This Week in Trek – Casting. A Lot of Casting

This week was all about the new Star Trek movie, with three major casting announcements and news of the actors in talks to play Kirk and McCoy. But this week also brings news of this year’s Trek Expo, a step towards transporter technology, and one site’s casting of an all-female Star Trek.

All this and more… This Week in Trek

Star Trek (2008 movie)

  • Where to begin? First, we learned that Eric Bana will be playing the villain, named Nero. Then we found out that Chris Pine is in talks to play Jim Kirk. And on October 11th, we were hit with the one-two punch of Simon Pegg being cast as Scotty and John Cho winning the role of Sulu. Most recently, it was confirmed that Karl Urban is in talks to play Dr. McCoy.
  • Co-writer Roberto Orci discussed casting and some things we can expect in the film in part two of an exclusive interview with
  • Director/producer J.J. Abrams praised his new Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and Chekov (Anton Yelchin) in this month’s Star Trek Magazine (read about it here) while Zachary Quinto (Spock) endorsed Chris Pine for the role of Kirk.
  • Also in the latter story, we learned that Quinto had his first fitting for his Vulcan ears and that Spock’s skin will have a green tint.
  • has provided an update on the film’s production, budget, and casting.
  • Simon Pegg is "overjoyed" to have won the role of Scotty, according to The, citing Pegg’s father.
  • Cinema Blend has written an open letter to director/producer J.J. Abrams asking that he share certain parts of the production process with the fans.


Trek Stuff:

  • Eternal Images has revealed their first line of Star Trek funeral products. See the report for more details.
  • Video game developer Perpetual Entertainment has halted production for the time being on what was to be their launch title, Gods and Heroes, to focus on the development of Star Trek Online. Click here for more information.


Trek in the World:

  • This year’s Trek Expo is being held this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (see Trek Celebrity News section for guests)
  • "A radio comedy comparing Star Trek‘s Klingons with endangered indigenous cultures on Earth" is among the highlights of a film called Four Sheets to the Wind, playing at the ImagineNative Film and Media Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada next week.
  • Are there Trekkies in Maryland’s government? Click here to find out.


Trek Science:

  • Beam me up, Scotty… but take your time: Although it’s a step closer to Star Trek‘s transporter, physicists’ development of "quantum teleportation" involves not the teleportation of atoms but the teleportation of the quantum properties of atoms. If you feel up to it, grab a couple Aspirin and check it for yourself.
  • How’s your technobabble? By combining single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer and a tractor beam-like method for holding a molecule in place, researchers at the University of Illinois are now able to accurately detect "nanometer-scale motion of biomolecules caused by pico-newton forces." Hope you have more Aspirin.


Trek on the Web:

  • Jane Lynch as Spock? Helen Mirren as Picard? Rosie O’Donnell as Scotty??? has cast their own Star Trek film… with an all-female cast.

 Rosie as Scotty?

  • The Washington Post has an article on Georgetown University’s "Philosophy & Star Trek" class mentioned in last week’s summary.
  • According to American Chronicles, ‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry may be "the father of exopolitics."
  • TrekWeb has a review of the short story anthology Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Sky’s the Limit. You can check it out here.
  • has a piece on Creation’s Convention in Sacramento, California, along with pictures. Check it out here.
  • also has a review of Peter David’s Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Before Dishonor, which you can find here.
  • Dakota Voice talks about the lack of references to God or faith in religion in an article called "Faith, or Lack Thereof, in Star Trek."
  • Someone at The Fergus Falls Daily Journal thinks Americans are regressing — moving further away from the ideals of Star Trek.


Trek Celebrity News:

  • TNG’s LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) and VOY stars Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway), Robert Picardo (The Doctor), and Ethan Phillips (Neelix) will be guests at Trek Expo 2007 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also attending will be Ron Glass (Loken in VOY’s "Nightingale"), Suzie Plakson (K’Ehleyr and others), and Sean Kenney (DePaul and crippled Pike on TOS).
  • Speaking of LeVar Burton, he has interviews up at two Oklahoma-based sites: one at Tulsa World and another at NewsOK.
  • A correction to last week’s summary: Jonathan Frakes (Riker) will be a guest at the Rockland Public Library in Maine on November 1st. As stated before, he will be part of the library’s event called "Four Decades of Trek", a five-week series which will entail discussion about Trek with guest hosts, screenings of episodes and the documentary Mind Meld, and prize giveaways of Trek merchandise.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise actor John Billingsley (Phlox) appeared in last Monday’s episode of Journeyman, which I didn’t find out until I read this.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko) delivered a spoken-word tribute at the dedication of the African Burial Ground in Manhattan on October 5th.
  • George Takei (Hikaru Sulu) will be honored at this year’s San Diego Asian Film Festival, which began on Thursday and runs through October 18th. Takei will accept the honor on October 14th.
  • On October 22nd, Takei will perform a reading of a play called Po’ Boy Tango with "Elaan of Troyius" co-star France Nuyen (Elaan) at Chicago’s Northlight Theatre. Po’ Boy Tango will be the first of a series of readings from Interplay.
  • Rene Auberjonois (Odo) has an interview in this month’s SFX magazine, a small snippet of which has been posted at TrekWeb.
  • Babysitter Wanted, the new horror film starring DS9’s Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys), will premiere in the US as part of the Hollywood Film Festival, as reported by Trading Markets.
  • Leonard Nimoy (Spock) talked Trek and promoted his new photographic book, Full Body Project, with The Jewish Chronicle.
  • Leonard Nimoy, Rene Auberjonois, Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris), Theodore Bikel (Sergey Rozhenko), Fritz Weaver (Kovat), and Harris Yulin (Marritza) will be among the celebrities attending A Red Letter Day: Symphony Space’s 30th Anniversary Celebration on January 10th.
  • Star Trek veterans Christopher Lloyd (Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock), George Hearn (Dr. Berel in TNG’s "First Contact"), Adrienne Barbeau (Cretak in DS9’s "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges") and John Schuck (STIV: Klingon Ambassador) are among those assembled for the reading of Grumpy Old Men: The Musical.
  • Alive, the zombie series co-created by Trek writers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens and starring John Billingsley  and Gary Graham is making news — has a report on the program’s use of viral campaigning to entice potential viewers before the show is even made.
  • 411 Movies has an interview with Trek veteran Jeffrey Combs (Brunt & Weyoun on DS9, Shran on ENT), which you can read here.
  • Sony Pictures has launched Stage 6 Films, which will be releasing Starship Troopers: Marauder, a sequel to 1997’s Starship Troopers starring Jolene Blalock (T’Pol).
  • The Irish film Kings, starring Colm Meaney, will be competing for the grand prize with four other films at the Hamptons International Film Festival, which begins this Wednesday.
  • The two Spocks, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, will be appearing together at Creation’s Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit, along with Roxann Dawson (B’Elanna Torres).
  • Linda Park (Hoshi Sato) will make her debut on ABC’s new drama Women’s Murder Club in the show’s second episode, airing this Friday at 9pm ET.
  • Don’t forget: Samantha Who?, the new ABC comedy starring Star Trek: Voyager‘s Tim Russ (Tuvok), premieres on Monday, October 15th at 9:30pm ET. The pilot is directed by Russ’ Voyager co-star, Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris). See the official site for more details.

 Tim Russ in Samantha Who? (Image from


YouTube Clip of the Week – Hubba Hubba

Star Trek gets steamy in this new compilation…I’ll be in my bunk.

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After all this casting talk I want to see sketches of the set and wardrobe!

Ah, the comments have vanished in the site migration…

That’s a shame, but thank you for granting my request for the countdown timer… must remember not to sit looking at it all day willing it to go faster.

sorry about losing comments today…but leaving the old site up while I was migrating it was better than shutting down the site today. So for half a day there were essentially two TrekMovie.coms…still are. It may take a day or so for everyone to actually end up here at the new site

@3 – Anthony

Perfectly understandable (even if one of my lost comments may just have been one of the literary highlights of 2007). Well, the needs of the many, and all that ;-)

Now if you could just automatically redirect all comments that just say “first” to the old site, the rest of us can stay on the new shiny one…

I’m also liking the idea of a forum, if only because I can go back and fix my typos…

A lot of you keep saying, “well, they must know what they’re doing”. Since JJ Abrams is running the whole show, I think you should take a “peek” inside his mind. I don’t know how to “link” things, but just google the words “Abrams”, “Superman” and “script”. Then go to the third site down and click on “Superman Homepage”. An overview of his recently proposed Superman script will come up, outlining all the plot points.

After reading it, I think you’ll agree, we have a LOT to be worried about. If he was willing to SCREW with the mythology of Superman THAT much, God forbid what he’s got in mind for our beloved Trek characters!!

So much for getting our hopes up!!

I’m getting quite nervous that referred to the new movie as “The new “Star Trek” film (as-yet-untitled).”

Earlier, like six months ago, there was a report on saying “Kurtzman and Orci told MTV that their film is titled, quite simply, ‘Star Trek.’ ‘That’s the intended title. I don’t think we want to put any colons or anything on it,’ Orci said.”

I think anything but that (calling it simply “Star Trek”) would be a disaster. Abrams and Orci have repeatedly said that they want this film to appeal to both hardcore fans and bring in a much broader audience as well, and I think any kind of colon’d or subtitle’d title would make it seem impenetrable. Calling it just “Star Trek” would be completely in line with Orci saying it will be a “re-vitalization,” a sort of fresh start is what I’d hope that means, if not really a reboot. Please if you are reading this Mr. Orci, no subtitles or colons in the title! Please!

RE: 6
I have spoken to both abrams and orci about this…they have settled on ‘Star Trek’ but Paramount still refer to it as ‘untitled Star Trek’ officially…even though everyone expects it to be ‘Star Trek’

However the official site cannot use the expected title until it is completely official.

Ahhhh I see. Thank you for assuaging my fears Anthony!

John Schuck wasn’t Martok on DS9… J.G. Hertzler was.
John Schuck played the Klingon Ambassador on the TOS-crew movies and a Klingon doctor on ENT

@5 – Harry

I’m not sure, the thing is – fans being what we are (rabid, obsessive, hyper-knowledgeable) there are those of us that are unwilling to easily accept any change to the Trek universe, or violates canon in any way. Look at the BSG deniers who still prefer the original show and call the new BSG ‘Gina’ (Galactica in Name Only).

I can enjoy the new BSG hugely, but I’d no real fan thing going on with it before, I thought it was a bit rubbish when it was out in the 70s in truth. Same with Superman, they can reboot that if they like and I’ll see it on it’s own merits.

The better parallel is that I got seriously annoyed at Star Wars Ep I thought as it just ‘wasn’t Star Wars’ to me. they redressed that a little by Ep 3 but (I’ve read) that kids that came to it cold loved it for what it was. (OK, I still find it hard to believe but lets presume it’s true).

What it could very well mean is that they do a Star Trek semi-reboot and we’re all sitting here very depressed but 90% of the rest of the world loves it and sniggers at the fanboys (and girls) for being so obsessive and possessive.

The big thing though is that they have consistently promised to respect canon and to listen to the fans through mediums such as this site, which you didn’t get George Lucas doing (if he had, we’d have started Episode 1 with the last hour of Episode 3 (or maybe a Jar Jar torture scene), but I digress). So I’m optimistic, (though can’t ever be certain), that it’s going to walk, talk and smell like Trek, and if they take it in a new direction and do it well, then we’ll be happy.

Of course there is always a chance we’ll be sitting here in 400 days time cursing them for burning down our childhoods etc etc but I think they have a fine line to walk and are at the very least, making a really good effort to keep on the good side of people like us.

The editing in the last section, with the innuendos, was great — especially Wesley’s “About this long… this thick.”!

J. J. Abrams superman script…

Man you weren’t kidding , that really is horrible.

Let’s see…

Eric Bana.
Eric Bana.

Eric Bana as the villain? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Why not Hugo Weaving?
Why not–Maximus? Tiberius? Tyrannus, even?


Why not Shinzon?

TNG-era sounding nonsense.

Why not just cast Tom Hardy as Kirk’s clone?

Hollywood’s latest “wunderkind” Mr. Abrams [following in the grand tradition of Bob Evans & Roland Emmerich] is about to light a fuse to one of the biggest box office bombs since the Godzilla remake.

This just gets better and better.

Hopefully “Nero” is just a temporary name. If we’re rebooting, why not just call him “Tomalok,” sent from the future! Though Andreas Katsulas (RIP) truly rules compared to Bana IMHO.

Englander Simon Pegg as ‘Scotty’ indeed…

Beam me down to the casting decider’s office NOW…

I mean…just how do you expect us Scots to get past his particular screen ‘persona’

And to think I originally expected a Gerard ‘300’ Butler type actor to be cast…

#17 Cervantes… LOL

Think that pretty much sums up the entire production! :)

Wild Man of Borneo, JJ was writing the Superman script according to the requirements of producer Jon Peters. He didn’t have free reign as he does on Star Trek. Kevin Smith was another notable name who went through the hell that was long-awaited Superman relaunch.

Eric Bana – Nero ? ZERO !!
Chris Pine is a drip – no charisma, no screen presence
Simon Pegg – not an actor. He’ll turn Scotty (and the film) into a joke.

Romulans and time travel – that’s original !! Yawn.

And what’s this I hear about Spock having a green tint in this movie ?
I don’t remember Leonard Nimoy having green paint.

Lmao…look at that pic Cervantes, I could kick Pegg’s arse…and I’m a girl! King Anthony, I feel the same way about Pegg’s casting, he’s the Brit wunkerkind of the month in Hollywood right now (good for him!), so they”ve gone with that even though he’s a million miles away from the mold.

So we started with good casting, honouring the originals. Nice, I can believe the, ‘…it’s not a reboot’ talk. Then we get Urban as Bones and we’re on the slippery slope. I happen to really like him and own a lot of his movies but that doesn’t mean I approve or want to see him cast as Bones, far from it. I adore McGillion, he’s a great talent, doesn’t mean I want to see him play Mary Poppins in a remake simply for the pleasure of 90 mins on the big screen. Bana I’m on the fence over, I really like the guy but I can understand wheres others who dont are coming from.

Another concern, Bana is known which is a great draw, but in a cast of relative unknowns it also runs the risk of Kirk and crew playing second fiddle to the villian…now THAT would be disasterous. The writing might be able to address that but in today’s movie business star name power is ALMOST everything.

Then we’re on our butts sliding down that slope and picking up speed as we move onto the down right bizarre casting of Pegg as Scotty aka Chief Engineer Grounds Keeper Willie. Why cast someone who’s a million miles away from the mold when you’ve been trying so hard up to this point?

And WHAM we’re in reboot territory.

Now I’m not totally apposed to a reboot, as long as they dont keep protesting otherwise. That usually means its in hopes of keeping most fan boys and gals interested enough to put their bums in seats at the box office and garantee them a sequel or two. Remember, ultimately its about money. So like it or not we are the core audience and without the possibilty of ‘x’ number of garanteed ticket buyers, Trek would have never been commissioned. And while TV series reboots have 10-20 hours to bring people round to the idea, a movie has around 90 minuites to find success.

The big question is, will the ‘against the mold’ casting & changes be worth the risk? Will it open the doors of ‘Trek’ to a wider audience? Or will it just piss off the core fans whose loyality to Trek they MIGHT be riding on. I bet the brief from Paramont was on the lines of ‘make a cool Trek that inspires a whole new generation of PAYING fans’. Trek is a proven lucrative brand after all.

At the end of the day we can bitch all we like, I personally find it cathartic anf fun. But realistically there is NOTHING we can do to change anything. So we either watch and then decide, or we choose not to risk the rose-tinted childhood nostalgia being tarnished forever!

On the other hand…

Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Zoe Saldana – Excellent casting !!

Mabye there’s (some) hope…

@3 Excellent to hear Anothy! Hope they start passing some design tidbits to us soon. Especially worrying is the belief that the Enterprise will be radically redesigned.

I’m satisfied with the new cast.

Good Job!

There’s something I’d like to bring up that I don’t think anyone here has really addressed.
People here on the site were really excited about the idea of Paul McGillion as Scotty. Maybe a little too excited. He seemed like such a perfect choice to most people, that I think the fan community as a whole made the mistake of assuming he was a shoe-in. That said, when Pegg was chosen instead, people got very angry. But that’s not Pegg’s fault; chances are, people might’ve had similar reactions to someone esle besides Pegg simply because they had been chosen instead of McGillion. I think we just got our hopes up prematurely and assumed that it was practically a done deal. We may not have necessarily said it here on these threads or in those particular words, but we felt it.
JJ and company chose Pegg for their own reasons. They felt he was right for the role and that’s all we can really say.
I guess what I’m saying is that we should be thankful (and not feel entitled) that the producers are listening to what the fans are saying, but also that we as fans must realize that they are making their own choices and sometimes, they have to stick to their guns.

There’s something I’d like to bring up that I don’t think anyone here has really addressed.
People here on the site were really excited about the idea of Paul McGillion as Scotty. Maybe a little too excited. He seemed like such a perfect choice to most people, that I think the fan community as a whole made the mistake of assuming he was a shoe-in. That said, when Pegg was chosen instead, people got very angry. But that’s not Pegg’s fault; chances are, people might’ve had similar reactions to someone esle besides Pegg simply because they had been chosen instead of McGillion. I think we just got our hopes up prematurely and assumed that it was practically a done deal. We may not have necessarily said it here on these threads or in those particular words, but we felt it.
JJ and company chose Pegg for their own reasons. They felt he was right for the role and that’s all we can really say.
I guess what I’m saying is that we should be thankful (and not feel entitled) that the producers are listening to what the fans are saying, but also that we as fans must realize that they are making their own choices and sometimes, they have to stick to their guns.

I found out Karl Urban finish filming a western tv-movie called “Comanche Moon”

His character’s Woodraw Call -a Texas Ranger

Sorry for the double post; the site was acting weird earlier and I wasn’t even sure my post had made it.

I think the root of the divided over Pegg’s casting is even those that didn’t know Paul McGillion, looked at him and SAW Scotty. He fit the role which resulted in a largely and majorically positive reaction. We were then blindsided by Pegg’s casting. Most look at him and dont see ‘Scotty, whether they are excited about his casting or not. To me and other fans who dont like it, he is the very antithisis of ‘Scotty’ in form and the personality type he’s portrayed his body of work.

No-one is denying Pegg is a good actor, even a great one but even the majority of those who are all for Pegg’s casting admit he’s neither what they had envisioned or that he bares any resembelence to his predacessor. They cant ‘see’ the character in him, they only want to see what he will do with. Thats the definition of ‘reboot’, he is Scotty in name only. He certainly wasn’t picked for the part because he fit the established role or character archetype.

And the Scottish papers, again whilst not denying he’s a great actor are taking issue with the fact he’s English (its considered insulting).

It still bugs me that Scotty is not going to be played by a Scotsman, and I’m not (even remotely) Scottish.

It occurred to me that this is not an aberration for me either: it has ALWAYS bothered me that Khan was supposed to be of Middle Eastern ancestry and was played by Ricardo Montalban, a man of patently Hispanic heritage (just listen to him speak).

So, that’s really where the disappointment with Pegg comes from for me. And I even like his movies… but he isn’t Scottish and that’s that.

@29 – TJ

The Scottish newspapers are little more than glorified local village gossip rags, even the broadsheets, I’m sad to say. The tabloids are 50% football* and 50% ill informed gossip.

Makes me embarrassed to be Scottish. Actually, just being Scottish is usually enough to do that…

No one I’ve spoken to minds in the slightest that he is English, though if he happens to do a Scottish ‘cameo’, is drunk all the time and says ‘Hoots Mon, the Engines are Fer’ pecht’, then that perception may just change… :-)

(* soccer, not rugby with body armour).

#29, funny how not many Scots found Mel Gibsons Braveheart insulting.

@29 TJ

no more insulting than having an ENGLISHMAN play a French Cpt, simply because US audiences wouldn’t accept a Brit as a Brit character commanding tv’s most famous Starship *wink* also, why should the Scots be offended/feel insulted….England is bloody run by one (a Scot)….don’t hear us take offence lol

“can’t have a Brit CO, make him French” (insert evil laughter in casting department)

seriously :) btw, preferred Riker over Picard anyway :D

i tried to post this earlier on the Pegg thread, pretty much in line with Thomas says in his post :)

after reading all these posts, at least Mr McGillion and Chris Doohan have been graceful in defeat….just a shame fans can’t do the same.

what’s happened here is, people saw that Mr McGillion was in line for the role of Scotty, and as such, fans clearly convinced themselves that it was almost a done deal that he’d be cast in the role

the net result of his not being cast, as evident by posts above, is that his fans now hate the guy who was cast (Pegg). do you think Paul or Chris want that??

finally, both men obviously auditioned for the part and the person “they” thought was right got the job………….it happens, they obviously saw something in Simon that clicked, for people to suggest this movie has suddenly become Farce Trek,or Trek Comedy are being rather foolish and petty minded.

Congratulations Mr Pegg, do the Brit fans proud and respect the source material, you’re gonna need all the luck you can get to convince the lynch mob ;)

@32 – ZoomZoom

you weren’t there man, you weren’t there……..


For all the science and engineering we gave the world, what is firmly lodged in the heads of most people is shortbread, tartan, kilts, three legged haggis and Mel Sodding Gibson’s woefully overglamourised portrait of a long gone rebel.

Scotty and James Doohan have done more for us that Mad Max Gibson… but WHO get’s the statue in Stirling???

It’s almost as bad as being Swiss*. At least they’ve got everyone elses’ money…

(* as far as innaccurate nationalistic stereotypes goes).

@33 – Hey I dont hate Pegg, I’ve wasted A LOT of money if I do (my DVD collection runeth over with Peggy stuff). Theres nothing in my post to suggest that I do either nor would I EVER advocate it. I did call him a ‘great’ actor and deservedly so! I do however, DETEST the fact he’s been cast as Scotty with a bloody minded vengence…they might as well have cast him for Mary Poppins reboot…as Mary…for all he fits the role in MY eyes anyway. But then I’m a stubborn bugger and stand-by the ‘they must look the part’ opinion, just like all the screams for the same with Kirk, McCoy and every other character. I do not like double-standards or the excuse ‘its just a supporting role’ because that by definition disrespects Simon as well.

@31 – It’s Football not Soccer…the other ‘football’ has little to do with foots touching balls!!! ;)

@35 – I felt the same way too, for exactly those reasons at first, until I remembered that whole ‘acting’ thing that actors do, which draw you into the character they are playing, rather than that they are being stars in their own right.

I think he is really good enough to convince people he *is* Scotty, rather than Simon Pegg being Scotty. I could be wrong. This COULD be the comedic inerlude cameo, but I can’t see him agreeing to such a travesty, and with all that’s gone on before with the respect that we are being shown as fans, I’m still not feeling that it’s Trek Babies – The Movie, quite yet.

That may change of course, but I’m in a tumbler half full sort of mood.

And yes, you are perfectly correct about football, I was merely ensuring that our transatlantic companions were under no illusion that the Daily Record was in fact a bastion of NFL ‘goss’ and stats on touchdowns and bases. Whatever they are.

Give Pegg a chance.. Cast is fine, and the old shoes are simply to huge to fill for any of them. “Each according to his gifts,” someone once said.

I am supremely concerned about the ship. I agree with the “open letter,” that the JJ-Team is too secretive 3-weeks out from the beginning of filming, and that they should now provide the world with some crumbs of info. But Enterprise is a character, too, and should be “cast” accordingly.

If the ship sucks/differs too much externally, then it won’t matter who is cast in what role, and Nimoy’s presence will be moot. We won’t be able to see beyond it. What the heck are Kirk, Spock and McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov and Sulu doing aboard another ship?

Enterprise has a space shuttle named after her, and should really be left alone, like Nimoy, to appear as “as is” as possible in the new film. Pointed nacelles and large deflector intact, please, as well, when appropriate.

@ 35
i didn’t say you personally hate Pegg, but some posts on the Pegg thread do appear to have that current under the surface (hate & bitterness) :)

as for the cast on the whole, well i personally am not too bothered about lookalikes being cast, and if i’m honest, of the folks cast so far i don’t see any resemblance to the original actors,although Quinto is the exception, maybe make up and uniforms will change that with the others, but again i’m not too sure i’d want to see clones so to speak.

all i require as a viewer is a good story,and good portrails of the characters (basically each cast member respect the source material), and i’m sure the writers and actors fully intend to do that

am i worried about this film? nope not yet, that may change depending on the plot :) but for now i look forwards to a good movie that fits in well :)

actually i’m quite looking forward to the inevitable cast photo with all the actors on the bridge set in uniform…..don’t know why, i just am hehehe

@36 – The convincing part remains to be seen, ‘acting’ no convincing required its mostly about ‘look’ and that aint gonna happen period for this lass (like I said DOUBLE STANDRDS). Only way we’ll know if he worked out or not is by coughing up the price to see it next Xmas…so either way, they’re happy and I did my part to ensure the Trek franchise survives (even if this casting diabolique loathing may be taken to my grave!!!!)

As for ‘agreeing’ to be in the film, well for starters it seems he and JJ are friends or at least, firmilar. And JJ’s name is gold right now, a good thing to be associated with. And while THIS film MIGHT (tho I suspect based on what we know so far) only have a ‘comedy cameo’ role for the the character / actor, with talk of sequels already, turning it down might turn out to be giving up a role in a potentially multi-sequel, multi-million dollar franchise. Aint gonna happen. Unless you have better offers or the cons of stigmatism from the role (ala alot of the LOTR cast) which outweigh outweigh the potential gains.

And dude, bases = baseball, touchdowns = american football which basically = fit blokes chasing their balls around…girls gotta love it! ;)

Pegg isn’t Scottish. Who cares? Doohan WAS Scotty and wasn’t even remotely Scottish. He was Canadian from Irish parents!

“Starship Troopers: Marauder” budget in the $1M-$10M range — yep, T’Pol’s career is soaring.

I’m starting to loose faith after being enthused about the film. The casting is starting to go wrong. The Superman JJ treatment, and from one of the links above the depressing rumour “Enterprise Redesigned For New Star Trek?” all adding up to distinct lack of faith that the production is taking….

@36 – TJ

I see what you’re saying (not about the armour plated sphere pursuit hobby thing – that’s beyond me)…

After a day of ‘he’ll never be Scotty’ I started to picture him in uniform, with a brush up and in character, and I think he is a decent enough actor to pull it off. What convinced me the most that it wasn’t just the cameo (though I agree, he’s pals with the MI-III crew enough that maybe it IS just that) was that he beat the fan favourite after they BOTH auditioned. It suggests to me that they both stood there and at the end of the day, the watching judges actually said that Mr Pegg was more convincing as Scotty than someone that everyone else already thinks does a decent Scotty anyway.

And I think that the writers and director have at the very least shown that they understand what that means, and that we’re not going to have a film with ‘Ray Guns’, ‘Dr Spock’ and ‘Laverne Burton’.

And the word ‘agree’ was more in the context that he knows what the script will entail, so he’s going along with the New Vision, much like Leonard Nimoy and even His Shatnerifficness, who have all endorsed what is happening.

Now I KNOW that I might pay my entry fee and sit through 2 hours of ‘green in the face’ gags and someone going on about ‘poodooo’. And the level of humour that Spaced has compared to say Star Trek IV is (insert cosmic reference of your choice) away, but I’m still trying to look at it all as one big thing, and I think I’m still feeling warm and fuzzy about it all. Even after the initial blindsiding, out of left wicket* news about Simon Pegg.

I kinda happen to think we should all be really chuffed about all of this and not be ranting.

For sure if they mess it all up then lets howl to the moon, but for now lets give it a chance and be all positive and supportive of it.

Otherwise it’s just pre-emptive revenge for something they’ve not done yet.

@42 – Chris – are movieblend just like, emm, fishwives?

(*I’m going to stop with the sports references since I clearly don’t know what I’m on about).

There’s a whole sh*tload of assumptions flowing through this site (He can’t act, he can only do comedy, the ship’s been redesigned..etc)
It may all come to pass, it may be horrible….But what, besides a bunch of internet innuendo, proof do you have?

Wait for a few facts before you pass judgment.

When have we ever let facts get in the way of our perceptions?

So Karl Urban as Bones…funny, I never really thought of Dr. McCoy as HOT! this is really going to mess with my head…and other places too.

A “Young Guns” version of Star Trek, focusing on a character who is dead, (Kirk) and another who is 150 years old (Spock) . Talk about a great leap backwords. Then again there was ENTERPRISE, that worked our great., not. Apparently Star Trek has no future just a fading past. At least the old Trekkies are happy they get to see Kirk and the gang again. Too bad the “We want Kirk” chants were heard by Paramount, in punishment they will hear “We want our money back” chants . I bet this movie totally flops. J.J. Abrams should have created a new crew and treated the old Star Trek stories more like myths than canon. Next time Hollywood should listen to science fiction fans not cultists. PS. Deep Space Nine was the best Trek.

if you read the whole thing about the all female cast you will see that no one came up with someone to play Janeway this is because no one could ever replace Kate Mulgrew!!!!

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