The Two Spocks Talk Trek – Yelchin & Some Details Confirmed

USA Today visited with the only two officially confirmed Star Trek cast members (Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy) at the Griffith Park Observatory. No major details revealed – but you can already see the pair of Spocks are already getting along well.


Quinto would not go into specifics on the film plot, but possibly offered a clue as to how the two Spocks might interact saying "I think there’s going to be a sense of guidance through this film and beyond." The new Spock also talked about what drew him to the role and again confirms the prequel setting:

I really identify with Spock’s struggle. We’re going back to a time before anything (Nimoy did in the original series) was established. These characters are in a completely different stage of their lives.

The new Spock also revealed that he has been practicing his Vulcan salute, but only has it down to one hand, which can be seen in the video portion of the article.

Confirming schedule, Yelchin and bonding
Quinto did reveal confirm some of the logistical info previously reported here on…notably that Star Trek will have a 85 day shoot on 11 stages including 2 weeks in Iceland. In the ‘Back Story’ section of the article there was a bit more confirming and some Spock bonding as well:

Quinto let Nimoy in on news that the Chekov role had been cast with Alpha Dog actor Anton Yelchin. Though the two hadn’t heard any whispers that Tom Cruise might be joining the cast as a villain, they spoke in hushed tones about secret plot points while the video cameras weren’t rolling. These Spocks seem to be forging a very un-Vulcan friendship

The above seems to confirm the previous story about Anton Yelchin playing the role of Chekov, the third cast member for Star Trek.

Video and article at USA Today Celeb Watch With Keck 

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Oh jeez, I can’t believe he actually pulled Quinto’s ears up like that. lol

sounds like nothing majorly new here, but it seems they get along

I don’t think I’ve seen this reported on on the site yet, so —

In the “The Back Story” section of this page, USA Today writes, “Quinto let Nimoy in on news that the Chekov role had been cast with Alpha Dog actor Anton Yelchin.”

Are the “Spocks” going to really be “interacting” in the film? I hope not. I think the actors will certainly be behind the camera, but hopefully not in front of it. I really hope they keep the two timeframes seperate.

(Addendum to my #3 post — then again, USA Today’s also reporting that there are “whispers that Tom Cruise might be joining the cast as a villain,” so who knows how accurate their reporting really is…)

They’re really gonna have to do something about Quinto’s nose.

2nd addendum to #3 post — never mind, I guess I just totally missed the fact that you did indeed mention this in the post. I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight..


Heh, that’s what I thought too when I did my sculpt. They look alike in a lot of ways, but Quinto has slightly more “brutish” features than Nimoy, with a much shorter nose and a bigger brow.

But I’m not that worried about it. I’m sure he’ll still look like a damn cool Spock once he gets the makeup and costume on.

I think theose two look awesome together and I am sure he will look like and pull off the Spock, role!!

would that be something if Abrams can pull this off. I’ve been hooked since the announcement last year about prequal trek.

“We’re going back to a time before anything (Nimoy did in the original series) was established. These characters are in a completely different stage of their lives.”

Okay, so now we’re back to the prequel deal, further confirmed by Matt Damon’s statements (if that is any confirmation) about Kirk. This is better news to me, as I have been rooting for setting the film before the 5 year mission. However, this makes that Paramount casting release, if it’s real, even more strange. I would assume that prequelling the entire TOS cast would be looney at best. Unless they’re talking about a 5 year mission before the 5 year mission?

I also found Zachary’s inability to do the Vulcan salute pretty funny, as Shatner has never been able to do it either.

It looks like Nimoy’s ears are drooping down half his face!

I’m no marketing expert, but I think it’s a tad bit much to start in on USA Today and the like already. I mean it’s one thing to give teasers and updates to the fans, but an idea like this film presents (“The Old Adventures of the New Kirk and Spock”) would probably be most effective (to non Trek fans) coming as a bolt out of the blue in the guise of coming attractions at the theater next summer.

Quinto is enough like Nimoy in subtle ways–in those ways that women notice–that I had the same thought that Nimoy’s wife did: “This is creepy”. I just watched “Kid Monk Baroni” and I was all like, “Wow.”

Nimoy and Quinto could pass for father and son but not because they *look* alike. They have the same…vibe. They have the same deeply alluring aura that is missing in most leading men these days. That was key in the casting of Spock: finding a man with similar sex appeal.

Nimoy once remarked that women were attracted to Spock because he triggered their maternal instinct.

Oh baby.

He was sooo wrong. It was Nimoy the man who appealed to women, with that gorgeous hair and that chocolate voice and those long, long legs and those extraodinarily beautiful, perfect hands.

And oh my god, those lips.

I was watching “The Tholian Web” with my mother and she pointed to the televison and said, “That is a beautiful man. Look. There. The back of his neck. And I bet he’s a really good lover.”

Amen, mom.

But I digress.

We certainly wouldn’t want a bunch of TOS clones. *That* would be loony. Abrams has done a great job so far with the casting. As long as he doesn’t sign Jamie “the dude with the cheerleader name” Bamber, I’m cool.


While we are on the subject of casting choices….

Did anyone else see the report in the Sunday Mirror (UK tabloid) that said James McAvoy is definitely the new Scotty?

Anthony, have you heard anything?

Strange that Chekov would be in the cast.
This is looking more and more like Flintstone Babies.

It’s not strange at all that Chekov and the rest of the TOS characters would be in the film. It’s possible that the objective of the film is to show the main TOS characters in their lives leading up to them all being assigned to the Enterprise 1701. Obviously, most of the screen time will be for Kirk and Spock, but there will probably also be backstories for Sulu, Scot, McCoy, etc.

As for Chekov, there were hundreds of crewmen on the Enterprise during season 1 – it’s possible that he was one of the crew but wasn’t promoted to being a bridge officer until season 2. This would explain why we didn’t see him until well into the series.

As for the “two Spocks” having screen time together – this is science fiction and time travel is a well-used (and over-used) plot gimmick in all of the Trek series’. I hope they don’t do it (because none of the dozens of trek time-travel eps have adequately explained-away the inherent paradoxes), but it wouldn’t surprise me. Another possibility is TNG-era Spock encountering young Spock as a holodeck simulation.

What I found interesting is the statement that Nimoy will guide him through this film and beyond. Could he possibly appear in another film?

#3 Etha Williams

Nice to see the guys seem friendly with each other, but agreed that the ‘timeframes’ in the Movie keep them apart…none of that time-travelling ‘interacting’ tosh please…

Side note: It is being reported in one of the more usually reputable newspaper here ( Scottish Sunday Mail) that James McAvoy HAS been cast as ‘Scotty’… I hope this proves untrue, as I’d personally like a young Gerard ( ‘300’ ) Butler type actor for this, more reflective of James Doohan’s original character, as opposed to the lazy miscasting ( in my view ) of a ‘flavour of the month’ Scots actor whos persona and look is far removed from the original… I mean, he’s ‘Mister Tumnuss’ from ‘Narnia for goodness sake… :(

17. the dax – August 20, 2007

” Strange that Chekov would be in the cast.
This is looking more and more like Flintstone Babies.”

That’s where this movie will either fly or crash. TOS was about Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

The problem with Chekov is that he is twelve years younger than Kirk, which would mean that when Kirk was 25, Chekov would be 13!
Soooo…they are either going to %&*$ up the established time line here, and just re-imagine the entire TOS universe, or they’re going to do YET ANOTHER jumping through time scenario.

Let’s just pray this doesn’t turn out to be STAR TREK EPISODE 1: The Phantom Time Line…!

We’ll know if were in for a ‘Muppet Babie’s’ kind of theme here if they hold a casting call for Khan Noonien Singh!

I know we all want to believe in Nimoy loving the script, but could it be he just wants to be in the limelight again?

“I know we all want to believe in Nimoy loving the script, but could it be he just wants to be in the limelight again?”
-24. trektacular – August 20, 2007

That and a paycheck.

At this stage, everybody pays lip service.

Apologies #4 Demode

It was YOUR post I meant to reference in my # 20 post…

Having Chekov (and the other secondary characters) in the movie seems to indicate they are trying to pacify fans somewhat. That being said, this is one area where I wish they would ignore their perceptions of what the fans desire.
No one knows how much screen time any of these secondary characters will have, but I hope it is limited. Don’t waste time making this into an ensemble thing.
I don’t really like the whole “This is how the crew came to be” focus, if indeed that is what they are doing. I don’t need origin stories. If they are going to use these characters with a new cast, I would just as soon have them do a mission directly from the time period of the series or around the time of the pilots, not earlier. Of course, that is not what they are doing.
The main thing they have to get right is the look and feel of the series/pilots, yes, expanded for the big screen, but true to its roots. The ship, the uniforms, the corridors, etc. should be obviously recognizable, even if they are improved in construction materials. They have already decided to recast roles, but I don’t really care who they get for these roles, except that they should be relatively unknown.
The story should be one of exploration and conflict, as in the series. I don’t need to see major space battles and overly exotic aliens who are there just for shock value.
And, as long as they have Nimoy, it would be silly to not include Shatner, since these two work so well together. It would be a missed opportunity.
Both of them should have refused to be in it, but since one is in, the other should be also.
The all-knowing, all-wise, Stanklin T. McFibberich has spoken. ;)

An 85 day shoot. I wonder how that compares with the other trek features. And how long are they aiming to make it, 2 hours, more?

Chekov being in the film FIXES THE KHAN PROBLEM!!!!!!!

In TWOK Khan states


I don’t know you. But you. I

never forget a face. Mister Chekov,

isn’t it?


I never thought to see your face


Chekov serving on the ship in the new movie FIXES that!

FYI if people dont know… Space Seed (Khan) was in the First Season before Chekov…

I wonder if the film will start with their first missions and led up to Kirk commanding the Enterprise? Or will it start with Kirk commanding the Enterprise and flashback to their first missions and their Academy days?

i hope they use the classic sounds, as funny as they may sound today. and they must use LASER pistols, not phasers. oh, and remember the nice earpiece with cable (looks like you could take a shower with that) that spock used in “the cage”.
the only thing i want replaced is the terrible alert sound prom pike’s era. that was horrifying :)

leonard was certainly blessed with what has to be THE BEST head of hair ever on a dude..I mean he’s like 75 and he’s still got a full head of hair..only a little grey too…

He’ll have no problems having his old Spock-style haircut for the new movie…

Mind you Shatner aint doing too bad either…just a little grey and only a little recession…

They’re going to cast relatively medium- high profile names as the bridge crew, because they plan to serialize this baby like theres no tomorrow.


“According to the Sunday Mirror, original Enterprise Captain William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, now both 76, have signed up to play Captain Kirk and Mr Spock once again in flash-forward scenes.” … id=3123101

#28 — 85 days of shooting is EPIC, for any film (assuming they mean principal photography).

I really think it is funny that people (not #28) are saying the HAVE to do this or that… and that this piece of equipment or this character CAN’T be in the film etc., etc. — I know where it comes from, as I am as big a fan of the original series as there is… but I am really looking forward to what they do with the “essence” of Trek. Damn the details.

Hello, I’ve never commented here before so I don’t know anybody, but thought I’d mention that I have a few thoughts on some of the comments made about the new Star Trek movie. First of all, someone mentioned that Chekov shouldn’t be in it, as it would contradict the first season of TOS, since he wasn’t there. Well, there are so many things to counteract that arguement. First of all, the line in Star Trek II that Khan said. Plus, just because Chekov wasn’t shown on screen during the first season doesn’t mean that he wasn’t on the Enterprise. If you remember, during TAS, Lt. M’Ress was occasionally the Communications Officer in Lt. Uhura’s abscense. She wasn’t there all the time, and Chekov doesn’t have to be there all the time either. Also, as was mentioned, he may have been serving on the “lower decks.”

Someone also mentioned that there should only be laser pistols, and not phasers. Well, I see where you’re coming from, as this movie would predate “The Cage,” but would it really be Star Trek if there was no phasers? Sure, they didn’t have phasers in Star Trek: Enterprise but…I don’t know….it wasn’t as weird in that case, because that was years before. There was an episode of the original series that stated that phasers existed as far back as 2257. Of course this movie would have to be before that, probably no later than 2254. But if you’ll remember in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” which was set in 2265, the standard weapon on the Enterprise appears to be laser pistols, since that’s what was shown, but they also used phaser rifles, just not as standard weapons. In other words, it’s possible that phasers could have existed around 2254, it’s just that they weren’t commonly used as standard weaponry. Of course I don’t necessarily care if there are no phasers in the movie, but I just thought it would be important to bring out that if they are in the movie, it really wouldn’t be a violation to Star Trek canon. After all, prior to the Enterprise series there was never any mention of the Xindi, and yet they had a big part in the 3rd season of Enterprise. Just because we don’t see things in the original series giving reference to something or whatever, doesn’t meant that it didn’t happen, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t there, and doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist at the time.

#35 Ellie

Hmmm… There’s been so many false dawns regarding William Shatner’s appearance in this, that I’ll keep my celebrations on tap for a little longer… But I certainly hope this proves correct…

While I’m here again…can I just reiterate that in the words of the great Walter Matthau, as seen in ‘The Sunshine Boys’, that although I like him as much as the next guy…if the reports are true that James ( ‘Mister Tumnus’ ) McAvoy HAS been cast by J.J. as ‘Scotty…that I am against it…

“…I’m AGAINST it, I tell you…!”

They kinda had phasers in Enterprise. They were called phase pistols. Thier introduction led to the best line ever

“They have two settings. Stun and kill. It would be best not to confuse them.”

or something like that *LOL*

I seem to have gotten my newspaper titles mixed up…it’s the Sunday Mirror, not the Sunday Mail…and my link doesn’t seem to work either…

All this James McAvoy stuff must be getting to me, so I’m moving onto the next thread with trepidation…c’mon Anthony, give me something to take my mind of this possibility…oh,wait…NOOOOOOO!…

I am having mixed feeling about XI now. I have always said prequels just doesn’t work period. Going back to the original crew was the right why to revitalize the franchise but they scould have make clean cut by not having neither Nimoy or Shanter not involved in this film.
I don’t see how this film is going work without a reboot or re-image.

You know, I couldn’t be happier about the way the Spock recasting has gone thus far. How many times have we seen new versions of beloved old properties where the original stars distanced themselves from the new product because it was subpar (the Lone Ranger comes to mind)? But seeing Nimoy and Quinto like this, making multiple appearances together and forging a bond, is just terrific.

I don’t dare to guess how much if any of it Abrams is responsible for, but it is genius PR work in any case. Leonard’s endorsement of the actor and the script immediately wiped away most of my fears about this project. And it does seem to me that Quinto is being bred to assume the role for the long haul (hopefully at least 3 films).

#33: 33. snake –

“Mind you Shatner aint doing too bad either…just a little grey and only a little recession… ”

Either you’re joking or just don’t know… The Shat has worn a hairpiece for years. Even part of his hair in TOS was a hairpiece. Hard to believe, but true.

What I find tantalizing is that (at least according to Quinto) it sounds like they’ve already got a whole bunch of sets built . I figured they were still just in the very preliminary, outline phase of the movie.

But then again, casting is usually the last thing they do on a movie, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. In any case, I can’t wait to see some pics start to leak out…

43 – yeah i’ve heard all the ‘Shatner wears a wig’ stories..

Its BS.

Shatner himself has denied ever wearing one and thats good enough for me.

Um, not to sidetrack the entire thread… but you can clearly see the netting in some of the closeup headshots from TOS.

I’m sure he’s probably gotten a transplant or something since then though, since he can easily afford it. I don’t see the big deal either way though. It doesn’t make Kirk any less cool.

He can away with saying he’s never worn a wig because he wears a “hairpiece” — I have talked with him at close range more than once and since I wore a “hair replacement system” at one time I knew what I was looking at. In the show he had a small “hairline” enhancement to hide the recession.

Bigger question is whether the new Kirk will……..pause…….in…….the…………..middle………of his lines?

As for the timeline of the plot, one could assume that the story will begin when they are teenagers and progress through. If the story is pre-5 year mission, what could Chekov have to do with it? It’s all pretty convoluted at this point. Casting of the entire TOS crews points to 5-year mission, while comments from the actors and others say prequel to 5-year mission. Maybe it’s both, I don’t know?

The Flintstone Babies line was funny!

37 – Marc Henson. There’s nothing that has been said which The Cage plays into. The 5 year mission began in 2265. Kirk was on the Farragut at least until 2257, and Spock was on the Enterprise at that time. Technically the story could happen at any time.

“Um, not to sidetrack the entire thread… but you can clearly see the netting in some of the closeup headshots from TOS.”
-DavidJ – August 20, 2007

That, plus the fact that Kirk’s hairline ran in a receding ‘V’ shape, whereas T.J. Hooker’s hairline ran straight across his brow from ear to ear!

#18 — Please, no more holodeck. I personally think that the holodeck was getting kind of old by the middle of TNG, and by now, I feel like it’s been exhausted. Good old fashioned shore leave on a real planet was a lot more fun, IMO.

When Quinto talked about “a sense of guidance through this film and beyond,” my first thought was of a Yesteryear-type scenario. It would be interesting if they did take a scenario from TAS and adapt it into an idea for a movie…

Shatners hair looked awesome in TOS…from the sandy brown quiff of season 1 and 2 to the getting slightly darker/thicker..slowly approaching movie do for season 3….

i think his best ‘movie hair’ was in Wrath of Khan though…no beating that uber-thick black curly do with the long sideburns…

Everyone who says its a piece is just jealous.. :)

Nah I thought it looked best in TUC. It was kinda cool seeing Kirk with gray hair for once.