“Dagger of the Mind” Trailer [UPDATE: Plus Totally New Matte Painting]

10/11 UPDATE: CBS just released a brand new matte painting from "Dagger of the Mind" that replaces the re-used matte from "Where No Man Has Gone Before" in the original

Video preview below

The Remastered "Dagger of the Mind" airs this weekend

Video preview courtesy STARTREK.COM  (note updated station/air time guide)

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Change the off switch to on!

This episode is so cheesy thats its actually kind of good. Kirk babe wasn’t half bad looking either….get her on the table and lets the suggestions fly. I’ll have to look up to see IF that
crazy bug eyed guy is still kicking – is he?

I see they still have the “Where No Man” matte at the beginning of the preivew, since it was reused for this episode. I hope they change that.

Yeah, I hope they change the matte as well. It’s a cool painting, one of Trek’s best, but I’d like to see something new for the place.

3 ety3

I was wondering the same thing. I think they knew this would be the big question for this episode. So right at the start of the trailer they show it’s still there unchanged. Knowing most of us probably would be wondering what the potential new matt could look like and would be discussing it on forums like this.

I was wondering would it have little CGI people walking about? and how would it be different but kept in a similar style?
But here’s the trailer and they have just put the old matt painting right at the start of the trailer, straight way almost to say, here the answer to your first question, ” the matt stays the same.

Now that is a real disappointment again not even sticking to the original brief because of having to rush season one out on to DVD for the suits. Unlike the morph effect that’s was added to last weeks trailer , I don’t think we have ever seen an old effect in a trailer that was then updated in the actual episode. If anything the trailer guys add effects that aren’t seen in the episode to make it look like more has been done.

Come on CBS this was crying out for something new, I am really not expecting much for the rest of this project now. I would love to see another edition of these episodes released on DVD with more time to make these as good as they can be for today.

It would be a more complete update when time isn’t against them. I like the idea of “The Menagerie” being show in the cinema, I would love to see double bills all the other episodes being shown also but with them really given the full treatment to the whole episode, effects and sound all Remastered, no opportunity missed.

How many times do people need to see that what is in the previews is not necessarily in the episodes? Maybe it will be….but…maybe it….won’t.

Woop woop!
Helen Noel is a close second to Andrea from “Little Girls.” Gotta love plunging necklines in air vents.

Yeah, I have to agree with the above sentiments: while it is nice to see all the episodes in HD, this is an episode that is definetly not to be considered effects heavy. Therefore, shouldn’t be any problem in updating that matte like they did in “Blink of an Eye.” Guess we’ll know by mid-week when they release screencaps.

Plus, how hardcore would it be to see an opressive penal colony.

I’m expecting nothing more than beauty shots of the E and the matte, and the matte will probably be done to match the original as closely as possible. I’ve given up on hoping for anything extra anymore.


I hope this broadcast is cool for the rest of you. Thanks to WSB in Atlanta, I’ve given up on *ever* seeing ST-R on TV again. I didn’t even bother to set my DVDR this weekend.

Peace. Live long and prosper. Everyone except WSBTV, that is.
The Vulcanista }:-|


I feel your pain. The station in Houston was putting it on at 11:05 on Saturdays. Sometimes it would be pushed back for sports, other times they decided to show an ??infomercial?? before the show. It started anytime from 11:05 to 1:15. Impossible to record via DVR. I gave up and stopped watching too.

The lucky thing is that it due to poor ratings (duh) it was moved to a local, non-network-affiliated station. It now comes on at 7:00 (previous ep) and 9:00 (new ep) on Saturdays!!!! Hang in there…and ask one of your local stations to pick it up!

Boy, Shatner really eats up the scenery in this one, doesn’t he?

Is the matte from the original “Dagger of the Mind” a duplicate of the one from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”? If it is, then the one shown in the preview is not the same. There are no structures above the domes in the background and the entrance to the building in the foreground is different.

welcome to the planet.-arium!

Vulcanista, I’m with you. I can’t even set the alarm anymore because it’s too heart-breaking to hear “already in progress.”
I worked at WSB years ago. They sucked then. They suck bigger now.
Anthony… is there ANY news of someone playing TOS-R uncut? (Yes, yes, I know there are DVD’s but I’m a free TV baby.)
Oh, and WSB is owned by Cox (which really sucks.) They own Blockbuster. So, boycott Blockbuster to get back at WSB for killing Trek.

#2. I’ll have to look up to see IF that
crazy bug eyed guy is still kicking – is he?

That crazy bug eyed guy was Morgan Woodward who went on to play, IMO, the best Star Trek villain ever…Captain Ronald Tracy in the Omega Glory. He was a trained opera singer, hence the huge voice and dramatic delivery, and is a fellow Texan. He lives just a few miles from me in Arlington and lives in a gated community with the street named after him. I’ve always wanted to meet Woodward. He was Punk on the TV show Dallas later on.

The good looking chick in this ep, BTW went on to play Sonny Corleone’s wife in the Godfather. Love her. Love her. Love her.

I remember back to when the remastering of TOS was announced…everyone was so concerned about changing one precious image of the show we all know and love.
It’s a testament to the work at CBS Digital that all us fans are dying for more! Last weeks “What Are Little Girls Made Of” had some of the finest exteriors of the Enterprise yet, in my opinion.
Way to go, guys!


Actually, Fredo’s drunk, blonde wife. ;)

Morgan Woodward was also one of the best villains in one of the best movies ever: “Cool Hand Luke”. He played the silent, menacing gun bull (prison guard) ‘Boss Godfrey’ with the mirrored aviator sunglasses.

Hella cool…

The matte is the same from “Where no Man has Gone Before” but with the minor changes you mentioned Kyle as a 1960’s attempt at both budget cutting and making something old look new again.

#19….No….I’m pretty sure she was Sonny’s wife. The one who was demonstrating the size of his manhood at the wedding for the other wives.

re: the matte. If it is supposed to be a penal colony, why do they need such large tanks of something? Do they take a lot of showers? Have they solved the pruning problem in the 23rd century?

The large tanks were for creatures like Ruk, so that when the staff were told, “take him to the holding tank”, they had something that could accomodate someone of his size…..nyuk, nyuk, nyuk……

the tanks are for storing the siphoned-off crazy.


Yeah, I just checked the picture on StarTrek.com. They are exactly the same, except for the reasons I already stated. The landscape is an exact duplicate, as is the sky. It would have been nice if they changed the shapes of the rocks and the mountains in the background at least. But it seems that they haven’t.

“siphoned-off crazy”. That’s funny.

yeah, I dont know why CBS-D dosent get more imaginative about the old matte paintings. Redundancy isnt a good way to get fans to buy something. The more fans grumble about already having something. The less likely they will spend hard earned extra bucks. do the math ronald!

Okay, so the preview shows the exterior of the penal colony to be the same (minus the big machinery behind the domes) matte shot used in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” just as it was in the original, unremastered episode.

Now, it is possible that the preview is “fibbing” a little and just not showing us the new matte that CBS-D may have created for the show, but that seems kind of silly to me. Of course, they could now be using the previews to mess with our minds. “What did we change and what did we leave alone? You’ll never know from the previews. You have to watch the actual episode! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

I’ll go on record saying this: If CBS-D did not create a new matte painting, if they simply used the same one from WNMHGB minus the machinery (just as was done when the show was originally produced), then I’m done with the whole “remastered” project. I’m not staying up late on Sunday nights to see them use the same budget-saving cheats that were used during the show’s original run. If they aren’t going to continue making changes like that (changes that were truly remarkable in episodes like “Amok Time,” “Wink of an Eye,” and “The Menagerie”), then there’s no reason for me to waste my nights watching, nor to spend my hard-erarned sheckles on the DVD sets.

I’ve gone from being an ardent supporter of this endeavor to a disappointed fan. I’ll wait for this episode to air, then I’ll make my final decision.

Fellow Atlantans!

WSB may have redeemed themselves.

According to Comcast TV Planner, WSB is airing this episode on SATURDAY (NOT SUNDAY), October the 13th, from 4:00 – 5:00 a.m. This schedule change wasn’t updated as of yesterday at StarTrek.com.

Dare we hope? Yes! Set your DVRs, VCRs, TiVos! (but to be on the safe side, set them for 1.5 hours instead of an hour, just in case.)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

After reading all the discussion, I have to say that the blame falls squarly ont he corporate suits. They’ve been forced to cut corners to get more done in less time. Thins liek that which could make a big impact on an episode fall by the wayside in the rush to get more done. It’s a real shame because it cheapens what the whole project was all about.

#15 I dig your meaning ;-)

“I love my work!”

maybe they’ll “animate” the matte painting a bit like they did in WNMHGB.

BTW, did you guys know that the previews get released on Itunes, too (along with other po/videocasts)

It’ll be a huge disappointment if they didn’t redo that matte painting. What’s the point of remastering these episodes if they are going to leave stuff like that as-is?

I too hope they update the matte with something completely different that looks more like a penal colony and less like a lithium – not dilithium, mind you, since it was the second pilot – cracking station.

Then again, maybe it really IS a lithium cracking station, and they needed that lithium to treat the schizophrenics until the mind dagger came along…

Why is everyone saying that they hope they change the matt painting when the preview clearly shows that they haven’t?

I’m pretty much finished with the remastered episodes myself now. What happened to the video screenshots of the episode with the bad morph effect? People were saying that it would probably be different than the preview, I said it wouldn’t but I can’t find the screenshots of it to check.

#35: The previews don’t always match the episode as aired. The actual remastered Man Trap episode, for example, did not have the oddball morphing effects that were seen in the teaser.

I missed the episode, but from what I’ve heard, there wasn’t even any morph shots in the episode. They may have just been added for the preview, or perhaps all the b****ing here made them decide to pull it. Who knows. Either way, it would have looked better than the 60’s effect.

There are four lights! I mean three! No, four.

That still from the episode makes me want to say, “open the pod bay doors, HAL.”

But seriously, the clip demonstrated a lot of the cheesy overacting that Shatner made famous… and people are rooting for this guy to come back?


Check out:


Mariana (Marianna) Hill–Deanna Dunn Corleone, Fredo’s Wife in Godfather II.

Julie Gregg was Santino’s wife Sandra Corleone in The Godfather.

Marianna Hill is that amazing of an actress. I couldn’t believe it either. :)

#15 Great reference for a great South Park

Imagine… having your mind, emptied by that… thing, wihtout even a tormentor for company…

Of course, the easiest thing for them to change/improve would be the “mind- dagger” itself, since it is nothing but an insert. But, perhaps the rotating light is considered more canonical than Norman 1’s inner workings.

Marianna Hill as Dr. Helen Noel

Her appearance in “The Godfather” is high profile but she had much more to say and do in Clint Eastwood’s “High Plains Drifter”.


I’m suffering from double vision since banging my head so I, therefore, see eight lights!

According to Comcast TV Planner, WSB is airing this episode on SATURDAY (NOT SUNDAY), October the 13th, from 4:00 – 5:00 a.m.

Uh, I guess that’s better. YAWN. They’d better not cut half the episode to make up for football overages.

The people putting together these trailers are doing great work. ST never looked so exciting!

I hear ya, #39, but current Shatner is a better actor than 60s-Shatner.

Yeah, why didn’t they redo the Lithium Cracking Station? It’s a penal colony, not an industrial plant….

Sorry, these are the things the fans talk about— like the reuse of the Mojave City in “Conscience of the King”.

I hope they redo the castle in “Requiem for Methusula” instead of reusing the one from “The Cage”.

That’s what this remastering is supposed to be all about, making up for the budget shortfalls from the ’60s (and putting more $$$ into the CBS Paramount coffers — like releasing “The Menagerie” in theatres next month — cha ching !!!)

#48 FredCFO

That’s the irpnic thing about this Remastering project: the budget shortfalls…

Stop the presses! Here is the NEW matte:


LOL they DID fix it!