Guest Blog: Meeting Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy was so impressed by a young fan at the Vegas convention, he invited him to the premiere of the new film. Now young James shares thoughts on why he is such a big Trek fan and what it was like to meet Mr. Spock…

My name is James – I am ten years old and I have been a Star Trek fan all of life. My first Trek experience was when I was just two. My dad was watching The Original Series on the Sci Fi Channel, and I knew I liked it even though I didn’t understand it all. The first time that I can really remember was when I was four and Enterprise came out. I liked it so much that I wanted to see more. Star Trek appeals to me because it is a positive view of the future. I have always thought that Star Trek has made life easier, because some of the technology today is based on Star Trek, like a cell phone. Star Trek symbolizes human growth in the 22nd through 24th centuries. 

I grew up watching Enterprise and really miss it. When I found out the show might be over after the third season I asked my dad what I could do to help. So we wrote letters to help save the show and it worked. Over the years I also have watched The Next Generation, The Original Series, The Animated Series, and all of the movies with my dad on DVD. I thought that the movies were very good sequels to the series. Some of my favorite movies were Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.  I also liked Generations, First Contact, and Insurrection. My dad’s favorite show is The Original Series, but mine is The Next Generation because human beings made peace with the Klingons, and I was fascinated to learn more about them. My favorite character is Captain Picard because he always grasps the situation and resolves it. 

I went to the Las Vegas Star Trek convention with my dad for my tenth birthday.  I thought it was one of the most fun things that I have ever done.  It was so incredible I could hardly believe it when I was invited on stage by Leonard Nimoy. I was even more surprised when he invited my family to the Star Trek (2008) premiere.  Star Trek (2008) is going to be one of the best movies, I think, because some of the original characters are coming back. I am so excited about being one of the first to see it, and I am especially thankful that Mr. Nimoy has so generously invited us to the premiere.

James T with Leonard Nimoy on stage in Las Vegas

Related: August 2007 Vegas Con Report of Nimoy Appearance was as impressed with young James as Mr. Nimoy. He has now joined as the ‘youth correspondent.’ Expect more from James over the next year and of course his report from the premiere of ‘Star Trek’ as the special guest of Leonard Nimoy next Christmas.

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Awww! : )

Nice report, James. Congratulations on getting to meet Nimoy, and getting to go to the premiere next year! I’m jealous.

(Although it does make me feel particularly old to see someone say “I grew up watching Enterprise”)

i want to thank James for sending in his thoughts. and look forward to more. I remind the usual suspects of commenters that this will be a ‘family friendly’ comments section as this post will be read by james and his friends and his mom and dad

Thank you for a great blog, James!

What an impressive young man. I look forward to reading his reports.

Great blog James, welcome! :)


James your report here was awesome! I am a teacher and you write better and express yourself with more sincerity than some of my students. I know all of your teachers must think you are just awesome and I am sure they all think you getting to meet Mr. Nimoy is just the Greatest! Keep up the great writing maybe someday you will get to write for what you love… STAR TREK! Live long and prosper James!

Aaron R.

I am so glad for James and his family!
I hope the movie is worth the trip,
regardless, Leonard Nimoy is a class act!!!

I was at the convention and saw James.
Leonard Nimoy told the crowd “People ask me what’s the future of Star Trek?”
Then he pointed to this extremely intelligent young man and said “That’s the future of Star Trek!”

How right he is.

You are the future! You’re Star TreK!

I hope you are the future, James. Keep spreading the word at school. I can’t really get my nieces and nephews into it. (guess I’ll have to get my own kid in order to have a new Trekkie in the family)

Oh well, at least my ‘nephlings’ love Doctor Who.

Nice Job James! You’re a lucky kid. Keep up the nice writing contributions.

Welcome to my royal court young James.. You shall be my heir apparent

Welcome, James! Now I can finally say with assurance that I’m not the youngest person on this site…

Welcome, James!

It’s really cool that you got to meet Leonard Nimoy, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you as the days until Star Trek XI grow shorter and shorter.

Long live Star Trek!

If, by chance, they have a flashback scene of Kirk as a ten year old, I suggest James as a perfect candidate!

Welcome, James! Thank you for the excellent report. And as a fellow Picard fan, I salute you for your choice of favorite character! :)

James you are a very fortunate Trek fan. I am 24 and wish I had the same opportunity as you when I was 10. Echoing other posters, I too hope many more young people will discover Trek. Continue to live long and prosper and enjoy the premiere!

James: welcome. :) You’re awesome, thanks for the excellent blog.

And Anthony: thank you for sharing with us. Stories like this sure does give hope for the future.

Very cool!

James, you’re a very cool Star Trek Fan.

So, is James casting yet for his first Trek film?
Cute kid! Trek is for everyone!

Hey james when you get to the premier don’t forget to post spoilers :P

Welcome, James, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. You’re the coolest ten-year-old in the galaxy. :-)

Live long and prosper, my young friend.

James, It’s cool to see that someone other than myself liked Insurrection. I liked it when Picard had to be the dignitary. (Remember when he wore the wig?) LOL. Also the hummingbird scene was cool. It’s not all about the starship battles.

It’s also exciting to see that a young man like you can appreciate the messages taught with Trek stories.

Don’t ever be offended if some rude kids call you a geek. Geeks rule the world, & as Trek shows they will inherit it’s future too!

Welcome to trekmovie.

James, well done young man! Great to see you’re having fun with such a great and legendary show as Star Trek. Speaking as a lifelong fan, I can tell you right now, it will give you many many hours of enjoyment. Enjoy the ride!

18. Son of Sarek – September 11, 2007 – 24 as well. I grew up watching Next Gen! I even feel a bit old.

James, you are definately cool! A great letter, one of the best I have ever seen! Keep up the posting as well! And a big WELCOME!

I also grew up watching TNG. But James, you should check out DS9 and Voyager too. Oh, and it’s great to see you here on

Awesome report James.

James, I am so proud of you and your blog! What a fine representative of Mid-Pacific Institute! I did see all the Star Trek movies you saw (liked The Search for Spock best), and I watched the TV series faithfully as a young girl.
I even made Enterprise uniforms for my sons one Halloween several years ago. I think what keeps me so interested in Star Trek is the idea of the limitless possibilities ahead of us and how those important human values keep coming up as ways to solve issues.


Nice work! Looking forward to reading more! I wish I could’ve blogged when I was 10!

James, you’re a really lucky guy. I hope you will enjoy watching the premier with Mr Nimoy.

I hope more young people like you will be interested in Trek. Make it so!

James, you rock!

And I’m not just saying that ’cause we James’s have to stick together. No, my bro, you genuinely rock.

I am very much looking forward to your later postings. Although I don’t suppose you have any strong opinions about Bermaga or TATV, any fan smart enough to enjoy Enterprise is smart enough for me to read what he has to say.

Hey James, I speak to you as another massive Star Trek fan. It’s cool to hear of your enthusiasm for Star trek. I also started watching the original at a young age on re runs with the family then went on to TNG, DS9, Voyager and then ENT of and I have watched all the movies as well and I love it all.

My nephew is a couple of years older than you and has only just got into Star Trek this year through watching Enterprise and now he can’t get enough of Trek He is currently ploughing his way through TNG and Voyager, but he hasn’t quite got into The original series yet but I am working on that!

My daughter is only 19 months old but she already is aware of Star Trek, she loves the Original series theme tune from me watching my DVD’s too much and all ways gets excited when the Enterprise is on the screen so I reckon she’s a fan already, much to my wife disgust :O)

It’s great that you are a big fan of Star Trek, so well done on getting not just an invite, but a personal invite from Spock himself to the premier of the film! You are very lucky and I hope you and your family enjoy the whole experience.

James – you didnt mention The Wrath of Khan in your favourite Trek films?!…man i just hope you have seen that movie!

I could never get my son who is now 13 to watch anything Trek related. Thankfully my daughter (11) watches TOS episodes & movies with me. As soon as we get through all of them I’ll start showing her The Next Generation.

It is always interesting to hear the younger fans’ views on Trek; as the expression goes, keep on Trekkin’, James.

I wonder what you would think of Star Trek: The Animated Series?

Well done james you lucky little youngling.

Glad you enjoyed Enterprise as much as I did. I thought it was jut me who enjoyed.

As some people have said on here, kids like you are the future of Star Trek so get your mates watching it and get it back to its former glory

James, I am so pleased to see that the “next generation” (i.e. you) is able to share in the same sense of Trek growth and excitement that I did when I was your age… back in 1991, I was also 10, and it was such an energized time for Star Trek. In the midst of the 25th Anniversary of the Original Series with Trek VI, TNG was in its hayday, and DS9 was a rumor. Around that time, Trek conventions were everywhere (even here in Buffalo, NY) and I got to meet Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher was my favorite Trek character), George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, and Jimmy Doohan. There was such a sense of family and friendship at all things Trek-related, and I’m so glad that you are a part of it. Congratulations on your meeting of Leonard Nimoy!

Your great adventure is right in front of you… and you certainly appear to be prepared to enjoy and learn from it. Your experiences now will shape the course of yourself and your future, and that is a very encouraging thought! I wish you and your family a safe but of course, bold journey. Godspeed James!

This young man expresses himself better than a lot of “adults” I know. James’ parents should be justifiably proud to have such a thoughtful, well-spoken son. :)

James – well spoken and well said. Congratulations! It’s refreshing to see that Star Trek appeals to younger generations. I grew up with and got hooked on the Original series and I am sure that this new movie will capture the spirit of the original and move it forward. I’m very much looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments between now and the premiere. Good luck and keep writing!

James, welcome!

I just wanted to take the comment made by Aaron R (#7) one step further … I have worked in post-secondary education here in Atlantic Canada for some time, and I can honestly say that, at the tender age of ten, you already communicate your thoughts through the written word more eloquently than many *university* students whose papers I have marked.

Well done, young sir — I’ll be looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

Great job James!

It’s nice to know that there is a “Next Generation” out there that will not only continue on our love for these stories and these characters, but that it will also have a well-spoken and confident young man in its ranks.

All the best!

“I grew up watching Enterprise and really miss it. ”

Perhaps ENTERPRISE was not such a bad show after all? :-)

By the way James, I just saw the ENTERPRISE episode where a spaceship was larger on the inside than on the outside. Pretty cool concept I thought!

James–I was at the convention in Vegas this past August and felt thrilled for you when you were asked up on stage but more so when you were invited to attend the premier of the movie. Congratulations on becoming “youth correspondent”!

James, I hope Star Trek (2008) will be as exiting for you as Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country was when I was 10 years old.

Meeting Leonard Nimoy is a one-of-a-kind experience for sure. Judging from your writing, someday you will be as good a role-model as Leonard.

I am impressed that you liked it when the Federation made peace with the Klingons and that you want to learn more about them. You must be a very good person.

Have a great time at the premiere!

Now that you have been greeted by most of the regulars, it is now time that I have graced you with my welcomes and salutations.

As you now embark on the wonderful world of on-line internet chat room debatable Star Trek opinion super-stardom, remember the little people on whose backs you have been carried to heights of celebrity and mega-geekly status. Just don’t read Harry’s name on any of his posts.

And please honor the memories of those long forgotten on this site. The Stankys, though no longer posting, will be missed.

Oh yeah, if you talk to Nimoy again, tell him the Timmy guy is still waiting to hear back about being in the movie. Leonard, call me.


Clearly, you must have great taste if you knew Trek was awesome when you were two. You sound like a sharp guy and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

But dude, you were four when Enterprise came out. That makes me feel so old ! ! !

; – )