VegasCon 07 – Shatner Grills Nimoy On Star Trek Movie

As is the custom, when appearing at conventions together Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner each talk to the audience alone (one after the other) and then follow it up with a joint appearance. As Nimoy’s solo portion was winding down William Shatner came onto the stage and they had the following exchange

Nimoy: How you been, Billy?
Shatner: I’ve been pretty good – not as good as you, of  course!
Nimoy: Been working a lot?
Shatner: (remorsefully) No, no — I’ve been waiting for the call…I’m hanging by the telephone waiting for the call
Nimoy: I’ll call you
Shatner: It’s not the same as J.J.

…and it got funnier from there….

Soon thereafter Nimoy left the stage for Shatner’s solo portion where he told a story about a being run off the road by a stunt man who just wanted to meet him, followed by a long discussion about dealing with stunts through his career. He also recounted a story about being thrown by a horse and a harrying ride in the back of an ambulance without the gurney tied down. Then (out of nowhere) Shatner launches into a bit on the movie..

Shatner: I am not in the movie OK!? Doesn’t bother me. I’m okay about this. It bothers you? [crowd yells ‘yeah’] Write J.J. I don’t understand it! Listen I’m up for an Emmy for Boston Legal. I don’t know whether any of you saw the Roast on Comedy Central — that’s up for an Emmy! I’m up for two Emmys! I’m not in the movie! Is he nuts?
[a fan yells out ‘mad cow’]
Shatner: He has mad cow, exactly. Poor J.J. – wonderful director, wonderful writer – he’s got mad cow.

Later before Nimoy was about to return to the stage for the joint part of the program Shatner talked about his upcoming talk show. “I’m calling it ‘Shatner’s Raw Nerve’ because I want to touch a raw nerve,” he said. Bill then confided with the crowd that he was going to have a kind of practice session of his upcoming show, “I am going to find Nimoy’s raw nerve.” So after Nimoy returned and sat down, Shatner quickly started grilling him. Here is how it went…

Shatner: What’s the movie about?
Nimoy: That’s easy. It is a movie where we discover that Spock’s real name is ‘Timmy’ (see earlier story to understand reference). The movie opens with a bunch of guys yelling “Timmy! Timmy!”
Shatner: And then you pop up and say….
Nimoy: Yes…you called?
Shatner: The movie opens on a very interesting planet, on a strange planet, and the music is going, and three people come walking out of the mist…
Shatner: Anybody dressed in red?
Nimoy: Walking towards the camera and….hold on I am getting a call [puts his hand up to his ear…pause] No I am just going to tell a few plot points. [pause] No, just a little bit J.J. [pause] No, but there are a lot of people here who want to know. Bill wants to know [pause] I already told them…yes I told them about Timmy
Shatner: Is that J.J.?
Nimoy: Yep
Shatner: Give him my best will you? Tell him I love him. He is the best director the best writer I have ever seen.
Nimoy: Bill says you are the best director and best writer
Shatner: And a stupid shit for not having me in the film

Later Shatner asked Nimoy if he was nervous about returning to acting and the role of Spock. Nimoy got serious with his answer and gave some insight into his process for perparing for the role:

Nimoy: I am I am. To be honest I am nervous about it. I am curious about what it is going to be like. I have to be concerned now about whether I can still do that. How did I do…try and recapture what it was like. Try and recapture the character. What I am curious about where Spock is and has been in all these years. I am not really sure exactly where we are going to pin point and plug into Spock’s sort of character arc. Spock went through a character and he was different in Star Trek IV and VI than he was in 1966 in the series. He had evolved in certain ways. I have to examine where he is now. What are his thought processes? Is he more logical than he ever was or less logical? Is he more precise? Is he calmer? Is he mellow? Has he got cranky and crusty?

Shater then asked if the writers [Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman] were aware of Nimoy’s thought process?

Nimoy: I think so I think the writers…and I must say this sincerely, I really mean this – I think the writers have really have done a great deal of homework and really understand the characters and the essence of what Star Trek is; which is refreshing and very promising. So I have high hopes that they will do a good job finding these elements for him for us. But as you know you look at the printed page and it is your job to try and bring something from home, bring something to the stage.

To which Shatner quipped "like lunch."

Later a questioner asked if Nimoy would do a guest spot on Shatner’s show Boston Legal. This sent Shatner into a rant on how he has asked his longtime friend to join him on all his projects and he always says no. He then ribbed Nimoy on how when J.J. Abrams called him and ‘dangled Spock’ it was a different story. Nimoy defended himself by saying "it was Star Trek…they needed Spock.’ And Shatner lamented "but they don’t need Captain Kirk."

Nimoy: I told J.J. Star Trek would be better with you than without you. And I remind you that you died in Star Trek VII, but I was not in it. And if I had been in it I would not have allowed you to die.

NOTE: Remember Shatner is a jokester and is not actually advocating a letter writing campaign (or a ‘spam campaign’). Abrams and his boys will work it out if it can fit with their story. Even though Nimoy also wants him in the movie…remember his advice: let them make their movie.

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I’m honestly curious as to whether Shatner is going to show up or not.

Is this comical of what? I have really enjoyed these 2 friends over the years, they are NUTS! Sounds like the writers have doing us fans some justice for the first time since The Wrath Of Khan.

These guys need to be on stage or film together more often. They play off each other like a well-oiled comedy team. I’ve seen them do their schtick a couple of times, very similar to what’s related above, and they’re a hoot every time. They could seriously do a top-drawer Matthau/Lemmon type comedy that would bring the roof down.

Somebody please write these guys a funny movie!!

Great report thanks for the write up. Made me chuckle out loud a few times.

#1 My gut feeling at this stage now is doubtful. Maybe Mr Orci could comment on the possibility. Have there been any efforts to get Bill in the script as Kirk? If so how is that progressing?

I suspect leaving it an open thing right now is nothing but a PR tactic (i hope im wrong), and the creative team are happy with the script the way it is.

We Want Shatner! We Want Shatner! We Want Shatner! We Want Shatner!

Chant it, everyone, lol! If anyone checks this site out they won’t miss it.
First of all, Kirk is the captain of the Enterprise! What’s Star Trek without Shatner?? It’s not right….it’s just not right. As much as I love Spock, I still believe it’s more logical (*smirks*) to have Shatner, but leave out Nimoy. BUT, I’m not trying to oust Nimoy. I love the guy. But I love Shatner too, and he deserves some credit. I don’t care how pathetic the scene is…I want him in!!!
Just as Star Trek wouldn’t be Star Trek without phasers and technobabble, there’s no Star Trek without our best actor. ^_^ We love you Shatner. Good luck, Shat and Nimoy!!

I keep hoping that Shatner can convince Nimoy to appear on Boston Legal. If they can’t (sigh) appear together in Star Trek, this is the next best thing.

But I also have given up hope that they will both be in the film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make that have NOT given up hope that they will both be in the film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he’s got mad cow! What a laugh I got out of reading this. Man forget about Star Trek the movie, these two guys need a reality show pronto. Hillarious stuff!

And boy Shatner is really using J.J. as a punchline now. Sheesh, forget about people on sites like this jabbing him, Shatner is doing it himself. Might have to stick Shat in that script (even if it’s Kirk’s grandma) just to quiet Bill.

PS: Lao3D, I agree 100%, but Nimoy would never do a starring role in a movie again. It’s too bad, although at least we have the wonderful Priceline commercials.

I hope that Shatner is just kidding for his own sake. You’re not really doing yourself any favors calling your potential director a “stupid shit”.

– And Shatner lamented “but they don’t need Captain Kirk.”

*I* need Captain Kirk.

This movie NEEDS Shatner as Captain Kirk. Mr. Orci, please get cracking on that computer. Mr. Abrams, please dial the man.

It sounds like they were hysterical. That’s the kind of chemistry they have. It would be nice to see it happen in the movie.

Here’s the thing: I know we’re all being played like a cheap Aldeberron skin flute, but to what end? Are we being strung along until they start the next part of the promotion, or is Shatner really this hard to get on film? I just hope they don’t keep this guessing thing up much longer. Of course, at this point, I won’t believe that Shatner ISN’T in the movie until I watch it ten times and check for familiar silhouettes (a la Hitchcock.)

Thomas, The Shat isn’t stupid, either. I get a gut feeling that we may all be getting tossed a herring of a certain color, to divert us away from other sleight-of-hand.

That’s my hope, anyway. ;D

Let me say it OUT LOUD…’Generations’ was Horrible. I prefer ST V to it. It would no bother me, or anyone else I’ve asked, if it were to be ‘DE-Canonized’. I am VERY excited about the New movie. BUT I still want Any and all the originals back too! I’m a TOS FREAK, tried and true. I want to see them in the new movie…PLEASE. I am begging.

#12 steve623 … I second that!

I still have faith that Shatner will appear in the film. From the San Diego Comic Con it sounded like Abrams was trying to get a spot for him. Either way I’m sure the movie will be magnificent. I just think it’ll be even sweeter with Mr Shatner onboard.

#18 I Agree. If Mr. Nimoy isn’t going to film his scenes til December, That would give Mr. Shatner time to go on a diet and get into fighting shape!! I know that he could do it!!

Shatner and Nimoy are unbeatable together. Teamed up with J.J and company they would be UNTOUCHABLE!

That dialog just made my day. I hope “Timmy” makes it into the movie.

I see other posts encouraging JJ and Co. to “put him in it”. It could be that Shatner is holding out, waiting for a better deal. Perhaps someone should get on and plead for him to take the deal… hmm?
JJ DID say they wanted him..

I really want to have a GREAT story where Timmy and Jimmy can be involved. Scenes with Action and Dialog for them!! BOTH ..Not those ..”remember the time when those flying things stuck to your back Timmy..”

I’ve been hoping to see Nimoy on Boston Legal for a long time. That would be just absolutely awesome. I’ve always imagined Nimoy coming on, playing an old rival of Denny Crane. That would just be great. Rene Auberjonois was a star on the show and it had many other Trek stars guest starring (Armin Shimerman, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips, Michelle Forbes), but having Nimoy appear would be the greatest thing ever.

For the record, if anyone’s interested, you can find a complete list of all Trek performers who have appeared on Boston Legal at the link below. Enjoy. ;)


Great Idea Xai! And I cannot think of a better person then YOU to post the message. Let us know how if you get a reply!


“And I remind you that you died in Star Trek VII, but I was not in it. And if I had been in it I would not have allowed you to die. ” – Nimoy

Anyone else starting to interpret this as a possible hint as to how they are thinking about working Shatner into the movie? He has brought this point up a few times now, makes me wonder.

“The movie opens on a very interesting planet, on a strange planet, and the music is going, and three people come walking out of the mist…”

I don’t know if Nimoy was just joking around about that, but I gotta say it was a pretty damn cool concept for an opening scene! It would make for SUCH a great image to start the movie, to see these legendary figures of Kirk, Spock and McCoy striding out of the fog on an alien world, with giant alien moons hanging overhead….

And hell, if that’s not the opening scene, maybe the writers should consider it as one (hint hint).

I agree these guys need to be in another movie together if Trek ’08 doesn’t work out, maybe someone could get them to appear in a low budget quality film together

I was saying this weeks ago, and I still maintain that the current draft of the script probably has addressed the return of “older Kirk”, but it doesn’t appeal to Shatner’s idea of what he should represent in the story.
People, trust me when I say that phrases like “there was no role for me to play” is back channel code for the producers to make the role more palatable to be worth Shatner’s time.
Remember the reasons why Nimoy and Kelly passed on “Generations”, all the writer’s did was change the names in the script to SCOTTY and CHEKOV!
If Shatner is destined to return, it’s probably because he wants to be indispensable to the story.
Otherwise, I don’t think he would be having as much fun about not being in the movie.

#25 Robert April
Then you’ll be waiting awhile. I’ve consistently said I am going to the film either way, Shat or no. But I’m not going to chant or turn every one of my posts into a demand, plea, or negotiation for his return.
I only want to point out that in my opinion the hold up may NOT be on the production company’s side of the table.
You seem to have a greater stake in this…. enjoy his site.



LOL, Xai, I understand-I was just teasing you a little, that is why I added the wink at the end of the post!

#31 Robert April
Sorry bud, didn’t see it. My eyes are fading. speaking of….

ANTHONY! please? May we have black type? The gray looks cool but harder’n’hell to read for the “middle-aged, been Trekking for 40 years” set


[a 40-something Robert April looks around for his glasses…]



I am thrilled one of my boyhood hero’s (Leonard Nimoy) is coming back.

For the project to feel complete (in my mind at least) William Shatner needs to be there as Kirk.

Kirk was given such a poor ending. This may be the one chance anyone has to change it.

Nimoy + Shatner would make this film into a huge even.

24. Chuck Amuck a.k.a. Shran … Don’t forget that Lou Antonio – Lokai in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” – is also a director on Boston Legal!

Yes, I too wish Nimoy would appear in the show. After all, he IS a Bostonian!

It would be logical to have Shatner in the film as Kirk.
I like somebody’s post that said all it takes is a simple reference about Spock and Kirk chuckling about Kirk’s cheating death yet again.




…oh I was a little distracted there. These two are great together.

I can’t wait until the powers that be actually start releasing some more information on this movie. So far they’re doing a great job of just wetting the appetite enough to cause a great deal of buzz and interest. Let the rumors fly and give us just enough information here and there to keep us interested. Brilliant!

I’ve always thought that Shatner and Nimoy ought to go out and do a revival of “The Odd Couple” on stage… It would be pure magic… but who would be Felix and who would be Oscar? hmmmm….

Maybe they could switch roles every week…

It would be glorious.

Speaking about Spock’s first name, I remember reading years ago about Jane Wyatt (Amanda) appearing at a convention and revealing Spock’s first name to be something like “Harold” or something like that.

Anyone here have a better recollection of that?

Xai, I post here and there on The webmaster (Paul) replied to what I and others wrote a few weeks back, when this all broke, and he was pretty firm that Shatner is simply not in the script (at that time). So I would say that Shatner is not holding out, although he could well turn down whatever they might offer him.

I also think he might want to tone down the fraternity humor a little bit.

“I’ve always thought that Shatner and Nimoy ought to go out and do a revival of “The Odd Couple” on stage… It would be pure magic… but who would be Felix and who would be Oscar? hmmmm….”

Shatner as Felix, Nimoy as Oscar … I can see it now …

I could see Nimoy and Shatner in a re-make of “The Odd Couple”.

How about a Remake of ‘Gilligans Isalnd’ Shatner as ‘The Skipper’ and Nimoy as ‘Gilligan’…

It’s funny. I really respect these gentlemen as actors. But I’ve never been interested in anything they’ve done except for Star Trek. I think, for my money, both of them work together better then, well, let just say, many other trek actors. There’s a chemistry between them that doesn’t evade the notice of the audiences. Even in a convention setting both of them are on top of their respective games. They certainly interact in person and on camera with an infectious chemistry which is always enjoyable.

I believe in Sacramento in 1991 they were together on stage for the first time. I remember the crowd was very excited and they certainly delivered. Seeing them in person, on stage, together was quite special. And they quite probably joked about making another movie in one way or another.

But that never happened. And now 17 years later, it could happen again.

I hope it does.


Forget a remake of The Odd Couple with Shatner and Nimoy. What we need is a reboot with NEW, YOUNGER actors!

Shatner as ‘Lucy’ and Nimoy as Ethel….

I’m willing to bet that Shatner shows up in the movie as some instructor or admiral or maybe as a space ferring luny that holds the answer to the entire plot of the movie (kinda like K-Pax)

#47 – bravo

We can start a Neil Simon letter writing campaign!