Changes Being Made For TOS-R Season 2 Affiliates and Airtimes

The weekend of September 15th marks the beginning of the second ‘season’ of the syndication of Star Trek Remastered. Apparently with the new season also comes new affiliates and air times for many cities. A quick look at the top 10 media markets shows that the TOS-R is changing affiliates in three of them (see chart below) and in other cities (such as Sacramento) it is changing times. In the cases of the two biggest markets (New York and Los Angeles) along with changing stations the show is finally moving out of the graveyard shift to a more reasonable 11pm. So do not assume that TOS-R will be where or when you have always watched it…it is important for you to check your local listings for the weekend of the 15th. More info below

Here are the changes in the top 10 media markets in the US

City Season 1   Season 2  
NYC WNBC Mon 2:35 am WWOR Sun 11:00pm
LA KNBC  Mon 12:05 am KTLA  Sat 11:00pm
Chicago MeTV Sat 6:00 pm no change, but no Sunday repeat
Philadelphia WPSG Sun 10:00 am no change
Boston WNAC Sat 1:30 pm no change
San Francisco KBCW Sat 9:00 pm no change
Dallas KFWD Sun 9:00 pm no change
Wash. D.C. WDCA Sun 12:00 am no change
Atlanta WSB Sun 2:35 am no change





Sat 11:35 pm

Sun 1:31 am


no change

Sat 9:00 pm


source: zap2it

How to find your Trek

A simple way to find out when Trek Remastered will be playing in your city is to go to zap2it and enter your zip code to get your local listings (note it will prompt you to ask for your provider, but it is easiest if you choose ‘antenna’ and therefore will not find all the cable star trek listings). Then do a ‘advanced’ search for ‘star trek’ for the date range Sept 14 – Sept 17.   

Help your fellow Trekkies

These changes are not reflected on the affiliate list at STARTREK.COM or at (yet). Clearly the current affiliate / airtime list at needs to be updated. So if you notice a change in your local market (or if the current list is not accurate for your city) make a comment with the new info at the bottom of that page. Note make change comments on the affiliate / airtime page and not this article. NOTE: please only update changes that are for the weekend of Sept. 15th onwards.

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The schedules of when the show is being aired are about as easy to follow as a rousing game of Fisbin!

This “first” business is really tired.

Actually, “Season 1” in the Washington, D.C. area was also shown on WDCA-20, so no change in that regard.

Atlanta deserves a better TV station than WSB. 2:35 am!
(Actually, it’s usually 2:05am, but that’s not much better — it still follows Showtime at the Apollo, which makes American Idol look good.)

11:00 PM Sundays is a much much MUCH better time for us here in NYC !

WOO HOO ! ! !

#6 Ditto that! I can actually be awake now and know if my DVR is really R-ing!

6, 7

Agreed! A civilized time, finally!

Hey! Albuquerque’s moving it to 3:00 — IN THE AFTERNOON. No more staying up til 2:00 am!

I wonder if this means the ratings have been good?

“This ‘first’ business is really tired.”

Must be from frustrated commenters who can’t make the cut over at AICN. :-D


No Sunday repeat for Chicago?! That was my safety net in case I missed the episode.

Now I have to be extra careful.

It’s just as well. In Sac they kept preempting it anyway for freakin baseball.

Well, I’m glad about the LA time change, I guess. 12:05 AM on Monday was ridiculous. But now it’ll be competing against SNL, I’m thinking that’s not good…

whew !

Luckily, there are no stupid Yankees games scheduled to air on “My 9” for the balance of this season.

I KNOW they will interupt Star Trek somehow come April.

damn Yankees

#2 – HAW HAW HAW!!!

Seriously though, where do you enter your zip… for christ’s sake, it IS confusing…

We aint got any of the remastered yet in the UK!

#12 — Yeah, sucks to not have the repeat…but I think we’ve probably got the best time out of the bunch.

I always have trouble with recorded MeTV on my DVR because half the time they don’t list the program name, so you have to program the recording manually.

#1 Boot to the head!



The Yankees may cause some problems come April of next year. But the plus here is that the show is no longer airing Mondays at 2:35 in the morning.
That, but itself, is great news. Could not understand how a market like New
York would have the show airing at that ungodly hour of the morning.

#5: Total agreement with you about WSB! They changed it to 2:35 a.m. this past Sunday, and we only got the last ten minutes of “Corbomite Maneuver” due to ABC sports that ran way past prime time and pushed everything up about 40 minutes.

Peace. Live long and prosper (except WSBTV!)
the Vulcanista >:-|

I have no TiVo.

They air Star Trek at an unholy hour in my area.

$139 per season is still a bit out of reach.

I have yet to see a complete episode of Trek remastered.

I guess this isn’t for me.

Well I don’t like this at all!!!!! I live in LA and it was on KNBC in High Definition. Now it’s on a local station, KTLA, they don’t offer HD!!!!! What the hell!!! This really isn’t good at all!

Finally, NYC market has a reasonable time for Star Trek. While Sunday night at 11 PM is not fantastic, it’s better than 2:30 AM (plus time changes from NFL). Also, WWOR channel 9 has an HD station.

I was tired of trying to stay up until 3:30, 4 in the morning to watch it. Now I can just watch it on Sunday night when I’m actually up!!!! :D

Fox in Hampton Roads is only playing TOS-R on Friday at 3:00. I just hope I remember to record it.

Cranston, thank you!

Is there anyway to see the remaster ST in Canada? Specifically in Alberta? has a script which changes the date/time of “first!” posts – usually by a matter of a couple of hours – so that they’re no longer displayed first.

It also changes them to read “boobies,” but that’s another matter entirely.

Great. I just checked my local listings and they’ve changed it from 1am on Sunday Mornings, to 3:00am. They really don’t want me to see these episodes I guess. I went through the same nonsense when Enterprise was on the air. (We never got UPN in our area, and relied on affilate broadcasting for new episodes…) Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to buy the DVDs

Same time 7pm&9pm Sundays. But Amok time/Corbomite? I thought Doomsday was on. I would be great to tape Doomsday then Corbomite. Pure joy.

the broadcasts on WNBC-DT always looked great and razor sharp, but anything broadcast on WWOR always looks a bit hazy and fairly low quality.


Agreed! Can you record TOS and watch SNL? Ironic that KTLA would show it as it was the first LA station to syndicate Star Trek in the 70’s after it left the airways. It used to show every weekend at 5pm and weekdays at 6pm. Of course, KNBC is where it all started (if you lived in LA during the firt run).

Even Enterprise repeats could beat any SNL from 1980-to the present..hahhahahahahaha

#24, Steve. KNBC is not showing TOS-R in high definition, in fact no station is showing it in HD. KNBC is showing it on a digital channel and they do a good job of doing the upconversion, so it looks damn good but it’s not HD. KTLA also has a digital/HD channel. Maybe your cable/satellite company doesn’t carry it but they do have it, I get it via DirecTV.

Anthony, any chance CBS/Paramount will distribute 2nd season in HD. It’s ridiculous that they are not providing the HD version to these stations.

So both and list WSFL (formerly WBZL) as the station running Star Trek in the Miami area.

But when I search on Zap2it, the only thing that comes up with a new episode is a West Palm Beach station. Is WBZL still running Trek next season?


I’ll take a wild guess that in Denver on KWGN TV 2 it’s still Saturday’s at 10pm right after the news at 9pm ;)

Which I can totaly live with….

– W –
* Hops ’round happy like *


Time Warner Cable in LA doesn’t carry KTLA on their HD feed. On an HD TV regular TV looks awful. I might as well watch my 40 DVD’s for a clearer picture.

Can I say I agree about the “first” business? Now the most consistently annoying aspect of AICN has come to

And Anthony, you get no reviews from me until you update the $*#&*@% Geek website!

If “first” is all you have to say in a comment, then please….go back to playing WOW or sorting your bottle cap collection or whatever it is you do instead of being around real people. Don’t you have someone on pump 9 that needs you to turn on the gas so they can fill up? Geesh.

Missed this story yesterday. I’d like to also ask, as a poster did above, any news as to whether the this new season will actually be broadcast in HD? Did Paramount and the syndication stations sort out the mode the HD data is stored?

My local station is broadcasting digital, so there’s still hope!

Mpls / St. Paul (and thereby a good chunk of Minnesota) – TOS/R still airing on KSTC 45, but moving to Saturday 3pm, recast at Sunday 12am (at least per the listing for 9/15).

For those with no television broadcasting locally, or no vcr/tivo/dvr, or are out of the USA…..

Often the remastered episodes are posted to usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.startrek, as well as to bit torent, several days after the first airing.

That’s not legal of course, so you didn’t hear that from me.

As Monday was a holiday, and I’ve only seen these episodes on VHS, I took it upon myself to stay up to 2:35AM-3:32AM and watch the remastered Corbomite Maneuver on my HDTV. Whether it was HD or upconverted, it was breath-takingly gorgeous on WNBC-DT. I flipped back and forth between WNBC-DT and WNBC-TV and there were extreme differences between the two. The clarity, the colors, were very different. On the HD/Digital feed, I saw rippled textures in the stained glass things in the ceiling of the bridge over Spock’s station that were just plain flat textures on the other channel (and on my DVDs). Spock was GREEN on the HD/digital channel, but Nimoy-colored on the “regular” channel. Funny that I decided to stay up to watch this after a year in the 2AM-4AM slot, as in two weeks it will on at 11PM here in NYC.

I only hope the picture on WWOR-DT is close to what I saw Monday morning on WNBC-DT: simply gorgeous.

Eugene, OR has broadcasted at 6:00 pm Saturday and rebroadcast the prvious episode at 11:30 pm Sunday. Hope it will stay the same.

I’d pay $139 if the suits contracted ILM to redo the effects instead of doing it in house. Here’s hoping that perhaps one day it’ll happen.


I think KTLA has an ove-the-air Digital channel.

When I first got my HDTV, I had it hooked up to the rabbit ears and KTLA looked awesome. Then I got cable and it was no longer the same sharp picture. I don’t know why that is. So I recommend breaking out the rabbit ears on Saturday night. Party like it’s 1999.


The wacky HD-TV that I have is one of those without the HD tuner. I mean why get it if I’m always going to use cable… KHAAANN!!!!!!!!!!

No more I’m 4 ny commercials. ugg terrible.