More TNG and DS9 Toys For 2008

Fans of The Next Generation (and Deep Space Nine) will have much to look forward to in terms of Diamond Select collectibles for the rest of 2008. In honor of TNG’s 20th Anniversary there is a new Art Asylum first season Jean Luc Picard figure with Chair coming out in September (joining the already available Kirk and Pike w/ command chair figures). Plus Diamond has just announced a Nemesis Beverly Crusher, as well as TNG Season 7 Miles O’Brien, a limited Nurse Alyssa Ogawa, and (Diamond Previews Exclusive) Ro Laren [see below]. It is good to see DST has been listening to fan requests for more secondary characters. Those will be are joining other TNG figures becoming available over the next month…

TNG Series 5 [pre-order set of 4 now for $47.99]

More TNG
Available just this week are figures for the irrepressible Q, as well as Season 7 Beverly and Wesley Crusher figures. The Picard w/chair becomes available in September, but perhaps even more exciting is that the promised First Contact Data which will be available this autumn with a limited number of 1,701.

Crushers and Q [order case set for $89.99…includes 8 figures total]

Closer look at Picard and his chair [pre-order now for $18.99] Exclusive sneak peak at First Contact Data

DS9 Figures
This October, Captain Benjamin Sisko, Odo, Jadzia Dax, and Ezri Dax join the previously available DS9 "Tribbles" version toys.  DST is known for its variety and detail with the Star Trek toys, with prototypes of the DS9 action figures promising the same.  

DS9’s Odo, Sisko and the Daxes [pre-order set of 4 now for $47.99]

Next week, look for a article about more DST toys for Star Trek: TOS.  



Action Figure Express
Many of the above items can be ordered now from Action Figure Express

Star Trek The Next Generation Beverly and Wesley Crusher Action Figures Case Pack (w/ 8 figures)
Star Trek The Next Generation Beverly and Wesley Crusher Action Figures Case Pack


Star Trek The Next Generation 20th Anniversary Captain Picard in Chair Action Figure
Star Trek The Next Generation 20th Anniversary Captain Picard in Chair Action Figure

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Series 1 Action Figures Set of 4
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Series 1 Action Figures Set of 4


Star Trek The Next Generation Series 5 Action Figures Set of 4
Star Trek The Next Generation Series 5 Action Figures Set of 4


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I would never recognize that as Q…nice to see 2ndary chars anyway, though.

Odo with a weapon. Not in character.

Is that Sisko or is that DB Woodside, President Palmer from series 6 of 24?

Pedant’s Corner:
– Odo (as Xai says) never used guns.
– O’Brien was not in TNG Season 7 (except All Good things, when he wore Red, not yellow).
– Nurse Ogawa was not played by the Joker.
– Sisko and Jadzia were not Siamese twins…

All that aside, they are all kinda cute!

Those are REALLY good likenesses of the characters!


who the hell plays with next generation toys these days? Who the hell played with them back then?

They look as stiff as they did in the show!

Nurse Ogawa looks bizarre…

And Q – never seen him so ripped…

I may get Odo and make him into a Paul Lewiston action figure.

I used to play with the original Galoob TNG figures in the bathtub when I was like 4, lol.

Anyway where the heck can you get these? I never see Star Trek toys at any stores.

Some good likenesses. I’m still a little worried about the price. Did every other Trekkie get rich and forget to tell me how? I make a decent salary, but there’s no way I can keep up with some of this stuff. DragonCon is in town. I heard one chick say she expects to plop down $800. That’s my whole vacation budget for myself. I’m a dad! Heeeeelllp!

Im sure none of you would mind if they came out with a swimsuit troi

#4 I had the enterprise D die cast (saucer separation) and the phaser with working lights and sounds. I was just trying to crack a funny in my previous post. I wish i would have been able to grab more of the original figures From the original movies like Wrath of Kahn . The newest thing i did grab was the enterprise A from art asylum a few years ago!

Just noticed some of those prices! I like action figures, but I could nearly buy the first season TOS-R HD-DVD set for that money!

Sorry I meant #11.

#15, Those are the prices of cases (e.g. multiple copies of each figure), not for just 3 figures. Check out the links to see what I mean.

I am a total nerd for knowing that combination of Picard uniform and captain’s chair represents only season 2 (and subsequent flashbacks).

There SHOULD have been an episode where Odo got to get his phaser off!

Just imagine…

Odo and Quark, peering into a dark corridor of the station.

Quark: My god…can you hear them? They’re coming!

Odo peers into the darkness but doesn’t see anything at first. Then he sees something massive, coming their way!

Odo: What is it?

Quark: Not IT! Them! Thousands! They’ll kill us all!

Odo stares harder and GASPS!

It’s TRIBBLES. An enormous killer swarm!

Odo raises his rifle and yells, “Light ’em up!”

They both fire away like crazed Space Marines…

just a note on the Crusher/Q setabove. The way these things are sold sometimes is by the case and so even though there are three figures, you get 8 total in the case (don\’t ask me why…that is just the way they do it). I have edited the above to make it clearer and changed the links to a cheaper retailer. For the other two sets above (the new TNG Ogawa/O\’Brian/Crusher/Ro and the DS9). the sets only contain one figure each for a total of 4…and are priced accordingly

And NOW for some hair-splitting of a completely different, non-canon kind:

It’s spelled PAIL, not PALE.

Look THAT up in your Funkn’ Wagnalls. :-)

Many thanks, sir. My mea culpa is that I was raised by a professional opera tenor and old-school AM radio broadcaster. Typos and poor diction are an environmentally-influenced nit I’m cursed to pick. :-)

“Perhaps more exciting is that the promised First Contact Data will be available this autumn with a limited number of 1,701”

I guess nobody at Diamond remembers the horrible ill will offering figures limited to 1701 pieces created between fans/collectors and Playmates Toys back in the mid-90s. Oh well. I only buy the TOS stuff from Art Asylum/Diamond but the TNG and DS9 stuff looks terrific. Great for fans of those shows (or bigger fans than I, since I watched and enjoyed them both to different degrees). I’m glad Diamond has had enouh success to expand so much.

The Captains in Chair series has been a big disappointment. Flaws in the paint.: most notably in Kirk’s chair… smudges of the uniform insignias… I’m sticking to the regular figures.

Good GOD! That rifle the Ezri figure is holding looks as big as she is! Was it really like that in the show?

I don’t remember a tranny replacing Beverly Crusher in Nemesis, but then she wasn’t in it much.

i want more equipment! phasers, tricorders, communicators, rifles, medical devices,… not action figures.


Really? I think the likeness on that particular one is uncanny. The Crushers look all wrong though.

The DS9 figures look pretty cool, but I really wish they’d get someone else to sculpt these faces. Some of them are spot on, but the most IMPORTANT ones– Kirk, Picard, and Sisko– are still way off the mark.

These are pretty poor, as action figures go…

#17: Thanks for the clarification. Still, I don’t like having to buy an entire case if I just want those three figures.

DS9 still has the way cooler poses and accessories. Ha.

My God did the Crusher from Nemesis figure get beat with an ugly stick or play pro hockey for 20 years sheesh!

#18 is correct. That’s a season 2 Picard, not season 1. It’s all in the chair.

Anybody else remember a Starlog cartoon from about 15 years ago called the “Star Trek Action-less Figure”? It featured Picard sitting in his chair, sipping tea. And it said “I sit, I negotiate, I drink tea.” Funny stuff. The Picard and captain’s chair set pictured above jogged that memory…

Can’t believe the nitpickers and gripers. Be thankful this stuff is still coming out 20 and 40 years later, even if a few little things are off. Makes me sick as I troll the toy aisles and still see GOBS of Star Wars crap and NO Star Trek.

The DS9 ones are the only ones that look right, and that doesn’t even make sense because Odo has a gun. Although I do like the fact that Data has two heads, one with skin and one without.

TNG Season 5’s ALL look wrong.

Picard’s chair changed? Wow, you think you are the biggest geek on the planet, and then you wake up one morning and find out that Picard’s chair changed. When? How? Why? I never noticed…. I hang my head in shame–and I fear for having my Trek nerd card revoked…

Anybody got any before and after shots? Thanks.

Where’s the Captain Kirk action figure? I’d only want one of him (and maybe Spock)!

Looking at them again, it’s funny how Odo is the only one who looks normal. He’s the only one with little enough detail in his face already to be suited to an action figure.


That’s funny! To Wong Foo action figures stink.

I am so totally with you. I collect props and replicas and have some really nice MR communicators and a Phaser. I got a WNMHGB Enterprise and a classic Enterprise from Diamond select and am pretty happy with them, but I have been waiting for MONTHS for my TWOK version of the Enterprise and they just keep putting off the release date which is scary as now I’m beginning to think that it must be a total piece of shite for them to delay so long. I was hoping that some quality Next Gen ships like the D would come out as I just don’t really care for the Corgi or Johnny Lightning versions. I have my models to fill the void and they are nice but I am too impatient to mess with lighting them.

BTW for anyone who hasn’t seen the MR version of the classic E, If I had a thousand bucks to blow, I would be less a grand and plus one AWESOME 1701. There was one at a collectible store in Seattle and all I could do was drool. The guy working the register turned the running lights on for me and almost had me parted from my coin.

Agreed with #27.

And I want more ships. I want a “Engineer’s Study Model” line of vessels, all in a single scale (i.e., all in scale to one another), but small enough to where I can have half a dozen on a shelf. Do a separate scale for the shuttles & related ships.

A lot of us love the ships but aren’t good model builders.

And, agreed, I’m a bit sick of the STAR WARS glut, though that seems to be fizzling out (every time I go to the toy store with the kids, the WARS section gets smaller and smaller). WARS was more suited to figures, I think, because there’s so many variations; TREK seems made for those of us who like ship design.

*bagpipes for no DS9 movie*

The Dominion War would’ve been AWESOME on the bigscreen instead of “Insurrection.” Ah, well…one can dream.

anyone still got their ERTL Star Trek III figures ? I used to have em as a kid – all bust up now though..

They were alot better than the TMP ones but I could never understand why they had Spock in the uniform since he only appeared at the end in his robe..

i recently found out about the TJ Hooker action figure – check out that incredibal likeness!!!

Where are my Troi and Crusher stretching in their leotards action figues?

I’ll stick with ebaying the Playmates figures. For some odd reason the Playmates toys seem to have better likenesses. Plus they are cheaper for the most part. (cept for that damn “Redemption” Data…)

How come they’re not making an Enterprise D? I’ve been waiting forever for DS or AA to make one.

is that Q’s head on rikers body? lol

the Playmates figures have better likenesses than the Diamond Select ones???!!!! Are you insane?

The TNG figure of Picard is hideous, but the Nemesis one was DEAD ON PERFECT. I dont know why they resculpted his face for the TNG figure of him, shoulda just used the Nem head. Also, I think the head for Nemesis Bev is the same as the TNG Bev, its just a bad photo in the Nem one.