Exclusive Preview For IDW ‘Alien Spotlight’ Comic Series

IDW are following up their popular ‘Klingon Blood Will Tell’ series of comics told from the Klingon point of view with a new series of ‘alien’ comics. Each of the new IDW ‘Alien Spotlight’ comics in the series will tell a story from the point of view of a different classic Trek alien (Andorians, Borg, Gorn, Orions, Romulans, and Vulcans), with the first issue due out by the end of the month. IDW has provided TrekMovie.com with cover art for every issue, many of these covers seen here for the first time.

Giving the aliens their moment
IDW see these comics as a chance to peer inside the culture of the aliens and see things from a new perspective. “We’re offering a wider view of the entire Star Trek universe,” says Chris Ryall, editor-in-chief and publisher of IDW Publishing. “These alien races have always been the antagonist in the different Star Trek series. But now these comics are being told from their point of view—so the aliens go from being the antagonist to being the protagonist. We feel that many of them are too interesting to just stay relegated to the sidelines, and are giving them their due.”

Unlike the Klingon series, each of the alien comics will have a different artist and writing team (noted below). Here are the covers for each of the ‘Alien Spotlights’…listed in issue order . (note: some covers are sketches and are not final)


Issue 1: Gorn (late September)

Writers – Scott Tipton & David Tipton
Artist – David Messina

Issue 2: Vulcans (October)

Writer – James Patrick
Artist – Josep Maria Beroy

Issue 3: Andorians (November)

Writer – Paul Storrie
Artist – Leonard O’Grady

Issue 4: The Orions (December)

Writers – Scott Tipton & David Tipton
Artist – Elena Cassagrande

Issue 5: The Borg (January)

Writer – Andrew Steven Harris (new IDW editor)
Artist – Sean Murphy

Issue 6: Romulans (February)
Writer & Artist – John Byrne.

NOTE: Covers on the left are done by the artist for the issue, covers on the right (with type) done by Zach Howard.

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Would love those poster sized!

Orions. Scrumptious.

the Romulans one will look cool when its finished

I’d love to see an Orion woman but I still don’t understand why we had to change the Andorians. They had the antenae on the back. Why are we letting Enterprise dictate canon?

And when did Klingons get that cheese-grater forehead, anyway? What’s up with that?

For those not in the (comics) know, John Byrne, the artist of the Romulans, is one of the great comic book artists of all time, responsible for classic runs of X-Men, Fantastic Four, Superman, and many others, going back to the 1970s.

I am anticipating the next issue in the Year 4 series that is slated to feature the artwork of the inimitable Gordon Purcell. His work was my favorite in the DC Series 2 Classic Trek comics. His renditions of the actors, interiors, exteriors was true to life. Now we just need Peter David or Howard Weinstein to pen some tales or some of the newer writers such as Christopher Bennett or Andy Mangels…

It will be exciting to see what John Byrne has in mind for the Romulans. I love the fact that his cover is completely TOS style. They had a more splendid mystique back then. I’m not one to bash post-TOS, but the bad hair shoulder pad Romulans never really lived up to the original characters’ imaginative potential.

Love the 2nd Orion cover. I’ve always been a sucker for “the pose”!

Mmm… love the Andorians.

I’ve never been a comics person, but I’m totally buying all of these!

” … I still don’t understand why we had to change the Andorians. They had the antenae on the back. Why are we letting Enterprise dictate canon?”

The Andorians in STTMP had antenna toward the front. Look it up.

The Andorians had antenna in the front in “Trek IV”, as well.

As was quite common, Enterprise was merely following what had been previously established. And even where it established new material, why shouldn’t it be any less able to do so than any of the other shows? :)


Anthony – any news on the potential ‘WHAT IF’ series that was rumoured a while back?

Star Wars did (or does) a What If series called Star Wars Tales..

Just think – Picard v Khan…Kirk vs The Borg etc etc


3 different Andorian Races. Front Antenna, Back Antenna & Aenar.

Until the remastered episodes move the antennas to the front, that’s how I’ll look at it.

Some great stuff here. ‘Comicbook’ art is some of the finest, yet underated creative design work in the world.

By the way, I’m still hoping your future site overhaul will include a ‘fan art section Anthony. I remember the one on http://www.kongisking.net for example, was excellent. :)

Love the Spock VULCANS cover! Seeing of fleet of TOS starships gave me goosebumps. Looking forward to these issues.

I can’t wait!

…different classic Trek alien (Andorians, BORG, Gorn, Orions, Romulans, and Vulcans)…

Classic Trek aliens, like the Borg.


20. As a big fan of IDW’s Star Trek comics, I’m looking forward to the interview, Anthony.


…different classic Trek alien (Andorians, BORG, Gorn, Orions, Romulans, and Vulcans)…

Classic Trek aliens, like the Borg.


“classic Trek aliens”, not “Classic Trek aliens” :)

clas·sic (klăs’ĭk)

a. Belonging to the highest rank or class.
b. Serving as the established model or standard: a classic example of colonial architecture.
c. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.

a. Adhering or conforming to established standards and principles: a classic piece of research.
b. Of a well-known type

Oh, I see. Big C, little c, what begins with “C”…

But still, the Romulans cover is TOS-era and so were all of the Klingon ones. Maybe this will be a TOS-era Borg story? Mark Martinez should ask that.

I too preferred the antennae coming from the back rather than up front. But, what ya gonna do?

Those are some sweet-ass covers.

There’s an entire article on the different Andorians on Memory Alpha:

Star Trek IV Andorian in Star Fleet:

And this page has more documentation of Andorians than you can shake a stick at:

So it wasn’t Enterprise that changed the look. Pay attention in the back of the class next time!

In my opinion, the Andorians never looked cooler than they did on ENTERPRISE.

…some really cool covers, front and back! Can’t wait to see how these look in color! I think the Gorn, the Vulcans, and the Orions pictures are best, but the back of the Andorian comic book is awesome (with that little rounded knife)

The Vulcans cover really brings out the race’s nature-loving, logical tendencies

Can’t wait for these to hit bookstores! I’m glad that I’m getting allowance!

:) :) :)

…and hopefully we’ll know with that interview the date they’re hitting shelves everywhere??

The first picture of the Orion comic has a link typo – change the 0 (zero) to 0 (the letter O) and it works.

15 – Hmm…

3 different Andorian Races. Front Antenna, Back Antenna & Aenar.

You fogot rabbit ear Andorians. They’re the ones who still use VHF & UHF.

For those in the wonder about a TOS “what If” idea… check this link…


It will take you to four penciled pages by myself, featuring the original crew in battle with a particular race of … Aliens.

Sounds interesting. The covers look awesome!

32 – that looks awesome. Well done – hope to see more