Mmmm Brains – Trek Vets Doing New Zombie Show

Last week we linked to without explanation. Now we can reveal it is for a 2008 TV series called Alive from the brains of Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens and starring John Billingsley and Gary Graham.

Alive is set in a world that has faced a ‘zombie apocalypse’ where just a handful of people are holed up in a continuity of government bunker called ‘Falcon Rock.’ A global pandemic has converted the rest of the world into the brain eating undead. Trek novelists and Enterprise writers Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens co-created the series (along with Matt Vancil) and will be the show runners. They are getting some help from some other Trekkers in the form of Mike Okuda as the scenic designer and Denise Okuda as the video supervisor.

Gary Graham (ENT: Soval) stars as the the leader of Falcon Rock, Colonel Jonathan Manwary (pictured below) and John Billingsley (ENT: Phlox) plays the enigmatic Pastor Mordecai Webb (pictured above). Rounding out the main cast will be Andrew McGinnis who had guest spots on Charmed and Angel and Lia Johnson who Judy and Gar spotted in the indie film I’m Through with White Girls where she co-stared with Enterprise’s Anthony Montgomery (In a strange Trek coincidence, unbeknownst to the Reeves-Stevens, she had a small part in the recent Star Trek New Voyages episode "World Enough and Time.").


See the ‘pre pilots’ this month
The show premieres in about a year so to build buzz they are doing ‘pre-pilot’ short teasers in the form of fictional video podcasts from the survivors of the apocalypse at Falcon Rock. Soldiers have weapon cams and helmet cams and they share what they learn with other survivors. The first one went live today and two more will be available later this month leading up to Halloween. Afterwards will be updated with new info on the show including blogs.

Click to see first ‘Falcon Rock Podcast’ from Alive


Modern Zombies
Although best known for sci-fi, this will not be the first time in the world of horror for the Reeves-Stevenses. In fact Garfield has written a number of horror novels and Stephen King even referred to him as the "The Tom Clancy of horror." The Reeves Stevenses promise that their zombies are "different zombies." One thing is that is out is the slow, shambling, easy to run away from type of zombies. Such things have fallen out of fashion with recent zombie projects like 28 Days Later. "We have drawn from everything that exists and taken it another step which is even scarier," says Garfield. But they are sticking with some classic elements – their zombies are still lovers of braaaaaaiins. And they also promise to have a bit of humor in the series. "Horror and comic relief always go together…it makes the horror that much sharper" says Judith.

Alive premieres in the summer or fall of 2008 mostly on various cable channels around the world (more details on where and when in a future update).



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