Quinto To Make Convention Appearance

Quinto Spock 2sCreation Entertainment has announced that Zachary Quinto (Spock in the 2008 Star Trek film) has agreed to appear at the next ‘Grand Slam’ being held April 11th 2008 in Burbank, CA. Quinto will be the headliner for the event and will be available for photo ops and autographs. The film will be in post production by that time and hopefully the actor will have much to say about it. Roxann Dawson will also be attending with more names sure to be added soon.  This will be Quinto’s first time at a Creation event and he is the first (new) Star Trek actor to have signed on to any Trek related convention. The honor for the first actor to talk about the film at a convention (after the Comic-Con announcements) goes to Quinto’s co-star and Vulcan tutor Leonard Nimoy at the Vegas Trek in August. Tickets available at the Creation Website.

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Well, this would be called putting the Spock before the horse!

Who made this image? It’s spectacular?

The picture is great, but I say again they better put latex lobes on Quinto as well as points. You have two actors in the same movie playing a character that requires prosthetic ears, and it makes no sense to ignore the fact that the lower halves of their ears are completely different and age doesn’t affect that. There’s no way the makeup artist will fail to notice this so I’m confident it will be handled.

Wow, he’s not wasting any time immersing himself in the Trek life!

He has no freakin clue what he is in for… one foot into TREK, and you are in it for life. I see Trek actors from 40 years ago that are still terrified at conventions.

Hopefully he’ll embrace it, like some of them have!

Sean4000 — Don’t you mean Spocktacular?

I hope he’s not burning himself out. I guess the film will be long since ‘in the can,’ but there’s a ton of film publicity stops and — oh, yeah — Heroes.

I’m glad he’s getting into it. I hope the others do as well. I’ve seen Shatner at a few events and he’s never up for autographs. He kinda breezed in and breezed out. (He did SELL his pre-autographed 8X10, but personally I at least want to see a star write on my memorabilia — and yes, Harry, that can tickle.)

THREAD INTRO: “The film will be in post production by that time and hopefully the actor will have much to say about it.”

I know I’ve mentioned this before Anthony. Call me old fasion, but the first place I want to hear or see anything about plot and story line, is on opening day in a theatre. You’ll forgive me if I start reading spoilers from this website and not frequent it until after I see the movie.

455 dtST

#6 So, if someone were to take a feather to your gonads, would that be known as a test-tickle?

I still think it’s ironic how Spock was the first character cast. Is it 1964 again??

#6: Dude, what the….? LOL

CmdR…Chain of Command doesn’t get your humor, and if he did, well,……. urine trouble now, mister!

Oops, I meant #8.

Mexican food gives you nothing but klingons.

I like him :)

Actually the lower part of the ear does change with age, most noticeably the lobes themselves.

If you don’t agree, just check out a side on picture of LN young and old. You’ll see what I mean…

I understand your point, but if all we have to worry about is lower ear shape, then I think we are in good hands.

I’d say something, but I don’t want to “lower” myself to that level!

I don’t care for the ears but the uniform would be wrong.

Yoda doesn’t care for the ears? What the?

Harry, we can’t get any lower.

Ear lobes, people? Ear lobes?
And you wonder why Trekkies don’t get picked for softball??

THX, let me assure you….I can get lower!

15: Sorry, Yoda. I don’t think it’s very likely that we’ll see the pilot uniforms in this movie… even though they’re more forward-thinking, serious and textural than the standard TOS uniform. I think they’re going to want to sell this movie as the recognizable, colorful, retro Trek which everyone knows.

The public will respond to what they know. They’ll buy the tickets for camp. The bright side is that this will spare us a total visual reboot. The Trek fans get authentic 23rd century design and the public gets camp in one stroke.

That said, the uniforms and set colors from “Where No Man Has Gone Before” are very respectable and serious looking. Putting them through a very minimal upgrade would result in an astonishingly contemporary look. Nevertheless, I think you’ll have to be content with the notion that there were two uniform types in service for a little while, ala Generations, or some other rationalization.

Also, when I say the public will get camp… that’s not all they’re going to get. They’re going to get something touching and thought provoking, too. At least, that’s what I hope. Trek working on “all cylinders.”

I’ve never had a real problem with this actor as Spock, I think I’m coming around on this guy.

19. Kuvagh – September 29, 2007

I think you are correct. A good balance between what we consider contemporary and what is considered campy (a vital element of classic trek) would be best.

Now, the possibilities…

1) A “Where No Man has gone Before” look with upgraded technology. Something spectacular that might make one think that the 1960s Trek was sort of a blur… There was lots of stuff in WNMHGB we did not see. There are the liberties that can be taken. This can be done in respecting canon.

2) Some more complicated story taking place between the Corbomite Manuever and the Man Trap involving Spock. It is in these episodes that Spock is not yet a developed character. Spock takes off as a character a bit later, what a better story than to focus on some element of Spock’s life. Or maybe some adventure invoving the Trio, Spock, McCoy and Kirk. In terms of Trek McCoy is quite untouched. We are alluded to his back story from production notes and a few “in the present stories” and that he became an Admiral.

Aside from that McCoy, the most passionate of the three, is untouched (ST:V aside, because we get little about what McCoy’s relationship was to his father) Any such story about the TRIUMVIRATE woudl feature these actors very profoundly.

“That said, the uniforms and set colors from “Where No Man Has Gone Before” are very respectable and serious looking. ”

Thats too bad, those were great uniforms, especially the field jackets worn by Pike’s away team, ahead of its time. And what about Spocks eyebrows then? Very alien…

That is a great pic of the new Spock character, better than I expected, is that biggest pic they offer? It would be great to make a desktop wallpaper with it.