LiveVideo Cancels ShatnerVision

William Shatner’s video home on the web, the LiveVideo channel ShatnerVision, will ‘come to an end’ this Saturday after only 8 months in operation. The announcement was made on the forums of Details are sketchy, but apparently LiveVideo are changing strategy and moving away from many of the produced shows they were sponsoring. LiveVideo itself only launched last October and Shatnervision has been one of the more popular channels. The channel ranks second in LiveVideo subscribers (currently 2,712) and has over a million ‘views’ since launching in January. ShatnerVision has a new video almost every day and is a regular feature here on – as the source of some great nuggets of both news and just Shatnerrificness.

So far there has been no statement from William Shatner about the channel’s closure, but his daughter (and co-host of the channel) Liz Shatner wrote the following message to channel fans: "I’ve been sharing your comments with my Dad. He and I are overwhelmed by the wonderful outpouring of love and support from the all our friends here. We have had a wonderful time doing videos." Sounds like a definitive end, but maybe not...

New life for ShatnerVision?
On the forums, channel producer Paul writes "I’m sure it will come back on another site at some point – it’s too unique and different not to be picked up elsewhere." So stay tuned for news on a new home for ShatnerVision somewhere on the interweb. Paul lays the blame for the closure squarely on LiveVideo and notes that fans can express their displeasure directly with LiveVideo. One fan (the host of ‘Ask a Trekkie’) has taken it a step further and (in the grand Trek tradition) launched a ‘Save ShatnerVision Campaign.’  (see below). Although the channel is coming to an end you don’t need to watch 240+ videos by Saturday. On the forums Paul states that the videos currently available should stay up ‘for at least a while.’ hopes they find a home soon, otherwise where will we be able to run our weekly video updates of ‘is he in the movie yet?’ As more details emerge we will keep readers up to date on developments.





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Shatner is bigger than LiveVideo. I hope he sues them and uses Denny Crane as his attorney. This sounds like a raw deal they are trying to fool on the Shat. They will see in time. You don’t burn the Shat. oh no.



I guess the Shat will have to take his own advice and get a life now.

Oh and p.s., that video was PAINFULLY lame. My inner nerd died a little while watching that.

Sounds like LiveVideo ran out of money.

This will not stop the Shat. He’s not under a pile of rocks with a dimestore pin for a marker or anything. Sheeesh.

Love live Shat!

Ahhhhh so scott think’s my video is painfully lame

Nice scott, fell all tough hiding behind a monitor and a keyboard acting like a cardboard gangsta?

Er, I don’t get it.

Live video is free for anybody to use an account and I see nothing on the live video site about making changes to the way it works.

How do we email

It’s more of the vast conspiracy to eliminate Shatner from this timeline.

ShatnerVision doesn’t need saving. It’ll reappear elsewhere in one form or another. Don’t worry, folks; Shatner won’t let it die.

Isn’t LiveVideo a branch of Microsoft? If so, then boo to Microsoft.

before Shatner vision Bill Shatner used to visit to forums on his site and interact with fans answering questions etc..I had the the emmense pleasure of having him answer about 4 questions regarding various matters…however when Shatnervision came around that stopped..

Maybe he’ll go back to doing that now…it was a shame when it ended..

Or alternativly maybe Bill can do something similar to what Roger Moore does on his site and hold a Q&A session every month and answer about 6 questions a month


Don’t they know you can only push a Shat so far!

First the movie stuff, then this…

Even now I can here the faint, yet steadily growing rumble of KAHHHHHHNNNN!!!!!!!

This makes no sense. How can LiveVideo cancel anything?

Are they paying for it? Do they own a copyright?

It’s a video camera and Shatner. Put the thing on Youtube.

This world needs more of the Shat, not less for heaven’s sake…

Back in the days of – the early days. One of the very very very first members of that site was a young 32 year-old basement dwelling lad of Windsor Colorado USA. Beaten down by life, and by many many ex-wives attorneys in a perverted legal system, young hitch1969 as they called him back in the day posted what they now dig up in the internet archives and call the highest art form.

He was definitely a stand-out at and was quickly noticed by the powers that be, a webmaster named Paul. Who infact is still webmaster to this day. Anyway, Paul could not see the good in hitch1969. Paul decided to tell THE SHAT about hitch1969 and pointed THE SHAT to some of his better writings celebrating THE SHAT – the man, the legend. in only a way that hitch1969 could hip the cattles.

So one day back in ’02 maybe ’03 I think the story goes…. THE SHAT makes a call to hitch1969. First via email, from there discourse over the phone lines. THE SHAT calls up hitch1969.

“I love your work, baby”.

“Why thank you, SHAT”

…and so the discussion went. Many things were covered in these conversations over about a one week period. Promises were made, creative plans were hatched to work together in the future. Shat thought that hitch1969 was quite a writer. hitch1969 admired shatner’s acting. It was a match made in Heaven.

One proviso of this new partnership was that the great hitch969 agreed for his friend Bill Shatner, that he would never ever ever post on the discussion forums of again as long as Shatner’s good friend Paul was running the show. hitch1969 agreed to this out of respect to his good friend Shatner.

And so it was, and so it is unto this very day. Or so the legend goes.



i remember being so thrilled at getting a response from Shatner – it literally was like getting a message from Captain Kirk.

Dude, go look at the archives over there – the webchat that SHAT did for his dvd with Nimoy. Guess who had question numero uno? It’s all in the transcripts my friend.

No Nexus ribbon can change that timeline.

Shatner and hitch1969©… and Paul.

Paul, if you’re reading this, and I know that you are… no matter what, I still think you’re an OK kinda fellow. I hope that some day you can appreciate the hitch1969s of the world. I certainly diversify to your perpectus and always shall… for my good friend Bill, but also because it is the right thing to do.



Yet another piece to the is he in it or is he not conspericy puzzle !

– W –
* Let’s not have any outragous conspericies…. what…. Star Trek XI…. oh nevermind *

Again, why don’t they just use YouTube?

hitch – dude what are you going on about? I thought that post you did was meant as a joke? Did you really have Shatner call you up and say he wanted to work with you??

I-don’t-un-der-stand! Why-don’t-they-use-their-own-ser-ver? And-why-does-Live-Vi-de-o-can-cel-the-Shat’s-chan-nel!?

The only thing we need to remember is…Shat happens! And he will happen again in another venue, so fear not, you can’t keep a good Shat down for long.

Mr. Shatner, next time shop and compare before you buy! Hope to see you soon again! ;-)


Just watched it!!!!! Awesome!!!!!! Effects looked reaaly good!!!!! I love Exeter my fav fan film!!!!!

Now only two years until the final act but it’s ok, Exeter rules!!!!

WOW I scooped Anthony the Great……….Guess im on the payroll now as boy reporter lol


Thought your first post was a joke, and very funny. Best post I’ve probably ever seen here.



‘It’s Shatner and a camera. Put the thing on Youtube’

Seriously, right? I agree with you, as Vision was the only reason I ever came to (to see Shatner in action) Bill can have his own section on YouTube


Thought your first post was a joke, and very funny. Best post I’ve probably ever seen here.



‘It’s Shatner and a camera. Put the thing on Youtube’

Seriously, right? I agree with you, as Vision was the only reason I ever came to (to see Shatner in action) Bill can have his own section on YouTube