Chris Pine IS Kirk…Deal Signed Today

Well the Chris Pine as Kirk story has evolved over the last week from ‘may be’ to ‘apparently’ to ‘almost’ to now ‘done.’ As of this morning the deal wasn’t done, but just got sent an update saying the deal ‘is closed’ and Chris Pine is James T. Kirk for J.J. Abrams new Star Trek movie. Once Pine pulled out of the Joe Carnahan / George Clooney White Jazz film it was just a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Bear in mind that whenever any one of these actors signs on they are also signing on to sequel options, so the deals are certain to be complex. Pine should begin rehearsing with Zachary Quinto and his other co-stars this week.


Chris Pine at  IMDB  |  Wikipedia  | Fansite

Interview/clips with Pine and Lindsay Lohan for Just My Luck

Interview with Pine for Smokin’ Aces (launches new window)




Pine as Kirk (envisioned by community member Justin Olson)

UPDATE: STARTREK.COM and The Hollywood Reporter are also confirming Pine as Kirk

Chris Pine May Be Kirk (w/ Background, more photos and video)
Chris Pine ‘Apparently’ Confirmed

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Great!!! Get Shatner now…

Can’t wait to see these guys in action… :)

Good deal…..

Ok, good deal. Now let’s see the ship.

The Olson retouch just sold it for me.



Good casting. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have to play Kirk.

Great!! looks like a fab choice. im excited if a little scared about the new movie. these guys are legends so be careful with them. got to get william shatner in this movie.
Greg (UK)

It’s official! Fantastic!!!

Now iron out how Spock saves Kirk from dying, getting Shatner in the film.

congrats to Mr Pine, i’m sure he’ll be great in the role.

the Enterprise Captain has now officially been given his orders :)

Congratulations to the cast and crew on getting their “captain.”

I can’t wait to see what this is going to look like too. Anthony, thanks for your continued reporting, which has always been responsible and accurate.

To those naysayers- it could have been A WHOLE LOT worse!! Whew!
Congrats, Capt. Pine! Your life is about to change drastically…

I’m popping out of the woodwork for this one, I’ve been lurking for about as long as this site has been around.

Excellent choice with Chris Pine! Watching those clips, it takes no stretch of the imagination to picture him as Kirk, it’s just a matter of a costume and a hairdo.

Congrats to all the actors that have been chosen, I’m unbelievably excited about this film! Everything about it so far gives me a good feeling!

Is this guy any good ive never even heard of him?

Considering how soon the movie is due to start shooting you would think they would have signed this guy – character back in the summer at least. I just don’t see as this young guys having enough range to be able to pull this one off yet here they are signing him so late as IF he was a seasoned pro. Definitely a weak link with not enough polish yet plenty of rust.


Man, I’d give anything to see some of the interactions between this guy and Quinto- what are the chances someone with a camera phone will ‘just happen’ to walk by while they rehearse? I’m dying to know if they’ll be able to capture that chemistry the characters have and how good they are at it. Is a minute or so of leaked footage too much to ask? :P

But congrats, Mr. Pine! I’ve got a fairly good feeling about this, though I do hope that he’s ready to handle everything that comes with the role. (D’you think he knows about the shippers yet?)

I wonder how soon we will see set photos?

I like both Pine and Quinto. I am actually glad they are using relative “unknowns” instead of big name stars. The choices they have made so far for the TOS crew and villain look good. I am hoping for the best with this movie as I am a diehard TOS fan. Only time will tell.


knowing the internet i wouldn’t be at all surprised if something gets leaked this side of Christmas :)

a cast in uniform group photo would be nice :D

If Chris has the acting talent, he looks like he’ll be an excellent choice.
However, it’s hard for me to get past his striking resemblance to ANOTHER famous science fiction character….

: )

we just need McCoy!

Right on! Let’s get this puppy rollin’. Lights, camera, action!

Bust out

Just wondering, is Carol Marcus in this?

Funny how “Chris Pine” sounds like “Chris Pike”…

Good one Spockboy!

Don’t mess it up Chris, remember you are following in the steps of the great William Shatner, a legend and a cultural icon, we’ll be watching you, no pressure! ;) :p

Well here we go. Shouldn’t be too long before the website goes down again. LOL

JJ Abrams’ main job is to make us suspend our disbelief, make us “believe” we are in the 23rd century. I will be able to look at Zach Quinto, knowing that he is not Leonard Nimoy, and believe he is Spock. Same with Pine, he isn’t Shatner, but I think he can make me believe he is a young Jim Kirk. They’ve got the two central characters cast well – they look the part and they can act, from what I’ve seen of them.

As for all the concerns about the redesign of the ship. We have to believe we are in the 23rd century, not back in 1965. While I wan the ship to remind me of the original, a whole new generation of kids has LOTR as the gold standard of bridging the line between fantasy and reality. They have to believe the Enterprise belongs in the 23rd century and that it can travel seven times the speed of light. So I say, JJ, make the Enterprise REAL, make it FLY. Respect the original, don’t blow up the past, but take me into the future. Make me believe!

Exellent news. Pine needs our Support and Shatners wisdom as a advisor.

best of luck to the guy! :)

1. Sort out his eyebrows.
2. Give him hazel contact lenses.
3. Shoot the damn movie! :D

He is The Kirk

He is The Creator.

Best of luck to Chris + the entire cast of the new film.

Space…the financial frontier…these are the voyages of the starship
Enterprise…her three film deal…to explore dialogue 12-18 year olds can understand…to seek out yet another time travel plot…to boldly go where 7 actors, in 79 episodes and 6 films have gone before.

Anthony do you think will get a set tour?

Awright, Orci, you guys have to leak the occasional stills from the sets to whet the appetite, capiche? LOL :D

He’s pretty babelicious.

Shatner was pretty babelicious in his youth too.

It’s a good choice. I hope like hell he can act. I hope he can be reminiscent of Shatner without doing an impersonation of Shatner. It’s a fine line. A really good actor would be needed to walk that fine line.

#32 LOL!!!

BTW, Congratulations Chris Pine!!


Just shut up!

21. Very funny, but I personally think Pine looks more like Virgil rather than Scott.

Fire up the cameras!

I have no problem with this casting. I hope when i see the footage of him as Kirk he’s convincing in the role — then i’ll make a proper judgement.

Don’t know about this one he looks quite feminine to me ahh maybe it’s just the photos i’ve seen…… sometimes looks like he’s got lipstick on

Dammit, Jim… just pluck those eyebrows a bit. And give me the Kirk hair wave.

Oh, and sign up Lindsey Lohan as Scotty’s skanky drinkin’ buddy.

This could work. Justin Olson’s pic doesmake him look pretty good

The big introduction with Shatner awaits!!!!!!!!!

Great, we have Pine trying to be like Shatner, and Shatner wanting to be young like Pine! It’s hard to tell the players without a program!

Hey, wait’ll you try our new Kirk!! Much tastier than our old Kirk…………

Hmmm, that sounds familiar…………uh, oh…….

I don’t think this is bad casting at all, but what dope would give up a non-type cast role with a big actor for a franchise that’s killed more careers than Gigli? Once your in a Star Trek/Star Wars show or film you done with. Good luck, Pine. You’re Captain Kirk forever. Enjoy!

What’s up with the scaring down the left side of his face I just noticed it I’m guessing it can be covered up with makeup.