the new book he tells me that they have been working on the it for over two years and have already handed in the first draft. There will be a synopsis for each movie and every episode from every series (TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY & ENT) will get its own episode guide. Paula Block also noted during the presentation that this will fill a gap as there has not been ‘companion’ books for either The Animated Series of for Enterprise. In addition there will be descriptions for ‘every single’ ship, planet, alien species, and character in the Trek universe. Erdmann stated "it is a lot like the ‘Star Trek Encyclopedia’ but more like a dictionary. We call it ‘Star Trek 101’ because it is like a gift you can give your friends or family to explain ‘what is all this I hear you talk about Star Trek.’" Although similar to previous works and some Internet based databases, Erdmann stated that they ‘started from scratch’ by watching every single film and episode over again, taking copious notes.

The return of non-fiction Trek books?

Although Pocket books continue to release at least one Trek novel each month, there hasn’t been a non fiction book in a long time. ‘Star Trek 101’ is a sign that Pocket is again embracing non-fiction, although this one seems to be aimed at a broader market and not just the Trekkie community. "Star Trek 101" is actually not the only new non-fiction book announced. Pocket have also recently bought a pitch for a book titled "Captain Kirk’s Guide To Women." The toungue-in-cheek books is being written by actor/writer Bones Rodriguez who already has a website dedicated to it at Pocket releases the book next February- just in time for Valentine’s Day.


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probably just interviews and stuff

Sounds great.

“really exciting new products” to tie into the new Star Trek movie, but also stated they still didn’t know themselves what those products will be

How can something they know nothing of be called “exciting”? (throws up hands and walks away muttering)

WHY would anybody PAY for a book that’s already had FOUR EDITIONS of the same information?!?!? Those greedy people at CBS and Paramount are at it AGAIN, and anybody who buys that book is an IDIOT!!!

Nah, I’m just kidding. Sounds like fun. It’ll be nice to get some new Star Trek non-fiction publications. Although I guess that’s fictional non-fiction. Or something. That well’s been dry for too long.

” … Erdmann stated that they ’started from scratch’ by watching every single film and episode over again, taking copious notes.”

My …. God! That sounds awful.

Personally, I’d have liked them to get Allan Asherman back and revise his Star Trek Compendium to detail all the TOS-related films up to Star Trek (2008) and TOS Remastered.

A comprehensive guide to all things TOS would suit me better as I have far less interest in other TV incarnations of Trek.


Maybe some people don’t have a copy of it yet.

Goes to show… the studio is behind this effort 100%

This will not be a small movie, this is big! When was the last time Star Trek was an event? Quite some time eh? This IS exciting! :)

No interest in “Compendium,” want an updated Encyclopedia.

Um… Valentines Day is in November???

I have missed the coffee table books that used to be made; I wanted one for the Enterprise series that would show off the making of the series.

But I have no interest in a book that throws together all the different series into one volume — how many fans of Trek actually like all the series? I’d venture not many.

But there are some fans who do enjoy each series in different ways. Maybe someone could go make their own boook, then they’d be happy.

Actually, the book is a fantastic idea.

It will be the first book to encapsulate the entire 40-year history of the first era of Star Trek television and movies, from The Original Series to Enterprise.

The new Star Trek film is the beginning of a new, second era in Star Trek, with new actors playing old roles.

Was that a lame attempt to be snarky? Did I make you cry? I am so sorry. But the fact remains that the fans of the different shows are different markets, and these markets do not overlap much.

The resurrection of Pocket books’ interest in Trek is a good news, even if this particular compendium is not a good idea.

(#14 was to “The Person”, not “TrekNerd”)

For toys and prop replicas I think they’re already on track w/ Arty Asylum and Master Replicas. They just need market a little better.

An updated Encyclopedia would be good, but I’d wait for the new movie before updating it.

I’d like to see a new TOS tech manual written by the same people who put together the TNG and DS9 tech manuals.

It was a joke, Ryan. Read the whole thing. “Kidding”. That’s what I said. “Kidding”.

I wonder if anyone’s doing anything with the tabletop RPG license…

I wouldn’t seeing a new Nitpickers Guide for Enterprise. I always loved those snarky books.

This “Star Trek 101” sounds awesome – though I would hardly consider myself a dummy. ;) It’s about time that Enterprise got some sort of official episode guide – I’m still waiting for the Enterprise Companion myself. I know the information is there, stored in someone’s computer or journal or whatever, it’s just about finding the interest in publishing it. I know there has to have been some discussion or something about it – after all, the likes of Larry Nemecek (who wrote the TNG Companion) was involved with the show’s production. Given the show’s early cancellation, it’s lack of popularity among many Trek fans, and the apparent lack of interest from either Pocket Books or CBS to have anything more to do with Enterprise, it seems unlikely we will ever see an official Companion. :(

I would love to see an “Art of Star Trek Vol 2”. Of all the Trek books I’ve ever bought, I think that was by far the best.

I think the book’s a great idea!

Again, noticed Paula emphasized the book isn’t just for hardcore fans, so the fact it isn’t specifically tailored to our interests is okay.

Seems like the book is meant to be a good way to introduce potential new fans to the richness of the Star Trek universe. And I wouldn’t mind picking up a copy myself. :-)

But how about another Chronology edition from the Okudas!?!?

Definitely would like another Okuda book, but I would second the need for a proper TOS technical manual. The only one I believe printed was “Scotty’s” but that was the Movie Enterprise, and it was littered with errors. I am also getting a bit uneasy with all the talk of “casual” Star Trek fans. Is there such a person? Ha ha ha.

Greg2600, I consider myself a casual Trek fan. I’ve never been to a convention, I have an aversion to almost all Trek novels, the only pieces of Trek merchandise I have are a toy Enterprise-E with sound effects, the most recent version of the Encyclopedia, & a souvenir program for TMP found at a yard sale, and I don’t have a particular series that I prefer over the others. See, I’m not even hardcore enough to have one favorite series and despise all the others.

Sorry to double-post, but I just remembered that I also have GR’s novelization of TMP. It started it, but never bothered to finish. It is very slow going, so I quit about 1/3 of the way in.

I want my Star Trek 2008 pez dispensers God dammit!

Shameless advertising has been waiting years for the advent of this movie.

McDonalds will come full circle bridging the gap between their 1979 Star Trek meal that launched the Happy meal phenomenon, with the new 2008 “Mc-Coy” sandwich, the Big Kirk with canadian bacon, Vulcan nuggets, and Romulan Mcmuffins.

Starbucks international will change their marquee to StarTrek’s coffee.

Gerber babyfood will jump on the bandwagon with Plomeek flavored babyfood.

‘Depends’ brand adult diapers will feature the logo “To boldly go…”

The new tramp stamp featured on a many a ladies lower back will feature the Enterprise wrapped in barb-wire.

To honor the momentous occasion the dow jones industrial average will be christened for a days trading the Spock n’ Bones industrial average.

We can’t forget Star Trek 2008 underoos, view master viewer, lite brite, and Sponka toys trucks.

And there BETTER damn well be a Mr. Spud Mr. Potato head!

Josh (27.) After the customer finishes eating the Trek Happy meal and collapses, a doctor can proclaim ‘He’s dead, Jim!’ ;)

As for the Star Trek Compendium: I bought an edition of Allan Asherman’s book when I was about 10 and, as a guide to the episodes and films, including stuff I’d seen and hadn’t seen yet, it was invaluable. By today’s standards, it suffers from iffy black and white photos and it only goes up to STIII, but I really like it. I’d love to see that book updated.

I’d much rather ‘Trek 101’ came out in volumes specific to the version of Trek they’re covering: ie the Star Trek volume covering TOS, TAS, the six films with appendices covering other appearances such as Generations, Unification, Sarek, Encounter at Farpoint and Relics; TNG covering the seven seasons, the four films and cameos in other Treks such as Worf in STVI, Tom Riker in DS9 and so on.

Alright, I have really only read a few of the comments. but come on. Yes there is several books with several editions each covering the series and movie, episode by episode. But for a new trekkie, or for some one who hasn’t got any of them yet, this might just be a good product to buy. I will wait and reserve my ultimate desicion until I see it in book stores

To be brutal about it, for anyone becoming a Star Trek fan through the new film, nothing outside of TOS Star Trek is relevant!

Everything trek, huh? That is a lot of ground to cover. At least they have time until next fall. But what do I know? The only trek things I have are all 7 DS9 DVDs and the companion book that goe along with that series.

I’m still waiting for a Star Trek edition of Scene It. Boggles my mind how that didn’t get made, considering how much material they have to work with. Also interesting that Star Trek never became Pez dispensers when practially everyone else is. Pez is why there is Ebay, for Pete’s sake.

One more thing. I see that these are the same people who wrote the same book I mentioned before. I loved how the mentioned that some of the episodes were less then perfect. You would expect to say somthing like this in an unofficial book. I hope they include an index in this upcoming book.

Sorry, but it sounds like more of the same old junk to me.
Written by people who aren’t experts, just cobbled together by the paper mill for a fast buck.
No wonder the stuff doesn’t sell anymore.
I want replicas and I think most people do.
Not replicas that cost a month’s salary, either.

I’d love an Enterprise companion, so long as it’s done like the DS9 one. Personally the Chronology is my favourite book and I’d buy a revision in a heartbeat.

I’ll keep saying it…bring on a LEGO TOS Star Trek game!…