Brody Was Considered for Spock

One of the big rumors earlier this year (well before Quinto was cast) was that The Pianist star Adrian Brody was ‘in talks’ to play Spock in the new Star Trek film. It appears that there is truth to the rumor, although the ‘talks’ may have just been one ‘talk’ with director J.J. Abrams. Brody lamented to MTV about not being Spock…  


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Brody would have been good in the part.

I think that Quinto is the better choice over Brody….

No big stars in the roles. I’m glad Quinto won out.

Thank you, Lord! That pony I didn’t get when I turned 8? Forget it. You were workin’ on this. I understand now.
So glad it’s Quinto, not Brody. He killed Kong and nearly finished off Hollywoodland.

I don’t think Brody would have been the best for Spock, but I think he’s a cool actor, and he obviously wouldn’t mind being in the film. What about him as a Romulan villain? I think it would be perfect: he would provide just enough star power in that role, but not enough to overshadow the rest of the cast, and I think for someone as unusual-looking as him (in a good way, of course), I’m surprised he hasn’t played an awesome villain yet!

Although I think Mr. Broady would have been a decent Spock, I must say that I think they nailed the casting in this one with Mr. Quinto.


#3, Agreed. Nobody famous should ever be cast in a Star Trek movie unless its a villian or a minor supportive role. Famous people ruin genre films in general. The first 4 Batman films suffered from this. Thats why I think the Star Wars movies really work because the actors brought no baggage. The unknown the better. The fact that I have never heard of this dude is a good sign. Just hope he has some stage experience.

Brody would have stunk up the place as Spock!

My guess is that he missed the role by a nose…….

With a nose like that…..when he looks up in the air you feel like you’re looking at a two-door garage that’s been left open!!

Man, he has a Roman nose…..yeah, it “roams” all over his face!

Is there an ant-eater in his family tree?

I think it’s cool that these well known actors like Brody and Damon were actually interested in doing Trek roles.

#4: I lol’ed. Very well put.

Shouldn’t that be “The Pianist,” not “Piano?”

Thank god Abrams didnt nosed it up. Brody dosent look like ,,Spock´´but Quinto does. Roman nose says someone dont you mean jewish nose (roll eyes)

While I like Adrian Brody in certain roles, I was very relieved that he didn’t get the ‘Spock’ role. While he certainly would have looked ‘otherworldly’, I’m afraid his marvellous nose would have distracted from the ‘ears’, and it would have been the worst piece of miscasting for him since ‘King Kong’…where the monkey wasn’t the biggest thing in the movie…but rather Brody’s nose…

hey i think the video of this is messing up my internet connection to the main page!

Quinto is much better, no offense. Brody has the typical supercilious attitude that would make Spock seem too overbearing.

Jeez, what’s this fascination with Brody’s nose?! Not to take anything away from young Zack Quinto–who I eagerly look forward to seeing in the role next Christmas–Adrian Brody is an Oscar-caliber actor who I’m sure would have made a fascinating Spock.

#9 LMAO I don’t see him as Spock but I think he’d make a fantastic Pinnochio.

You guys leave Mr. Brody alone. Nobody nose if he would have projected a good Spock or not. Lord nose he would have put himself waaaay out there and given it his best snot…errr…shot. Only JJ nose why they didn’t move forward in the negotiations. Why he didn’t protrude as the frontrunner is something he only nose.


Quinto! The winner by a nose!!

Whew… looks like we dodged a bullet there!

Quinto, hands down.
Brody? Great actor. Biggest problem- eyebrows slant the WRONG way!


Haha, you’re right – they do slant the wrong way. But I agree with others who said he could make a great villian.

(I read somewhere that his nose was broken while filming a movie – and he would not let them change the shape of it when they were fixing it. He likes his nose – good for him.)

With Brody’s HUGE nose, if you stuck the Vulcan ears on him, he’d have looked like a friggin’ elf!!

Two words: Fu-nny.

Harry, I was kind of seeing an orc from Jackson’s LOTR after you wrote that. “We ‘aint ad nuffin to eat but moldy stinkin’ replicator bread for four days. What say we just nibbel on Sulu’s leg. Surely no one will mss that.”

THX…, that’s funny!! Hey, if it was Sulu’s “middle” leg, he might even like it!

How about this:

Adrian Brody’s nose is so big it could provide shade for a small boy!

Dodged a photon torpedo there, didn’t we?

Brody is a great actor…But Mr Spock? No way!
What about Keanu Reeves?
I think that he’s a good choice…

Reeves as Spock? I can hear it now, “Whoa! Logical, dude!”