More TOS Remastered On HD-DVD and iTunes

tosritunes.jpgWe are just one month away from the release of Season One of the remastered Star Trek The Original Series and now it looks like we will not have too long to wait for the rest. At a recent trade show Paramount Home Entertainment announced they will be shipping around 30 HD-DVD titles in 2008, but didn’t go into details. However sources have indicated to that both Season 2 and Season 3 TOS-R are on the list. Work has already started on the special features for the Season 2 box set and all the the VFX work has been completed as well. TV Shows on DVD is reporting that the Season 2 box may hit stores as early as mid-March, but this has not been confirmed.

More TOR-R on iTunes

After months of no updates, TOS-R is finally updating again on iTunes. In the last week 5 new episodes from the first season of TOS-R have been added. There are now 16 episodes available, including “Operation Annihilate!” which which will not air in syndication until next February. Plus CBS tell that more episodes are on the way and that updates should become more frequent. CBS began selling TOS-R on iTunes last January so hopefully all those who bought season passes will finally get them completed soon. CLICK here for the TOS-R iTunes page.



Pre-order TOS-R Season One Box from Amazon

Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete First Season [HD DVD] — ships 11/20

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It’s tempting… but I won’t… :)

“Operation Annihilate!” Oh man, is that the one with the flying pancakes? I’m dying to see how they fixed up that one!

Well, for lack of something better to say, I really wish that there was an end to the format war so that I would be comforatble settling on a technology and perhaps buy these sets.

Until we can figure out wither it’s going to be Beta or VHS… I mean HD or Blu-Ray, I fell like I’m stuck in technology limbo. :(

Yes, the one with the giant flying boogers.

The exterior scenes of which were filmed at TRW, Inc’s office complex in Redondo Beach.

#2 and #4 — No, they were clearly fried eggs.

What I find most disturbing about all of this is that CBS-D was rushed by the studio to finish all of their work just to get the episodes ready for DVD.

I wish CBS-Paramount had given them the time and space to do the job properly and completely.

My money’s on HD-DVD. (Grudgingly…)

Less resolution, but becoming more popular, like VHS did.

OH, well… I’ll probably go with the deal with the Toshiba player and the First Season box- aren’t they offering it that way?

Please. They’re clearly flying bird turds.

Do we know if the 2nd and 3rd seasons will also have the regular DVD side as well? I certaintly hope so.

I just sprung for the latest Pioneer Elite 60 inch plasma with HD-DVD player and surround sound………, when I’m asked “are you buying the remastered Trek episodes?”, I say, “well, DUH!!”


I fly alot, and have downloaded these so I can see them on-board on my IPOD. Great. I will buy the set anyway, but I am on short-haul planes so often that this will be great.

What about a refresh of the titles on Xbox Live Arcade?

You know anything about that? Those have been pretty static with the HD versions for QUITE some time now.

8. Dr. Image – Don’t know what you mean “Less Resolution” both Blu-Ray amd HD-DVD are 1080P. Maybe you mean less disc capacity at this time?

I have held off on updating my Home cinema for some time. Every time I went to upgrade in the last year they would raise the bar. ie 1080P/24, HDMI.ver1.3, Dynamic Iris for maximum contrast and the list goes on.
Thankfull we’re at the top of the heap now. I will buy a new HD projector and my 1st HD-DVD player next month just in time for the STAR TREK HD-DVD release.

What better way to move up to HD with a bit of the old and the new in one session at 1080P!!! Can’t wait!

Yes,……they always looked like fried eggs to me too.

I think this episode is an example of when real effects are best. As a kid I even knew that there was a string, probably at the end of a fishing pole, that propelled the thing on Spock’s back but it scared the heck out of me and it just seemed to work. CG doesn’t work for everything.

Off topic what do you guys/ gals think of Tchéky Karyo for Robert April!

From the hints I”ve picked up on this site and elsewhere, I think “Operation, Annihilate!” may include FX showing the Enterprise launching its “parasite-killer” satellites that will be a lot more elaborate (and canon-redefining) than many people suspect.

So…either HD on one of two extant formats, or tiny iPod videos.

Sigh. Standard DVDs would be nice for those of us who aren’t willing to get caught in the crossfire of the format war and who want something better than overcompressed iTunes stuff.

#15 — I agree (and not just about the fried eggs). That moment when the thing just goes *smack* and attaches itself to Spock was jarring. Mostly effective because of Spock’s reaction, I think. Creepy.

Ok….wasn’t the first season of Star Trek HD – DVD from $129.00 just a few day ago?
I see that its $135.00 now. Was I seeing things or do I need to get my head and vision examined?

This is quite a revelation as far as the 2nd and 3rd seasons being ready so soon. I think this goes a long way to explain why many of these episodes are missing the “little touches” that we got with “I Mudd” and a few other shows from last season.

I wonder if ratings were so poor, that they decided to just work like crazy and finish up the shows for DVD sales to re-coup costs. This doesn’t bode well for some fan fave episodes coming up – including “The Ultimate Computer”……

Hey Folks –

The format wars really does suck but the best place to dive in to hi def DVD is on the computer. Get a combo DVD drive that supports both formats. I suspect that if this goes on much longer desktop units that support both formats, if not already out, will be out soon.

Bring on the HDs. I’m ready.

Those aren’t flying fried eggs or bird turds or anything of the sort!
It looks more like plastic fake vomit, like the kind you used to order from the back of a comic book when you were a kid, along with the exploding cigars and the x-ray glasses.

Those *were* the days!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

*24 – “Live” synthetic Sea horses, whoopie cushions, special stick on overlay for your TV to turn it into colour…..

Where is our Dick Tracy wrist phone’s/iPods?
Will we be around to see them?
Star Trek on your wrist….Cool!!

Uh, You guys do realize this set is a DVD/HD-DVD combo, meaning you never have to upgrade to high-definition to enjoy the set, you can still play them in your dvd players, you don’t have to pick a side in the format war

Planning to purchase all 3 seasons

I downloaded Operation:Annihilate today. Yup, they show the launching of the satellities from an opened cargo bay on the underside of the Big E. It’s actually pretty cool and I liked what they did to the effects on the episode. No work done to the lousy “electric shaver” phaser weapons beams when they fire, though.

I just downloaded the episode too but I loathed the new effects. The establishing shots of the planet and the big ‘E’ were nice as was the sun in the beginning but the team has perfected these before. The deployment of UV satellites at the end and their activation looked fake and choppy: I’m sorry but if I can notice jagged effects lines and muted tones, something is rushed.

Why are people going to buy these? I mean seriously, you’re being ripped off completely. The work is half finished. Why the hell should we reward CBS/Paramount for cutting the throats of their digital team and making them look like hacks.

#25: Where is our Dick Tracy wrist phone’s/iPods?

LOL! I guess we have TOS communicators (cell phones) instead!

Remember, The Future also promised us flying cars, and I’m *still* waiting for my flying car! Where’s my flying car!? With Atlanta traffic being what it is (straight from the 8th circle of Hell), I *need* that damn flying car! NOW!!

Peace. Live long and prosper.

The Vulcanista }:-|

#29- You sure it wasn’t your itunes? First few I downloaded performed that way…I then started playing everything in quicktime and WOW, what a difference….smooth and beautiful. i think it’s the itunes application/player itself. They weren’t choppy at all for me. Looked great!

Since I have an Xbox 360, I’ll probably end up getting the companion HD-DVD drive. It does seem to be the format picking up the most speed, but my guess is as good as anyone’s.

Finally iTunes gets off its rear end… just downloaded Errand of Mercy. If the iTunes people are reading this: just two words — Doomsday Machine. Hurry up and get with the program, literally.

& #8

Both Blu-ray and HD-DVD have the same resolution, the only difference between the two formats is that a Blu-ray disc holds slightly more data than a
HD -DVD disc, therefore Blu-ray being able to have more extras and bonus material recorded on the disc, quality wise the two formats are indistinguishable.

Doomsday Machine is in the second season. At the rate Itunes is going, they’ll be re-remastering TOS by the time its posted. They managed to get all of Babylon 5 up, but they drag their feet when it comes to Trek. Notice how its only the first seasons of everything Trek thats there?

30. “Why are people going to buy these? I mean seriously, you’re being ripped off completely.”

The price is a little steep, but I really want to sit down and watch the season in HD ASAP.

“The work is half finished. Why the hell should we reward CBS/Paramount for cutting the throats of their digital team and making them look like hacks. ”

Oh give it a rest and stop typing with your anus.

Funny thing, I did say I wouldn’t be getting these due to the format wars. But, with a little research I find that HD DVD can have the same storage capacity as BR. So I’m getting a Toshiba player and the set. The only thing I’ve seen on my plasma in HD is football games, so I’m really looking forward to this. And in three or four years, I’ll sell these for the “Remastered on Steriods” set. Life is too short to wait forever.

Well, I watched O-A last night and personally thought the deployment of the satellites looked great. Even though I’m a little iffy on the bomb-bay cargo doors, and that otherwise it’s a very pedestrian episode.

Flying cheese pizzas without the crust.

One of those just for gags “fake pile of puke”.
They do seem breakfast-like, though; maybe a failed omlette with grits? Don’t forget the griads!
Downloading now.

#30: Why am I going to buy it? Because I like it.

#32 — Hey! Thanks for the tip! I’ve been having jerky playback problems with iTunes for months (ever since they switched to higher-def videos). I never thought of trying them through plain old Quicktime. It works!

#43-No problem…I was going insane with ITunes player, started messing around with other players, and WOW! The difference was amazing. YAY Quicktime!

#36 — Yes, I know not to expect it anytime soon. I’m not buying the box set, so I will have to wait for iTunes. And have I noticed how they drag their feet on Trek? You bet I have, it sucks. In the cases of TNG, DS9, and VOY, I only really like episodes from the 3rd seasons on, so it’s really disappointing.

Netflix has this Instant Viewing thing now. I *really* wish Netflix would put every season of every series up, then I could watch select episodes at will without buying the DVD box sets, which I refuse to do.

Will the other two seasons be the HD-DVD/DVD Combo sets? I hop eso as I will be getting the first season to watch on my DVD player.

#46 – Yes, I believe seasons 2 & 3 will also be combos.

Holy Giant Update Batman!
There are now TWENTY-ONE episodes on iTunes, including Tomorrow is Yesterday and just aired Conscience of the King, What Are Little Girls Made of? The Man Trap and more!

Happy Halloween!