Yelchin Plans To ‘Become A Trekkie’

Anton Yelchin (the new Chekov) is still busy promoting his two fall films Fierce People and Charlie Bartlett – which is a good thing since it appears he still doesn’t have a script for Star Trek. The young actor tells ReelzChannel

I guess they’re withholding that until they get casting done or whatever. I plan on… becoming as much of a Trekkie as a I can in the couple weeks before we start shooting — just renting all the box sets, not going outside, not seeing the sun rise, just having the shades drawn.

Regarding satisfying Trek fans, Yelchin seems relaxed, saying "who knows, I may be (scared) later, because Star Trek is such a big thing that I hope I don’t let anyone down, I hope everyone is satisfied with whatever. But then again, it’s such a big thing that you can’t please everyone.” Sounds like the young man has a good head on his shoulders. Yelchin goes on:

I look at all these movies like Spider-Man and stuff, and then I think of myself walking out of Spider-Man, saying, ‘Oh well, like, in the cartoon… when I was seven…’ Everyone’s got their own thing, and some people get very upset and take it personally. But the cool thing about it is if you just think about the fact that people have taken something so personally, it means so much to them. It’s kind of a great thing to think about — that Star Trek and Spider-Man, or X-Men could mean so much to someone that they’d actually really take it seriously enough to criticize the hell out of someone because they don’t fit their image. If I think about it that way, I’ll take it less seriously.

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He’s looking better and better for this role.


One doesn’t become a trekkie(er) overnight. althought he fits the bill as a geek.

Gotta love his attitude. The kid is pouring himself into the role and has the right perspective on the situation. Bravo, Anton!

yea , i like him , i dont think he will have a big role in the move , well not in the first one ( hmm hint hint ,well i hope there will be more then one), and true #2 , a trekkie(er) , is born ! , actually no they just become one over time , of watching the greatness that is star trek . And yea as a young actor i can see him really being up for conventions and stuff

Good head on his shoulders especially for someone of his age.

It’s ok brother you can draw the shades

Just don’t forget to have fun!

When do we get to hear him say “Nuclear Wessels”?

That’s right Mr. Yelchin, you’re saying all the right words. But then again, what actor wouldn’t say all the right words when hired on to do a project. Especially this project.

This reminds me of some professional sports athletes. When they get traded or signed by a new team. They always say the right things, even if the new team is a piece of crap. No need to piss off the fan base when they’re paying you millions of dollars. But you have to know some are probably ‘thinking’ the team is crap and there is no way we’re making the playoffs, but I’m making a pile of money.

This is no way implies Mr. Yelchin is this kind of person. He sounds like a very nice gentleman, and I look forward to him in Star Trek 2008. He also comes with very little notoriaty. But you have to believe the probability exists that at least some of the actors who are or will be cast for Star Trek 2008, and or have no idea what Star Trek is about are probably thinking that “this will be good for my career”.

Dam, if I were a little younger, I wish they’d hire me on. I too would say all the right words! :) This is going to be a very long 15 months.

468 dtST.

Why waste time with Chekov? Why? Why? Why?
One second of screen time is too much. Too much, too much, too much.

Stanky, it sounds like we could “check off” any number of things that you don’t like about this new movie! Oh, my………did I say that?

He’s got the right attitude. I like this kid.

#2 So would you prefer that he not even try?

If he is being honest, then I applaud the effort. And he should definitely remeber his own words, “you can’t please everyone”. Have fun with the role and the real Star Trek fans will have fun with you.

This guy seems to have a lot of sense…and I hope he enjoys the episodes he watches… I wonder what hairstyle J.J. will dictate for him? ;)

#2 and #8

Pathetic negative attitudes. I suggest that you don’t bother going to see this movie – it’s a waste of your time. It appears that nobody could satisfy your impossible dreams for perfection.

So far, the film looks to be shaping-up beautifully. JJ is taking great care to hire good writers who respect the Star Trek tradition, canon, and fan base; and good actors who look the part and have a great attitude. I prefer to be cautiously optimistic going into the film rather than to carry a ten-pound chip on my shoulder before the thing even starts filming.

correction – i meant #2 and #9

“just renting all the box sets, not going outside, not seeing the sun rise, just having the shades drawn.”

Renting? Buy those box sets! You make more money than I do & I’ll be buying them a second time.

#17–Even HE can’t afford what Paramount charges for the box sets!

Trekkie … Trekker … next up, Militant Trekists.

I have to agree that you watch it or don’t, and you like it or don’t. You ARE a “trekker” or your not… you don’t decide to become one. To even make a descision or statement to “become” one means you will don’t get it to begin with.

Now I’m going out to the garage to “become” an NBA superstar. LOL

This is all well and good, but when are we going to hear about other cast members? There’s quite a few to go yet…..

Depending on how intensive the search is in terms of casting, some roles may not be cast until the day before shooting or even a week or more into it. Not all films have everyone cast before shooting begins.

Some announcements on casting may also be held on purpose until the day before just because it helps to build intrest in the project. You may continue to get tidbits on the casting of minor roles for the next few weeks, but you may not get the news you want (Kirk) until shooting is ready to begin.

cugel the clever #15, #16. You appear to have taken or interpreted my comments out of context. My comments toward the movie and the actors cast so far have been mostly positive, and I can hardly wait for the movie to be released.

I mentioned Mr. Yelchin’s comments “remind me” of ……. I also said “This in no way implies Mr. Yelchin is this kind of person. He sounds like a very nice gentleman, and I look forward to him in Star Trek 2008”. Just thought I should mention this. (or did you over-look that part?)

I also think #2 was just stating an opinion, (sorry #2 for speaking for you). Part of what he said has merit. You don’t become a trekkie overnight. I would say you commenting that both our comments are negative and pathetic might be a little extreme. Tell me you disagree with me and why, that would be nice. To slag or rip for a comment is not very cool.

I have invested many hours of my life and many dollar$ into this franchise over the 35 years. I would say that entitles me to the occasional comment. Even if that comment differs from yours.

Lastly, saying that the movie might not meet my dreams of perfection, is also a stretch. I have posted serveral comments here, and my first priority has always been a good story. Which remains to be seen. Regardless of who is cast, story comes first. That chip on my shoulder you talk about is more like 2 pounds and not ten as you say. I’m wearing one pound for each of the last two movies. Most would agree the last two movies lacked originality and quality.

466 dtST

I actually liked Nemesis and Insurrection…..

All y’all can spare the pitchforks please

But with regards to the cast, it seems that the crew are going out of their way to cast good actors. This signals to me more character development than in TOS, and if not in this movie then later down the road.

Yo Yelchin – you should BUY the original series seasons 1-3, Trek movies 1-8 and ask someone to make up a selection of the best eps of TNG (theres only about 20 – Yesterdays Ent, BOBWs, Sarek, Unifications, Inner Light etc)

no need to bother with any of the others…..

alos do what Qunito is doing with Nimoy and hang out with Walter Koenig..get his number – have dinner..go for long about comic books etc..