Star Trek Eternal – Best Trek Compilation Ever

In 1996 Free Enterprise director/editor/co-writer Robert Meyer Burnett had some free time with his AVID and created what is probably the best Trek mashup ever (before people knew what mashups were). This was so good it was even used by Paramount later…



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Neat but very similar in style to Space:Eternal, just lacked the addition of Beethoven’s 7th.

eh… he should have left Voyager out. LOL

That was the shizzle.

Great editing. Especially the way the cuts got quicker and quicker. Nothing wrong with the addition of Voyager – only problem was that in 1996 there wasnt much to choose from really.

I’ll be the first to ask. Where was the music from?

That was a great montage, there are only a few good ones out there. I’m glad Voyager was in it, even though it’s the red headed step child of the franchise, too bad Enterprise wasn’t in there as well. Yes, I said Enterprise, an underrated series, especially the last two seasons.

That was pretty good, but this is my fav:

Great selection of clips, but the music doesn’t match the mood! Other montages have been far superior! With the wealth of material that TPTB have to work with, they should be able to piece together a Trekkie’s “wet dream” of a mashup!

#6.. What a great video. It actually brought a tear to my my eye. , yea i seen that one last year , its brilliant , really makes you think of all the good things about star trek.

The music is from John Williams’ score to “Nixon”… I believe it’s called “The Turbulent Years” or words to that effect. … and I think that the music absolutely matches the mood… exploration, danger, intrigue, adventure… the things that brought us to Star Trek in the first place…

Cool. The music sounded almost ‘Star Wars’-y; probably due to it being a John Williams piece, like DarenDoc says. At any event, it’s a pretty neat montage.

Perhaps it was the greatest 10 years ago, and I praise him for being able to do it so well so long ago. I know, in this day and age when a new mix comes out every couple of weeks, that I’ve seen ones that are, to me, more moving. The 40 Years one in great. I was always partial to the perfectly framed TrekUnited ’05 trailer (, but that maybe is just me.

#6, that fav was a good selection of clips, but that cheesy music was 2 much for me!

I thought that was great! I’ve seen the “40 years” one too, and while that one’s great too, it pretty much works on just the nostalgia level. This one captures the excitement and crisis of some of Trek’s darkest moments, too.

Great work. :)


They’re both incredible pieces. I think I have to give the edge to the 40th anniversary tribute though. That scene of the TOS crew laughing on the bridge followed by Scotty alone on the bridge from “Relics” really did it for me.

I didn’t think the music was cheesy at all. But then again, I’m a real sucker for nostalgia. I had to save that one to my favorites!

#13: cheesy??? that’s the melody picard played in his life-long experience on kataan. a second life with a family… and remember, the flute was the only artifact that was left of an entire civilization! the whole culture died and only picard was there to tell others about them.
do you find any story like this one in any other series?
this is what makes star trek unique and extraordinary.


Geez dude, I did that in a day with limited episodes on hand. The Dominion War hadn’t even started yet. ENTERPRISE wasn’t even on the drawing board. So…I wouldn’t call it the best Trek montage ever…but thanks for saying so. I can’t believe how many people have watched the piece since you posted my link.

BTW…I wouldn’t have used ENTERPRISE anyway. I see it as the first TREK series that ISN’T cannon. Kinda’ like the upcoming movie.



Cool seeing all the different crossovers at the end of the “40 years” one.

Although overall there were just way too many quick cuts on that; it would have been a lot more effective if they gave some of those moments a little more room to breathe.

Ah,…that’s where it’s from. I thought it sounded very John Williams-ish.

I thought it was pretty good…not necessarily the bets ever. And the 40th one, while the music was great, it got a bit hard to watch cut after cut after cut to a new 1 second clip. I would have preferred more focus on the main characters and perhaps even memorable and moving lines some of them said. Either way, I couldn’t have done it, so props. Though the ending was nice (since I’ve always loved that song), it was like LOTR…only thing keeping me from constantly thinking it was going to end was the timer, lol.

@#18 I agree, I don’t even consider Enterprise a real series…as someone who has watched Star Trek for a long time, I wish it had never happened. But I say let’s give the new movie a chance…if it can hit it on the nose well, we may see an resurgence for TOS, which could very well end up introducing a new generation to the series.

I, however, don’t see ANY future for Star Trek until they absolutely and positively get good writers in stop relying on CGI so much. The way it is now, Star Trek will never be the same again, and will only continue its path towards obscurity.

Very well done….and a nice music soundtrack too.

Mike :o

I second #6. Easily my favorite.

not bad ,,,but is similar to SPACE ETERNAL,,,tribute a SPACE 1999.


One last thing…SPACE ETERNAL was BASED on my video. Just sayin’.

Robert,,,,SPACE ETRENAL today is the first year in youtube and your only one month ago.

upsss not reed this ,,,,heheheheee sorry men.

***In 1996 Free Enterprise director/editor/co-writer Robert Meyer Burnett had some free time with his AVID and created what is probably the best Trek mashup ever (before people knew what mashups were). This was so good it was even used by Paramount later***

“Kinda’ like the upcoming movie”

Oh snap!

Yes, I liked this collage a lot. One of the best. Nice pacing. It’s too bad it shows up with about 8 frames per second on my computer — would be nice to see it in proper resolution with proper stereo sound.

I’d like to agree with several people who have noted that the Space-Eternal collage benefited from Beethoven. The schlocky-sounding Hollywood soundtrack stuff always sounds second-rate when you put it alongside the old masters.

I liked it a lot. It reminded me somewhat of the montage that was displayed on the hull of the Enterprise for the ST VI teaser. I remember seeing that teaser in the theater, and my jaw dropped to the floor–and stuck to the milk dud/popcorn butter/good-n-plenty ooze. :)

#29, there are some who would say that the use of the “old masters” is itself schlocky, since it carries with it so much over-played baggage. Some might say that. Not necessarily me, you understand. I love my Ludwig Van just as much as the next Droog, but it has a time and a place.

And I think that the piece in Trek Eternal is just fine.

And for nostalgia’s sake, here’s the TrekVI trailer:

Oh, and Jesustrek, never forget that stuff existed before YouTube… :)

I wish Burnett would get a shot at directing a big budget movie, especially after reading his articles in Sci Fi Universe and watching Free Enterprise, the guy knows his stuff!

A great montage, showing off the best of Trek (at the time, anyway). It’s interesting how well the scenes from TOS fit in with the ones from the movies and the later series. Sometimes TOS can look so dated compared to the more recent shows, but here they worked so well.

A wonderful piece of work, especially since it was made before everybody and their brother had editing programs on their home computers.

Yeah, it was cool seeing this again. I saw it the first time when it was played at the panel at Comic-Con.

25 – any plans to reteam with William Shatner for another film?

After all its sort of what helped kick start this current era of all things Shatner…

Great montage ! I just can’t imagine how long it took to chose sequences among the about 10.000 trek episodes and movies…

I’m very disappointed to see that “space eternal” is just a copy of this work. But as an old fan of “Space 1999”, I still have a little preference for “Space Eternal”

#6 Cox of Seagulls

That one gets my vote too. Excellent editing choices, and I loved the hint of sepia at beginning. :)

By the way, one of the things I am most looking forward to on J.J.’s forthcoming ‘TOS-era’ Movie will be the soundtrack score by Michael Giacchino…

Venerable Movie composer John Williams did a fantastic elongated 3 minutes 40 seconds version of Alexander Courage’s TOS-era ‘STAR TREK:MAIN THEME’ a while back, with his Boston Pops Orchestra. While the initial first minute or so reflects the original somewhat, his version gradually swells and swells into a terrific tangent all of it’s own, building to one of John William’s trademark end flourishes.

Perhaps somehere has come across some fan-made video using this WHOLE version, and could put the link up here for everyone to hear it… :)

This link unfortunately only has a 30 second snippet and does not do it justice, but here it is anyway:

YES! :)

39 – Also heres Williams conducting the TMP theme as a homage to Goldsmith:

it would be great to have the tos theme in an updated version (maybe e-guitar) in stxi

That was fantastic.

I liked the clips but not the music it needed something edgier but I liked how towards the end when Kirk grabs onto Spock (the scene from City on the Edge of Forever) and starts to cry that it shows that Star Trek can be all about battle and blowing things up but it also has a gentle humanitarian side as well :) Good job!

25. Robert Meyer Burnett … Hey Robert, since you’re one of the ultimate Shatnerites (love your movie btw, recently bought it for a 2nd time – the special edition), would you share with us your thoughts on the recasting of Kirk and the possibility that Shatner might not be in Trek XI??

I know that a few years ago you and Mark Altman had your own idea for a new Kirk & Spock story.

#46 “Star Trek can be all about battle and blowing things up but it also has a gentle humanitarian side as well”

Speaking of which, I hope the villain isn’t blown up in Trek XI!! Orci, if you’re reading this, the villains were “blowed up real good” in Treks II, III, VI, VII (2 different explosions killed the Klingons AND Soran), IX and X! It has become a Star Trek cliche. So find another way.

Hahaha good point Shatner_Fan_2000, it never ocurred to me!

OK, where can I get a hi-res Quicktime version of this video to download? It is too good not to keep!

The use of Williams’ “The 1960’s: The Turbulent Years” was inspired and contributed greatly to the ebb and flow of the edits. An excellent, excellent job!


Thanks for all the kind words. STAR TREK ETERNAL was a little thing I did in my spare time one day ELEVEN YEARS AGO (over one quarter of my life ago) which eventually was used by Paramount (in a slightly altered, kid-friendly form, to promote their Marvel Comics line) and played at the 2nd annual SCI-FI UNIVERSE magazine UNIVERSE AWARDS.
I’m astonished how many of you watched it in the past 24 hours (yeah…I mean ASTONISHED the same way the Vulcans who died in the Intrepid meant astonished…) and thanks for the kind words.
And to those of you who want me to do another one…I respectfully decline. I’d rather make FE2.
Have a better day,