A Good Day To Die? Star Trek Boldly Going Into Funerals

Star Trek is headed to the final frontier…and I mean final. Eternal Image, a Michigan-based funerary products company, today announced a deal to make products for Star Trek-themed funerals. Trek now has you covered from the cradle to the grave.

This can be you!

Eternal Image specializes in licensed funeral products (including ones from The Vatican and Major League Baseball), but Trek is their first entertainment brand. President and CEO Clint Mytych tells TrekMovie.com "Star Trek appeals to so many people that there didn’t seem to be another entertainment venue that would do what Star Trek can do." Mytych also agreed that the aging fan base for the 41 year old franchise also factored into their decision to look to Trek. There are already Star Trek weddings, so perhaps Trek funerals is the next (dare I say it) logical step.

The first two products will be Trek themed casket and an urn. As you might of guessed, the casket will be a replica of the famous ‘photon torpedo’ casket first used for Spock’s funeral in Star Trek II. Each casket will be emblazoned with the registration number for the original Enterprise (NCC-1701) on the front. The urn is silvery shiny orb that appears to ‘hover between three fins’ and has the logo of the United Federation of Planets on the base. "It is quite striking and not doesn’t look like any other urn on the market," boasts Mytych. "If you saw these products in any of the films, they would totally fit in…they are instantly recognizable as Star Trek."

Being left on the Genesis Planet may cost extra

Prototypes for both the urn and the casket have been made and are currently being reviewed by CBS. Eternal Image plans to reveal the final versions at a trade show in October. Assuming things go well with the first products, then Eternal Image wants to expand the line as well (so a Klingon funeral could be in your future). The coffin and urn should be available via funeral homes across the country by December. And you don’t have to wait until you have gone down with the ship. Eternal Image expect the Trek line will sell like their Baseball themed line with many fans pre-ordering urns and caskets (which is called ‘pre-need purchasing’ in the funeral biz). Prices have not be finalized, but are expect to be close to the average prices for other Eternal Images products (urns around $600 and caskets around $3500).

Urns from MLB and Vatican licensed lines…Trek ‘orb’ urn to be unveiled next month

Now all you need is a flag, some Trekkies and a guy who plays bagpipes and your funeral can look something like this…


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