Quinto On His Costars and Director

The new Spock has the nicest things to say about the new Uhura and Chekov. Zachary Quinto tells MTV

Anton Yelchin is like [”Heroes” co-star] Hayden [Panettiere] actually. He is like an eighteen-year-old kid that blows me away when I watch his acting. And Zoë I’ve known [a long time] actually. She did a movie with a friend of mine seven or eight years ago. I got to meet her and know her a little bit back then and am excited to re-meet her and work with her now.

And the praise didn’t end there…Quinto had this to say about his future director:

[J.J. Abrams] is one of the most creative minds in Hollywood right now. He is really smart and is creating a project with respect for where it came from, but also with a voice of its own. I think the convergence of those two things is what makes it wildly appealing for people who have been ‘Star Trek’ fans for forty years and for people that are just coming to ‘Star Trek’ now.

For more see the full article at MTV.com

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So far the casting of these three have me very excited. Especially Zachary and Zoe!

Wow, TOS characters played by actors who don’t all hate the Kirk guy? Can it really happen? I guess we’re fine unless they cast Andy Dick as Kirk.
Nice nice nice news today. Cool!

Bet Yelchin is not nearly as cute in a cheerleading outfit.


Wasn’t Andy Dick an EMH on a Voyager episode?

^ Indeed.

#2 CmdrR

.. hate him? He’s not been announced yet…..

One should keep in mind Uhura’s revolutionary part in TOS. Much has been said about her role as a black woman on that particular bridge. It would be fantastic to see this character being more developed in the new movie than it was possible 40 years ago. She deserves a “piece of the action”.

Sorry, this post should have been filed under “Nichold reassured by Abrams…”. It’s still quite early in the morning…

Andy Dick on Voyager? Wow…another reason to dislike that show.

This discussion is positively scintillating.

And we are supposed to care about this person’s opinion how? Sounds like a group of friends all climbing into the care for a beer run. Drink enough into the night and everyone can form a little circle (insert dirty imagination here).

You know, I have to be somewhat skeptical about what actors say about their costars and directors until the movie is in theaters.

I know some will say I’m “closed minded” or an “idiot,” by some folks because of this. You always hear acotors say their co stars are all great and the director is a true genious and then twenty years later their saying the oposite on something like E True Hollywood Story. Then I add to it the fact that I have met people who seem great at first, but turn into complete jerks two months after meeting them.

Also, who all hear– who hates, or dislikes their boss, or some of their fellow co workers–would honestly admit it if it was going to be in a interview on t.v. or in a magazine?

Maybe you like some of the people–fine. But they can’t be all “great” and “wonderful,” or “talented”

Yeah I said, “hear” instead of “here” and I missed that “p” in “opposite”

I never said I wasn’t an idiot. I just said started typing and removed all doubt.

#12 “they can’t be all ‘great’ and ‘wonderful’, or ‘talented'”

Oh, I don’t know, Not Bob….I think it’s great and wonderful that a talented fellow like you made that distinction for us….and, no….I’m not being facetious….it’s an interesting point. Your comment brings this discussion into the realm of friends debating different points over a beer at the local pub. Casual conversational style…..just the right tone!

14. Harry Ballz – October 3, 2007

I don’t know. The very fact that you say I’m “talented” strongly suggests quite a bit of facetiousness. I’m quite talentless, I’ll have you know.

Well, all I can say to that is….it takes at least a keen intelligence for one to recognize that they have no talent!

Also, don’t be so modest…..as Dizzy Dean once pointed out, “it ain’t braggin’ if you can do it!”

16. Harry Ballz – October 4, 2007

I got slapped in the face when I told a girl, whom I hold very near and dear, that I may have some hope, still, according to some.

When she asked by whom? I said Harry Ballz. She slaped my face after calling me pervert. I hope you’re happy.

Keep laughing and I will hold to see if I am warned. If this is too vulgar, I am sorry.

Just going for a laugh.

Life’s too short NOT to go for the laugh! If TPTB think your comment is too vulgar, I’m sorry, too……for the collective humanity who DON’T get it!!!