New Artwork From Star Trek: Online

Perpetual’s Star Trek: Online MMORPG is still over a year away, but in a new ‘DevLog‘ they are showing off quite a bit of new artwork for the game. In the past they have shown large matte painting vistas, such as this Vulcan Village…

…now they are showing individual components, plus a ‘killer’ surprise (below)

Here is concept art for a couple of the buildings:


And a couple of specific props:

more component artwork available at the STO DevLog

Attack of Planet Killer
It wasn’t all Vulcan Village stuff for this DevLog. STO’s Story Lead Mike Stemmle (who says he is ‘a great admirer of Commodore Decker’s "five-day bender" stubble’) leaves fans with a high res concept art image for something that should be familiar to all readers. The game is set 25 years after Star Trek Nemesis, but it is cool to see TOS elements like this one from "The Doomsday Machine" show up. Could we be seeing space amoebas too?

(click to enlarge)

Of course we are still waiting to see actual computer renders of all this concept art, but the DevLog promises that for a ‘future update.’ Another big thing that everyone is waiting for is the reveal of the final list of playable races. Apparently these too will be revealed with final in-game artwork. 2007 has mostly been a year of teases, but the game goes into betatest sometime in 2008 (for an early 2009 release). So hopefully it wont be too long until we see what this game really looks like. 


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My oh my but this is starting to feel real!
Now if we can just get more cast confirmations!

WOW DOOMSDAY MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Love the “!” — is that Kirk saying “WTF?”

thats going to own WOW, go star trek lol

Yeh Im really looking forward to this ,,

why watch it,, when you can live it


flier 1701…Thanks. Thanks a lot. Now, I am gonna be humming that in the shower and car for the next week. Jeesh!

#1 This artwork is for an online video game, not the movie.

I hope they show us a Vulcan village or city in the movie – that would be so cool.

Can anyone identify the class of starship next to the Doomsday Machine?

25 years AFTER Nemesis… Too bad. It seems like Paramount is trying to get away from TNG/DS9/VOY.

I’d like to be able to take the U.S.S. Titan (immediately post-“Nemesis”) into action.

One question I have: The Excelsior-class was seen as the workhorse of Starfleet in the TNG-era. What’s the workhorse in post-TNG era, 25 years later? The Galaxy-class? Another starship class? Hopefully the game designers can hold a Q&A w/

I have not tried one of these games before. Mostly as they seem more combat oriented than social. I’m still anxious to try this as I have more faith in the players whom I expect to be Trekkies and Trekkers alike. If its too complex for a geezer like me I’ll give up very easily. It sure looks intimidating.

#10 ZoraJolteon – from the rendering, that appears to be a ‘Scared Shitless’ class starship. LOL Seriously, I’d like to see the franchise revisit the whole Doomsday Machine storyline again someday, maybe on the small screen in a future series. You know, Starfleet stumbles upon the ruins of the civilization that created it eons ago, they start poking around at things out of curiosity, and a dormant Planet Killer suddenly comes flying up out of the ground. Maybe they can throw in a plot twist – the damn thing starts following the ship around like a puppy, so they name it Bandit, or Nigel, or something. LOL :D



#10, the only thing I can think of is Ambassador class. No, it’s not exact, but I think that’s closest. Ambassador class is one of my favorites. Excelsior class is still probably my fav. Especially the Enterprise B with the new secondary hull…. both are majestic and pretty ships…

Ira Steven Behr would say, Why don’t you guys go read some Faulkner and DeLillo instead of playing video games based on a TV show? But who cares what he thinks, he wrote for DS9, and everyone hates DS9…

Looking good, but I think the only ships from the TNG era that will be in this game would be the Defiant class Sovereign, Galaxy MAYBE Nebula and the other new classes introed in FC like the Steam Runner Sabre and Akira.

That ship with the Doomsday Machine looks to me like a cartoonified Galaxy Class that was just thrown in for scale. “!”

But where’s my LEGO Star Trek game then?…


no no not everyone hates DS9!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love it

I like the doomsday machine, but I hope they don’t make it semi-transparent. Solid neutronium is one thing, but semi-transparent solid neutronium? Why make it semi-transparent?

“16. XC – October 3, 2007
Ira Steven Behr would say, Why don’t you guys go read some Faulkner and DeLillo instead of playing video games based on a TV show? But who cares what he thinks, he wrote for DS9, and everyone hates DS9… ”

Hmmm this seems a little arrogant and presumptuous to say the very least. DS9 is in my personal consideration the best of all the Star Trek series to date. I don’t presume to tell other people what they like or should think but in my own opinion DS9 had more heart, better acting, more believable characters, more intrinsic timeless value that never dies, better villains, superb writing, casting perfection, better production value, more bang for you buck, and just plain greatness in a capacity that can be measured than all of the other series! And, in some cases, more than any two of the other series combined. DS9 is the Star Trek of the future. Somehow I think 20 years from now or 40 years from now people will not look back at Voyager or Enterprise and say wow that is what Star Trek (If it still is around) should be like… Now DS9 on the other hand has the pure timeless values of good and evil and the grappling to understand the human condition and manifest destiny that could be viewed in 60 years and still found both relevant and moving.

I am an English major if any of the words or terminology are to big for you look them up or contact me and I will explain them to you like I do my 7th graders!

Good Day,
Aaron R.

Aaron R….

I agree with you. DS9 is my favorite series. You are an English major. IRONY.

Go back and re-read Swift with this in mind. It’ll blow you away.

OK, sorry for being mean. My comment wasn’t clear. I LIKE DS9, but on this site, the majority of the voices seem to disparage anything that comes in the post-Roddenberry era…

I’ve never played an MMORPG before. I have friends that are into WOW and the like, but this… This is the stuff of dreams. I think I’ll need to go ahead and get a second job so I can save up for how much this game will cost me! Not to mention all the time lost playing until the wee hours of the morning!