Emmys Elude Shatner + Sopranos Rub Out Lindelof and Moore

William Shatner was all over tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards. He was nominated for his third Emmy for Boston Legal and his Comedy Central Roast was up for an award as well. The spotlight was on Shatner early in the show as host Ryan Seacrest commented on the former Captain Kirk’s "snazzy attire" and later in the show, the Shat co-presented an award with Debra Messing (pictured). The two joked that their planned musical number was canceled because Messing "refused to have his love child." Beyond that, however, this wasn’t Shatner’s night.

And the Emmy goes to…
It appears a role in the new Star Trek movie isn’t the only thing escaping Shatner’s grasp. The Best Supporting Actor Emmy didn’t go to Shatner; instead, it went to another Star Trek alumnus, Terry O’Quinn (Admiral Pressman in TNG’s "The Pegasus"), who won for his role on Lost, a series co-created by the men who will be producing the aforementioned upcoming Trek film, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof. Also, the Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner was beat out in its category by Tony Bennett: An American Classic. But Shatner already has two Emmys under his belt; as the saying goes, you can’t win ’em all. Besides, Shatner did not seem too shaken up about it.

O’Quinn takes down his first Emmy…sorry Bill

Trek at the Emmys
This year’s Emmy Star Trek connections didn’t stop there. O’Quinn was presented with his award by Vanessa Williams (Arandis in DS9’s "Let He Who Is Without Sin…"), who was up for an Emmy herself for her supporting role on Ugly Betty (she didn’t win, though). TNG cameo-makers Kelsey Grammer (Morgan Bateson, "Cause and Effect") and Teri Hatcher (B.G. Robinson, "The Outrageous Okona") each presented awards, as well. The mini-series Roots was honored, with LeVar Burton (Geordi, TNG), Ben Vereen (Geordi’s father, TNG: "Interface"), and other cast members from Roots brought in to present the award for Outstanding Miniseries. Both Ronald D. Moore and Damon Lindelof were up for Best Writing for a Drama Series for Battlestar Galactica and Lost, respectively, but both were whacked by the Sorprano’s David Chase.

LeVar Burton (3rd from right) with his "Roots" cast mates

In addition, fourteen Trek veterans won across seven categories at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards held last weekend:

  • Doug Drexler, Gary Hutzel, & Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz (Trek effects crewmembers): Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series, Battlestar Galactica
  • Steffan Falesitch (DS9 sound editor), David Lee Fein (Trek movie foley artist), Stephen Flick (Motion Picture and Star Trek IV sound editor) & Hilda Hodges (ENT sound editor): Outstanding Sound Editing for a Miniseries, Movie, or A Special, Broken Trail
  • Ed French (Star Trek VI makeup effects artist): Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Miniseries, Movie or A Special, House
  • Libby Goldstein & Junie Lowry-Johnson (Trek casting directors): Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, Ugly Betty
  • Sam Nicholson (Designer, The Motion Picture; lighting, Star Trek II) & Mark Spatny (Insurrection vfx production manager): Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries, Movie, or A Special, Nightmares & Dreamscapes
  • Wendy Weidman (casting associate, Star Trek Nemesis): Outstanding Casting for a Miniseries, Movie or A Special, Broken Trail

Lastly, TOS guest stars Jane Wyatt (Amanda, "Journey to Babel") and Tige Andrews (Kras, "Friday’s Child") were the first two people shown in the ceremony’s In Memoriam segment. DS9 guest star Edward Laurence Albert (Zayra, "A Man Alone") also had a spot in the segment.


For more information, please see the official site of the Emmys. A hearty congratulations to everyone who was nominated.

Photos from Reuters 

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Terry is really great in Lost, so I can forgive it. Shatner is good in BL, but the show itself has kind of fallen apart.

nice run down Chuck! Trek is like an octopus with tendrils all over Hollywood

Shatner’s hair looks better than ever! It finally has that natural look for a man of his age! I’ve heard, in hair replacement circles, that there is a line of “pieces” for discerning gentlemen known as Versace…..apparently it’s the best and very expensive, but hey, the Shat can easily afford it…..I’ll bet ten thousand quatloos on that being his current hair solution!!

Good for Mr Shatner for putting his best foot forward,
Its a shame hes missed out,
but hey,,

thats show biz!


The Comedy Central Roast was a hoot, but I doubt Shatner himself would deny Tony Bennett anything.

I was most surprised that Alan Shore beat Tony Soprano. When I they announced “James” I was sure it would be followed by “Gandolfini” not “Spader”. Spader seemed a bit surprised himself! “I feel like I just stole a pile of money from the mob,” indeed!

If you squint at Terry’s Emmy pic it’s almost Patrick Stewart. THAT would have been well deserved based on his fine TNG work on such episodes as “The Inner Light” or “Chain of Command.” Wonder if either of those were ever submitted for Emmy consideration. I believe one was …?

I wish sci fi would be given the chance to win something other than technical awards. Some great acting there, and it can’t be that easy with prosthetics, CGI and green screens to deal with. Wasn’t there talk of Ian McDiarmrid for an Oscar for Palpatine? Ian McKellen has been great too in his stuff. If all these Shakespearean heavyweights do sci fi, is it not legit material to consider for acting awards? No, it has to be real-world dramatics to count for anything. Unfair I say.

Just once I’d love to see a sci fi acting job so amazing that they can’t ignore it come awards time. Maybe the next Trek film? We’ll see.

Ach, I forgot to mention that Spader won although Shatner didn’t. Eh, oh well…

#6 — Heroes was up for Outstanding Drama Series. That’s a sci-fi show. In addition, Masi Oka was nominated for his role as Hiro on Heroes. Battlestar was nominated for Outstanding Writing. TNG was up for Outstanding Drama Series back in 1994. The original series was nominated for Outstanding Dramatic Series in its first two seasons. As for The Inner Light, it was only nominated for Outstanding Makeup. Chain of Command has no nominations.

As for actors in science fiction not being nominated for an Emmy, I agree, they’re very rare. The only one I can think of at the moment besides Oka is Leonard Nimoy, who received three nominations for playing Spock.

I haven’t seen Boston Legal since season 2, so I cant judge the show lately; but Lost altho its upped its game, i think John Locke lost his appeal in the second season where they seemed quite frankly LOST as to his character. His episodes were dull and yet his first season ones were amongst the series best. This is a result of some of the bad writing and creative decisions that plagued season two, and although season 3 upped its game and got back on track (fantastic season) Locke’s appeal never came back to me as one of the more interesting and sympathetic characters.

The actor certainly deserves an emmy for his acting. But for this year from the Lost cast i think they were more deserving players like the guy who plays Sawyer or for the series finale probably the single best performance on the show all year, the guy who plays Charlie.


Anyone talking about Ian McDiarmind getting an Oscar was likely on something. Yeah, he was one of the only redeeming features of the prequels, but Oscar-worthy? Come on now.

Vey upsetting that Shatner didn’t win any Emmys, but James Spader really pulled off his win with a GREAT little speech. It was probably the best speech of the night, and had me laughing all night long. GREAT way to end the Emmys! Yay! Congrats to Boston Legal for all of their hard work! Thumbs up!


Shatner’s hair DOES look very impressive, and I like it better this way…but, hey…who said he ever had a toupee in the first place??

Shatner looked quite Dapper! Hope JJ was watching.

Shatner looked quite Dapper! Hope JJ was watching.

Toupee????? Never!!!!!!!!

“The Shat” has already received two emmys for his role as Denny Crane, I think that’s enough. I always find it quite of a bore when the same actors or directors or television shows recieve the majority of the nominations and awards each year. Makes for a mighty dull awards program.

As far as “The Shatner Comedy Roast” not getting the nod, I’m actually kind of glad. I watched that roast and though I found it funny at times, I also found it outrageously vulgar too. Too much “low brow” humor and constant Sulu gay jokes became less and less funny as the show progressed….

The roast was good and had it’s moments, but it defninately didn’t deserve a statue IMHO.

Mike :o

If there is any merit to the rumor that Mr. Shatner is not in the next Trek movie because of his asking price. Then perhaps with the fact that he did not win an Emmy might have him rethink his value. After all, claiming he is nominated for an Emmy no longer means anything.

More rumors and speculation until November. Great website Anthony!

P.S. Mr. Shatner did look good in that suit.

465 dtST.

11+13 “toupee?”
I have it on good authority that the Shat has been “covering up” since even before TOS!

It’s a toop, Harry. Anyone who can’t tell has no toupeedar. I mean just look at it in TMP. It looks like it’s trying to get away fer cryin’ out loud.

I always figured with Shatner being Canadian that it was a dead beaver on his head!!

Does Shatner still wear a toupee? I thought he had hair transplants? Either way, I hope I look half as good at his age!

Got to get Shatner to bring back Kirk……..Come on Abrams don’t blow it!

who saw Avery Brooks in the audience?

He stood up in the audience and nodded to the cast of “Roots”.

I don’t know if Inner light got any recognition. But it should have. If only for Patrick Stewarts work in the ep. He really got to shine in that one. Playing the full range of stuff. Husband, father, old man, musician, inventor, etc. and I really liked the end, were he opens the box to find the flute. One of my favorite music themes from Star Trek.

Another word

I don’t know if i’d say that Shat is looking good, but my word the fact that he is still going a hundred miles an hour at his age. It is incredible. He has been one of the few trek stars who has managed to keep it going once his series went out of commision. and his was the shortest lived of them! and he is all so more recognizable then any body else as his trek character. so it’s amazing he has branched out done other things. TJ Hooker and Boston Legal most notably.