Nimoy Ready For Older Spock

nimoyphot3.jpgIn December Leonard Nimoy will step in front of the cameras as Spock for the first time since 1991. Before he does, the original Spock is keeping active with his photography career. In a new interview regarding an upcoming photography show Mr. Nimoy spoke briefly about his return to Trek. From the article:

“It’s interesting and challenging,” Nimoy said of playing the character 16 years later. “If you accept the fact that I am older and so is the character, that is a start.”

When and where is Spock?
Spock was last seen on Romulus in the 24th century of the TNG era…over 100 years after the start of the TOS ‘5 year mission.’ (In the the two-part Next Generation episode “Unification“). Although Nimoy is clearly playing ‘older’ Spock in the new Star Trek film, it has not been revealed exactly where and when (Mr. Nimoy refused to say in his post Comic-Con interview with However, Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci did drop a little hint in his recent interview. Here is the exchange after Orci said that the new Star Trek movie was not entirely a prequel: So your point is since Nimoy’s Spock would at least start well after the TOS period, then it isn’t exactly a prequel.

Roberto Orci: Exactly, Nimoy’s Spock is very much in line with canon.

So let’s venture into speculation land. If Spock is ‘older’ and ‘in line with canon’ then it would be reasonable to assume we have a post TNG Spock. To keep speculating and throwing in reported Romulan involvement, then it would be reasonable to assume that the older Spock is starts off on Romulus as well.

Last Spock sighting – TNG’s "Unification"

Get shot by Nimoy
On the weekend of November 2nd Mr. Nimoy will be at the R. Michelson Gallery in Northamton, MA doing a presentation on his photography and attending a reception for his ‘Full Body Project’ exhibition. He will also be shooting 100 subjects for a new photography project. More info in the Full interview with the Massachusetts’s Republican and at the Gallery Website.

In a separate interview regarding his photography, Nimoy tells the Boston Globe that William Shatner has bought some of his photography.

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It seems “logical” for Nimoy to be in this movie! ;)

I like your name, StarTrekRockerGirl.

This movie is going to be the finger-pull of the holiday season…..,

Darth “one finger” Ballz

Post-TNG Spock, cool :)

just so long as no TNG etc characters pop up i’ll be happy enough. Seen more than enough of that lot.

Funny, but that quote just makes me feel there’ll be Spock’s death scene. OK, Spock’s 2nd death scene…

Not because he’s said it, but because it’s just the way we seem to be conditioned by films now. Every blockbuster has to kill the bad guy; we’re obsessing to bits about another character on these threads, Data needed a death scene, even poor old Wash had to go to highten the tension.

I actually liked the end of ST VI, they all went off, retired and that was good and we were all happy. I think the obsessiveness with having to have a character die is a bad thing.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Leonard Nimoy, if he plays off against Zachary Quinto that will be fascinating (no pun intended) and having things unresolved and left to the imagination of the viewer would probably be quite a brave move these days.

Same goes for Nero… I realise that before we go into the film, if he’s the villian of the piece, then the Movie Template demands that he has an effects laden end with blodied Kirk standing over his corpse (or the small puddle of recently phasered corpse) but I’ve just realised what was SO good about the ending of Serenity (apart from the music and the narrative and the acting) was that the villian was defeated, soundly and totally defeated, but killing him would have diminished the hero.

Kirk has always killed as a last resort I think (though there will be many counter-examples), even Kruge forced him into it.

I’d really like this film to step outside the now-traditional narrative and not have the cliche with Nero and Spock meeting their respective makers though the pressure to do so I guess will be overwhelming.

@6 ZoomZoom – Could be worse, could be Neelix… he probably lives for 500 years….

#3 Thank you, Cygnus! Huge Rush fan here, so the feelings mutual! :)

#7 perhaps they could kill Neelix? That would satisfy the ‘need a death’ crowd and everybody else as well!
In fact, if we need a pointless death we are pretty much spoilt for choice of equally pointless ‘characters’ from later ‘Treks’.

I liked Neelix!!

*6 i have to disagree, why cant a TNG cast member make a cameo in this film? it would honour the existence of TNG or even VOY or even DS9… possibly in some part of this film Spocks going to need a spaceship, would be cool to see a familiar face, perhaps Captain Riker, the Titan was assigned to Romulus???

Hmmm, I don’t think there is a requirement for Nimoy’s Spock to die.

I hope not anyhow, I’d much rather see him, and Kirk, setting off a new adventure of their own at the end of ST XI.

At the least unless a dramatically valid scenario has been envisaged for original Spock’s death, no way would Nimoy do the film if his character met an unnecessary death like Shatner’s Kirk did.

I’d like to see Leonard take images of Bill Shatner. That would be fascinating. Perhaps not in nude…..but I’m open to possibilities :)

7. I don’t think Spock will die. It was sort of hinted at in an AICN post that Spock will be the guardian or keeper of whatever time device or method the Romulans use in the film to prevent them from meddling with the time line. This is a wild guess, but I think that is where the makers of the film will leave him.

10. I have nothing against TNG crew, but aren’t there sufficient cameos or passing the baton players in the film already with Nimoy and possibly Shatner? It has been said before, the whole point of this film is to try and introduce TREK to a new generation of film goers. Why belabor the past? Time to look forward.

#10 to each, their own. But my personal preference is for NONE of the TNG lot to be included. And surely the fact that they exist at all should be honour enough? Why do they- yet again- have to piggy back TOS, even in this refreshed format? No, they can wait for their own reboot/reimagining or whatever they are calling it this week.

Whatever the plot of the film may be, my only hope is in the fact that Nimoy would not be involved if it were not good and profitable! I would assume Abrams will tie the knot really well,so that die hard trek fans will smile and say, “OK! that was sneaky, but I like it.” I would like to have TOS music scores somehow tied in to the film to really make me feel that I am watching the authentic show I am used too.

12: “Perhaps not in nude…..but I’m open to possibilities”

TK, let me respond thusly….ew!

To repeat, with proper emphasis…

I wonder if their would be a way to bring older Kirk into the 24th Century? Maybe if Spock does go back in time to the 23rd Century to help young Kirk it will change the outcome on Veridian III but Kirk will still be able to help save Picard and crew and the Veridan III people. Then when Spock returns to the 24th Century he sees older Kirk their waiting for him and they go off to some 24th Century adventures.

If the Nero caracter is a Romulan and has the same age as Spock, he could very well live in the same time as the young Spock and the old Spock. We all know that Vulcans and Romulans share the same roots so they might as well reach the same age…

Spock could confont Nero in the past AND the future.

17…Well maybe if it was tasteful.(just kidding)

Nero was Roman… the Romulans are Roman-esque… so it makes sense that this Nero is a Romulan character. Although it seems weird they would use the same name…


ACK!!! I hope they don’t kill Spock again. I don’t think the film needs to be brought down with that. Plus, why can’t we just accept the characters “riding off into the sunset”?

That’s good enough for me.

If I had to choose between Nimoy and Shatner to be in this movie, I’d pick Nimoy.

He *is* Star Trek.

Normally I would think having ANY kind of reference to “Unification” would just be fanboyish wishful thinking. But the fact Romulans are the bad guys in this movie makes me think it could actually be true.

Personally I never cared for that storyline (or those episodes), and would prefer if Spock was using his diplomatic skills elsewhere when he gets called to action.

Shatner has bought some of Nimoy’s photography?

Boy, the Shat will do ANYTHING to be in the new movie!!

OK this si sgreat news and very interesting… BUT is the Orci quote that says “Nimoy’s Spock is very much in line with cannon” to mean that Quinto’s is not? Or perhaps “very much not in line with cannon”? Was thi s a comment made to afirm that they are remaining within cannon or contrasting that the rest of the film will not be?

I’m OK with things being different in an altered timeline, but is this where the rest of the films are going to take place? I’m frightened. Hold me.

If the movie has anything to do with “Unification” in it you would think Picard or Riker would be there to help Spock on his way. Or just help from a Romulan friend.


What do you say we just skip recasting the entire original crew and make this a Starship Titan movie instead? My only expectation would be that they go with the ship design Simon and Schuster’s contest produced.


(holding LM) There, there… It’ll be okay.


Right after the movies (plural) featuring “Captain Sulu” and the crew of the Excelsior.

i.e. when the U.S.S. Flying Pig leaves Spacedock.


Oops. @#29.

Sorry @#27

I think you’ll find the Romulans were based on Romans. I think it’s mentions on one of the original trek dvd’s extra’s.

I hope they don’t kill off Senior Spock again. To me it’s more interesting to just leave it open or as mentioned above by no: 23.

I really can’t see the point of bringing Senior Kirk back when we all know he was killed off in Generations, unless they bring him back as a ghost.

I am guess that in a way this film is a sequel to Nemesis. The time traveling Romulans and Spock are probably from the TNG post Nemesis era…so for all those whining they want a continuation of TNG…well you will get your wish

Oh and Roberto #30 LOL – Group hug everyone. Who ever said Hollywood people were heartless ;)

That exchange was pretty funny.

Nimoy is cool…..Spock is cool….doubt they will kill him off.

And if they do….hope it is better than what they did with the old Shat from Generations. That death scene was LAME!

ewwww Nemesis!

*stick a fork in my eye*

Worst movie ever!

I don’t want Star Trek XI and Nemesis in the same sentence.

34# I agree it starts off as a sequel to Nemesis with some of The Next Generation cast with old Spock . Then Spock and the Romulans traveling back in time for a prequel, before the young Kirk and crew start their five year mission. I don’t know if Spock goes back in time with the Romulans or The Next Generation ship.

now what about that:
the titan (with riker) brings spock to the guardian of forever in the beginning of the movie. then the long middle part takes place (or time?:D) in the TOS era. and back in the future, the 1701-E (picard!!!) rescues spock/kirk/both.
would make me happier than i ever was in my entire life.
it would be like st4, with the intro/outro in the future and the main story in the past. AND it would give the TNG crew a proper sendoff along the way.

add a creepy short scene in an alternate timeline (which is then corrected) and i’ll watch this movie 11 times in theaters :D
–> remember Back to the Future II

Keep in mind that if they’re planning a trilogy, if not more, then the movie will probably end with us watching Quinto and Pine embarking on their new adventures. That means instead of it being an ALTERNATE timeline, it might just be the NEW timeline. If that’s the case, where does that leave all the Trek we ever watched? What, it never happened? Ouch!!

so does nimoy slice peoples heads open and eat their brains, i do hope so!!!!!
anyway i own a time machine and im off now to watch this baby so ill let you all know what it was like!!!!


I’m glad we’ll finally see what happened to Spock on Romulas, I think Nimoy wanted a resolution to that storyline as well.

I’ll say again:

Spock on Romulus thinking about his first encounter with Romulans–then a great reboot of “Balance of Terror”.

“Behold, the marvel in the darkness.”

“…You and I are of a kind…in another reality, we might’ve been friends(or something).”

Complex, Shakespearian, are the bad guys really bad guys?, relevant for today…


That would make me so very happy.

“In a different reality, I might have called you friend…”….hmmm, rumors of alternate/new timelines + that quote = a hint of things to come? Nah, probably just off-track speculation…it would be a cool tie-in, though.

Also, I swore I wouldn’t do this, but Mr. Orci, if you’re reading…have you read Dianne Duane’s Rihannsu series? What did you think of it?

#41…. the Titan (with Riker) brings Spock to the Guardian of Forever in the beginning of the movie…..

Now that I like! Great idea. The idea of the Enterprise-E picking up Kirk and Spock at the end of the film (a great Picard cameo!) would be wonderful too, and a nice cap to the TNG series/universe (also gives us an Enterprise beauty shot at the end of the film.)

41 and 47 are lovely ideas…

Mr Orci, big question for you.

I am not for a second expecting you to reveal anything about the movie, but I am wondering if you are able to tell us when we might expect to learn a little more about some of the things which are getting *ahem* just a little bit speculated over?

And if you can’t, can you tell us when we might expect you to be able to tell us when we might be able to learn a little more?

All the best etc!

40# I can see your point if you just wanted it to be a Kirk and Spock movie. But since Spock is on Romulus after the battle in Nemesis wouldn’t you think someone from TNG would be there to help with the clean up and to find Spock? Some of the Romulans would appreciate the help, not all or we wouldn’t have a movie. There has been other Star Trek cast pop up in the movies like Janeway. But I think it might be a little bigger part than that, maybe Picard to help Spock get back in time. Remember the casting it listed a Federation Captain that doesn’t just mean Pike or Riker.