Star Trek Movie ‘Mistakes’ Mash-Up

There has been a lot of fretting over canon and continuity for the new film. This new YouTube vid takes a look at the record of just the last four cinematic entries…

But it isn’t just the TNG movies…Trek is riddled with ‘paradoxes’ as this video shown at the recent Creation Star Trek Convention in Vegas demonstrates

thanks Etha
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A great little vid :)

interesting stuff


who cares, close enough!! :D

data could’ve always made modifications

Kirk in Star Trek VI: “Shapeshifters. Heard about you. Thought you were mythical.”

That one always bothered me.

Was there a second video? It ends abruptly.

The fact that there’s an error about the decks in First Contact from one scene to another is funny.

But yeah, this is why a) people shouldn’t take continuity down to the letter and b) they should just read the books if they’re really that concerned, since many of the books explain stuff like Wesley being in uniform in Nemesis.

That’s Thomas Riker there, and one of those kisses was a dream sequence.

That scene with Burlinghoff Rasmussen should’ve also incldued Worf saying there were no phasers in the 22nd century, and then cut to any Enterprise scene using their phasers.

None of the “money” was used on earth.

You also cant forget the famous “turbo lift shaft” scene.

But I loved it.

Here’s one…If Klingons are so tough how come they’re afraid of tribbles?

AND in support of my case that writing in First Contact was careless and slipshod- MORE so than anywhere else! Ha!

….And if Klingons hate tribbles so much wasn’t Scotty beaming them aboard the klingon ships a death sentence?

#6 — no, that’s the ending of the vid. Data says “I will not grow old,” and then it cuts to a quick glimpse of him in Nemesis looking, well, old.

Great compilation (and, of course, just the tip of the iceberg).

LOL! I think I noticed each of the mistakes on viewing the movies the first time – which is why I grew to hate B&B’s garbage so much.

You could have made an 8 minute vid focusing on all the mistakes in First Contact alone.

Most of these are valid, but I’m sure some of them could have some very reasonable explanations.

The Nitpickers guide to The Next Generation is a priceless gold mine of this stuff and a damn good read too! The only problem is you find yourself looking out for the stuff-ups when watching the ep (like Geordies phaser falling into the Armus’ black goop in ‘Skin of Evil). Though I never gave a damn about the minute details. Stuff like deck numbers etc, who cares unless it prevents the story from making sense? Continuity for this film is about the look, feel and style of the movie, that is VERY important. Kirk and Co are prolific, iconic even you cant screw with that. Even non-fans and casual viewers have heard of the original Trek and generally know what the looks/style of the show. ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ while not ever uttered is probably THE biggest catchphrase associated with the series (and some people say Scotty is only a minor/secondary character…ha!!!)

So everyone will notice if you make BIG mistakes in continuity like casting inappropriate actors, changing characters personalities or changing the design of the ship. Not to mention making it super ‘cool’, voilent or sexual. All of the things expected from a blockbuster not aimed at 8 and under range. Though I certainly dont want it to look like its been lifted out of the 1960’s!!!!!

Pitiful. The spin-offs sure were slipshod.

Classic TOS Trek never made these kinds of errors.

Scott B. out.

P.S. I’m kidding, in case you were wondering. Fun montage!

A good video, pretty funny with the decks on the Enterprise-E… I want more of these….

More More More !!!

That last thing with Data… Damn., that’s cold. Ice cold. But DAMN funny.

#5: The STVI Kirk line never really bugged me. If you listen to the entire exchange again. He & McCoy were talking about Chameloids, a specific RACE of shapeshifters, not shapeshifters as a general concept. Kirk’s line “Shapeshifters” is just there to clarify what Chameloids do.

Great video – it’s true, the Next Gen movies were a minefield of continuity errors. There should be a guy for that – or, if there is one, JJ needs to hire a different one.

Personally, I think the continuity errors in Nemisis were just too much. One of the many reasons why I try to pretend it never happened. A few continuity errors won’t screw up a good plot. A bunch of continuity errors will screw up even the best plot – what’s the point of a whole history being established if you ignore it?

Great video! I can see now why they want to start from scratch.

Fascinating. I hope the STIX writers are paying attention.

That was outstanding, and of course, the big part–the first clip about Kirk–is absolutely conclusive proof that they can bring in older Kirk and NOT violate canon.

If you look through the video (i just went thru it once) a majority of the continuity errors come in the movies (save the deck thing in First Contact, which could simply be a line flub), that is the movies violating set history or precedent.

I’m sure they were aware of these continuity mistakes (Kirk’s death being the most agregious one). But the producers try to aim the movies at a wider audience than just the loyal fan base. They don’t mind violating continuity for the sake of drama (Capt Ahab Picard) or plot expediency. Otherwise they would have to sit and explain to the casual trek watcher why they can’t do such-and-such because in episode 214 Data went yadda yadda yadda

The scene from Nemesis with Guinan telling Worf that Roluman Ale is illegal is also a flub. I remember the ban on Romulan Ale being lifted during the Federation/Romulan alliance against the Dominion on DS9 years before.

“I hope the STIX writers are paying attention.”

of course some people will immediately tell you that continuity isn’t important and its the fans’ fault for paying attention in the first place. Like the battered spouse getting blamed for being abused.

Romulan ale became legal in the DS9 episode “In the Pale Moonlight”.

“I hope the STIX writers are paying attention.”

they werent…thats the point

#26: Oops. I meant STXI.

Nitpickers Guide to the Nitpicking Video.

In the theatrical release of Nemesis, Wesley isn’t spoken- to (just in the DVD out-takes) So as far as Canon goes, he’s still out there being his whiny rebel self.

Oh, and if Wil Wheateon is reading this… Man it’s not you’re fault.. you were just written that way.

Great Vid.
Thanks to You Tube creator/uploader.

Wow, and all from the last 4 movies. Love these vids…another good one (they played this at the Chicago Creation con, and I’m pretty sure some of the other Creation cons) is “Paradox”:

The best part of this vid (the aforementioned youtube one), IMO is at around 1:15, when we see a lengthy list of “the hardest substances known to man.”

So… in some alternate universe Trek never makes continuity gaffs? I really must get to work on my tachyon-inverter and check it out.

Truly by the CHEST!

#29 — that video’s pretty funny too. Loved the “increased by an order of ONE TO THE FOURTH POWER” bit.

I recently talked about this with someone else. Before this article was posted.

And a man once said “Allow me the consistency of my inconsistencies”

That man was Gene Roddenberry, The Great Bird of the Galaxy.

Why should we let canon or even scientific accuracy effect a great story?

Or have we as a fanbase become nitpickers and naysayers of a franchise we love most. And become more involved in the fact than the story.

Isn’t that what Trek ultimately is about the story?

The Trek Universe is so simple, how COULD anyone make mistakes?

#22 Tom…. how is Kirk’s death a continuity mistake? If he dies and then had shown up again later with no explaination, THAT would be a continuity mistake. If you are referring to Scotty’s line after being rescued from the transporter… even our favorite engineer can have a momentary brain dysfunction. And if you really insist he couldn’t have made such a mistake… you can blame Berman’s crew AND Shatner.

Anything touched or influenced by B and B would be automatically suspect. “De-evolve”, sheesh.
There is a difference between honest continuity mistakes and blatant disregard, or even disdain, of what has occurred and/or things that are known.
It can be fun to try to explain little inconsistencies, and link together things not previously linked (Carol Marcus – that blond lab technician Kirk almost married). Big inconsistencies, like Voyager and Star Trek Nemesis, are just a pain, and takes the fun out of it, unless you just don’t count them at all.

“That was outstanding, and of course, the big part–the first clip about Kirk–is absolutely conclusive proof that they can bring in older Kirk and NOT violate canon.”

Kirok, you’d take a documentary about Swahili-speaking jai-alai players as “absolutely conclusive proof” of the same thing. :-)

#34 – Kirk’s death wasn’t necessarily a continuity error; it was just a mistake.

#38 – In other words, “Get a life. It’s just a TV show.” LOL

#39 cd, yes it was. But not a mistake that can be completely blamed on B&B. A certain someone had to act out the scene. I had a real problem that he sold out the character.
My opinion.

#40 …agreed

I responded with a simple comment in response to someone else who responded to a comment I didn’t even make.

There was no attack on anyone, and it was a topic of discussion flat out related to the video. If we can’t talk about the clip directly related to the video, then why are you only removing one of my posts? I guess your board, your rules, but I didn’t do anything wrong here.

#22 —

It’s interesting what you say about the movies being marketed towards a wider audience and therefore having more continuity violations (although some TV episodes definitely did too). I remember watching TWoK with a friend who had never seen Trek, and just trying to give her the background on some of the things in that movie (Space Seed, mind melds, etc) took up a good half an hour extra while we were watching it. It would have been really difficult if the movie had really been geared towards Trekkies. (Then again, I was probably getting caught up in my enthusiasm and going into a lot of unnecessary detail.)

Still, I like to think that it would be possible not to violate canon/continuity too much and still have the movie be accessible to non-fans. For that matter, I’m not sure that some of these canon/continuity violations really helped these movies be more accessible to non-fans in the first place — I actually saw all the movies before I saw the TV series, and then rewatched them after seeing the TV series, and they made a LOT more sense the second time through.

I was also thinking about the whole canon thing and realized that aside from some people who want to stick completely to existing canon (which at this point seems pretty impossible given all the internal contradictions), people are very different in what pieces of canon they hold sacred (sure, the change of the portrayal of the Romulans from TOS to TNG bugged the hell out of me, but I know a lot of people could care less), so even if you keep one person happy, you’ll likely upset another.

I don’t envy the writers their jobs…well, actually, I do, but it’s going to be hard. You don’t want to be so chained down to canon to the detriment of the story (imagine a 15 minute monolog on how James R Kirk became James T Kirk — an extreme example), but at the same time you don’t want to discard it so far that it no longer feels like you are in the Trek universe, and every individual fan defines that universe slightly differently…

At some point this ramble lost its direction entirely, so I’m going to shut up now.

The Scotty line about Jim Kirk coming in the Enterprise could be conveniently used to justify a later plotline that brings him back. :D

I enjoy these videos, they are fun. But let’s not lose any sleep over the little nitpicky things….

Oh you know which one has always bothered me, every single time?

In The Undiscovered Country, it’s established that Klingons have “Pepto Bismol” pink blood, and yet every single time they’ve referred back to this, such as Worf’s bloodied lip, the blood bonding with the Klingon blade and Worf’s surgery, for that matter – it’s always good, old fashioned red – blooded (American) Terran blood.

Just that’s always really stuck in my side…


You don’t need a long explanation on James R. Kirk becoming James T. Kirk.

I think that’s actually the perfect canon error for these guys to kill off given the time period of this movie.

I sincerely hope Gary Mitchell is a character. If he is, then all they need to do is have some banter between Mitchell and Kirk, where they make the R a private joke.

It worked in the books. Done right, it would get a chuckle from those who know what that is, and those that don’t.

“And the reason I put up the video was not to attack the previous movies, but to show that the whole franchise is rife with these so called canon violataions, but as pointed out above they can all be explained away with some creative ‘fanon’

I like consistency as much as the next guy…but there is a limit and the story is king. As seen above, if the littlest seeming ‘violation’ ruins an episode or movie for you, then you may miss out on a lot of good Trek”

Gee, thanks for teaching us the error of our small minded ways with your editorializing. Consistency doesn’t matter, as long as Anthony likes it. The story is king!

Nice TNG bashing the idiots on this site must’ve been creaming while watching that Video True they screwed up with the decks in FC however it would’ve been a very stressful time so you could forgive Picard for stuffing that up, also the Fully recovered from my experience part was not a ‘mistake’ because you never fully recover from an experience like that ask any rape victim.

And Deck 29 in Nemesis its not implausable to assume they extended or did some renovations on the Enterprise between Insurrection and Nemesis I mean just look at how different some parts of the ship looked.

Also I’m sure Picard meant Data doesn’t need to breathe. If the author of the video had let the rest of the scene with Bashir play out you’d see Data explaining what the breathin system is for.

And the Never kissed you with a beard before LOL nice goof there and the trilithium one as well haha

Oh yeah and Scotty would’ve been VERY disoriented after being pulled out of a transporter buffer after 75 years.

And Data being bulletproof could’ve been a modification he made later on in his life.

We can also assume that Picard had the rest of his possesions beamed up by the Farragut or any other ship that came to retrieve the Enterprises Crew.

The Emotion chip changing size a goof to be sure. But Data would’ve worked on that after Generations when it came to deactivating it and un fusing it from his Neural Net.

Cochranes ship wouldn’t have been able to leave Sector 001.

The Damage to the Borg ship in Q Who you must remember the Borg hadn’t adapted to Federation technology then and in First contact ALOT of new Technology had been developed by Starfleet.

Oh and money doesn’t exist in or for the Federation.

Also the events in Year of Hell never happened so Janeway risked no court marshall.

Whose to say Worf stopped being Ambassoder he was on the Enterprise for the wedding.

Wesley well who cares about him lol.

TNG was actually very good with continuity on TV. But clearly, the movies were not.

As for Scotty, he was lucid enough to instantly try to help his friend Franklin. This disoriented explanation is no more likely than any other, more popular one.

#45 – I explain away the Pepto-Bismol blood by thinking that there was some added gas in the atmosphere of the ship that reacted with the blood turning it pink, something that is no longer used in Klingon ships.

Data’s emotion chip size change could be like a current micro SD card in an SD card adapter.

Federation credits: is that money, or isn’t it?

As far as the contents of the crashed Enterprise. That planet was inhabited, and to avoid a prime directive violation, the Enterprise had to stripped bare or probably removed altogether later. They were just getting personnel and bare minimum out. The Corps of Engineers recovery / salvage ships would come in later and clean up. >;>)

See, this is fun!