Do You Want The “Red Shirt Treatment” From Your Health Provider?

Buffalo-based Independent Health is running a billboard campaign…and it is clear they do not have any Trekkies working in marketing.

(image and story source: Adland) [h/t Trek Today]

Independent Health needs to watch these videos, or read these statistics

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Wont be going to them

Well, anyone could stumble upon this by clicking he various links on the different sites attached to this posting, but here it is:

There’s an intersting webiste called “Analytics According to Captain Kirk.”

Interesting, and for some reason humrous read.

Hey, this story reminds me of a question I’ve always had: What was the producers’ rationale for changing the command color from GOLD to RED in The Next Generation?

R. Orci:

Again, I offer my services as a sacrificial red shirt or engineering smocked casuality. Your tendency to drop in on these threads is my reasoning for singling you out. What do you say, put in a good word for a fella. Free of charge.

Oh it’s true; I have no shame.

Hehehe… I’d volunteer to be the Enterprise’s Chaplain, if Mr. Orci is reading.

All kidding aside, the Redsirt is a TOS institution. Assuming there are red shirts, there will be dead redshirts.


So, as I was saying……..

#2 Thadd

That Hurt my brain.

Must be a Slow news day…

R. Orci:
No offense to the esteemed THX, but I will pay you.

Clearly an Al-Queda terrorist plot to strike fear in the Heart of America.
And RedShirt is copyrighted too. Damn them all to Hell!

I’m surprised no one has come up with the slogan, “when you get hurt, look for a red shirt” TM heh, heh, heh……

Welcome back Harry B… come back to life down the Los Angeles freeway using a Nexus or Ribbon? Maybe that wasn’t a real RED shirt you were wearing last week? :)

Those people wearing Red shirts in that ad probably all work for some HMO and they mail a complementary Red Shirt when you sign up.

Ironically, if you were a member of Starfleet Medical, saying “You deserve the RedShirt treatment” may be an indication that you were to receive the best medical care possible. However, being told you were about the receive the “RedShirt treatment” from a 7 ft Klingon carrying a bat’leth would inspire somewhat less confidence.

“Drove my Lexus to the Nexus and the Nexus was gone……”

It is entirely possible whoever they are know exactly what it means.

If you can afford it of course…health care being what it is in this country.

13:- That’s an interesting thought. Afterall, this has produced a lot of free publicity for them.


Aw man, why you gotta do me like that? OK I’ll up the ante. I’ll go see Transformers another 10 times in the theater. It’s still in the theater, right?

Harry, old buddy! ‘Sup?

Hey, THX….I’ve been to the Genesis planet and back…..and boy, it was HOT!!!

And from what I’m to understand, near impossible to get a decent cocktail.

Well, all I can say is… it was nice to be dissed, dismissed and then missed!

Ah legend, thy name is Harry Ballz.

(Did I just freakin’ write that?)

And # 16:

What’s that again?

Hey, I’ve been thrown out of better places than this in my travels…but, that’s another story! Thanks, THX…I appreciate the support!

Now this is funny.

I am from Buffalo, and I can confirm that I have seen this sign and laughed and laughed… the best part is, I actually have Independent Health, but only for dental. Now I ask you all… did you ever see a redshirt with bad teeth? I didn’t think so…

Jeff (#24)

That’s because most of them didn’t live long enough to get tooth decay ;-)

Do you think that in the cafeteria on the Enterprise, if a red shirt sat down at a table, everyone else either slid as far away as possible or moved to another table entirely?

#25 – Not unless they looked like Janice Rand or Uhura… or any of the yeomans, for that matter.

You know what the sad thing is? All the people on that billboard are probably dead by now.

to JeFF #24 Red Shirts don’t live long enough to have bad teeth.

I’l volunteer to be a redshirt…
…but only if my name is Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott.

I never understood why they put him in a red shirt and let him live.

OK, that’s enough of you guys trying to steal my as-of-yet non-existent gig.

I’ll be the only red shirt around here not getting paid to die. Heck, I’ve offered to fly myself to the location (including Iceland) on my dime, brown bag it, watch Transformers 10 more times in the theater (although I’ll be needing a reply soon since it’s first run is gonna end), and carry JJ’s luggage.

Grovelling? Certainly. What of it?

At least you’re only grovelling, some others here are SHOVELLING!!

Mr Spock (#29),

They did kill Scotty in the episode “The Changeling,” but NOMAD made him better.

You see, no Redshirt escapes the Reaper’s scythe.

I work for Independent Health (NOT in marketing), and I would be happy to send all of you a red shirt!
Stop biting the hand that feeds me!

Hahaha. Well. Maybe there’s a good reason my family doesn’t go wtih that particular health provider. xD

Nice someone caught that. x3