Quinto Talks Ear Fitting

In a red carpet interview before last week’s Emmy’s Zachary Quinto talked about getting fitted for his new ears plus about juggling his Trek and Heroes work.

His whole head?
It is interesting that he had to get his whole head molded. Could there be additional prosthetics beyond just the ears? Perhaps it is to work out the eyebrow situation, but please guys…no forehead ridges. And will they subject Leonard Nimoy to the same thing? Encasing his head with a mold with straws up his nose?

There are a couple other Emmy Quinto interviews (here and here), but no Trek talk. If you want more Zach someone has created a playlist of all the Quinto interviews available on YouTube…all 80 of them.

Sharp Dressed Man?

E’s named Zach Quinto one of their ‘Smokin hot Dudes’ at the and the Houston Chronicle named him ‘Flashiest Guy’ for his grey Alexander McQueen suit. In the above videos Quinto explained that he didn’t wear black to avoid sweating.

Quinto beating the heat

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Well, they say that the ears make the man, or in this case Vulcan….

^They say what?

No Spock without the right ears ^.^

Or indeed left ear…. Not to mention the final front ear….. ta-da ;)

What I don’t understand is why they’ve taken a cast of his head and shoulders to make a pair of pointed ears. As far as I remember Leonard Nimoy just had his ears casted and moulded.

Unless they are thinking of making a bust of Zach’s Mr Spock for merchandise.

”Unless they are thinking of making a bust of Zach’s Mr Spock for merchandise.”
Anything for Paramount to make a buck :-(

They make a bust of his entire head, because its easier then taking measurements of an ear, or even taking a mold of his ears.

this guy is gonna make a shitty spock..lenoard nimoy he aint..he better get some dvd’s and start watching TOS..ASAP!

Let’s hope they don’t go cheap on the moldings and pay what any pirate would, namely a buck an ear!! Ba-dum-bum!!!

He should eat more. He looks so thin.

“Conscience of the King” talkback, anyone? anyone?

Nimoy was a skinny Spock… so he should be OK.

his mother and i are just worried about his health.


If Zach has Leonard’s ear about playing Spock (pun not intended this time…)
Speaking with the actor means you can really get the inside info on why he played things the way he did.

That IMHO is worth much more than him watching the TOS episodes.

He can’t do both …?

this dude needs lobes

Let’s just hope he gets the tone and inflection of Spock’s voice right!!!

Having heard Zachary’s voice, it doesn’t exude the same gravely gravitas of Leonard’s, but that would have been too much to hope for. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but I dearly hope he ends up looking somewhat like this earlier fine mock-up shot…
https://trekmovie.com/2007/08/27/quinto-already-practising-his spock/

Sorry folks…problem with link

If I SPELT it correctly, it might help….
Third time lucky:


Give him a chance…. he’s not even filmed a scene yet.