Video Preview of TOS Remastered HD-DVD

The 8+ minute video preview (below) of the Season 1 Star Trek TOS Box Set in HD-DVD has been shown by CBS at some recent cons. It shows some of the cool HD features, previews of the Billy Blackburn behind the scenes footage as well as a glimpse at unseen effects.

Final Box Art:

If you didn’t notice it in the update to the amazon pre-order availability article, here is the finalized box art (click to enlarge)




Buy it from And pick up a HD-DVD player if you need one of those




Preview courtesy of STARTREK.COM

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LOVE the Galileo 7 stuff, super!

Damn, I gotta say that definitely made the set look cool…..

Although I wonder if that interactive Enterprise feature works with the regular DVD or just the HD?

I’ve been holding off on buying a HD DvD player, what with the battle raging between HD-DVD and Blueray, but I think this may nudge me over to the HD-DVD camp. Looks fantastic!

Pretty sweet!

Nice special features, guys.


I’d rather see all that time, effort and money have been spent on fixing all those LITTLE things that weren’t touched by CBS-D when these episodes aired as TOSR.

Fix – that – Ish.

I mean, I know all the damn trivia already.

Cool trailer. Did I hear right, wasn’t the theme music at the end of the trailer the original theme music and not the remastered/re-recorded version? Hmmmm.

Sweet, nice, awesome, great, but at that price. Forget it! I’m just not walking up to the milking machine any more anf having my wallet milked! Noy gonna happen, because I KNOW that the price will come down, or I can get it from e-bay, in a couple of years, for a LOT less.

I support the Trek Community, but I do not support being ripped off every couple of years with reworked versions of the same things.

Yeah, the effects are purdy, but whoop de do. I’ve seen guys over at Trekbbs do better jobs!

Speaking of which, I see a lot of cues from guys over there, Vektor, Tallguy, Prof Mo….the list is endless.

Paraborg has no problem with C&D’s for people they think are ripping them off, but they don’t mind ripping the fams off.

Personally I think Mike and Denise Okuda have been doing a diservice to the fans for a long time.

This whole thing stinks. Sorry, just the way I feel.

Nice preview, and I especially like the Galileo Seven shots. While not my favorite episode, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see what they do with it. It has so many opportunities for really exciting effects upgrades.

But the biggest revelation from this trailer?

Painted goats.


Would be great to see all the behind the scenes stuff.

Trek is over exploited, Paramount needs to calm the hell down and look for some other cash cow

#5 DJT

I echo those views…and it’s a real pity that at the very least, the 5 episodes with the ‘early’ CGI Enterprise haven’t been altered to include the current better CGI version…

Which is STILL too ‘darkly’ coloured for my liking, compared to the ‘brighter, whiter’ looking version of old… ;)

I am sure that whoever does buy these overpriced sets will enjoy them, but at this point I’ll stick to my originals. However, the actual ‘cleaned-up’ live-action shots are a joy to see…

Looks nice, but I will have to wait until HD-DVD players come down in price and the box set too, because as seems all to usual when the big corporations price things up (as far as the UK are concerned) $1 = £1 no matter what the exchange rate is. I bet we will be asked to pay £199 for this set.

Quite happy to wait a 2-3 years for the set to drop to a realistic price.

But as I said the video preview look really nice, but not worth the asking price.

I’m so there come Nov 20th.

I’m also waiting to see what they do with the floating city of Stratos and the Federation ships in “The Ultimate Computer.” I bet this set will look spectacular in HD. So far the remastered episodes have only been airing in SD on network television, so I think those who are not familiar with HD will be surprised when they finally see these ep’s for the first time in full 1080p glory.

I know I can’t wait.

Xbox live has a couple HD episodes, are those the same remastered versions as these?

Awesome! I’ll buy it.

The painted goats remind me of my Blue Nosed Ice-Hoofer. (In my bar, The Escape Pod, I have a deer head on the wall that was shot by my grandfather. I painted its fur blue & white, its nose blue of course, and its hooves & antlers silver).

My bar, The Escape Pod, is one of the 2 rooms in my attic. The other is the Bridge.

Hot damn. This looks fun. No more crappy syndication cuts for my remastered Trek ( for the 1st season anyway). All these features totally satisfy my inner geek and I will happily throw down $139 for the HD experience. I realise the pervcieved value of this set is totally subjective, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth every penny.

Hmm the preview keeps locking on the elevator doors opening. Anyone else having that problem?

Update – got the Windows Media Player version to work! Looks very good. The shuttle flyby around the Enterprise looks very cool.

So glad I decided to hold off buying any of the previous releases.

Hm, interesting. At least one shot of the Enterprise at the beginning of that clip is lifted from the “Star Trek: New Voyages” vignette “Center Seat”. (It’s the shot of the Enterprise twirling like a whirling dervish towards the Sun.) I wonder if James Crawley is aware of this?

glad i didnt get TOS on dvd b4 – if i had i would be SEVERLY pissed off

Nice but, good lord, As much as I like TOS I can’t justify myself paying the price. Too bad :-(

Hmmm, the tide seems to be shifting away from “heck no, we won’t buy…”

It does look pretty enticing, I’ll give them that. Still have to force myself to wait out the format wars a bit longer though.

At least we now know for certain that they’re maintaining the original 4:3 aspect ratio of the series, and we also now know what they’re going to do with the black bars on either side of the screen.

Is this all the first season episodes or is it just a volume one set of some of the first season with a volume two with more first season episodes to come? And does the DVD side of the disc play everything that HD- DVD side plays?

#14, Xbox Live Marketplace has the remastered episodes in 720p, with the live action in 4:3 and the effects in 16:9. The HD-DVDs are 1080p, with both the live action and effects in 4:3, and the bonus features in 16:9.

I keep saying this, but even though CBS-D says that the Xbox ones’ effects being 16:9 is a mistake, this is the way I want to see it. They rendered the effects in 16:9, for what reason if they are just cropping it down for this “ultimate” HD set? You’re not losing anything with the Xbox version in regards to the live action, but you are gaining almost half of the new effects.

I’m still debating on whether or not to get the seasons or to download them off of Xbox Live, but I think the interactive tour of the Enterprise is about 1000 times better than I expected, and is almost worth the asking price alone for me.

#23, and I agree, if they’re not going to have the effects 16:9, I do appreciate the bonus buttons in the blank space, and the control panel effects on the side-by-side videos.

I had lots of fun watching Re-Mastered TOS, but I am NOT buying this… As of right now, I have no copies of TOS, whatsoever, so I [i]could[/i] be in the market, but I am not buying something that is overpriced and half-assed. I’ll wait or buy a used set of TOS… I don’t mind the old cheesey effects at all. And I could care less the packaging on these sets, in fact, gimmicky packaging is lame in my opinion.

I’m betting that when the CGI F/X are on screen that the black bars (and perhaps the icons as well) simply disappear and we *do* see the F/X in 16:9 aspect.

Nice stuff, BUT, price needs to come down from Arm & Leg to something I can afford.

Sorry CBS, I know you want a piece of the Star Trek pie but your asking for a far to BIG piece right off the bat.

Color this Star Trek fan unimpressed with your greed.

– W –
* Unimpressed With CBS’s Greed Star Trek Fan *

If Bob Justman’s happy, I’m happy.

Some of the stuff showing the actors recalling certain episodes and key shots were quite interesting but why must they include such (garbage) like comments from DC Fontana?
Let the old bat write a book IF she feels it worthy of her time and so on. Why fill up space on a otherwise fine looking DVD? Paramount should have consulted with the fans first before they decided what to put on these disks as extras because much of it is just excessive IF you ask me. The way they presented the extras….it jumped around too much going from here to there. Lets all hope that this preview was just that and not so messy.

After that (and asides from the price) I don’t think anybody in their right mind could criticise this package.


Like it or not, DC helped shape Trek into what it is. Why would you object to having her commentary on the DVD? Calling her inclusion here ‘garbage’ and referring to her as ‘an old bat’ is kind of OTT.


I’m pretty sure the shot you’re referring to is from the remastered ‘Tomorrow is Yesterday’. I doubt Paramount would be using any shots from New Voyages.

What nauseates and angers me TO NO END is that with all the propaganda and hype, with all the bragging about technology and restoration, with the CBS team ADMITTING that their original Enterprise looked like shit, they DID NOT go back and correct those slipshod amateurish digital effects that were perpetrated on those early episodes. And now were supposed to be impressed and PAY to have even sharper versions of those initial episodes??
It’s still all about greed and insulting the collective intelligence of Star Trek fans YET AGAIN.
Well, F-U Paramount. You’ve taken ENOUGH of our money over 40 years.
(Notice they didn’t show the shitty digital Enterprise in the previews.)
#5-DJT. YES.


This is the first season, the same episodes as the first season DVD set.

I’m beginning to warm up to this set, though I’m still inclined to wait, since I have to prioritize my christmas wish-list, and cannot afford this myself at this time.

# 31: Woah there — what’s with the anti-Fontana venom?

#33 – Yeah, that looks like a “Tomorrow is Yesterday” clip to me too.

Well, that was an illuminating preview. I have to say, after watching it, that I’m much more impressed with the TOS-R Season One package than I was before. I’m still not going to pay that much money for it, but at least now I have a better idea of exactly what’s on those disks.

The preview raised two HUGE questions for me, though. When discussing the new FX, one of the guys on-screen said they went back to the original negatives of the series so that they were working “with the same footage they had when the show was produced.” Here are my questions:

1. I didn’t think those negatives existed anymore. Was I misinformed?

And if they do exist…

2. Why didn’t CBS Digital fix more of the FX (like lousy hand phaser beams, etc.)? If they were working from the negatives, it would have made that task a great deal easier.

Can someone clear this up for me? It’s got me quite confused.

Other things:

KirkTrekModeler (#7): I must disagree. Aside from fans, the Okudas have done more to keep the heart of Trek beating than anyone else. They stuck with it when everyone else was retreating and their involvement in projects like TOS-R likely kept the new FX team from going all “Battlestar Galactica” on us. They have unparalleled experience, plus the wisdom and restraint that kept the project from completely derailing. I feel they’ve done an outstanding job on every aspect of Trek they’ve been involved with.

Duane (#31) What’s with the rancor towards D.C. Fontana? She was an integral part in the formation of TOS and, as such, she has a wealth of inside information about the series. There’s no good reason not to include her comments. If you don’t want to hear them, you don’t have to press the button that activates them. So what’s your beef. Calling the woman “an old bat” is way out of line. What did she do, run over your dog or something?

Dr. Image on fire!!!!!!! and on target!!!!!!!!!

#31 I’d much rather hear what DC Fontana has to say about Trek, a series she had a hand in creating, than read what you don’t want to see in a product you have absolutely nothing to do with.

Pardon my sarcasm, but I’m starting to take score now, how many comments are there for bring Shatner back to join Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek vs. how many comments are posted that they won’t buy this HD-DVD set because of the price…. ; )

It’s a great looking set and I can support it.

I really like the extras for this boxset but still won’t bite at the current asking price. No biggie…I just patiently wait for the price to come down by 50% before I decide to buy.

Mike :o

So, people here are accusing Paramount of either milking a cash cow or killing the goose that lays the golden eggs! Well, which is it? Milk or eggs? Make sure you place your delivery order today! Me? It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry!

I’m getting it!

Amazon price is $138.95, which is lower than most Trek seasons on regular DVD when they first came out. My only issue is whether cast interviews from the 2004 DVD releases make their way onto this one?

What, no inflatable Rand? Forget it!
Love the package. Not in love at all with the price. Paramount needs to think in terms of everyman budgets and make a little each from a whole lot of people.

Thanks for the free preview, though. Love the Galileo 7 sneak peaks.


Now now Harry, don’t get me craving food. I’m on a diet.

I see a lot on this set that is great, and I would easily go for it, but finances are blocking me at this time.

To be blunt, there are other things I want to spend the money on, and the funding is somewhat low for me to get all of the items I want.

The Trekker in me would love to get this, and upgrade everything to High-Def, but unfortunately I’m low on cash, and find it harder to justify the price of this item in relation to the other items on the horizon.

When these items are produced, I sometimes wonder how much consideration is given to the fact that not many people can easily drop down $140-$200 for 1 season of a television show I already have.

The item is worth the money, but for the fact that I already have the original versions of the episodes.

For this reason, I’d love to see a DVD Season 1 release without the thrills (or even without HD-DVD content) of the Remastered episodes for the same price as the original season 1 DVD sets.

I will wait for a price reduction or a suitable income increase before I can get these DVDs.

I also believe that the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray High-Def formats are still too new for me to commit to that technology, since one format or the other could disappear, and it is going to be expensive compared to standard-def technology for the short-medium term.

A note about CBS-Digital’s efforts here:
Although they had a couple of teething troubles, I believe that this is one of the most interesting and exciting additions to Star Trek I have seen.

I am also really happy with 90% of their work, and look forward to seeing the rest of the project completed.

Also, those 5 episodes may have to wait until the rest is done to be modified, and I hope if/when this gets done, we get the chance for replacement disks with the revisions on them.

$140?! The perfect Christmas present for me!

The CBS panel is showed this preview to the interested crowd at the Las Vegas Creation Star Trek Convention on August 11.