Shatner Discusses Latest Rumors [UPDATED – More Video From Shatner]

The following ShatnerVision video was shot Thursday afternoon

UPDATE: See Part 2 Below

So there you have it. Just as reported by yesterday Shatner is still not in the movie – and it appears he doesn’t expect to be in the movie. In the video Shatner was talking about the latest story on which was from the WENN entertainment news wire service. After WENN put out the latest rumor confirmed again today that no definitive decision has been made regarding Shatner. WENN are probably just picking up on the AICN rumor. Remember WENN are the same outfit that made up the ‘Tom Cruise will be in Star Trek’ rumor (which also debunked). And no this is not some elaborate prank or hoax…he simply is not in the movie. However, there is still a chance that he might be. Hopefully by the end of this month there will be some kind of definitive statement one way or the other regarding this whole thing.

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first – i guess

i dont usually post but i really hope shatner is in this movie. I would love to see nimoy and shatner together one more time. i do not understand wha the plot of this movie will be but there should be a way. I do not want a rehash of generation though leave that horrible movie alone

Maybe spock could partner with Uhura to save kirk somehow off the walls uggestions but i would love to see thsoe two as well



Unfortunate. Only time and the creative minds behind this and future Trek projects will tell whether Shatner as Kirk is finished. All good things… In any event, I have confidence that Pine will be be a fine successor.

It would be great to get off the fence about this. As good as this film my turn out to be, without Mr. Shatner, there would be a big, and very hard hole to deal with. Either way, I’m so looking forward to Dec 2008

Still hoping.


I have loved Trek since childhood as well as in my grown up years and i say it is an outrage to have Leonard Nimoy in the film but not William Shatner. Kirk is arguably the most popular character in the franchise and to leave Shatner out in the cold on this is beyond ridiculous.

So, basically we have to go through this for another several weeks until it’s clear one way or the other.

What do you suppose Shatner’s point in continually making these announcements is if 1) the issue isn’t settled and 2) there’s not a conspiracy between him and the producers to hype up an already-done deal?

This little bit of video is a remarkably fast turn-around on rumor control regarding an unsourced bit of business like the WENN report, after all.

The blinking White House doesn’t do spin this quickly.

If they hire Shatner, there goes the money for the Iceland location shooting! It’ll be cycloramas and styrofoam rocks all around! Plus they’ll have to spring for hazel contacts for Pine.

Seriously…I’d love to see Shatner in the film, however they want to do it, storywise. It’s not a demand, just a fan’s fond wish. Once more unto the breach, dear friends…

Scott B. out.

UGH! JJ Abrams — WHY?

It just makes me sad to watch that clip :-( Poor William Shatner. It’s kind of disappointing and puts me off when I see this. His presence isn’t there at all apparently, and apparently no support of Chris Pine as Kirk either. It makes me wonder if they even asked him what he thought about it.

There are always possibilities…

I guess I’m a bit disappointed that Shatner seems to close the door on being in this movie in a cameo role. He seems to be saying either give me a big starring role like Nimoy, or I’m not interested.

That’s a shame because I myself would like to see him, and the other surviving TOS members, take one final curtain call in the next Trek film.

Swallow your pride Shat and take a cameo role if it’s offered to you!

Mike :o

#7 – Dennis –

I think Shatner’s ego is what is driving these announcements. I’d love to think this is all a media game, trying to convince fans Shatner is not in the film, then suddenly the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that he IS in it.

I don’t think the latter is the case at all.

I’m speculating that Spock will appear in the beginning of the new film and will recount the early days of the Enterprise and her crew. He’ll probably will be giving some lecture to academy students – ripple dissolve to……

Knowing how upsetting this will be If he is NOT in the movie, do you think that Paramount would risk insulting, William Shatner, or the fans by excluding him? Remenber, if there is ever a chance at bringing him back it has to be now, not in part II, or III. If I was the Shat i’d offer them a fair price now, and if they decline, to hell with ’em. Next movie charge them triple.
To whom this may concern,
William Shatner IS James T. Kirk. He made the character what it is, and he is the only person in the universe that can pass the torch to his counterpart. Anything less would be a disgrace.

Hailing frequencies ‘closed.

#8: I can live without Iceland…lol… But I can’t live without SHATNER!!!

SHATNER = $$$$$$$$

Regardless of what it costs to get him in, the movie will make tons more just for him being in it. You don’t go cheap on a dime when it brings you back in a buck, now do you?

Shatner means more to S.T. than J.J. Abrams vision of the project.

If the man wants into this film he should be given a role. Especially when you consider that Nimoy is being brought back.

There is no reason Shatner is not in this film + don’t give me the “we can’t find a role worthy of him” crap.

They simply don’t want him + they are shutting the door on many,many people who want to see him in this film.

This news is very upsetting.

There is still time to get Shatner in. There is no excuse if he is not included.

#15:”Knowing how upsetting this will be If he is NOT in the movie, do you think that Paramount would risk insulting, William Shatner, or the fans by excluding him?”

Paramount, as in the people running the studio?

Yes, of course they would.

Studios said “no” to much bigger actors than him, after all. Did you notice that Shatner explicitly described this as “a business decision?”

There’s no way for most of us to know, right now, whether or what limits there may be on the producers with regard to negotiating with Shatner. The assumption that Abrams and company have the wherewithal to simply decree that whatever Shatner Wants, Shatner Gets may correlate with the truth – or, it may not.

BTW, i don’t think Shatner expects to have as big a part as Nimoy in this film, since he knows his character ‘died’ in the last film he was in. I do think he expects to have a memorable role in the film though, and his resurrection at the end of the film will be just that.

Look at “Khan” in ST II…. He really wasn’t on screen all that much, but he was mentioned by name throughout the entire film. Same will probably go for Shatner’s Kirk in this film.

#7 Dennis Bailey

What do you think his motives are? You don’t seem to be taking him at face value.

Am I missing something?

Where are these rumors of his return coming from?


Oh give me a break. I love Shatner too, but he’s being INCREDIBLY unfair here. Yes it’s “science fiction,” but these new writers shouldn’t feel obligated to completely rework their story just to undo the mistakes that were made in someone ELSE’S movie!

If they HAVE found a way to fit him in, fine. But I’m really getting sick of everybody here acting like Shatner is some poor, innocent victim being disrespected and spit upon by JJ Abrams.

He already made his bed by agreeing to be killed off in Generations. No one forced him to be in it, and he read the script beforehand. It’s not Abrams or the new writer’s fault that the movie sucked.

What’s gets me about this is the ongoing, seemingly never-ending uncertainty, particularly on the part of Shatner himself. I just find it really hard to believe that Shatner would be so far out of the loop about something like this as he professes to be. Even if he really isn’t in it, it’s almost inconceivable to me that J.J. Abrams–or Nimoy for that matter–wouldn’t have at least given him a definitive answer about it by now. And if they really are still trying to find a way to include him, it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t know something about THAT. This movie starts filming next month and it just seems like everyone involved is being too coy by half over the whole involvement–or lack thereof–of Shatner. If I were him and these guys were just using me to stretch out the the suspense and garner extra publicity, I’d be pissed.

Could the hold up be money? Shatner may want to invoke favored nations clause to match Nimoy’s paycheck…yet Nimoy as Spock presumably has a much larger role. Rumored plot involving Spock going back in time to stop the Romulans from killing young Kirk would leave open the possibility of seeing old Kirk at the end…and that may be the “cameo” that Shatner isn’t satisfied with. J.J. Abrams on record as wanting Shatner. Isn’t it about time we heard definitively from J.J. or Mr. Orci??

Cost? Hell, I’m willing to watch a guy in a Gorn costume with a zipper up his back if the Shat can be factored into the movie!

Make the deal for more appeal!!

#18:”#7 Dennis Bailey

What do you think his motives are? You don’t seem to be taking him at face value.

Am I missing something?”

I don’t have answers; just questions and hypotheses . In terms of “missing something” – yeah, don’t you think there are big pieces of this puzzle that aren’t being communicated (for their own good reasons) by Shatner OR the producers OR the people running the studio?

Shat is acting here. This clip seems like a cunning bit of improv to me. i think we’re being put on…for fun and to protect a surprise.

It seems very Spinal Tapish, doesnt it? anyone?

I think he knows he has a part (of some kind) in this film…but they are keeping it tight lipped. so much so as to have Bill deny any knowledge.

im not usually one for conspiracy theories…but something seems fishy here. the woman doing the interview seems a little TOO uninformed.

#20: “If I were him and these guys were just using me to stretch out the the suspense and garner extra publicity, I’d be pissed.”

Shatner is not a victim in “stretching out the suspense” or in whatever negotiations may be happening. He’s a participant.

The women is his daughter and clearly knows the answers to the questions before she asked them.

Why is he trying to get this news out to the public so soon after the rumors broke?

That, of course, is the other possibility: That Shatner was offered a role but not one that was big enough or high-paying enough to meet his demands. I have always liked Shatner but the man does have ego to spare and I wouldn’t entirely put it past him. If there really is some negotiating going on and it doesn’t pan out, I imagine we’ll find out why eventually.


What does your gut tell you about what is going on?

Do you think in the end Shatner will be in the film?

I’m confused + a little upset at this point.

24. That’s Shat’s daughter Elizabeth doing the interview.

If Nimoy and Shatner are such pals as both profess, Shatner’s gotta know more than he’s telling.

There are two sides to this….
and his side is the only one talking at the moment. I think he’s still negotiating, not liking what he’s being offered and in response is acting a little disappointed and making people feel bdd for him, trying to drag the movie down.

People will still flock to this film if done well.

The thing that militates against this whole thing being a false controversy cooked up between Shatner and the producers to generate publicity for the eventual announcement of his participation – which a few people at various sites have hinted at – is that if one presumes that the “right thing to do” is to sign him then the current “strategy” consists of casting the producers and the project in a negative light on Shatner’s behalf.

That’s not clever publicity; it would be self-destructive on the part of the producers.

So whatever’s going on, I tend not to think that it’s something that’s been gamed between the parties for our benefit.

#25: “Shatner is not a victim in “stretching out the suspense” or in whatever negotiations may be happening. He’s a participant.”

That was basically my point, that if things are as we’ve been led to believe then Abrams and the powers that be–and Nimoy!–are all showing Shatner some pretty serious disrespect, which just doesn’t make sense unless he did something to deserve it… or it’s all just a massive disinformation campaign.

I believe ‘the woman’ doing the interview is, in fact, Shatner’s daughter, is she not? Not exactly a hard hitting journalist, I’d imagine. Also, the main venue for these videos is Shatner’s official website. On which things are sold. So, as horribly capitalistic as it may sound, there are very good reasons for these videos to be made (traffic) other than as a massive disinformation campaign.

#19 David J..

you beat me to those basic points..thanks.

#28: “What does your gut tell you about what is going on?

Do you think in the end Shatner will be in the film?”

Gee, just out of the blue sky I think that when apparently simple things get this complicated to explain it’s almost always actually about The Money.

What the circumstances surrounding that are in this case, I have no idea of. We could sit here and fabricate three or four plausible scenarios and one might turn out to have some truth to it, but we’d be guessing nonetheless.

And in the end…I have no idea whether Shatner will be in it. I do suspect that if *he* knew for sure, one way or the other, that video wouldn’t be on ShatnerVision right now.

Eh, I could care less if Shatner is in this movie or not. I’ve never been a fan of his even though I love the TOS (Spock and McCoy were by far my favorite characters, much more so than Kirk). I find it arrogant of him to just brush his death in “Generations” aside and say since it’s Science Fiction, they should just come up with some contrived way to bring him back.

He got paid to be in Generations, and he agreed to the death scene. The script that’s written for this movie doesn’t involve him. If they can find a way to work Shatner into the movie that isn’t disruptive to the story and adds to it, that’s great, but if they can’t come up with a way to do it,, then let them make the movie as it is.

He’ll be in it, I’m telling you. It’s a major story point and they don’t want the resolution known until the end. Remember, “Nimoy as Spock” was NEVER announced when “The Search For Spock” was being produced.

So, hypothetically, the uncertainty of all this might be attributable to ongoing negotiations or a dispute over money or the size of the role or whatever, except THEY’RE A FREAKIN’ MONTH AWAY FROM FILMING! If so, I hope they wrote TWO scripts, one with Shatner and one without, because I’d hate to think they’d have to scramble for what I assume would be a pretty major rewrite either way at this late date.

I remember that very well – and the non-announcement was pretty much done with a wink at the fans. It was *not* a successfully-kept big secret that Spock would show up by the end of that movie.

Really, the idea that the producers plan to keep Shatner’s participation a secret for the next YEAR by going along with him occasionally whipping his fans up into resentful snits against the movie because of his being “shut out” is ridiculous.

Look, two things:

1) If Shatner is in the movie and knows that for sure, he has no reason to encourage disappointment or anger on the part of his fans a few weeks before production starts (and likely no more than a few days before the announcement of his participation).

2) If Shatner *isn’t* in the movie and knows that for sure…well, he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who sulks in public about his career and business affairs.

Either way, there’d be no reason for him to put this video out today if the the situation were completely settled. There’ve been rumors off and on for weeks about whether he’s in it or not, so the fact that there happened to be one reported on WENN and AICN in the last day or two isn’t really something he’d need to jump on.

For Dennis;

Bill isn’t on Ain’t it cool news posting comments that he is in the movie and then having a flurry of news reports online trumpet it based on that one little comment as if it was gospel.

As for WHY it was done today; I was scheduled to film Bill today and the timing of the Pine signing and these news stories were just timely. If you don’t believe me go to the board and see my post asking fans what Burning issues they have as I was going to be filming the next segment of ShatnerVision.

The double edged sword in this is; i Bill doesn’t comment on the movie rumours – fans post he’s hiding something and think he’s definitely in the movie
We post a defacto, definitive video saying “No he’s not” and fans still post that he’s ego driven to be in the movie or that it’s some big charade and he really is not in the movie.

It’s ultimately a game that can’t be won. With ShatnerVision we give the audience what they want and leave it to you to interpret but I think it’s pretty clear that as of 1PM PT today – William Shatner did not consider himself to be in the movie.

Why isn’t Ain’t It Cool putting a huge story up? Didn’t they scoop everyone in this? Instead it’s a footnote commentary on the Pine announcement and there’s been NOTHING else since.

Maybe because Bill Shatner is NOT in the movie???

That would be a real revelation; wouldn’t it?

So, you’re saying definitively that this is settled and that no conversations are going on at all between Shatner and anyone at Paramount about this movie?

He’s not going to be in it? Period?

Or, “as far as *I* know, he doesn’t consider himself to be in it as of today and I’m not privy to whatever his business conversations are with *anyone*?”

I really doubt this is just an act by Shatner. We’ve all seen Shatner be coy and evasive in interviews before. He’ll say stuff like “Well, I can’t really say, but you never know…”, all the while having a little grin on his face and winking at the camera.

Something odd is going on here.

Why would Shatner care about some rumors hitting the media about his appearance in this film?

He clearly has some type of motive for putting this video (and others like it)
on his site.

That is his daughter throwing him those softball questions that he WANTS to answer for some reason.

There are several possibilities here:

a) Shatner was not offered a role (that would be ashame) and he is using his site to rally his fans to get the producers attention.

b) He was not offered a big part + feels slighted.

c) He was offered a part that is nothing more than a cameo that will not offer him a big check + he is playing hardball with the producers over money.

d) He is lying to protect the fact that he will be in the film. Perhaps in a cameo at the end that will reveal Kirk survived the nexus + provide the big emotional end to the film.

I highly doubt that Shatner + the producers are doing this to drum up publicity as some had mentioned. If they wanted to do that why not simply have a press conference that would be a media circus. So I would pretty much rule (d) out

To me the two most likely scenarios are.

1/ They haven’t asked him to be in the movie yet (Anthony said that a decision has yet to be made) + he is truly upset over this + is using his site to rally his fanbase. If this is true (not saying it is) shame on them.

2/ He is playing hardball about money as he did with the producers of Enterprise. If this is true (not saying it is) shame on him.

The truth may be somewhere in the middle. It is always tough to read Shatner + his motives, but why respond now within 24 hours of the rumors breaking?

I believe Anthony when he says that a decision has not been made about Shatner. I also believe Herc at AICN when he says Shatner is in the film.

I think this may mean that a cameo has been written for Shatner, but he wants a bigger role (he mentioned he doesn’t do cameo’s in the video) and more money.

Ultimately this is all guess work on my part.

I hope it can all be worked out and we get to see Shatner as Kirk one more time. If it is simply the writers not finding a part for him that is pretty weak.

If Shatner is holding out over money that is equally weak.

Guys (I’m talking to all of you Mr. Shatner, writers, producers) lets get this done. The Kirk character is bigger than all of you.

And another thing just occurred to me… If this whole Shatner thing really is just a massive disinformation campaign, if he really is sitting there and bald-faced lying to the camera, then all bets are off. Absolutely everything we think we know about this film, probably excluding the casting announcements, could be fake, which I have to admit wouldn’t totally surprise me.

Not so long ago, I teamed up with Anthony on releasing an April Fools Day design sketch of the Enterprise for Trek XI, which was specifically designed to tweak the fans in all the ways I knew woud get the best rise out of them, and it succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. I’ve been thinking for a while now that time traveling Romulans from the future, uber villains named Nero and other such things had a decidedly similar tweakish feel to them. Abrams strikes me as the kind of guy who, more than just being secretive, might just make it a primary endeavor of the film production to throw everyone COMPLETELY off the track of what he is really doing. The whole Shatner thing could be part and parcel of that.

Or not. Who the hell knows?

The guy’s knows this business damn well… He knows how to play his cards right… And he’s upping the ante. He’s more of a tactician than Kirk ever was. He knows this mess about him being in the movie or not has a direct influence on the movie’s success. Just look at all the posts it generates here.

Either that or the rumors are true and he’s already signed to be in the movie.

Either way, he’s got one hell of a poker face…

He should have been in politics.

It would be a big loss for the movie not to have him in it. The day they officially announce he’s not in it, they’ll be loosing half their audience.

Google Ads revenues for this site will also drop dramatically.

A Star Trek movie IGNORING Shatner’s interest to be in it… is NOT a Star Trek movie.

It’s like Harrison Ford being ignored for a Indiana Jones movie or Sylvester Stallone for a Rocky movie. In fact… it’s even worse!

Come on Paramount, do you really want to invest that much money on this reasoning? If I was head of Paramount I’d halt production until the script has a decent place for Shatner.

Their best cash cow has plunged steadily since Kirk’s death. Now they have a chance to fix that and start fresh at the same time.

It just makes no sense to exclude him. Bad business decision… It looks more like someone pulling the ropes has a score to settle with Shatner and enjoys humiliating him for personal reasons.

Would you change director, change scriptwriters or exclude Shatner to make a Star Trek movie? The answer seems obvious to me… Get a new script if you have to, get a new director if you have to… But Shatner and Nimoy have to be in the movie, as do the other surviving actors.

Shareholders should smell the coffee… This is just more of the same nonsense management that has tainted Star Trek in the last 10 years.

It’s as simple as that… no respect for Shatner… no 10 bucks from me and many more. But hey… I guess some people like to bet risky.

And if it IS just a cigar, so be it, but how hard is it really for the people involved here to make up their minds and agree on whether it is or isn’t? Are we to believe that Shatner couldn’t just pick up the phone, call JJ and say, “Look, am I in it or not? I’m starting to look like an idiot out here and so are you, so what’s the deal?”And JJ wouldn’t tell him?

I honestly have no idea whether it’s a disinformation campaign, a conspiracy, a high-level ego feud or just a freakin’ cigar. All I DO know is that it’s weird.

#46:”It would be a big loss for the movie not to have him in it. The day they officially announce he’s not in it, they’ll be loosing half their audience.”

Not nearly that many.

“If I was head of Paramount I’d halt production until the script has a decent place for Shatner.”

It appears that the “head(s) of Paramount” have a different take on the situation based on their experiences.

Dennis, how much clearer of a comment do you need?

I’m the one who brought the story to the shoot (you can hear my voice in the video) don’t you think that if it was a contrived piece that Bill and his daughter would know where the story came from?

The way we shoot ShatnerVision is that I bring a set of topics I would like to see covered and Lisabeth sorts them out and asks them. The agreement is that if Bill doesn’t want to talk about it; we move on (that’s never happened, btw) and what you are seeing and hearing on the video is the answer from Bill after hearing the question for the first time. We don’t do retakes; it’s all very candid and raw.

When he says he’s not heard any offer and with fiming starting next month and presumably rehearsals starting in the next few weeks; it doesn’t look like they want him.

Again, you didn’t even address the Aint it cool comment – where is their BIG story??? It’s all out there now, isn’t it? So tell me why it was a footnote and not a lead story.

In tomorrow’s ShatnerVision video; Bill continues the conversation and talks about why he feels that it is a poor business move not putting him in the movie.

Somehow if Paramount were courting him; I don’t think he’d want to talk about that.


On the contrary, when I watch these interviews I get the impression Shatner isn’t all that INTERESTED in talking about the movie. He always seems totally unenthused, and has this look on his face, like “oh lord, here we go again with a question about the new Star Trek movie.”

Yeah I’m sure on SOME level he’d probably like to be involved, but he’s already got a great role in a hit TV show, he’s winning emmy’s left and right, and in his mind he’s moved ON with his life. Star Trek was a great gig but I don’t think he’s nearly as obsessed with it as we fans like to think he is.

That’s what I see from him when I watch these interviews anyway.