Look Who’s Talking To J.J. [UPDATED]

This great photograph of Star Wars honcho George Lucas talking to Star Trek helmer J.J. Abrams was taken at a private dinner in August. No word on what they talked about, but Abrams is an admitted Star Wars fan and Lucas is said to be an admirer of the work of Gene Roddenberry. 


UPDATE…and the caption contest winner is…Paul with:

George for the last time stop referring to me as your young Padawan!


Caption Contest…win poster
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UPDATE: Gene and George

This was not the first ‘summit meeting’ between Star Wars and Star Trek. Dan Madsen sends in this rare photo from the LucasFilm Fan Club Newsletter in 1987. The photo was taken at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Star Wars



Top Photo by Joichi Ito
(Creative Commons Attribution Licensed)

Photo published with photographer’s permission.

h/t to StarWarsBlog

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Wow…..could this film – story and so on actually be saved? It sure looks like it now. Sweet!

“You already did gay robots? Well, shit.”

Lucas: I’ll let you have all the ILM effects work for free if you just explain what the hell is going on in “Lost”


Hahaha, man that deserves to win some kind of caption competition award!

“Look, I really am sorry, George, but we just don’t need ILM anymore. We’ve decided we want to go back to the original look and feel of The Original Series, and that means no CGI!”

Sweet! Now we just need a William Shatner/Harrison Ford fistfight, and all my dreams will have come true..

“I think I see a TMZ papparazi over there. Let’s flash our muffins.”

— Oh wait. That’s for Britney.

I think this was the dinner meeting where they discussed how Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic could digitize a slimmer Shatner into the next Star Trek movie….

Mike :o

“I’m having a heck of a time getting this booger off my finger”

a wookie vs a klingon , deal !

Abrams: “So you’re saying you held the crayon with your right hand just like that –”

Lucas: “Just like this…”

Abrams: “–and that’s how you wrote the Star Wars prequels?”

Lucas: “You got it.”

Abrams: “Incredible. And you made millions off those suckers…”

Lucas: “Billions.”

Abram – Wait a minute… You mean the only way ILM will do the effects is if I write a part for Jar Jar Binks?! Forget that. I can get a couple of ATM models on eBay for $50.

Abrams: “And you’re telling me the whole Star Wars saga came from one encounter with bad mushrooms….”
Lucas: “Scout ship’s honor!”

“Seriously… Darth Vader built C3-PO?”

“Seriously… Romulans cloaned Picard?”

“I didn’t write that! But YOU did invent Ewoks.”


Lucas: “What’s the difference between Jabba the Hutt and an older Captain Kirk?
Abrams: “about forty pounds and an extra-large Starfleet uniform!”

J.J.: “You, George? We don’t even have enough room for Shatner!”

“I’m excited about your new movie, J.J, but it’s just too bad the last show got cancelled…”

“Why’s that?”

“I had the perfect reveal for the ‘Future Guy’… would have been great!”

“Who’d you have in mind? Kirk? Spock? Maybe a Romulan?”

“Better than any of those… Jar Jar Binks!”

Abrams: “O.K., it’s agreed……I’ll bring Kirk back from the dead if you pretend Jar Jar Binks NEVER happened……”

“Wait, wait. You mean Han shot first?”

I vote for #15. But are you sure it is as much as 40 lbs?

“Death Star!”

“Borg cube!”

“Death Star!”

“Borg cube!”

“Death Star has the most powerful generator in the Galaxy!”

“The Borg can adapt to the super laser and would assimilate the Death Star!”

“Palpatine could use the Dark Side and kill the Borg”

“One drone would have old Palpy p’wned!”

“You’re such a fan boy!”

“Oh yeah… well… loosersayswhat”



#20 “are you sure it is as much as 40 lbs?”
Hey, at least Jabba never wore a girdle!!!!

“In Episode 6, Leia claims she can remember her mother”

“What’s your point?”

“In Episode 3, Leia clearly is too small an infant to remember anything, and Padme dies… WORST EPISODE EVER!”

“Pull my finger!”

“I’d rather kiss a wookie!”

Join my quest.

What is it you seek?

What you seek. What all men have
sought since time began — the
ultimate Trek movie. To find it, we’ll
need an idea.

Ideas? There are no ideas in Hollywood

Perhaps I have a way to bring one here.

But how?

Have faith my friend. There are more
of us than you know.

You’re a trekmovie forum member!


a note on the contest…the winner will be selected by quality and not quantity

George: (Questionablely curious looks at J.J.)

J.J.: Look George you get the check this time. I don’t have the millions from 6 movies under my belt.

“C’mon! ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Castle Skull?’ Ha, ha, George you almost– Really? Are you sure?”

Oops. Obviously that should read “CRYSTAL Skull”!

I can’t come up with a caption as this picture sends a shudder down my spine that inteferes with my abilitiy to think clearly.

“So, how many times can you re-do a thing before they stop buying it?”

Lucas: That’s nice, but the movie would be much better if you include Shatner.

So let me get this straight…….Greedo shot first?

That photo looks, I say looks doctored, Anthony. J.J. appears closer to the forefront than Lucas. Lucas seems like he’s looking to the right of J.J. They do not share eye contact.

JJ: So if you think Kirk is a go getter like Han Solo, Picard is smart like yoda, Sisko has the strength of will of will of Mace Winduu and Janeway is a powerful leader like Queen Amidalla what does that make all the other characters?

Lucas: I dont know but I know B4 is like Jar Jar Binks… Stupid, pointless, with a tendency to drag down the already weak storyline.

“J.J., I relate to what you say about ‘Lost’ but my advice is not to sweat it. I didn’t have *shit* planned out when I wrote the first ‘Star Wars.'”

“An unholy alliance is formed…”

“If we were on Family Feud, and the teams were asked to fill in the blank on STAR ____, you bet YOUR ASS I’d win!!”

here is the guy who took the photo
He is a Japanese entrepreneur… I believe he knows JJ personally

“For the last time, Lucas, a 9 year old Spock is NOT an option!”

I hope I don’t F%CK up Star Trek as much as you F%CKED up Star Wars!

A still to remind us that Hollywood prequel directors are like the Sith. “Always two there are — no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.”

“Sooo George…..I have this idea. I need your guys to create a young CGI William Shatner. Can you do it?”

Should have added Hollywood SCI-FI prequel directors to #42.

Let’s agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be…

It’s lonely at the top, but it’s comforting to look down upon everyone at the bottom.

If you want to get to the top, prepare to kiss a lot of the bottom.

YOU’RE the guy who directed Episode I? Ohh, I thought it was Brett Ratner.

Wait a minute? You mean to tell me it’s not real??!!!

George you can alter this picture any way you want but we both know which finger I stuck out first!