Pine Apparently Confirmed For Kirk [UPDATED]

Last week news broke that Chris Pine was weighing his options between the role as James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek and a role in Joe Carnahan’s White Jazz movie. Today on his official blog, Carnahan confirmed that Pine had chosen to go with Trek:

The young man playing Junior Stemmons has opted to ‘go where no man has gone before’ and thus, had to bow out of WHITE JAZZ.

Carnahan continued with some thoughts on Pine’s choice of Kirk over Jazz

I’ve been talking to him this past week and knew how tough the decision had to be for him. I don’t envy ever being in that spot but I gave him my full support, even if it meant he didn’t do JAZZ. I get it. You don’t get opportunities like that often and I told him as long as he could control as much of that process as possible and not get sucked into doing lesser sequels as a result of taking this gig, then good luck and God bless.

Pine likely made his decision over the weekend. Last Thursday was told Pine was still “50/50” and that they may have to be a stand-in to read Kirk’s lines for the rehearsals which start this week. has not yet recieved word from anyone at the studio confirming Pine is in as Kirk, hence the ‘apparently’ in the headline. But assuming this is true, then J.J. Abrams only needs to nail down Karl Urban as his McCoy and he will have whole ‘new’ original crew. will report any updates to this breaking news.

10/17 UPDATE: Pine Deal Final – Signed on as new Kirk

More: Original story on Pine with more background

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“APPARENTLY CONFIRMED” — is that like “slightly pregnant”?

Welcome aboard, Mr. Pike, or should I say Jimmy T. Kirk!

^ Pine. duh, Freudian slip.


Welcome to the family Chris Pine!

Better him than Damon.



Now we just need to find out who’s playing the Enterprise..

@2 – hehe…

The is now a seriously distinct possibility that he is far more than possibly going to definitely give an absolutely certain committment to the playing the role.

Or one very like it.

Hm, hasn’t Jim Kirk brown eyes which will melt the heart of every woman???

So they have to give him brown contact lenses!



And Bones will be played by………..? Rehearsals start this week! Now would be a good time……

Denny Crane.

And, obviously, congrats. Looks like a good choice to me.

In the unlikely event that Mr. Pine or his people are monitoring this thread for fan reaction, congratulations and good luck. Your life as you have known it is over.

Great news; it’s surprising but this seems to be the less controversial casting news of the bunch

He’s only two months older then me…. that’s weird.

The more time that went by, the more I could see him in the role of Kirk.

Congrats to Mr. Pike! I think he’ll do just fine.

I like the choice here for Kirk. Mr. Pine will do a great job.

One thing that concerns me…Only a few weeks to rehearse for lines?? I was hoping they would have months to prepare and watch old TOS episodes to REALLY get them ready. If I was Pine I would want to watch all 79 episodes to think about how to play James T. Kirk and sink my teeth into it.

Wonderful Job Anthony. Good Work.

Sounds Good to Me…

The blue eyes are easily correctable these days, like Daniel Craig’s hair.

And yes, #7, who is playing the Enterprise?

Good luck to Chris Pine.

Now please find a role for Shatner.

^^^ They haven’t cast the Enterprise yet.

#15. No.. what’s weird is being nearly a year older than Capt Kirk…. *blinks* But it’s cool that Capt Kirk’s being played by a 2nd generation trek actor (his dad was in eps of Enterprise and Voyager). :D

Fantastic! He’s as close as you can get to a doppleganger of young Shat.

Well, congratulations to Mr. Pine. :)

Assuming Urban comes aboard by, oh, tomorrow, that leaves only Captain Pike to be cast as far as major parts.

Congrats Chris! It must have been a very difficult decision.

Looks like he should still be checked for ID at the bar.
Now he’ll just be checked for ID as Captain Kirk on the
bridge instead – Captain Kirk? Looks way too young!

#22 — try being 10 years older than Captain Kirk. Suddenly I feel like a complete loser.

Great news!

(From the real Dom, not the impostor who was posting a coupla days ago!)


Kirk as an Aryan.

This really is happening!! SWEET!

Finally, the moment where we get a new Kirk. This is really *THE* big one for me. I’ve just realised how much I like the old one…. but we’re never going to get the young bill shatner version kirk again, so guess we’ll just have to move on! :) Congratulations Chris Pine!! Looking forward to meeting the new captain (on the screen that is…)!! Glad you accepted. I am really starting to see Chris Pine as Kirk now. And I’m glad we didn’t get any surprises for this one.

I’m going to drop my “J T Kirk has to have hazel eyes” argument, I think the new captain can have whatever eyecolour he likes. All the fan fics have to be re-written now…;) This is getting really exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who landed the role for McCoy…..

I’m curious as to what the Enterprise will actually look like for this one, how true they are staying to the original design.

Now once we confirm McCoy, it will be interesting to see if there are any photos of the Enterprise Bridge set from the new film.

Whatever. Whoever.

Hope Shatner is at his side when the make the formal announcement!

#16 (which is me.) I meant Mr. Pine! My bad!

I love those eyes he is a hottie

They need to do a side by side press conference(eventually)with Quinto ,Nimoy,Pine and Shatner.

#34 Tim H

I doubt Shatner will be there unless he is ALSO cast as JTK. And I doubt that too.
If Shatner isn’t in it, I suspect he’ll give a non-committal “He’ll do just fine…” comment, but will likely not be offering an adorsement. My opinion.

I think he’ll be good in the role, BUT I’d feel a lot better if Shatner had a part in the movie as well.

Also, I think Urban for McCoy is a TERRIBLE casting choice, the worst yet. “He’s a Doctor, not an action hero!”

#29. Imrahil – October 15, 2007

“Kirk as an Aryan.”

Hm…. How “racial” of you.

Hey, they can get Robert Pine to play Kirk’s father!

WOW! This is the first casting thread that’s been free of actor bashing. Perhaps there is hope after all……on second thought that’s a dream that will never happen! Good luck Chris and welcome aboard.

Dear Chris Pine,

Looking forward to seeing the style and wit you bring to the character of James T. (for Tomcat) Kirk. I know there are a lot of die-hard fans who will feel personally betrayed if you do not work tirelessly to hone your impression of William Shatner. Don’t allow that to stop you from approaching this role with a fresh set of ideas. Yes, they will complain. And it won’t stop, either. But, you will own this role one day soon. There are at least three movies, and maybe much more. That’s a lot of days on the set, a lot of chatty sit-downs with Jay and Dave and Oprah and Regis. Find your voice and play this role proudly. It’s got a good history and a bright future. If you want to throw in one tip-of-the-hat Shatnerism, like… the… log flume… ride… delivery… that… takes… for… ever… to…. gettothepointthenspillsovertotheend, that’s fine. But save it for some special moment in the second or third movie. For now, find out who Kirk is, and who you are in the yellow shirt.
Most of all: ENJOY!

–a fan who’s also named Chris

welcome. Chris Pine’s life has been forever altered lol

As the one who first suggested Pine for the role of Kirk (hooray for bragging rights!), let me just give a hearty congratulations to Mr. Pine for winning what really is the role of a lifetime. He really is a great choice for the role — the best choice, really.

Break a leg, Mr. Pine! I look forward to seeing you grace the screen as one of the most legendary characters ever created.


Karl Urban is a wonderful Kiwi actor

to bad people typecast him as some type action heroe

because he is more then that.

Oh well.

I will refrain from criticizing any of the new cast members until AFTER I see the new Star Trek movie.

I just hope the casting director is making the best possible choices for all these roles, because the future of the Trek movie franchise will depend on the next movie being a big success, both critically and financially.

Mike :o

Scotty…. “And an untried captain…”

Time will tell if he’s any good as Captain James T Kirk.

I want Spock and Kirk having sex in the movie! Quinto and Pine are gorgeous.

with each other I mean