Video From Quinto’s Heroes Photo Shoots

Here is the behind the scenes video from a recent photo shoot with the new Mr. Spock

If you haven’t read it yet, check out Quinto’s interview with TV Guide.

Heroes Tonight
Don’t forget to check out Heroes on NBC. Tonight’s episode “Fight or Flight” doesn’t have Quinto, but it was co-written by Melissa Blake (the wife of Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci). It also features guest spots for Trek vets Nichelle Nichols and Dominic Keating. Joining the cast tonight is Quinto’s friend of 10 years, Kristen Bell (aka Veronica Mars). Check out EWs behind-the-scenes video of the Season 2 Heroes cast for more Quinto and Bell. Watch closely to see Quinto show off a Vulcan salute!

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first…although with no take….

Nimoy should do a photo shoot with Quinto.



I agree.



“Oh! That’s a different role…right”

Haha…hilarious. He’s milking that Spock thing a lot isn’t he?

Live long and… EAT BRAINS!

Blue Steel!

That kid’s got a beautiful grin. Just like his dad, Leonard.

Maybe Leonard’s got some baby mama drama he aint told nobody about. Call Maury Povitch!


I mean, really… They have the same vibe.

It’s uncanny.

the shatner vid plays….but NOT this one …whats up?

I get it now. The Romulans time travel to 1981, kidnap Andreas Vollenweider, take over TV guide, addict and numb the Earthlings through bad techno and thus prevent Kirk from rising to his true calling.
Seriously, TV Guide dudes, you gotta get some better music.

This is all the cool stuff we’ll be enjoying in 30 years’ time. I think it’ll be cooler once we see a classic Trek film.

Fingers crossed.

“Fingers crossed”?

Don’t you mean fingers spread apart in the Vulcan salute?

Live long and prosper!

The TV Guide piece is missing the theme from “Mahogany”

Notice his sideburns are evolving to the starfleet pointy standard.

I half expected ZQ to bust out with something from ZL.

“Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?”


“how many abo-digitals do you see modelling?”

There are certain angles where the resemblance to a younger 70’s L Nimoy is striking….. fascinating…!


Excuse me. Sorry. I must have gotten some fluff up my nose.


“thats is Zac baby, show me no emotion babe- yeh, thats it sweetie, yeh, you’ve got it babe- nothing. Now show me an eyebrow quizically raised, yeh babe, you’ve got it. Now act a bit horny, like its Pon Farr time.. no, not too much hon. Just fling this bowl of chicken soup babe and act horrrrny”
And I’m spent.



And there’s yet *another* Heroes/Star Trek Link:

Cristine Rose played Gi’ral in TNG: “Birthright I & II,” (the mom of Bucktoothed Klingon Girl) as well as currently portraying the role of Angela Petrelli on Heroes. I was watching “Birthright II” recently, and the first thing I thought when I saw her was, “That’s Angela Petrelli! With buck teeth and a lumpy forehead!” (not to mention the *really* bad hair.) After checking with, sho’ ’nuff, it’s her.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|