Quinto Sees Parallel Between ‘Heroes’ and ‘Star Trek’

Quinto Spock 2sIn an interview with Rope of Silicon, Zachary Quinto discussed his portrayal of Spock in the upcoming Star Trek film, particularly in comparison to his role as the villainous Sylar on NBC’s hit series, Heroes. Quinto found no similarity between the roles (does anyone?), and he still seems to be coming to grips with moving on from Sylar to Spock. "It is just settling into me now and I am just embarking on this preparation and I think it is going to be a pretty epic journey," said Quinto. However, the new Spock does see more than just the growing list of cast connections when comparing the two shows:

I think the message of "Star Trek" and the message of "Heroes" is the overwhelmingly optimistic message about humanity and its capacity to evolve and survive and to hold itself accountable considering the state of things. We live in a world where that is imminently necessary. It is nice to be a part of those things.

And the Heroes/Trek links continue – Quinto also recalled how in April he auditioned for the role of Spock the morning after he and the rest of the Heroes cast were presented with a TV Land Award – by none other than Leonard Nimoy himself. Yet another connection was the history between Trek producer Damon Lindelof and Heroes creator Tim Kring, who worked together on the series Crossing Jordan. “It’s pretty remarkable to look at it from my perspective,” says Quinto.

Speaking of his own relationship with Star Trek, Quinto admits he had only seen “a smattering of episodes” and some of the films and that he was never really interested in science fiction as a child. Now, however, he classifies the genre as “profound” and is grateful to be learning more about Star Trek. Quinto also said that he is also planning to start to do convention appearances, with the first possibly next Spring.


Quinto discusses much more and you can read the full interview at RopeofSilicon.


Special thanks to Steve Moss for providing his second ‘Quinto as Spock’ image.

Here is the larger version…

Quinto Spock 2 

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Love the new photo of Quinto as Spock! Great job!

Nice Quinto as Spock image!

That pic made me shiver! Let’s hope they stick to the original costumes.

As allready said above, awesome Quinto/Spock image! Nice to hear his thoughts, I watched Heroes from the first ep but after a break in the eps I haven’t got to catch up on the later ones. I have them on Tivo so will have to do a nice marathon one day soon.

Although I don’t like the whole idea of a ‘remastering’ of TOS, I AM,however, happy to see an actor like Quinto taking on the role. I am a whole hearted trekkie and an avid Heroes watcher so I see the potential for him to revitalize this character. I am very excited to see who they cast for the rest of the characters (my favorites are ole Doc McCoy and Scotty). lol I have a few Suggestions….which I will post here…not that they will be listened to.

Very convincing picture well done!


Nice pic. I wonder if they will keep the color scheme but update the look, like Superman’s costume from Superman Returns.

Its going to be so weird to see other actors portray Kirk & Spock.

I wonder how they are going to approach the costumes. I hope they go retro all the way.

Not that it really matters,but I don’t think that Quinto and Nimoy really look alike.

I’m sure Quinto will do a fine job,but I don’t really see the resemblance that people keep telling me there is.

Scotty: ‘Couplings’ Ben Miles. Although he is English I have heard his Scottish accent and it is great

Uhura: Gabrielle Union. She has the poise and attitude that is needed for a character like Uhura. Although she is a professional she isn’t against getting down and dirty.

Sulu: Yes yes yes, another Heroes alum, but I think he is perfect for the stoic but athletic Sulu. James Kyson Lee would be a great Sulu.

Doc McCoy: It has been suggested, talked about, and discussed, but I really do think that Gary Sinise would make a great McCoy. He can obviously pull off that southern drawl, and has the brashness that we loved.

And Finally….

Captain James T. Kirk: After viewing all of the ‘Bourne’ films I have to say that I agree with the rumors. Matt Damon would make a great Kirk, he can act (or overact), and I think he would add the name credibility that might revitalize my beloved franchise.

PS Just for Fun I would cast Paula Deen as McCoy’s Mama, just a brief guesting…nothing more. I just love her and that southern charm would fit perfectly as a southern mom.

Would anyone else be weirded out if i said i was sporting a half-chub right now?

re: 8. Robert April – August 22, 2007
“Nice pic. I wonder if they will keep the color scheme but update the look, like Superman’s costume from Superman Returns.”

Let’s hope it is not as bad as that.

The closer we get to the 11th hour, the more I’m feeling and sensing a what a monumental feat it’s going to be for Abrams to pull this off and not have everyone walking out of the theater feeling like they just watched a bunch of people pretending to be our beloved heroes. Damn I don’t envy the task.

Ok…..I was wondering: Is the image of Quinto enhanced or computer generated in any shape way or form? I mean….it could easily be his face pasted onto a uniform and etc. Thirty years ago I wouldn’t have asked but with the usage of computers to make things look better – new and you name it I just had to ask. I mean….it looks 110% real but then?

14: The more they keep this prequel a true prequel, the less chance there will be of that happening. Dressed In other costumes, from an earlier unknown time, and set in surrounding that are alien and unfamiliar will serve the story well.
It’s when we get all new new faces inhabiting identical uniforms and sets from our beloved show that our brain starts to register the fact that something is amiss.
Best to avoid that scenario completely, but if they must somehow end up on the very familiar Enterprise of the 1st season, I hope they have it come at the very end, after we have had a chance to grow into these actors as the characters we are all so familiar with. It won’t distract from the story as much and it would deliver a nice jolt and really punch up the ending.


Yes the image is computer generated.

This is the image I started out with – a promotional still from an episode of Heroes: http://www.heroes-tv.com/modules/xcgal/albums/userpics/10001/normal_1x14-promo-04.jpg

I removed the bulky Primatech Paper jumpsuit and drinking glass, created a blue uniform jersey and gold rank braid, recolored the background to add in vintage Trek-style lighting, extended Zachary Quinto’s bangs down into a classic Spock cut, extended his sideburns to classic pointed Starfleet-style. Then I angled his eyebrows, added Vulcan ear tips, reduced Quinto’s slight smile, tinted his skintone slightly coppery-green, and then duplicated the vintage eye makeup. The final touch was dropping in a Science division emblem, lifted off a screencap from the original show.

Until we start seeing some official set/costume photos of actors in character, I’ll continue to do these for the site as they’re needed. Look for more soon.


…or, more accurately, computer manipulated.

With all due respect to the new Spock guy, Heroes Sucks.
To compare it to Star Trek is just silly.
Star Trek is an original idea, Heroes is not.
Heroes is just corporate televisions answer to the super hero movie craze (that just keeps getting worse, Ghost Rider).
Anyone who knows comics, knows this!
Plus its new exploration into the teen drama territory is so unnecessary!
Lets take a little bit of super hero stuff & mix it with the “OC”.
Seriously, you know some jerk ass dope in a suit came up with that!
Heroes is the child of “The Un-Original Corporate House Of Ideas”.
The kind of thing that can only be created in the board room, by people who do not have a creative bone in there whole body.
Lets give teenagers super powers, so everyone can just go beat off!
Anyway this overhyped show never seems to go away & I have been quit about it until now. Today I lost it. To act like Hereos is as good as Trek, is just down right insulting to the Star Trek Universe.
If you like Heroes, go read some comic books!!!!


Apologies… the first time, the link didn’t work. Hopefully, Anthony, or another moderator can fix?


Agreed. If Quinto was walking around in the EXACT SAME costume from the 60s, I’d definitely find it distracting. But if they make some subtle changes or add a little more detail then I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

Still though, that is one AWESOME manip!

It’ll be one hell of a balancing act between respecting Canon and creating something fresh.

I believe he should take the approach of keeping the original designs, but adding details where necessary.

J.J. needs to find a way to convince the audience that the 23rd century actually looks and functions this way convincingly.

I don’t envy the cast and crew of the new Star Trek.

Nice pic.
I don’t expect JJ to keep the uniforms exactly the same. I think Hollywood gives “costumes” lots of “face time.” I read that Spiderman’s costumes came in a $100K each, and that was a few years ago. Superman’s latest tights were seen almost more than he was in Superman Returns. So, I would guess we’re gonna see something more textured than velour.

I’m likin’ Quinto more and more. It’s nice not to get a wacko in the role. We’ll have to see if Cruise slips in there.

Anyway… lovin’ these updates!


Yikes, I’d hate to think of what kinds of shows you actually think are GOOD. Heroes may not be completely original, but it’s still damn entertaining.

I’ve even heard a lot of comic fans say it does the “comic book thing” better than the comics themselves.

quite f-ing sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this dork looks nothing like nimoy! i feel this movie is reall gonna suck ass!

Only people obsessed with teenagers would say that.
How the hell could a tv show do better then 60 years of comic books?

Shows I think are good:

The Simpsons
The X-Files
Battlestar Galactica (2004)
The Outer Limits (60’s & 90’s)
Amazing Stories
Star Trek TOS
Star Trek TAS
Star Trek TNG
Twilight Zone (60’s & 80’s)
Batman TAS (DCAU)
Justice League Unlimited (DCAU)
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Masters Of Science Fiction
Boston Legal
The Office (UK & USA Versions)
Mr. Show

Is the writing on Heroes better then the shows on this list?

I have never seen a whole episode of HEROES.
But judging by the previews/reviews & the way the show
has been marketed, I would have to say it sucks.
Sucks because of the vibe they are presenting to the public with the lame indy rock music & the teen beat casting.
Sucks becuse its just so Un-Original!
It seems like a product from the dopes in suits as seen on The Simpsons,
selling teenage culture to everybody! Whether they know it or not!

and then Nimoy’s wife said, “Is there something you haven’t told me about your past?”

jock next post like that = ban

whats with teen beat casting? the there’s only like two young actors on the show and one is really hot so i’m willing to forgive that. Heroes is good because i can get my friends who’d never watch a superhero movie or TV show to watch it and like it. BTW i have a friend who hates star trek but wants to see the new one just because Quinto is the new Spock so JJ got at least one new fan

#27 scott

“I have never seen a whole episode of HEROES.” In other words, you can’t say it sucks because you haven’t seen it. You only HEARD it sucks… and even that seems unlikely given all the positive reviews I have read from critics and have heard from the ones that matter — everyday viewers. By saying you haven’t seen it, you basically lost all credibility for everything else you said about it.

I have seen one full episode of the show (“Chapter 9: Homecoming”), and I thought that episode was pretty good. Is it wholly original? No. Would I be interested in watching the rest of the season? Sure. Will I be watching Season Two when it airs? I’m gonna try.

That said, most of those shows you listed I know are good shows, while others I’ve heard are good shows. The only exception is The Simpsons — I have not watched that show recently (with the exception of the unfunny 400th episode), but from what I hear, it hasn’t been funny for a while. Should I say it sucks, then? No, because I haven’t seen enough of it to form my own opinion. Nor can you say Heroes sucks, because you haven’t even given it a chance.

Oh, and to Steve Moss, great work with that image. Love it. :)

Let’s just hope Quinto, in his characterization of Spock, remembers that Vulcans HAVE emotions, it’s just that they make every attempt to SUPPRESS them. This one simple distinction will help make his performance less “robotic” and more engaging! It’s far more interesting to watch a character who is trying to hide their feelings, than someone totally devoid of them!

Hey Paul (#30),
Thanks for your post. It only confirms everthing I ranted about!
Love that “Its OK as long as they’re hot” attitude you have.
It seems age is not a concern to you, as long as they’re hot!
The fact that you & your “youth obsessed” friends like HEREOS, makes a lot of sense. You & your peeps who have a taste for the young are just the stooges NBC was making this crap for! I don’t know JJ, but I am sure he does not about dudes who like under age girls going to his movies.

You are showing some of us less experienced graphic artists how it is done. Amazing work. Keep it up-you are very talented!!

Hey Chuck (#31),
Even though I have never seen HEREOS, I am sure it sucks.
Have you ever seen a movie trailer that just tells you a movie sucks, with out having to see it? The best scene or joke of the film is featured in the trailer & its no good. Or seen a movie poster or video box of a shity film & avoided it because the marketing/preview is letting the cat of the bag?
99% of the time the commerical/preview/trailer will tell you if something sucks. Or at the very least it will tell a person “that this is not for you”.
HEREOS may not suck for you, but I am sure it sucks for me!!!

#11 Uhura: Gabrielle Union

Yes, Sgt, you echo me from about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Gabby is lovely, has character and you used the word “poise” well in describing her.

#34 “I don’t know JJ, but I am sure he does not about dudes who like under age girls going to his movies.”

Scott, grammar please, I don’t understand your rantings.

Heroes doesn’t totally suck. It’s just annoying in that ‘one step forward two steps back’ way that Lost tends to be. I’m mid-way through the first season, so I cannot totally judge yet.

And all, do not forget that the new Kirk has to live up to Family Guy’s Kirk. I am also waiting to see who plays Ensign Ricky (“Oh, Crap”)


For someone with such mature, sophisticated tastes, you sure don’ t make very convincing arguments.


tone it down. You comments are in the flame/troll/piss me off category. Find a way to express yourself without insulting others or making sweeping insults of whole communities.

I am not a fan of Heroes, Lost yes. It’s irrelevant.

Anyway, in following with the discussion of the setting of the movie and if we’ll see them in TOS attire, again, some cases have pointed to yes, and some no. As I’ve said, there is a large window for adventures for Kirk, Spock, and company before the 5 year mission. I am pushing for them to stay out of the 5-year mission, at least in this film, or the next, because you’re automatically going to be judged with it. Who wants that?

I hope they at least keep the red/blue/gold color scheme intact, and don’t go for a monotone look like in TMP.

It just wouldn’t be classic Trek without the colorful uniforms.

Sorry that marketing is shallow & I’m not buying.
Sorry I don’t buy into teen culture.
Being 33 years old I don’t buy things made for teens or dumb people who like every thing teens do or in some cases the teens themselves (Ask Paul).
My rant about why I speculate that Heroes sucks is not a argument.
It is a guess that I have framed as fact in the form of a rant.
Everyone on earth is in there own little world.
And in my world this guess about Heroes is a fact. The marketing of this television show is suspect at best. All promotional stuff I have seen for HEREOS smells of pandering to bottom of the TV Viewer food chain.
Sure I have never seen HEREOS & I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. Ranting is just ranting. But just because people from Star Trek are in it, doesn’t make it Star Trek, the second coming.
I just find with every new TV Show on TV that comes out, the bench mark just keeps getting lower. Thanks for saying I have sophisticated tastes. I just like stuff that makes me feel like Star Trek TOS did during the infamous re-runs when I was growing up. Ya Know Stuff that makes you think.

Sorry if I have pissed you off. The comments I made regarding Heroes is more about the Media & youth obsessed grown men.

THAT is an amazing image!
I’d still like the uniforms to be Pike style, though.

#43 – I have seen Heroes, and I actually like it.

The style of the show is more geared towards the Comic Book ethos, with the edge of reality and 3 dimentional characters.

Each episode furthers the story, and leaves you on the edge wanting to know what will happen next.

Also, the characters develop in interesting ways throughout the series, and there is a hint of a long term direction for the characters.

There is a depth in the background that is not completely revealed, and paying atention to the details is a good thing, whereas many shows don’t hold up under close scrutiny.

It is a good show, regardless of how it is marketed, and I look forward to hearing what you think after watching the pilot.

Being a Star Trek fan, I like to keep an open mind, and avoid judgement based on incomplete information.

To do so is not logical, as one of our favourite Starfleet Officers would acknowledge ;-)

And yes, that is an excellent image of Quinto as Spock.

My casting for the rest of the crew:

Christine Chapel-Courtney Love, Lauralee Bell,Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johannson

Uhura-Sophie Okenedo, Jamilliah Ross

Kevin Riley-Drake Bell

Well Scott you can’t judge a book by its cover. Your attitude is the same many had to the commercials and previews of Star Trek before it first premiered.

I found Heroes excellent and I grew up with the INITIAL network run of Star Trek, which sadly puts me way beyond that marketing.

Great job on the picture! Makes me very excited. I’d love to see the original series uniforms with better materials allowed with a bigger budget.

Again wonderful image!!!!! And some of these cats need Zoloft or massive doses of Lithium

As a “canonista”, I insist you do a version of Quinto in the canon pre-TOS uniform: