Quinto Still Practicing Vulcan Salute + Lee In Running For Sulu?

The following is a TrekMovie.com community member written story

The Heroes world tour came to New York this week to promote the Heroes – Season One DVDs and the Season 2 premiere. On hand were artist Tim Sale, writer/producer Jeph Loeb along with Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), James Kyson Lee (Ando), new cast member Dania Ramirez (Maya), and Zachary Quinto (Sylar and the new Spock). All were there (squeezed together on one table) signing DVDs, so chatting and taking pics was tricky.Mr. Quinto was cool and I welcomed him to the Star Trek family with a Vulcan salute. The new Spock quickly returned it with his left hand, but admitted he couldn’t do it with his right yet. Dania Ramirez apparently is a real Trekkie and showed off her Vulcan sign with both hands! (see photos below) I asked if Zach would pose with the gesture and he said "Please no, I’m gonna be doing it for the rest of my life soon enough!"

Lee up for Sulu?
As reported earlier Jason Kyson Lee is interested in landing the part as Sulu. So I asked the actor if he is going to be the new Sulu and he froze a moment, started laughing and stammered "I don’t know" a few times. I pressed him with a couple more prods but he wouldn’t say anything beyond "I don’t know," then laughed and shook my hand goodbye.

Photos from the event:

Quinto, Ramirez, Lee and Sale at the far end

Dania coaching Zach on salute technique

Dania showing off

Mr Lee signing after my grilling

Photos: William Herz



Thanks to TrekMovie.com regular William Herz (aka Last o’ the TimeLords) for sending in this report. Bill is an artist and teacher from New York. More about Bill and his comic book Hanna B at his website.

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Dania rockin’ the Vulcan salute… coool.

Day-um. Zachary’s pretty.

That is all.


Zachary is perfect for Spock but I’m not too sure about Lee as Sulu.


Yeah, I can definitely see Spock in these shots of Zach. Hell, they don’t even need to mess with his eyebrows — they’re perfect already :-)

Nice reporting, Doctor–er, Mr. Herz.

LOL, thanks, actually the kids call me “Sensei” now but I was called The Doctor in Japan. Go figure.

Can we find a part for Dania in the movie? Hopfully ZQ won’t get to sick of talking Trek anytime soon but damn did they nail it when they got him for Spock.

Oh cool Dania can do the Vulcan Hand Salute with both hands, so can I.

That’s a bit bad asking ZQ to pose doing the V.H.S when he’s there for promoting Heroes, so I don’t blame him for saying no.

About his eyebrows, they are too thick for Spock and not arch upwards enough. He needs major waxing but he does have nice eyebrows anyway but just not right for Spock.

Apparently, Lee was interested enough in playing Sulu to audition for the role. He’s either being coy or he really doesn’t know if he’s going to get the role (most likely the latter). We’ll see, I guess.

Good reporting, Mr. Herz. :)

Star Trek needs to just give up. Their last show was a complete failure based on a “prequel” of the original series. This is just a sad attempt to rekindle the old chemistry between the characters of the original crew. How is there going to be an old Spock and a young Spock? Why don’t they just give Ricardo Montalban some magic legs and throw Khan in there as well.


I agree. I hope the powers that be can find a spot for Dania in this movie. She’s a real cutie. Plus, look at that flawless finger kung-fu. She threw that Vulcan set in the air and waved it around like she just don’t care.


Ok so Dania is pictured with 2 rabbit ear signs. Lets bring the thumbs out for the proper vulcan salute.

Interestingly, he looks a little like the transporter chief’s assistant (as I recall) from The Cage.

Amen Dave, was wondering if I was the only one that caught that. Yeah, some devoted fan she is… and those that didn’t realize themselves. Maybe it was given as some boyscout pledge? LOL

Quinto’s eyebrows are perfect, if you recall Nimoy’s early spock mackup included thick brows, so ZQ’s a natural to sell the early spock look! Although Ido think they should be upswept.




Don’t judge the Star Trek Franchise on Enterprise’s performance.

And what is wrong with trying to rekindle the chemistry of the original series crew?

After all, that’s what most of the spinoff series (Next Generation, DS9 etc.) have aspired to, among other shifting creative goals.

Myself, I’m an optimist. It’s what Star Trek is about: Optimism for the Future.

Its not only the performance of Enterprise. Its also the fact that Nemesis was a huge let down, especially in box office terms. Though far better than Insurrection, as a whole the quality of the movies fell off as well as the television series.

I understand rekindling the spirit and chemistry of hte original series is the primary goal because they were awesome. And the Next Gen did a good job in their own right. This is completely different though. They want to risk the original crew’s legacy by using different actors to portray them. And all for money.

If Star Trek is about optimism for the future, why do they keep going to the past with these prequels?

Enterprise and Nemesis were all part of something we can call “Spin-Off-Trek”. That part of the Trek legacy ended in 2005 with the demise of Enterprise. That “future” you refer to does no longer exist in Paramount’s book. “SpinOff-Trek” (1987-2005) has ended.

The new movie is an entirely new chapter in the unfolding of the franchise. We might refer to it as “Reboot-Trek”. New cast, new producers, and obviously a new timeline. It’s in no way a prequel like Enterprise. Don’t mix apples and oranges.


You, sir, are a genius.

In defense of Dania, #13 & #15, she did an excellent handsign in the previous pic. She’s a bright and vivacious lady.

Yes, T’Pring! She can do Vulcan, she was pretty stoic in X-Men3 as Callisto.

Part of the failure of Trek was over saturation. If you over water a plant it will die, this is what happened with Trek. I enjoyed ENT and Nemesis, but even I was starting to get tired of it.

Going back to the beginning is a good idea, there are many tales to be told from the Original Series era, and although I personaly want to see more TNG era movies or shows I am looking forward to seeing TOS on the big screen.

The future for Trek is very bright and if done properly it will live a lot longer. They is not to have TV series over laping and running back to back for to long. Have TOS era movies and another TNG era show, set after the Dominion war maybe, Under Manny Coto then let Abrams or another movie Producer/Directore take care of the films, possibly in 3’s like TWOK, SFS and VOY Home. And put trek to bed for 3 or 4 years, plan out another series on TV and on the Silver screen. That is what I see as the greate failure of Trek. So Jason, Trek should not give up, but it should restructure and reposition itself.

If Mr. Lee is cast as Sulu, then that’s 2 Heroes in Star Trek. Then the rumor of Greg Grunberg possibly cast would make that 3. I hope this doesn’t become too much of a ‘Heroes’ distraction. With no disrespect to any of the actors mentioned, I’m not sure if this is such a good idea.

483 dtST

11. Jason…
“How is there going to be an old Spock and a young Spock?”

The “Titanic” model (Old Rose/Young Rose) of an elderly version of the character retelling a story, which we then see acted by a younger actor playing the role is the, ahem, logical way.

Where was this Heroes event and when? I live in NYC and would have LOVED to have been in attendance.

Wow some negative banter in here huh…

Cool pics of ZQ and don’t know her for trying… Not everyone is a Trek nerd who knows all of the details of the hand gesture her heart was in the right place… She was being very friendly for a fan at an autograph session.

Aaron R.

#11–First, this isn’t really a prequel if it takes place on the Enterprise with Kirk as captain.

Second, the last show failed because it stunk. It was written and created by amateurs who never did anything outside of writing in someone else’s creation. And those people didn’t respect or follow that creation.

It did NOT fail because it was a prequel.

It failed because it was bad.

sorry I meany dont knock her for trying not “dont know her”


god I can not type today!!!!!!!!!!! Meant not meany

thank you sir can I have another

By the time this thing comes out, we’re going to get so used to the NV versions (except for the Jeff Quinn Spock replacement, who in the preview comes off like Gilbert Gottfried) that the movie recasts will seem shockingly inappropriate. (Except for Quinto- at least he’s got the look.)

Okay, I admit it, every time a gorgeous woman like Dania Ramirez acts like they’re into Star Trek, I get a woody!!!

#11 Jason —

Have you ever seen ‘Lost’? Think of a ‘Lost’-style backstory, but with that backstory being 50 or 100 years in the past rather than just 5 years.


…yeah, it IS all for money. It is, afterall, called the movie BUSINESS and/or the movie INDUSTRY. Paramount and Viacom have a bunch of stockholders who they must keep happy.

I think Lee would be a fine choice for Sulu, even though I’ve never actually heard him speaking English.

I’m also slightly relieved that the last couple of casting possibilities — Lee for Sulu, Saldana for Uhura — have pushed the upper limits of the age ranges listed in those casting notices. Even if these aren’t actually the folks cast, it’s encouraging to me that they’re at least considering people who are closer to the ages of the original actors during TOS’s run.

I agree with 23, there was too much trek, but i also a believe a good story will do the trick, so heres hoping

As someone once said, “Everything old is new again.” I went into Target the other day and as I walked through their furniture department I saw stuff that could have been made in the 1960’s and 70’s. I see women wearing hats Mary Tyler Moore was wearing in her 70’s show. Why shouldn’t the 60’s version of Trek come back to life too? I like it better than the furniture. :)

Why don’t they just give Ricardo Montalban some magic legs and throw Khan in there as well.
They did, in Spy Kids # :-)


Dania is smoking hot!! wow…

ok, as for the failure of Star Trek, especially the recent movies…. I have to say the main reason for the failure of the last few movies was budget and commitment. To me, Paramount was just churning out a movie that they knew a certain number of people would see no matter what (Star Trek fans), and they budgeted for that (still failed).

My point is that they were low budget films – used stock footage in some parts, low budget special effects, etc.

To me they were what I call “factory” movies, where they are just churning out assembly line stuff to try and make a buck.

This movie is a work of passion for Abrams and has a huge budget. These two factors, in addition to a fresh look from a completely new writing/directing/production crew, to me mean that this will be different. This has the potential to be a good movie.

Erm, you’ve got James and Jason as his names. Make up your mind :)

#39, because today’s audiences would not go for it…..

it’s not so much the colors, it’s the cheap look of it, especially from today’s perspective… it looks like the 60’s, not the 23rd century.

people today imagine the 23rd century far different than we did in the 60’s. It’s just common sense.

When I tell my non-trek fan friends about this new movie, they just roll their eyes and laugh. Why? Because most of the Trek movies were horrible.

That’s the attitude that Abrams is going to have to change. He doesn’t need to try to get you or me, or other Trekkies to go to this movie, he needs to get non-trekkies to go to this movie. For a movie with a $100+ mil budget, he needs a blockbuster hit.

Therefore, he has to make it “cool”. He has to make it look “cool”. To me that means modernizing the look of it and not using the 60’s look.. It also may mean a more darker, grittier Star Trek. Something more serious… those usually have the most wide range appeal – as in Khan.

I just hope they get a great actor to play Bones. I can’t take that poser from New Voyages. He sounds nothing like a southern cremudgeon. He also has too dark of a wig to remind me of De.

Just seen the following on another forum:

In Glasgow Evening Times it is reported that Greg Hempill could be playing Scotty in the Star Trek Movie

Greg Hempill has auditioned for the part of Scotty

Greg Hempill best known for The Still Game, Chewin the Fat

Diana smoking hot? Hardly… she’s alright but she certainly isn’t the young Nichelle Nichols. Now THAT is a beautiful woman. I can’t help but feel this will come off as a well done fan film with this “alternate” cast. I mean every single series did the alternate universe to spice things up on occasion. No matter how well written or executed it can’t help but feel somehow awkward.

And really Zach looks goofy… at least in the candid shots. Nimoy is distinguished and dignified. I posted as much about a prequel idea for Enterprise and got flamed, but in the end I was proven right.

I truely want to enjoy this flick, but call it something else. Remaking the wheel that isn’t broken is a waste of time and will fail. And Trek was broken… not TOS.

Dania is not in the movie. not yet anyway…

but i have to disagree…. she is hot

#’s 43 and 46

Wow, I can’t agree with a thing you are saying. I want the classic unis. I don’t think that Star Trek has to be cool. It has to be good. Most Trek movies weren’t horrible. Diana IS hot. For any Star Trek fan to say a girl isn’t hot is just being picky. If she were to try to spark a conversation, most conventioneers would stumble over their words. Quinto will make a great Spock. I don’t know where you get goofy from, but if you mean appealing to women, you’re absolutely right. Maybe you could also clarify what you are talking about when you mention your prequel idea and how you are right, because I can’t figure out what the heck you are talking about. And since this is a movie about Star Trek, with characters from Star Trek, set before the five year mission of TOS, just what should they call the movie?

THX, my old friend….you’re still alive?
Tell me, your post name, is it for the ’71 flick, American Grafitti or Swingers? Maybe all three! Pray tell…..

#48 Sorry, let me clarify. Didn’t say my idea FOR a prequel, I said my earlier statement in regards to one. And in being proven correct surely implies it’s failure in concept? That was my intended position.

And I might concede up to a point I’m jaded being the old fart I am in regards to the original cast in comparison with these psuedo replacements. But still I stand on that a reinvention isn’t the way to go. If the script and production is THAT good then it doesn’t need to be Star Trek. It can be anything and being so, would create it’s own momentum and long success. So why does it have to be TOS? No matter any argument, they are still bottom feeding in using the premise.

To no 16 Tin Man

If you recall in the early star trek series, the reason why Spock eyebrows were so thick was that they had not refind his make up and if the thick eyebrows had not been a problem they would of stuck with them. I think he looked awful with thick eyebrows, Nimoy’s Spock that is. But it’s only my comment.