More From McGillion On Scotty Audition

The scoop about Stargate Atlantis actor Paul McGillion auditioning for the role of Scotty in the new Star Trek film has swept around the interweb for the last week and also appeared in print as well. A representative for McGillion tells that we ‘started a landslide’ in requests for info about Paul. Fan reaction has also been overwhelmingly positive with McGillion taking in 67% of the votes in our 7 way Scotty poll (see poll archive). In a new interview with our friends at Gateworld (the best Stargate site), McGillion talks more about the possibility of being the next Enterprise engineer.

It was obviously thrilling to be able to go in and read for that character, seeing as I grow up watching Star Trek with my family

McGillion was also touched by the vote of confidence from James Doohan’s son Chris, expressed here on

I can’t say enough about that. Thank you, Chris Doohan! I’ve never met him. That was really a surprise and a thrill. He said some nice things about me. That’s really kind of him. I’m absolutely overwhelmed by that.

No word yet on how good Paul’s chances are, but as of now the role has not been cast.

Apparently Paul’s parents are already prepared for him to be playing in Star Trek:

McGillion makes his return to Stargate Atlantis in the 18th and 19th episodes SGA’s fourth season, airing next February.  

More on McGillion talking Scotty at Gateworld

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Being a an SG-1 and SGA fan as well as a Star Trek Fan, I think he is the best choice for Scotty. If the track recoprd is right whene ever you make a picture of someone as they would be in a TOS uniform they get the part.
I think that trend will continue.

hope he gets the part – he looks abit like Doohan so imagine how much they’ll make him look like him in the movie..

so we got really great casting for Spock, Uhura, Chechov and hopefully Scotty,

just Bones, Sulu and obviously the big one – Kirk.

Maybe Kirk’ll be either Vogel or the Band of Brothers guy..

Obviously he wont get it. If he was going to, he would be told to keep quiet and not to yammer away…

You mean like Zachary Quinto who petitioned for the part?

please please please!

Paul for Scotty!

LoL! I’m pathetic :(

He’s the dude. Write up the contracts already. Let’s ink this dealio.
Eion Bailey for Kirk (he’s the Band of Brothers guy, Snake).

I’ll say it again, please, please choice he’s for part. I right about Zachary Quinto as young Mr Spock and I’m right about Paul McGillian.

#4 What are you talking about? He didn’t give any thing away in that little interview. Obviously, you don’t ……….. [stop, deep breath, got to be nice, got to be nice……..]

I wish they would hurry up and confirm him. He is the best choise we’ve seen.

“Fingers Crossed” I really hope he is the new scotty. Liked him on screen (Atlantis) and off (in what I have seen such as the clip above).

Hope for the future story….;)

McGillion: “Dad, got a part in the new Star Trek movie”!
Dad: “No son, your on Stargate”
Mom: “Your in the new Stargate movie!?:
McGillion: “Yes…”

Oh crap I typed that rather and missed words out. What it should say is

I’ll say it again, please, please choose Paul McGillian for the part of Mr Scott as I feel he’s right for the role. I was right about Zachary Quinto for the part of young Mr Spock.


I agree!! He didn’t give anything away!

Paul for Scotty!


Eion Bailey for Kirk!

Paul =Scotty, Or it should be. How can yone ignore C. Doohan for crying out load or that photo that posted the other day.

As for Kirk, someone the guy from supernatural or vogel would be good. As for McCoy, who has that southern drawl and sacrasim down pat?
And Sulu , The guy from Heros.

He was talking about season 3 filming goin well so this would have (unless interviews were going on far earlier than I thought) been before any auditions. Season 3 just got released on DVD a couple of weeks ago.

yea i can see Eion Bailey as Kirk, he definately looks like him, and yes Paul for Scotty!

Hope both their acting is up to standard though!

the big challenge is getting that spark between Kirk Quinto and Urban, sorry MCOY!!

posted this once before, but it’s a hoot

A tall glass of something green to anyone who can understand all of it.

I don’t want a 22,25, 28 or 32 year old Scotty for cryin out loud!

Scotty was suppose to be older than the rest of the cast! Not a muppet baby!!

Don’t you producers, casting directors and JJ get it??!

Go watch an episode of TOS or read their biography!!

I mean, come on now!

He has the right looks and he’s the right age (almost 10 years older then the Spock and Uhura actors).

so yeah…..Paul for scotty!

actually i’m gonna go out on one here and say that i’m willing TO BET MY LIFE Paul McGillion gets the role as Scotty..

As long as McGillon can bring some authority to the role. Scotty was probably the smartest dude on the ship, next to Spock. Can YOU build a matter-anti-matter converter in your sleep? Also, Doohan stormed the beach on D-Day. Hard to find many actors today with those kinda street creds.

McGillion — oopsie

He’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. Perfect look, perfect accent. Roberto Orci, I know you read these boards, please tell J.J. to hurry up and sign him because he’s absolutely perfect for Scotty.

I agree he would make a great scottie!

And I am definitely for Eion Bailey as Kirk

Right On!

I have to agree on Paul McGillion as Scotty. Since I heard there was a Search for Scott (forgive me, I had to) I thought he would be perfect. I agree with #23, sign him up. He was great on Atlantis, has an interest to play the part, and I believe he would just add to what you guys (J.J., Orci, et all) are trying to make with this film.

He is getting so much support because he IS perfect. And yes CmdrR, Paul can easily bring authority to the role. He is a pro at techno babble in a Scottish accent. I don’t think the masses have agreed so much on a cast choice for this film. That says alot. JJ is smart enough to realize Quinto wil bring a Heroes fan base over and that Paul will bring the Stargate contingent. Lets get this deal done!

Awesome! Paul was BORN to play Scotty! Please CAST HIM ALREADY!

check out these pics to see just how much he looks like a young Doohan in some:

Paul for Scotty! Ben Browder for Kirk!

If there’s one person in this world who could truly do justice to the role of Scotty, it’s Paul McGillion. You KNOW he’s got the face for it! What are they waiting for? I wish they’d just give him the role already!

Let me just say
I know Peter Cullen was not the first choice to voice Optimus Prime in the new Transfromers movie..I think it was George Clooney ?

but the fans really wanted him back..and he was of course perfect for the role..

you know what I mean ;)

32 – erm….are you saying they should get Doohan back?


sorry my english is not very good. :/

Im talkin about the fans reaction…

I have never seen SG1 or SGA, but this guy blows me away. First of all, he’s quite fetching, secondly he’s perfect for Scotty.

So far all casting has been superb, now if they could get over the Vogel thing and find someone who really embodies Kirk. I wish I could think of someone, but I don’t know what they are waiting for to cast this guy.

Borgust frat! I hope Chris Doohan still has a shot!

Paul for Scotty. Yes please! There, I did ask very nicely!

Chris Doohan?!? Are you kidding me?!

He’s got what…Breaking Bonaduce and an uncredited role on TMP and you’re hoping for him to play his dad’s role in a multimillion dollar movie?!

I definitely would like to see Paul get the role of Scotty he’s perfect for that role.I was a fan of his from watching Stargate Atlantis he’s one of my favorite characters on that series besides Connor Trinneer portraying Micheal.

I have read several comments in various places on the internet of people with no prior interest in this movie suddenly becoming excited about it….all because Paul has been mentioned as a potential Scotty.

He’s talented and attractive and he obviously would love the role.

I can’t imagine a better representative for this film.

He gets my vote!

# 38.

Chris Doohan was nice enough to come here at this site and endorse Paul.

Hi Chris! If you’re reading this post!

Also Chris is in a band and a career.He doesnt need to do this movie.

See, that seems more reasonable. Nothing against Chris (Hi Chris!)….but someone had suggested he take the part. I honestly think we found Scotty in Paul.


Paul is THE perfect choice for Scotty, and it would certainly appear he has the fan backing, therefore guaranteeing a large fan seal of approval from the start.

Sign him up already…

That’s what I’m talking about #28. If anyone was ever born to play a role, Paul McGillion was born to play Scotty. There have even been weird parrellels in Doohan’s and McGillion’s careers. Come on producers, give one to the fans and show how much support you really have for this project. He is absolutely PERFECT for Scotty!

I’ve gotta say…I don’t know anything about this Eion Bailey guy, but I just Googled him and I don’t see it.

I’m not usually one to go on about “the look”, but I can’t see him being Kirk.

Eion Bailey, he’s a honey…but no Captain Kirk.

I kinda miss the Matt Damon rumors.

There has got to be someone who can play Captain Kirk as a frisky youngster.

Paul is perfect for the part. Ben Browder not a good choice for Kirk, but it would bnring the Farcscape fan base over. Like they were not all Star Trek fans anyway.

Any rumors on Sulu and /or McCoy?

Nothing new that I have heard, except for James Kyson Lee, who i like from Heroes (Ando), but can’t really see him as Hikaru.

Nothing for McCoy yet, that is going to be a critical part as I have always seen McCoy as the heart of Star Trek. The embodiment of humanity, and his interaction between Kirk and Spock is an essential part of what made TOS this long lasting phenomenon.

Strip Ben down, add some white hair strategically all over his body and stick a horn on his head. There, he’s got a part, and darnit that Mugatu will be dead sexy.

uhh…sorry, I think my head took over my fingers.

I can see Eion Bailey as Kirk.

Go to his website

or check out his performance on youtube

Okay #49…the real test of how much he can embody Kirk….

What does he look like with his shirt ripped half off and dirt peppered all over his torso.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but that was a big part of Trek for me.

Ok, seriously speaking….I don’t know. I see him and all I can think is that he looks like he could be Paul Rudd’s brother. I wonder what he’d look like as a blond…or Kirk Dirty Blond Shade number 19 from Garnier.