TV Guide Promotes Teenager’s Pirated Star Trek Video Channel

The current issue of TV Guide has an interesting Trek item in their regular ‘Hotlist: Best of the Web’ sidebar. It announces that Star Trek The Next Generation is now available to view online for free at That is big news as TNG is the only Trek series not available online (plus TOS, DS9, VOY and ENT episodes all cost $1.99 at XBox Live, Amazon UnBox and Apple iTunes). But once you visit the channel TV Guide lists it quickly becomes clear that this is not a new offering from CBS (who have an official VEOH channel), but rather pirated episodes being uploaded by a Norwegian teenage girl named Monica (aka ‘Meopic90’ pictured right). In addition to the channel owner clue, each episode is branded with the name and url of an unauthorized torrent site…oops.

It is likely that most TV Guide readers will assume that since it is listed in TV Guide it is a legit thing. is a large well established site with big backers. Both CBS and Paramount have official channels on it – both prominently displayed on the front page. VEOH also distinguishes itself from YouTube and others by allowing easy downloads in addition to streaming.

The TV Guide Listing…


Although I am sure Monica is happy to be promoted in one of the largest circulation magazines in the world, CBS is not amused. CBS has confirmed with that this channel not authorized. No comment was available from TV Guide. 


UPDATE: The channel and account has been removed…no doubt CBS made a call. The next question is…will CBS go after TV Guide for promoting piracy…maybe not otherwise their fall shows may all suddenly get bad reviews.  


Thanks to John Tenuto for the tip and the scan.

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There must be something in the water in Norway…

Love it. :)

Heres hoping that the CBS, The TV Guide and the police all join forces and take this person to court.

I think she will be easy to find, *smerk,,*and hopfuly they will make a good example of her and what happens to people that are involed in priating and torrent sites.


Quality not too bad for streaming. I just wonder who’s going to pay for the bandwidth now? No doubt Monica just became very popular, and no kidding CBS is not amused. My heart just bleeds for multi million (billion?) dollar corporations.

For those who sqawk about TOS being the only Trek there is, I must say there were a lot of really good TNG episodes. Remption being just one of many. (Thanks Monica for the memories)

490 dtST

Far be it for me to point out that torrent sites are not, in fact illegal and neither are bittorrents per se.

As for taking this girl to court, that would depend on what Norweigan law(s) shes breaking. I suspect that getting the TNG episodes removed from Veoh would be easier than taking a teenager to court *rolls eyes*

Typo on previous (Redemption) was the epiosde mentioned.

Anthony, any chance of adding the ability to edit one’s posts’?

This is just one of the LOL moments :-)

She’s kinda cute… lol…

Bah, the way I see it, free TNG on the web is a nice way to get even for that comically priced $200+ tag on the TOS-R DVD’s later this year.

There are a bunch of episodes available. At one point most of Voyager and Enterprise were available (probably about 3/4 of the episode from both series) but since then many were deleted for copyright infringement.

looks like shes about to expose her Norweigan ta ta’s in that picture.

What a stupid cow.

Love her TNG Season 1-4 hairstyle. Reminds me of Lt. Yar’s sister actually.

oh dear the cheek…hehehe!
saves me digging out my tng DVD’s!

just went and lest her a comment , i am sure cbs will make her stop , but i know there not stupid enough to take a 16 ! year old to court . anyway fair play to her lol.

#4 Why don’t you just call for her execution? Jeez.

Just clicked the link in this article for her site and was greeted with ‘This user’s account has been closed’.

Hee hee. The crazy things that happen when people get miffed with each other.

CBS may not be amused, but I sure am. TV Guide promoting piracy? That is hilarious. Just goes to show you someone at the Guide didn’t do some research.

Her channel has already been pulled… and I was in MID-EPISODE too!


That was quick…

She’s sexy. :)

[Insert nacelle cap joke of your choice here]

Sounds like there may some job openings soon at TVG…

RE : 6. Ergo – August 23, 2007

Shes taken a show for nothing
(thats stealing),,

put it on a web site for others to see,, without charge
( thats priating )

Theres the torrent site thats advertised all over the place
( thats bad for all movie companys that are trying to stamp out priating)

I still stand by what I say, Priating of any form must be stopped and I still hope she ends up in court.

Oh and by the way,, torrent sites and all forms of priating ARE against the law.

where I come from,if you take something without payment , they call that theift !

Does anyone know when STNV WEAT starts tonight?

WE MUST STOP PRIATING!!! soon as i figure out what Priating is lol ALSO we must stop illiteracy in our time.

Technically, if i’m not mistaken, wasn’t TNG aired on television for FREE back in the 1980’s and 1990’s?
Can you really call it pirating if you can still turn your TV on and watch a show for free ( or for what you pay for cable or sat. TV since you can’t get the Spike channel or G4 channel over the air)?

I could see it if she was charging money to view TNG or selling bootleg DVD’s, but come on, it’s not like taking a CD and putting it on the internet for free, that way you are depriving the artist of making money. TNG was on regular TV in syndication for free like a million years ago before they came up with the idea of selling video tapes and then DVD’s.

If somebody wants to sit infront of a monitor and watch a crappy image of TNG, let them. If they want to watch a high quality image in front of a large screen TV they will by DVD’s like I did. Stop trying to squeeze every last penny out of the Trek fans. Go make some new material like maybe direct to DVD stories of TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise.

Didn’t take long for someone to act. Her account is now closed guys and girls…… lol

Good on her.

Viacom is one of biggest sue happy companies of all time. Is she nutz?

Yeah, she’s not getting money for it. They’re still aired on TV. But those stations pay CBS money and make money off of advertising.

She’s gonna sued for lost profit.

This is gonna send Viacom on another one of their “taking unlicensed props and merchandise from fans by force, shut down any unlicensed web site and sue everyone” crusades.

Looks like I’ll have to find a reason to get back into Star Wars for a while.

Yes, this was definitely a case of (1.) bad judgment on her part as this was definitely illegal, and (2.) stupidity on TV Guides part for not realizing the faux-pas in the first place LOL.

But it WAS fun watching a few episodes this afternoon before they brought it all down.

Trying to watch WEAT now. Didn’t know til I got to the site there was a 6p ET showing. There’s a 10p ET also. But, I’m not sure I’m doing it right. HA. I’m kinda hoping that after they have their big event, they’ll let low-tech boobs like me download it.

VIva the Revolution!!!! Behold the future…. Soon the corprofascist minions of orthodoxy will not be able to stop the signal. Behold the truth!!!! Power to the people

You say you wanna rev-o-lu-shu-un. We-ell, you know. iPods still cost 800 bucks.

oops. meant iphones

Ain’t It Cool News has a new interview with Zach Quinto.
He talks about Spock.

Is it me or does she have big bubbleys?

She has big bubbleys.

BAH! Paramount Overprices trek and thinks that we are going to pay twice as much to watch our beloved show? ha ha!

For some reason, that chick’s picture reminds me of Joe Dirt…

PRIATING = Coaxing a priapism? If so, Monica’s photo certainly priated me…

Hey, don’t call her nacelle caps “bubbleys”!!

TOS was on you tube for a while also, man I miss the days when you could watch Trek on free TV

Long Live Monica! :-) We need more people like her around.

And BTW, dear SirMartman, she´s Norwegian, meaning she´s from Norway, meaning she´s not an American, unless there it’s a town named Norway somewhere in USA (woudn´t be surprised). It might surprise you, but your courts have no clout here in Europe. :-P


Torrent sites are NOT illegal, neither are .torrent files. Why should they?

I mean, following your logic CD-Rs or video tapes would be illegal.

It always depends on what you do with the material.
And I guess since she’s Norwegian and 16 there’s nothing much US authorities could do, especially if Norway has similar copyright laws as for example Sweden (the pirate bay, anyone?).

And by the way – just to mention it: DVDs are in many European countries more expansive than in the US of A… : / So don’t blame that girl… blame the greedy companies and the Euro as well, for that matter : )

RE :45. Paul – August 23, 2007

and no,, Im not in the States

I wish she would expose her “Norweigan ta ta’s”. lol Toobad her account was closed she does look kinda cute.

“…will CBS go after TV Guide for promoting piracy…maybe not otherwise their fall shows may all suddenly get bad reviews.”

It’s good to be TV Guide.

P.S. – More pics of the criminal girl wearing low-cut tops.

#48, #49 — Um…….. she’s 16.