New Trek MMORPG Shaping Up As Two Games In One + Killer Tribbles?

Daron Stinnett, Executive Producer for the MMORPG Star Trek Online, has revealed a few more details for the exciting project in a new interview with WarCry Network. Although the game is not slated for release until early 2009, Stinnet said that they have completed work making ‘prototype regions’ for both the space and the ground components of the game and they are now focusing on getting the two to work together ‘as a single game.’ [good to see it have both: Star Wars Galaxies was released with only ground gameplay and charged extra for a space expansion kit a year later]. Perpetual seem to be taking the right approach to the space component, recognizing that Star Trek handles space in a unique way…

From the article

"[Star Trek Online has a] unique and interesting combat model for space that people have not experienced before," he told us. The Star Trek intellectual property treats space differently than the majority of other science-fiction properties. Ships are usually larger and more deliberate – unlike Star Wars, for example. In many properties, space combat owes its inspiration to fighter jets, while Star Trek’s lineage has more in common with large naval battles. This difference is part of their vision for a slower, more tactical experience in space combat.

Relevency and Tribbles
Stinnett also revealed that the game will start out with  25 space sectors, each with it’s own theme and storyline. Missions will focus more on exploration than combat and they are even going to try and tie into Trek’s penchant for relevancy by having some missions tie into ‘real world issues’ like the environment. Although the game aspires to adhere to Trek canon, the setting 20 years after Nemesis allows them some freedom to introduce new races and new spins on known races. One planned idea Stinnett talked about was the introduction of ‘Killer Tribbles.’ Perpetual have come up with the idea that Tribbles from the ‘Mirror Universe’ have crossed over. Stinnett confirmed this detail with and said they are awaiting CBS approval for the truly Troublesome Tribbles (no word on if they will have beards).

Read the full interview at War Cry

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Hmmm…mirror tribbles seems stupid. But thats just me

“More Tribbles, Even More Troubles!”

Killer Tribbles?

oh, man… killer tribbles? Boy, I could run for days with that one. Still good to see that Trek knows no bounds when it comes to originality!

Nothin’ but Tribble.

What are tribbles like in a ‘mirror’ universe? Would they bite?

Awesome. Just needs Spock ears.

Did anyone here read the Dark Horse graphic novel: “Aliens Vs.Predator Vs. Tribbles”?

If the game recreates the action and excitement captured in those pages, this game could be great!!

Oh god.


Can’t wait for this game might be the first decent trek game since Bridge Commander and A Final Unity before that.

This MMORPG has a huge cahcne at succeeding where SWG choked, I truely hope it kicks butt, would have liked to play in the ToS era, but can’t ahve it all, and past Nemisis leaves a lot of good cannon for gameplay.

Heh. Love the picture. And the idea; it definitely adds some variety. Though I can’t wait to hear Tribbles snarling rather than purring. And will they have fangs? Glands that secret acid? Razor-sharp hairs? The possibilities are endless…

>You have been smothered by a tribble.

Tim: There it is!
Arthur: What…behind the tribble?
Tim: It IS the tribble!!!

Kill the tribble or kill the game. It really is as simple as that. Star Trek is not a comedy, it has comedic moments, but it ain’t Friends…. thank God.

Agree with #11 that this has the potential to be as good as Bridge Commander and Final Unity. In fact if you think about it, ST online should really be an amalgam of those two games.

Oh, did I already mention, KILL THE TRIBBLE IDEA!!!

#15 Love the Python reference :)