20th Aniv. TNG Box Set Details + Special Features Preview

The Star Trek: The Next Generation – Complete Series Box Set comes out on October 2nd. Today STARTREK.COM put up a video preview of some of the special features.

Box Set Details and Images Below…




Embarking on DVD October 2, 2007, 49-Disc Collector’s Box Set Includes All 176 Episodes, All-New Special Features, Exclusive Poster and Special Collector’s Packaging

HOLLYWOOD — Called "one of the greatest television shows of all time” (TV Guide), STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION takes it to the next level on DVD, celebrating its 20th anniversary with an extraordinary DVD collection of all seven of the series’ groundbreaking seasons in one collectible box set on October 2, 2007, from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment. Featuring one of the most endearing ensemble casts in television history, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION took fans on the remarkable continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise with captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn), Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) and Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton). The definitive DVD collection features all 176 classic episodes from the series’ 1987-1994 run along with all-new special features including "The Next Generation’s Impact: 20 Years Later,” "The Next Generation’s Legacy: 2007” and "Star Trek Visual Effects Magic: A Roundtable Discussion.” The collection is encased in an incredible collector’s packaging and includes an exclusive poster. Each season also includes additional bonus features exploring memorable missions, crew profiles, behind-the-scenes and much, much more.STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Complete Series will be available for the suggested retail price of $440.00 [$304 on Amazon]. 

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Complete Series is presented in full screen with English Stereo and English subtitles. The collection includes the following:

Season 1: 7 discs/25 episodes

Special features:

o The Beginning
o Selected Crew Analysis
o The Making of a Legend
o Memorable Missions

Season 2: 6 discs/22 episodes

Special features:

o Mission Overview Year Two
o Selected Crew Analysis
o Starfleet Archives
o Departmental Analysis
o Memorable Missions
o Profile: Penny Juday

Season 3: 7 discs/26 episodes

Special features:

oMission Overview
o Selected Crew Analysis
o Departmental Briefing: Production
o Departmental Briefing: Memorable Missions

Season 4: 7 discs/26 episodes

Special features:

oMission Overview
o Selected Crew Analysis
o Departmental Briefing: Production
o New Life and New Civilizations
o Chronicles from the Final Frontier

Season 5: 7 discs/26 episodes

Special features:

oMission Overview Year Five
o Select Crew Analysis: Year Five
o Departmental Briefing: Production
o Departmental Briefing: Visual Effects
o Departmental Briefing: Set Decoration
o Memorable Missions
o A Tribute to Gene Roddenberry

Season 6: 7 discs/26 episodes

Special features:

oMission Overview
o Bold New Directions
o Departmental Briefing: Production
o Departmental Briefing Profile: Dan Curry
o Special Crew Profile: Lt. Cmdr. Data
o Star Trek Nemesis trailer
o Star Trek: Deep Space Nine trailer

Season 7: 7 discs/25 episodes

Special features:

oMission Overview
o A Captain’s Tribute
o Departmental Briefing: Production
o Starfleet Moments and Memories
o The Making of "All Good Things…”
o Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVD preview

Special Features Disc:

o The Next Generation’s Impact: 20 Years Later
o The Next Generation’s Legacy: 2007
o Star Trek Visual Effects Magic: A Roundtable Discussion
o Select Historical Data 1
o Inside The Star Trek Archive
o Intergalactic Guest Stars
o Alien Speak
o Select Historical Data 2
o Inside Starfleet Academy Archives: Sets and Props
o Special Profiles
o Dressing The Future






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Well, I just bought the sealed set of all seven individual season for $250, so I don’t feel as bad. Although this takes up a lot less shelf space


Damn it!!!

$440.00 Wow…I may have to get a paper route…

$440 is too much money.

thats a lot of Money for a kid..but at least I get to go to the premeire!!

It’s $300 on amazon.

Oh well…in that case…maybe I can pimp out Gramdma…

#6. I’d trade spots with you in a heartbeat James! One Trek 2008 premiere is worth full sets of TNG, Ds9, Voyager and Enterprise all rolled into one!

Can’t part with my TOS though. lol

Anyway, once this super set hits the stores, I bet the older season sets will drop in price.

They just had to make it green.

I can’t look at green packaging or green nebulas or green ANYTHING in Trek anymore without it reminding me of that damn Nemesis movie. lol

Green like $


Man, it’s good to see DeLancie and Wheaton again! I’m tempted to buy this just for the special features…although that poster sounds intriguing, too. Anyone got any idea what it looks like? $300-$440 is a bit much for my wallet, though…so maybe we’re looking at Christmas gift? :-)

Twenty years of TNG… TV Guide’s got it right. It IS one of the greatest shows of all time!

wow… I gotta start saving up for that

I will definitely get the complete series for Christmas.

Q! What sort of childish nonsense is this? $440 for an overblown box sense?! I think you’ve lost your omnipotent mind! And Wesley! You’ll just have to find another way to afford Tommy Bahama shirts. Now, get off my bridge, both of you!

set sted sense

It looks cool, but I’ve got a kid on the way, guys. You gotta bring these prices to family budget range.

I think it sound very interesting, and since I dont have the individual seasons of TNG on DVD (but I do have them all on VHS), I’m considering it! I’m glad they kept the original special features on AND added new ones!

The only down-side is that not all the special features are truly new, several of them were available on the Best Buy Bonus Disks, so this will decrease the value of those :-(

Re: #10

Yeah, they even stuck a Nemesis trailer in the season 6 disk. Paramount is relentless!

Does anyone know if or when DS9 and Voyager might be re-released? I’ve been waiting to but the shows on amazon.com but I’m waiting to see if they will get the slimmed down treatment.

Canadians get screwed again….

I’ll pass thank you. I think the original tng box sets were way too much money. and still over priced

#21. How so?

I can’t see paying $300+ for just one more disc of bonus features. I do like that it is getting physically slimmed, but that still doesn’t make it worth $300 to me, especially with the alternatives available here: http://www.rixgrafix.com/index_015.htm

Kinda pointless even getting this set because its just a matter of time until the whole series in remastered in HD and re-re-released again. I’ll just wait it out………..

#9, older TNG sets have already dropped. Costco was blowing them out for 40 bucks here in Canada but I think they’re sold out unless they bring in more. First rule of Costco: If you see it, buy it, tomorrow may be too late.

The Loonie is riding high at 98 cents US. How does that screw Canadians #21? Are they charging too much here like they do with Christmas ornaments and books?

I’m still saving for the TOS remastereds for cryin’ out loud. Hey Paramount , howzabout spacing these out a little bit. I think that you have become obsessed with the smell of money. I think that as regulars here at Trekmovie.com and as obviously the greatest collection of Trek fans in the universe WE SHOULD ALL GET COMPLIMENTARY BOX SETS OF ALL TREK RELEASES FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS. Even the blu ray folks would think that’s a fair deal

Hey Fry’s Electronics is selling each season for $36.99 US

There won’t be an HD set for YEARS.

I bet Delancie’s pissed he never got to be in any of the movies, I know I am!

That looks awesome! I want it!

Hey, wait a minute… did de Lancie just flip me off?


The editing for this promo clip is so bad……in the first part where we see John de Lancie snap his fingers AND THEY CUT AWAY before coming back to him for the payoff punchline! Are you kidding me? de Lancie’s comedic timing is always so perfect that to chop the rhythm of how he played and delivered that scene is criminal! Schmucks!!!!

Justin, that’s hilarious!!

“Screw ya’ll fer not puttin’ me in the movies! On second thought, thanks fer keepin’ me out of Nemesis.”

20#, DS9 has already been re-released in a set, all 7 series in one box, in Australia; so I would assume it has already happened elsewhere as well.

Here in the U.S., I bought each of the individual TNG box sets (season by season) when they were first offered. The price on this offering is REASONABLE. It might not seem inexpensive, but seven seasons’ of TNG — that’s a good price!

Then again, I’m waiting for the announcement that CBS-D will be remastering/doing new f/x for TNG. It’s only a matter of time, imho.

Of course, it’ll only be offered on HD-DVD. And the price tag will be outrageous in comparison to this set. ;-)


BOHICA – Bend Over, Here it Comes AGAIN!!!

yeah baybee, yeah!


I don’t see anything here to tempt me, given that I already have the original DVD release. The features on those discs were pretty poor IMHO, and although a short featurette with John DeLancie and Wil Wheaton would be interesting to watch, I’m not willing to pay to see it.

Expect a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray version in 2 years, then another one with replaced FX in another year, then 2 years after that a new version on SuperMegaMiniDisc, then after that the complete series on a waffle.

Why don’t they go the whole hog and have all the Trek series avaialble in one huge mammoth block that comes with its own fork-lift truck to carry it?

I might just wait and get the super delux edition in 2017. 18 editions after this 1

#34, Nope. Region 1 still only has the massive sets for DS9 and Voyager, which I might pick up anyway in the near future.
I was just hoping to have something that took up less space on my shelf.

#38, that’s what i’m afraid of: They come out with some crazy ultimate set with all of the series up to Enterprise. Amazon.com had put together something like this a year or so ago.

This price is ridiculous. The complete X-Files boxset is much larger (nine seasons and a movie), and is seventy-four dollars less at Amazon. Paramount loses another sale to its bizarre pricing schemes.

$304 for a 49-disc set seems like a pretty good deal to me, especially since I don’t have any of TNG on DVD already. Think I’ll have to pick this one up.

$304 for 7 seasons is ridiculously high. It should be closer to $200. Anything over $30 for a season for a 20 year old show is ridiculous.

$43/season is very reasonable and competitive to today’s prices on other season sets. Especially, considering they were originally over $100.

I love this show & came of age with it in my college years but $304.00 dollars to replace all of my old VHS tapes of the show is unacceptable.
This is about money, folks…paramount wanting to make more of it!!!

What I meant is that Canadians get screwed with higher prices compared even if our dollars are almost equal…

The hard-core Trekkers, the ones who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a 20 year old show that’s on TV every day, already have their boxsets. Paramount needs to capture the segment that is not hard core, but might make an impulse purchase. Over $300 won’t hit it; they should be shooting for ~200-250. I think there’s an elasticity issue here, and that Paramount really would make more money if they lowered the price on this thing.

The complete BTVS set has 40 discs covering eight seasons, at $24 per season. The complete X-Files has 66 discs and is $230, or $26 per season plus a free movie. The new Twin Peaks set is $65, or $33 per season plus the pilot for free. The Heroes season set, which is brand new, is $40. Yet somehow Paramount thinks they can charge $44 per season in a boxed set of a legacy show. This is out of line with the industry standard for pricing.

what are the special extras this set has that the seperate sets dont?

is it the special features disc?

Ironically, if these are not brand-new remasters then they may actually be of inferior picture quality to the original DVD sets (depending on whether they burned these discs from a analogue or digital storage medium and on the passage of time since the originals were made).

I’d say forget the “special features”, which are trifling and you will watch only once. Assess this on whether you have TNG on DVD already. If not, this *might* be a bit cheaper (and space-saving) than accumulating all the old single-season sets.
But if you’ve already got it on DVD, then you’ve already got it on DVD. Full stop.

I’m not even a huge fan of TNG, but that set is really tempting…

No way, no how. Listen, Paramount, I already bought all seven seasons of TNG on DVD at full price. Unless you’re offering a TNG-style *working* holodeck along with this purchase, count me out.