Paul McGillion a Contender for Scotty

The search for (a) Scot continues and now a new name can be added to the list of potential Enterprise engineers. has confirmed that Stargate Atlantis actor Paul McGillion has auditioned for the role of Montgomery Scott in the new Star Trek movie. The 38 year-old actor is well known to sci-fi fans for his portrayal of the Scottish doctor Carson Beckett on the popular Stargate spin-off and his name often comes up in fan discussions regarding potential ‘Scotty’ actors. Like the original Scotty (James Doohan) McGillion is from Canada, but he was born in Scotland and clearly does a ‘flawless’ Scottish accent. Unlike previously reported Scottish competition, McGillion held his recent Trek audition in Los Angeles instead of London. The actor tells "Obviously it would be a great honour to follow in James Doohan’s footsteps."

Brings his own fan base
McGillion has an active fan base who (successfully) mounted a ‘Save Carson Beckett‘ campaign after his character was written out of Atlantis during the 3rd season. Although he is no longer a regular, McGillion has recently filmed a couple of episodes of SGA for the 4th season which premieres later this month (he is likely to do three total episodes this season). Many of those same fans have turned their attention to Trek and are now actively lobbying for the actor to be the new Scotty. This campaign recently garnered the attention of the Scottish newspaper Paisley Daily Express (McGillion was born in Paisley).

So add McGillion’s name into the growing list of those who are up for the role. has learned that no decision has yet been made for the role of Scotty.

UPDATE: A Doohan Endorsement
Some may remember earlier this year Chris Doohan (son of Jimmy Doohan) launched a bit of a campaign to land the role of Scotty. Chris now sends in this note of support for McGillion (from the talkback section below)

I know that the chances that I would be the next Scotty are slim to none. That being said, I think Paul McGillion is a GREAT choice for the role of Scotty. He has a great accent and I think that he actually looks like my father. He would be a much better Scotty then McAvoy.

Tribute video by the ‘Save Carson Beckett’ campaign

McGillion’s message to fans (made before it was decided to bring him back)

Vote: Choice for Scotty?
More names have been associated with Scotty than even Kirk. McGillion is the seventh actor who has either been reported to have auditioned or expressed interest in the role. Vote for your favorite in the current poll (right column).


More: – The search for (a) Scot

Paul McGillion Official Site


McGillion as Scotty

(envisioned by community member Skippy2k)

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The way things are going now, this movie’s gonna basically be a Who’s Who of young, up-and-coming stars. Can’t wait for more news!


That’s great news! I’m a big fan of Atlantis therefore a big fan of Paul.
He’d make a wonderful Scotty. His accent is great.

Or flat-lining middle aged stars in his case

he’s a little old to play Scot in the pre 5-year mission days, isn’t he?

I thought he WAS playing Scotty on Stargate Atlantis.

Hehe, I agree, On Atlantis he does kind of have that scotty-esque quality… Also, I thought that the characters were supposed to be about the same ages as the actors themselves when they played them in the original series…. Which would make Scotty, McCoy, and Spock all slightly older. besides, Age is relative nowadays. You can’t point at someone and say ‘They don;t look 35! when they are 40… it just doesn’t happen. Plus makeup always helps.

Very attractive. Looks younger than 38.

James T Kirk: born March 22, 2233

Scotty: Year of birth 2222

This guy is PERFECT for Scotty!

I think he would make a good Scotty, liked him on Atlantis. Of the choices (that I have seen) I prefer him but then I have also seen more of his work than the others.

Here is a photoshop I did awhile back, posted it in a thread somewhere before.

Great work there Skippy.


Great Job!

This is the guy I’d vote for!!

Sounds good, I know they have their embryo casting sheet but wasn’t Doohan in his mid 40’s when Trek first aired????

Plus Sir Skippy’s Photoshop really nailed for me , that’s F-ing Scotty!!!!

He has my vote, sign him up NOW!!!

He’s the right age for Scotty. Now they need to find someone to play McCoy who is also about that age.

Part of me still thinks that James McAvoy is still the more enlightened choice to play Scotty. Maybe he has too “big” of a name already to step into Star Trek, or perhaps he is a bit too young … but he certainly can act!!!

I really don’t like Paul McGillion’s character on Stargate that much, but I suppose he could pull off the accent without sounding completely cartoonish. And that photoshop job by Skippy just about sold me on the prospect!

Actually I haven’t a clue who James McAvory is but from the Google image search I saw someone who to me much like DiCaprio in Titanic, would appear as a child playing grown-up. LOL

Definitely my pick for Scotty.

OK, that is REALLY scary how much he reminds me of Jimmy Doohan as Scotty. Mind you, I’m not one of those who insist on casting actors who look just like the original cast members, but you have to admit that the resemblance is startling.

This is Flawless casting for Scotty! He has the look and is in the age range.

James McAvory for Scotty?

Bleh! No thanks!

This is shaping up to be a stellar cast! (no pun intended)

I know that the chances that I would be the next Scotty are slim to none. That being said, I think Paul McGillion is a GREAT choice for the role of Scotty. He has a great accent and I think that he actually looks like my father. He would be a much better Scotty then McAvoy.


Time will tell.

I just got into SGA recently, watching it on sky two in the uk. They are showing a double bill of SGA each night. Its not Star Trek but I have been enjoying it. I think he would be perfect for the role.

so Paul McGillion has my vote for Scotty !

Sign him up!!!

*cross fingers*

He’s perfect for the role. And no, he is not to old.

A note to JJ

Get on with the casting, we are all dying out waiting for news. Also, please get Jennifer in the movie somehow. I think she would work as Chapel just fine.

^ Chris, don’t give up. If they can put Mick Fleetwood in a Herring suit, they can find a role for you!

I’ve seen the odd SGA, I even quite liked it! I think this dude is right on for the job, its strange being excited about a Star Trek film again, this and New Voyages is making life pretty dammed sweet! (Hope you read that James!)

Now we’re getting some news to gnaw on!
Too bad the Kirk scoops are slow in coming!

Hmm. I like the look and maturity in his face, Scotty needs to have that. . But his voice has a bit of a higher register to it than that of Jimmy Doohan’s, not sure if I could get used to that. Still, a very good candidate for the role.

James McAvory is to big a star now for Scotty and far to young looking,
great actor mind you, but as for McGillion, great choice, a very natural actor with the Scottish humor and sincerity!

Now what about Kirk and Bones casting…bring it on!

Well you regulars know that I think he would be the guy. With no disrespect to Chris.
BTW, very classy move, sir.

Chris, I see the “class” genes of the father were passed down to the son! Nicely done!

27 Chris Doohan

Hi Chris,

even if you aren’t Scotty it would be cool to see you somewhere in the movie. Maybe you could have a cameo as Scotty’s brother or even his Father (sorry don’t the age difference). How strange but cool would that be?


I really hope this happens Paul is perfect for the role PLEASE J.J make this happen.

And if ROBERT ORCI drops by please whisper in J.J’s ear PLEASE.

Paul McGillion has that Scottish accent and the accompanying behavior down well. Though he’s kind of short.

Paul McGillion is Scotty start filming the movie. Wait who’s playing Kirk ?

Lets face it this guy IS perfect…Doohan was 44 when he 1st played at 38 McGillon would fit right in with the younger Demo they are shooting for..Not to mention his Acting skill and Flawless accent I say Sign him up!!


This actor Paul McGillion is perfect for the part of Montgomery Scott.

Best candidate so far,

I think he is a good choice.

I’m going with yes. Hopefully, Abrams and company will go this direction and not so much a bunch of twenty year olds. Neither Scotty nor McCoy should be kids. Kirk should be close to thirty.

Of course, he’s just in the running, but that’s a good sign. The casting sheet reported a while back made me very leery of even caring about this project.

Gets my vote he’s great in Atlantis (or was til they killed him).

Anyone get the feeling that Kirk is gonna have a bit part in this movie? Or barely even in it at all.

A very good actor who seems like a genuine guy and needs/deserves a break like this. I’m in!

#41- he’s not too short. He’s 5’10”, Doohan was 5’8″.