2nd Night Added To Menagerie Screenings

Due to the popular demand for the screenings of “The Menagerie” on 300 theaters around the country, Fathom Entertainment have added a second night. So in addition to the screenings on November 13th you can also see Kirk, Spock and Pike in HD on November 15th – with two showings (7:30pm and 10:30pm). More info at Fathom’s website. Fathom have also sent over a high res screen cap and a high res version of the poster. Plus there is a new video trailer. …check it out below.

The Poster (click to enlarge)

menagerie poster

Matte Painting HD Image (click to enlarge)
NOTE: even though image is widescreen…the screenings will be in 4:3 – just like the HD-DVDs

menagerie shot
CBS TOS Remastered Team Members In The Shot: On the mall -Denise and Mike Okuda, Dave Rossi, Niel Wray, Toni Pace, Jimmy Berndt, Cliff Welsh and Richard Barnett. In the windows on the right – David LaFountaine, Nicki Kreitzman, Wendy Ruiz, James Holt and Cliff Welsh
(thanks to Mike Okuda for helping identify everyone)

Video Trailer

menagerie video trailer

Video courtesy of STARTREK.COM

It’s all about the DVDs
Of course this whole thing is to promote the upcoming HD-DVD/Combo release

Pre-order TOS-R Season One Box from Amazon

Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete First Season [HD DVD] — ships 11/20

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Awesome! Hopefull I can catch this.

I’m definitely going to the first show. Already bought my tickets! :)


Al Whitlock’s wonderful concept for Starbase 11 was always my favorite of the TOS matte shots. And while I have a few minor quibbles, may I extend my thanks to CBS-D for (mostly) doing it justice.

Can’t wait to see this epic, seminal two hours of Trek history on the big screen with an audience–it’ll be like attending one of Roddenberry’s college lectures in the 70s.

I’m ready to see this, allready have my tickets ordered. :)

The Okudas are recognizable in this hi-res pic. But one of the command personnel seems to be floating :-)

BTW, The Menagerie will be shown 4:3, according to Fathom’s website


Nearest one STILL 100 miles from me!! DAMN YOU, PARAMOUNT!

I think the “floating guy” is Dave Rossi? Didn’t notice it before, wonder how it will look on the big screen.

No joke. If somebody wanted to REALLY make A LOT of quatloos, they’d finish ALL the remastering, fix all the mistakes, and then show two eps every few months in theatres during the googleplex’s ‘down time.’

HINT-friggin-HINT, Paramount!

… and still no word on the Canadian locations?


So where’s the “floating Rossi”? Seriously, I don’t see it.

You know it would be great to do the movies (1-6) like this and then release them bad boys. Boy it would be nice to see the Enterprise flying across the screen.

It will be interesting to see what the demagraphic is for these showings…Old men?…Families?…kids on dates in the wrong theater?

BTW: My 12 year old daughter saw Chris Pine in the the “lucky” movie with Lohan on TV the other night. She said that if he was gonna be Kirk, she would want to see it because …”Dad, he is FINE”

Pre-teen girls really due rule the entertainment business, after all…

also, My wife says she likes the choice for McCoy. This will help bring in the wives to watch the film…something for them to look at for a change…

Hmmm, let’s see if the new film can bring ’em in by the busloads…we really want this baby to be a moneymaker, as long as it delivers the Classic Trek goods, that is…

Yes, Ray Liotta as Capt. Plke.

and, for season 2 HD in the theater in April, we want “The Doomsday Machine” & “City on the Edge of Forever”

Is that all?

I can’t see the “floating Rossi” either, but I CAN see that the image of the Okuda’s is backwards. The badges on their uniforms are on the wrong side.

That’s something that would be too small to see on a TV screen, but on a movie screen…big whoopsie!

Wither Canada?

I’m checking back religiously, Fathom Productions but I’m not seeing anything….

I see the floating Rossi now. You have to double click the screen cap, then click it again to blow it up to full size. What’s really noticeable, though, is that Rossi is a Starfleet officer with man-boobs. Or maybe all the men from his planet look that way.

Got my tix aswell, thankfully the theatre is only five mins. away for me, and it’s a newer one so the presentation should be pretty good. Can’t wait to9 see Pike’s pizza face on the big screen…BEEP BEEP!

Wasn’t there an issue over whether these would be shown on the theater’s actual digital projectors or just through Fathom’s cheapy system used for showing ads before the movie? I remember that being discussed somewhere before…

Yes. The projection issue. Does anyone know the facts??

Glad to see all of you fellow Trekkies using your $$$’s to enjoy more Trek.
GOOD JOB everybody!

when do the Canadian dates get posted already???

if this outrage is not soon remedied, we will cut off America’s supply of beaver pelts and hockey players!!!

I don’t believe it..no showing in Omaha, Nebraska??
I’ll have to drive down to Kansas City to see this. Gas is not cheap.

Yeah, I caught the backwards Okuda’s, too. Mike’s hair is also parted the wrong way. It’ll be interesting to see how this holds up on the big theater screen.

Wow. Blown up that effect looks awful. Like REALLY bad photoshopping. And yes, Okuda is backwards and the newbies are WAY more detailed than the original actors on the right so it’s a bad matchup.
And yes, $12.50 for basically a commercial for the new sets using the crappy preshow PJ’s. After the Poltergiest debacle, I’ll pass and put that dough towards the new set.

I am so there.

What no Widescreen? Oh well.

Better than nothing.

That HI-REZ pic is very telling. The Matte work is wonderful as usual, but the background figures are sharper and more defined than the foreground ones. This is very shoddy looking, oh yes and Rossi is INDEED floating over his own shadow. (maybe he’s really happy : )

why is kirks shirt yellow in that photo of the box set- its green!!!

anyway cant wait to turn the tv over with my mark 2 phaser!!!



ray liotta as pike

” as far back as i can remember i always wanted to be a starship captain!”

I am American and live in Europe (Sweden and Poland). Star Trek has a huge base in Europe (especially Germany), and this, as well as STXI, is just not news here. No remastered shows or cinema showings. Someone at CBS International is seriously asleep. Here is a link to a Polish TNG site which is actually doing a fan-series: http://www.sthorizon.com/. 27 countries in the EU should also have “Menagerie” screenings in cinemas. I am sure the re-org at CBS has not allowed them to focus on this yet, but for them it’s low hanging fruit with an eventual high return on investment. And, boy, would I like to see “Menagerie” in Stockholm.

I SECOND THAT #29!! Seriously, paramount IS missing a big opportunity here in Europe!! (ducks to avoid things thrown its way by the anti-EU crowd for calling UK Europe)

I would fly to wherever within Europe to watch this. The cost of getting to London would be as much as flying to most of the major cities in the EU anyway. Paramount, are you listening???

Why not show a second screening in alternate theaters in different cities?


I agree with you about season 2. Will be reserving my tix online as soon as they make similar announcements for COTEOF and TDM, showings.

29, 30

I personally know many European ST fans (Britain, Italy esp.) as well as Canadian. They should absolutely extend the range of showings to cover CANADA, EU, and Australia. So many TOS fans outside the USA, do not ignore them!

21- Please don’t do that. I don’t get enough beaver… pelts… as it is.

I anticipate that the whole thing will not look 100% spectacular blown up to the size of a movie screen. However, that was never the intent of the project, was it? Besides, I’ve seen grainy, scratch-filled episodes of classic Trek projected at conventions for over 30 years. This can only be an improvement.

I’ll be there enjoying the show. :-)

Some Comments…

1) I would have to drive to Victoria, Texas (200 miles) to see this. I may do that, but for the price of gas and hotel I might as well buy the disks.

2) Look at the genious in the cover/movie poster. Feature J. Hunter and Nimoy in the foreground…Spock looks a bit strange and the ray gun might lure the “casual trekker” into the theater. Also, Shatner…while not in the foreground, is the focus in that he is at the center. Gotta keep “The Shat” in his rightful place.

3) I could see Ray Liotta as Pike, if that is ever called for.

4) I think this is a good idea, keep this going as a “series.” Pic two episodes and show them as a double feature in theaters. Logical episodes with similar themes. Do ti in conjuntion with other TREK events and I can’t see how it would fail.

Do you think The Menagerie is being shown to familiarize young audiences with Captain Pike and get them ready for the Trek XI movie?

They will be showing it 3 days here. At $12.50.

Yeah, I see it now. If I were Rossi, I’d definitely have insisted on lighting a little more flattering than that. :-)

I’m guessing that they flopped the Okudas because they came to a decision that the comp looked better that way, in spite of the reversed badges. It’s defintely a glitch, but I don’t think many viewers would be inclined to notice even on a movie screen. If you really want to nitpick (and obviously many here do), the foreground Starfleet personnel are obviously being lit by multiple studio lights.

And while I still really like CBS-Ds revised foreground architecture, I still prefer the angle, proportion and detailing of the center towers in the original. Not to mention the Al Whitlock’s original two-toned sky. Oh, well–maybe I’ll take my own “CG-crack” at this scene someday.

‘REAL’ TOS on a big screen… ;)