A Good Day To Die? Star Trek Boldly Going Into Funerals

Star Trek is headed to the final frontier…and I mean final. Eternal Image, a Michigan-based funerary products company, today announced a deal to make products for Star Trek-themed funerals. Trek now has you covered from the cradle to the grave.

This can be you!

Eternal Image specializes in licensed funeral products (including ones from The Vatican and Major League Baseball), but Trek is their first entertainment brand. President and CEO Clint Mytych tells TrekMovie.com "Star Trek appeals to so many people that there didn’t seem to be another entertainment venue that would do what Star Trek can do." Mytych also agreed that the aging fan base for the 41 year old franchise also factored into their decision to look to Trek. There are already Star Trek weddings, so perhaps Trek funerals is the next (dare I say it) logical step.

The first two products will be Trek themed casket and an urn. As you might of guessed, the casket will be a replica of the famous ‘photon torpedo’ casket first used for Spock’s funeral in Star Trek II. Each casket will be emblazoned with the registration number for the original Enterprise (NCC-1701) on the front. The urn is silvery shiny orb that appears to ‘hover between three fins’ and has the logo of the United Federation of Planets on the base. "It is quite striking and not doesn’t look like any other urn on the market," boasts Mytych. "If you saw these products in any of the films, they would totally fit in…they are instantly recognizable as Star Trek."

Being left on the Genesis Planet may cost extra

Prototypes for both the urn and the casket have been made and are currently being reviewed by CBS. Eternal Image plans to reveal the final versions at a trade show in October. Assuming things go well with the first products, then Eternal Image wants to expand the line as well (so a Klingon funeral could be in your future). The coffin and urn should be available via funeral homes across the country by December. And you don’t have to wait until you have gone down with the ship. Eternal Image expect the Trek line will sell like their Baseball themed line with many fans pre-ordering urns and caskets (which is called ‘pre-need purchasing’ in the funeral biz). Prices have not be finalized, but are expect to be close to the average prices for other Eternal Images products (urns around $600 and caskets around $3500).

Urns from MLB and Vatican licensed lines…Trek ‘orb’ urn to be unveiled next month

Now all you need is a flag, some Trekkies and a guy who plays bagpipes and your funeral can look something like this…


for more visit the Eternal Image website

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Bury me in the sunglasses case just like Spock!!! Hell yeah!!!!!

Huh?? First! I get to say it??

“Mytych also agreed that Trek’s aging fan base as a 41 year old franchise also factored into their decision to chose Trek for funerals.”

Now I feel really depressed, and old. But I’m not ready to kick the bucket yet, I have to wait until the new movie is released first!

OK, that’s just… bizarre.

welp looks like Trek has finally made its grave

Get a death!

Sign me up for a Spock funeral because I’ll come back to life not long after so I’m all for it.

Funerals be damned!
Check out Exeter’s act three!!!
ps- Second!

Wow, this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Great marketing idea. It had to happen sooner or later! I’m surprised no-one’s opened up a line of Star Trek baby products. Probably soon, though…

^ or should that be Urn.

Hmm, well this is milking the gian cash cow that is Star Trek but there has to be someone out there who’ll get the Spock Coffin.

How much extra is the fired onto Genesis to be regenerated option, and who can I trust with my Katra meanwhile?

I don’t see anything wrong with it since CBS isnt trying to hide it. however I don’t think that mark V will sell more than a dozen a year. Good luck though!


That was great. Your article made me laugh and shake my head in “huh” at the same time. Well done.

I mean, it’s cool, if people want to have a trek send-off. But, star trek is fake, and what happens after death is real.

So, if I’m thinking I’m dying sometime soon, I’m more concerned with other stuff, then with trying make sure I have a ‘trek’ send-off in some way.


A matter of personal preference of course, but for myself this goes over the line.

ROTFL!!! The pictures with the funny comments made my day. Nice work!

hmm i wonder if i can make the people at my funeral , dress in the red uniforms and white engneering suits , hmm people say this is just for money and it is , but hey why not , there are fans that love the show that much they have turned thier homes into star trek sets , and other have made their car up to look like suttles , and so why not offer this to fans . i am fine with it , hell i would think about it myself lol

just got back from watching starship exeter act 3. not bad, check it out!

I have grave concerns regarding this trend!

The final merchandising frontier has finally been reached.

My gravestone will say, “I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK!!!”

oh boy. Cute idea, but don’t do this to your family. Seriously, don’t.

I like the idea :) Has anyone ever seen the “KISS” caskets? My family would understand….hell they would let me buy one now so I could have a torpedo casing in the collection!

You know, this idea is tacky, and possibly in poor taste, but at the same time something like this would be an icredible send-off for a Star Trek fan.

If you can have Trek-themed weddings, why not the same for a funeral?

It’d be the ultimate fanboy moment, no doubt about that. I’m betting this will be a major success for the company.

I plan to live forever.

I know, but I have always thought about doing this!

I’m chuckling at the mental image of a lot of non-Trek friends showing up for someone’s funeral and them having a difficult time keeping a straight face during the proceedings! This has the makings of a good dark comedy script depicting a Trekker’s funeral! Weekend at Bernies would pale in comparison!!!

this is so cool sick as well but hey you need something to sit in when you dead now if you cound be fired into space as well

It would be much cheaper to simply engrave on your tombstone and/or regular casket:

“It…was fun. Oh my!”

More like, “My bad, make fun!”

Beam me up

i want my ashes sent into space….maybe this company can work with the company that shot doohan into space and make mini photon torpedo urns for that.


#28 funnily enough such a sit com has been done here in the UK. An episode of popular 2.4 Children had a death of a Trek fan who had everybody come to his funeral in Trek costume. Funniest being a rather large lady as a Tribble!
Coffin went into to be cremated to the Trek intro music and the mourners LA LA LAA’ing along!

So they’ve done:

– Baseball
– Official Vatican Library design
– The American Kennel Club (for your pet, silly)

And now Star Trek. What else could they possibly do?

Obviously, Star Wars. Costs extra so you can you record, “I will become more powerful than you can imagine” before you die, just so it can be played at your funeral. Mourners get to come as either Jedis or Stormtroopers, depending on which side of the room they want to stand on.

What I don’t understand is how they did baseball without football. What hardcore football fan wouldn’t want a pigskin urn? “Just don’t throw my ashes around after I’m gone!”

Then of course, if you’re a pothead, they could make you an urn that looks like a bong, but that just invites too many problems…

I already told my wife i want cremated- and as the coffin leaves it will be playing the original tv theme with the shatner narrating ” to boldly go”.

Technically dying is not going where no man has gone before. In fact you are going against your will to where everyone before you has gone and everyone after you will go. In this way it is a bit like going to the toilet I suppose.

Still, I like the idea of an urn that looks cool and as long as they make the torpedo casket out of biodegradable cardboard, I’d be cool with that.

why not?

Oh good grief……

Gullible to the last.

Just one more example of pure garbage posted that is beyond tacky.
Come on Anthony…can’t you put up something thats actually good
and has some relation to either the new film or the updated shows?
Its depressing – lame – stupid and silly all at the time. I expect better
But…if you’re looking for the Britney Spears award for a website…you
won lock stock and barrel. Oops…..YOU did it again. Not a good thing.

The conveyor belt at the crematorium will look very like the photon torpedo bay in STWOK

It’s things like this that make me sick how the promising franchise has been pimped and exploited for the cash pockets of Paramount and CBS. I only wish Lucy Ball has kept control of Desilu and the ST franchise as a wise and competent business person. Perhaps then, more everyday people would have come to enjoy the franchise as Roddenberry had dreamed.

Hmmm…some companies, eh? Entropy sucks…

Off Topic a second:
Not sure if many are aware of this…but there is currently a strong threat of a MAJOR strike involving the Writers Guild, the Directors Guild, and the Screen Actors Guild come next Spring… This would affect many big Movies I’m personally looking forward to, and could mean either long delays in some cases, or worse…Movies that are rushed in some ways to beat the deadline, just in case…including ‘Star Trek’… For full details and a list of those which would be affected, read on…
and http://www.filmjerk.com/news/article.php?id_new=521

“Chico and the Man” fan club did this YEARS ago.

Speaking of death, how about cheating yourself out of death? I’m referring to “Exeter”. It’s alive. I went to their site last night, and the next part of it is FINALLY up! Yipee! It’s alive!!!!

A Klingon theme?

They wouldn’t have anything to sell. Didn’t they something like, “It is now just an empty shell. Dispose of it as you see fit.” when talking about the klingon’s body?

What’s next? Star Trek toilet paper? This way, if you’re not a big fan, you could really express your feelings about the Shat every time you take….no, I better not complete that sentence…..whoo, that was close!

Tacky! Tacky! Tacky! A Star Trek Urn? As #41 wrote, Gullible to the last.

Who says American capitalist ingenuity is … um, well, dead?

But oh, there are so many other untapped markets:

STAR TREK HOME BIRTHING KIT: Hospital, shmospital. Have your offspring at home with this innovative kit that includes a square of carpeting from Ten Forward for the laboring mom and a copy of Worf’s Guide to Klingon Lamaze for Husbands. (From the chapter on Coaching: “Once dilation is full, husband says to wife in commanding tone: ‘You may now give birth.'”)

STAR TREK INFANT BAPTISM KIT: Christen your wee one in the miniaturized garb of a Klingon warrior. Includes scaled replica of batl’eth for appropriate retribution against annoying, squealing relatives. Also comes in adult sizes for those who believe infant baptism is heresy.

STAR TREK SWEET SIXTEEN COMPLETE PARTY SET: Never been kissed? No problem with this kit of party favors, including a tricorder with digital recording of Enterprise bridge officers gossiping about nerdy ensigns and an inflatable Captain Kirk to take care of the smooch dearth.

STAR TREK COMPLETE MIDLIFE CRISIS COPING SET: Similar to the Sweet Sixteen kit but geared for the paunchy, balding 40-ish male who must prove he’s still ‘got it’ like he did when he was 20 (when he didn’t have it either). Choose from cardboard cutouts of Uhura, Rand and other female TOS stars, complete with digital recordings of key phrases like “Is that a phaser or are you just glad to see me?” and “Oh captain, bring that shuttlecraft to the hangar.” (AND FOR THE WIFE: The STAR TREK ‘QUIT FOOLING YOURSELF YOU FAT OLD BALDING IDIOT’ KIT, featuring a cardboard cutout of Stella Mudd with a digital recording telling the midlife hubby to get real.)

The possibilities are endless….