Star Trek ‘Getting Real’ For Quinto – Endorses Pine For Kirk

It has been about a year since Zachary Quinto first started talking about Spock in the new Star Trek film and now it is really sinking in. In a new TV Guide interview the actor admits that he campaigned for the role by telling everyone he knew or would listen "I want to be Spock." But it appears some prosthetic pointy ears finally made the part real, saying:

I just had my first fitting for my Vulcan ears. It felt incredible, and in that moment there was a huge shift for me. Suddenly it was real, and I was like "OK! Let’s get this thing going!

Green Spock
Quinto talked more with Access Hollywood about the makeup and it appears that they will be keeping Spock’s original greenish tint.

I’m anticipating some pretty early call times actually. We’ve gotta do the ears, the brows, the green tint down to the skin. I imagine it will take a while 

A Pine endorsement
The buzz this week is that young Chris Pine will be the new Kirk. Access Hollywood could not get Quinto to confirm or deny the story, but he did offer up an endorsement for Pine, saying:

I know Chris, I think he is a phenomenal actor. I would certainly love to work with him and I feel like he would be a really strong choice.

Don’t expect Quinto to drop by
We already know that the writers and others behind the movie are keeping an eye on the Internet, but it appears Quinto is avoiding it…telling TV Guide:

I don’t immerse myself in the Internet chatter because it opens you up to a whole source of danger. 

Quinto Nimoy Bonding – To appear together at Grand Slam
It appears that the bond between Quinto and his predecessor Leonard Nimoy is only getting stronger – Quinto tells TV Guide

Whenever I have a question about this iconic character, I can actually call up the legend who created him–and that’s mind-blowing

Now Creation Entertainment have announced you will be able to see this working relationship on stage at next year’s Grand Slam Sci Fi Summit. Nimoy has been added to the bill that already included Quinto. This will be their first appearance together since the Comic-Con announcement.




Access Hollywood Quinto Story

Creation Entertainment SciFi Summit

(TV Guide story not on their website)


Thanks to Mary Jo Tenuto for the TV Guide quotes 

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Well if Spock says Mr. Pine would be good, then I’m for it. I like to see that they are adding the “chicken soup” color to the character too. It seemed to become less and less prominent as the films went on.

And yes, let’s get this thing going.


Yes, I noticed that about Spock too. He seemed to gather a rosier tint in later films…just didn’t look right. I’m happy to hear they will be true to the makeup as well. :)

Quinto’s endorsement of Pine really seals the deal for me.


They probably have amazing chemistry!!!!! :)

Pine and Quinto!

Paul McGillion for Scotty!

This guy’s endorsement hardly inspires me I must say. Or has he finished his fandom crash course yet? :(

I totally agree about the green tint — it was pretty much nonexistent in the films. Another hopeful sign that they’re pushing the TOS aesthetic with this film.

It’ll be interesting to see Nimoy with the green tint again, since he hasn’t really had it for 40 years.

I’m unbelievably psyched about this movie. (Not about the green tint, but I just need to say that every now and then).

Yellow tint.
Much more yellow than green.

Well, we need an actor who will work well with Quinto, knows Star Trek and is a good actor.

The answer is obviouis..

Nimoy as Kirk

This guy should be Kirk. He’s unknown, but I think he’s great. His name is Tom Alexander, and he’s campaigning for the role in a creative way. Take a look.

Mr Orci,

If you’re reading this:

Star Trek’s future is in your hands.

Good luck.

*9 nooo just no, that guy is terrible as kirk! looks nothing like him and cant really act!!

well, i dont think Pine is really Kirk material. He has the voice, but i dont know whether he can cut the mustard with his acting… Im hoping for the best, but im thinking the worst!!

although Quinto’s faith in Pine is slightly comforting…

Yes, absolutely need the green tint. But, let’s lose the eye shadow. At least most of it. TOS musta been part owner in Revlon.

wait they said Shatner couldn’t act either

…and they were WRONG!

Dying to see some pictures of sets, costumes, props…

#14 Yes, need at least teaser of the Enterprise SOOOOOON (to see how they will muck up that too). And DON’T DO IT IN CGI. Go read the Indy/Spielberg interview at on his take with digital film on action shots.

Shatner can act with the best of them. He is a King. Just took some people longer to realise it.

I’m all for the greenish tint on young Spock, but I hope they don’t go overboard with Nimoy’s makeup. He should look similar to the way he did in previous movies.

15. CGI vs. models

Give me models anytime!

Let’s hope all of us converging on the intersection of Quinto and Pine doesn’t lead to major congestion!

#18 No congestion here but feel a sphincter releasing the closer this gets to production.

has there been any explanation in the cannon for the loss of the tint?

kind of the way they tried to expalin the rubber headed Klingons

I think the Shat is a great actor, you only need to watch a couple episodes of Boston Legal to see how good he is. The original series got quite campy and I think alot of the acting performances were lost within that – especially in season 3 towards the end.

And hurray for the greenish tint returning – I always wondered what happened to that.

My biggest question though is: what are the uniforms going to be like?!

I’m glad they’re keeping the tint, although I have to disagree w/ #12 and say that I’m all for the eye shadow. I don’t know why, but I always liked that part of TV-Spock’s make-up.

Re: #15 and #17 — I agree…it’s all about the models. I wouldn’t mind seeing them touched up with CGI sometimes, though — a well-integrated mix of models & CGI would be ideal. Not like a lot of the remastered, which was just replacing entire model/green screen scenes with CGI, but using CGI to enhance and overcome the limitations of models. (

I have no idea how possible that is, though, since I have absolutely nothign in the way of cinematographic experience…;>.)

Lord Garth Formerly of Izar

Sylar ate a fat broads brain on Heroes this week– MMMMM Brains

Well if Spock is down, I’m convinced. And are we STILL talking about how the special effects should look ? I mean… damn.

21: i think they can keep the uniforms, they would not look funny. but the big question for me is the consoles and buttons… i hope they use the original design, but then the non-fans would consider it a comedy.

23: why would anyone eat brains… did they explain the reason?

as for models vs. CGI: i liked the look of the 1701-E better in nemesis and insurrection (CGI) than in first contact (mostly model).

If Quinto thinks Pine would be great, then that’s good. Now we just have to figure out who can play Bones.


Did you click the New Trek Faces Gallery

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” actor Mike Vogel is in talks for a role in the movie, but it’s not clear who he will play. James Doohan’s charatcer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott and DeForest Kelley’s role as Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy have not yet been filled.”

Mike Vogel as Scotty or Bones?


May be Vogel is going to be Samuel Kirk??

or Perhaps fleet Capt. Matt Decker

What about Mr. Stiles? With that whole Romulan connection, that would be great. People seem to be ignoring Gary Mitchell too…

They said they were looking at the minor characters so…Why not?

On the model point:

As many have remarked before – models vs CGI is a ridiculous arguement. The way people go on, you’d think CGI was the devil incarnate. They are a variety of factors – the artist, the budget, time factors etc.

CGI can be hit and miss. That much is true. But think how many films throughout history had “model” shots. Are you telling me they all good??? REALLY?

You mean you’ve never seen a fake looking model shot?

Just because it looked good in Star Wars doesnt mean it will hold up as well now. Model shots took forever. Think of all the different lighting passes they had to do. What about the matte lines?

You cant just say :

CGI = Bad
Models = Good

This arguement really is a non-starter.

Oh, and if Quinto is talking about Pine – it looks good for him in the role.

anything is possible but I wwould like to see a young strong Capt Decker before the Domesday Machine get him. and he could probably pass as Kirks brother.

CGI vs. Physical Models

If they can get the look and motion right, then CGI is a good alternative to models.

Look at ST:TMP Directors Edition for a great example.

The CG Enterprise was used seamlessly with the original Enterprise footage from the film, and the lighting was fantastic.

The issues with the Remastered episodes come more from a lack of time and budget than any other factor.

A CG Enterprise can look fantastic, as evidenced by the CG USS Defiant in the mirror-universe episodes of Enterprise.

Absolutely no CGI Rand.
She must be a live model.

#32, agreed.

Besides, while CGI may be overused in scifi movies nowadays, it’s usually the “digital doubles” and digital environments that look questionable now and then.

CGI planes and starships and other hard metallic objects usually look fine, so I don’t know what people are so worried about.

Addition concerning the visual FX in the movie:
We all know they hired ILM to do the FX work. If I’m not completely mistaken ILM sold off its model shop some time ago. So they are working 100% CGI, which makes it pretty unlikely they will do a model Enterprise.

Like jon1701 said, good CGI is mostly a question of budget and time. It’s simple and fast to create bad CGI (i.e. that looks phoney). But to get a shot to look real it takes time: first, artist time and second, processing time (lots and lots of computers rendering the shots).
The artificial look in many CGI shots is based on bad lighting or bad surface properties (like shinyness) of the objects in the scene.

I hope they dont use models, hell who uses models these days? One of the joys of CGI is there really is no physical limits to how you ‘film’ the models and action for starters. And as Diginon says, good CGI is about time which = money (mainly processing or ‘render’ time!). They have a shortage of time, but I’m guessing major FX budget with a relatively unknown cast shouldn’t be a problem! And I’d bet they’ve had the CGI stuff in development for a llllooonnnnnnggggg time.

Realistic CG, to the point of it being hard to tell if its a model or cg is all down to the level of detail, the lighting, the shadows, the texturing and texture mapping. The more detail, the longer is takes to render but we’re far beyond the days of B5 and the video toaster! I hope they pull out all the stops and we get to see CG effects taken to a whole new level!

First though, I wish they’ve hurry up and cast the whole line=up. Find a McCoy & Sulu, confirm Pine (or whoever if he goes with Clooney), and hurry up and cast Paul McGillion for Scotty already! I mean, who else is even in the running now??? Even Scifiwire has Paul at a massive 70% + approval on their poll!!!

why is it so hard to find someone who looks like shatner?…nobody so far even comes close. I have no suggestions. I think that the upcoming film is only to sell the original series and maybe a sequel if the numbers are fantastic. Then I believe that paramount will next back a star trek series based 100 years after nemesis…yeah I know I’m a broken record:P

Contrary to what most are hoping for on this board, I think, I’m hoping that the producers depart from the original design of the Enterprise bridge in a big way. Sure, everybody can sit in the same location, and some color schemes can be the same, but that’s it. This movie must look beyond the technology we have NOW and conjecture what things will be like, much like they did in the 60’s for the original show. I don’t want to see giant pda’s or switch buttons. The producers have to do what Spielberg did with Minority Report; get a think tank together and conjecture a plausible future based on what we know today. Otherwise, this will look cheesy. This is an enormously difficult task that the production designers face. I have no idea what they’re going to come up with, but it’s fun to imagine!


I don’t recall spock having a tint to his skin…………..

but I have a knack for missing subtle things like that :P


Just how many actors do you think are out there that look like a young Shatner?? Pine probably comes about as close as you’re gonna get, while still having someone who can act worth a darn.

Chris Pine has the energy that Shat has and Charisma from what I’ve seen so far. What’s with the scar on the left side of his face???? Also, Spock should be greener then before IMHO. Where’s BONES?????? I’ve heard absolutely nothing and I love this character. Please keep him sardonic!

#8. Bill – October 11, 2007
“Well, we need an actor who will work well with Quinto, knows Star Trek and is a good actor.

The answer is obviouis..

Nimoy as Kirk ”


just having nimoys phone number would blow my mind!!!!!

he is amazing!!!!

I wonder if Quinto will get anywhere near the same fanatical devotion as Nimoy did. He goes into detail about his stalker in his book “I am Spock”.

If Quinto endorsed Pine, then Pine is already in.
As far as the CGI vs. Models thing goes,
I think a lot of model work from the past looks most excellent.
All the old Trek & Star Wars films from the 80’s look just fine to me.
CGI like #31 said is hit & miss.
A example of a Hit would be the last two Star Wars Prequel films.
The stuff with the Clone Troopers & Yoda looks awesome.
A miss would be the last two Trek films.
The Enterpise E IMO looks like crap for the most part.
IMO thats the reason the new Trek film is being handled by ILM.

Well, Quinto plays a psychopathic brain-eating(?) villain named Sylar on Heroes

and his fan base is pretty big

There is a group called Sarmy -Sylar’s Army

Their website Slogan:
“Because every villain needs a legion of evil supporters…”

#25. NCC-73515
“why would anyone eat brains… did they explain the reason?”

Are you serious? I am guessing that you have never seen ‘Heroes’.
Syler eats brains to absorb their powers.
Not to mention the Nutritional value.

Pine would be a good choice. Paul McGillion for Scotty!!!!
I still say that Gary Sinise would be the perfect Doctor McCoy Right age I believe he can do that Southern Drawl that McCoy needs perfectly

Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space, Only Not In Jail For DUII

1, 3, 6–I was noticing that the other day. I treated myself to these really cool Star Trek VI plaques on eBay. One is Capt. Kirk, the other Spock.

They are really quite elegant:


But Spock shows no greenness as far as I can tell.

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