TNG@20 – The Episode Guide Song

On his 2000 album "Blindsight," filk musician Blake Hodgetts has a song titled "Star Trek Next Gen Episode Guide" which is just that. Now someone called ‘the mentalist’ has put it to video…enjoy

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It was “Samaritan Snare” not SHARE.

How’s that for a snarky fanboy comment?
Pakleds Rule!

Caught this on youtube a few months back! Excellent, just perfect!

I think some people have too much time on their hands!

Awesome, waiting for the DS9 now.

That was freakin awesome.

That was cool!


Brings back a lot of good memories.

I can’t image how much time it took to extract all those images from each episode and time splice them to sync with the song.

Well done on both accounts for the video and song. Excellent work!!

473 dtST

I have the audio portion on my ds (which I use as an MP3 player). I’m not a fan of Filk, but this one’s pretty good!

Holy cow. Nicely done, but I wish I had that kind of free time.

Tenth! :) Okay, sorry, don’t hit me ;)

Ha ha! That’s great…. And I’m all for season 8!

Q-Who was not the last episode of season 2, Shades Of Grey was the las episode.

I wish there were more….


I wonder what the reply would be if he were asked to do a song for all 55million seasons of SG-1?

Nicely done!!

I’m lovin’ this song!

dont like it – it stinks of Trekkiedom

No wonder the ‘get a life’ motto was thought up for Trek



I’ve loved this song for many a year, and have been working on memorizing it for quite some time (that Season 6 is a killer). This, though… this is terrific. Kudos to the nutter who compiled it.

This guy is a flok singer? Seems more like opera but good anyway

it is not filk filk is like folk this is something else entirely! I dont know it seems almost musical to me. by musical i mean musical i.e. phantom, chicago, rent, etc. I liked it but I wish he wouldn’t have zipped so fast through a couple of those seasons it seemed like he was having a good time singing and then just kicked in the speed to get it over with.

Anyone care to inform me what those two shuttlecraft are and where that scene is from… about 0:25 – 0:24 remaining?

Its from Insurrection.



to both the singer and the visual editor.