Star Trek Stars Honored At Spike Scream Awards – Airs Tonight

scream2007.jpgSpike TV, which is still the cable home of Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, honored Star Trek at their Annual Scream awards held over the weekend in Los Angeles. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig and George Takei were all on hand to receive a special award in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Ricardo Montalban was not in attendance, but Shatner solicited a “Khaaaaan” scream from the audience in his honor.

Zachary Quinto introduced the Trek stars and later his show Heroes picked up Best TV series. Quinto as nominated for Best Villain, but lost out to Ralph Fiennes for the latest Harry Potter film This summer’s megahit Transformers, written by Star Trek co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman received a number of awards including Best Sci-Fi Movie.
(click here for complete list of winners)

The award show airs tonight, October 23rd at 10 PM on Spike TV.

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bahaha I’m first



good for transformers it rocked!!!!!!!!!WHOA

I hope Mr. Shatner drop-kicked Koenig right on his as—teroid. ;)



Koenig is the only one who seemed irritated to be asked about the new movie. And the only thing he could muster up to say about Yelchin was, “He’s very young.” George and Nichelle were much more encouraging.

The reason Walter Koenig wasn’t happy is because he’s not doing anything and hasn’t done anything in a long time but his former ship mates are doing very well, jealousy is a strong emotion.

Star Trek ep Who Mourns for Adonais

it was revealed that Chekov was only 22 years old…

so while Walter Koenig was 31 at the time….

his character was not.

Koenig is legendary for being pissy with everyone! It’s funny, sometimes if somebody is a gifted genius, you can almost understand why they’re curt with others, but when it’s someone totally bereft of ANY talent like Koenig………….well, that’s just stupid and rude!!

You know, I have to support Koenig on this one…I’d rather see all of the past Star Trek actors (that are still living) in the movie–not just Nimoy.
Can’t wait to watch it today! Gods, how I love those actors! ;P

Good stuff…

Vulcan Babe is right, all the characters would be pretty cool…

10 & 11 – I agree. and in addition, the original cast could have made movies all through the 90’s. It’s a huge loss that they didn’t.

#9, have to diagree. While I don’t see Koenig as anything extraordinary acting wise, I thought his boom about TMP was very interesting and well written–especially the warts and all approach to himself. Hardly bereft when it comes to the written word.

why wasnt ricardo montalban at the ceremony?

Montalban is not in good health.

And Koenig is an intelligent guy and a talented writer. So what if he was having an off day, or someone else’s perception of an off day. From what I’ve been told, Koenig is very personable one-on-one. Cut him some slack.

In further news, as of 5:43 PDT, Ray Liotta was leading in the poll, thereby cementing the fact that he has absolutely no chance of being cast as Pike.

I met Walter Koenig at Seattle con and he was grumpy. But I asked him questions and made him talk to me. That was fun. Even got him to pose for a photo and sign my Buck Robot Godot book.

SPIKE TV Sucks. Its for rednecks & people who have their heads in their asses. Star Trek is the only thing good the channel has ever had, besides maybe James Bond. If you ask me its a total mis-match as far as a tv show & tv channel are concerned. Its original shows are for dumb macho types. Ya know custom car crap, strippers, wrestling & the kind of fighting thats not boxing where they beat the shit out of each other. Its not boxing its much more nasty & nobody ever complains of pain because their just too stupid. Stupid because when they we’re growing up their Dad’s must have been in prison. The I’m bloody drunk & stupid. That kind of stupid. Anyway I don’t what to rant on & on, but Star Trek being on this channel is just plain wrong. Money had all to do with it & nothing else.
Who cares what the F this station has to say regarding pop culture.
Next to the Grammys (wait, they all suck) this is biggest bullshit awards.

Put the cube into my chest!

Gee Scott, ya gotta come out of your shell. How are we going to get to know you if you don’t speak your mind? So let’s take a count:
custom cars=bad
kids whose father’s are in prison=bad
Grammy awards=bad
Am I bad if I like those things? OK, I really don’t have an opinion on the dads in jail thing, but I definitely don’t have a problem with strippers. Those ladies are artistes.

Alice Cooper & Star Trek in one program! Efff Yeah!

Congrats to Roberto!

Keonig may be grumpy but at least he doesn’t make himself out to be anything more than he is, I appreciate that.

Hey I AM THX-1138,
First off I feel bad for anyone who has a parent in prison.
The only reason I brought it up is because to me there has to be a missing component in someones life if they enjoy getting the shit beat out of them. Or the someone who enjoys watching it.
Seems pretty bone headed to me thats all.
Yes I think a lot of stuff in America sucks.
Custom Cars for example seems to be another example of something for someone who is lacking in some area.
Lacking because their identity is wrapped up in a car.
A car that was not good anuff on its own, so they cut the frame?
Ahh & Strippers the women who pretend to like you for money.
If you like Strippers, your girlfriends either a turn off or you don’t have one at all. Hey & thats cool have fun blowing your life savings on 5 minutes if pretend lust. They scam men Orion style.
You’ll never get laid, but you’ll always get F*****!
The Grammys like all award shows to me is coporate politics at its best.
Its a big infomercial for all that sucks.
Selling crap to the masses who are asses.
As far as wrestling is concerned pointing out its negatives would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
So in conclusion I would just like to add that yes I love speaking my mind. Good or Bad, like everyone else I have two cents about stuff.
Spike TV sucks. They treat you like a tool, just like the strippers do.
Sex Starved Men Who Enjoy Violence! They got your number & your money! If it was not for the sacrilege regarding Trek I would not even care. Before TNG came out on DVD, I used to watch it that channel.
God it made me want to puke! What would Gene think of Spike TV?

Well that presentation was well worth it…. I think Zachary said more than they did.

So you’re saying all that stuff is on Spike? Man, I gotta start watching that channel more! Thanks for the tip Scott! My WIFE and I might havta catch the next UFC strippers v. car enthusiasts awards show.

leonard and walter didn’t even talk, shatner said the most, george and nichelle really wanted to talk but had to keep it short…how disappointing, i have a feeling this time next year Star Trek XI will rock this show

THX, you are cookin’ tonight, son! I laughed so hard on some of your lines I nearly had a Tribble!

Especially #16……………, I spit wine all over my keyboard!

In the meantime, before it gets too late……why don’t you show our “friend” Scott how we do things DOWNTOWN!!

Glad I could help! Tell your imaginary wife I said hi!

Anyone on the comments watching the Spike thing? Did I miss it? It’s 11:52 eastern…

In fairness to Koenig, I’ve met him before and he was a very friendly little man. He’s not as hip as George though, and he has to have the WORST Tribble-wig out of any Star Trek cast member! Yeesh, that thing looks ratty.

He was also the only TOS cast member who wasn’t on the Shatner roast. I wonder if he was invited and declined, or not invited? He has harbored bitterness towards his Keptin for decades.

# 30,
yeah it was on about 20 minutes ago at 11:35ish eastern, only lasted about 2 minutes

Stupid wife with the “tucking in” requirement. Someone will hopefully post it online…would love to see them all together even if it’s only for 2 minutes. Thanks T2

No prob,pally. And say a big hello to your mom. If she can hear you shouting from her basement.

Harry, where do these guys come from? I am so glad that they show up from time to time to be beacons of awareness for us all.

THX………tell Scott to save his breath! He’s going to need it for blowing up his inflatable date later tonight!

We’re talking about a guy who brags about scoring with women, then goes home and beats his d*** like it owes him money!!

Saw the replay…they all looked good. Even Shatner looked like he had some different makeup on that made his face look thinner…wonder if he got out the old girdle so people would think he could be the Cap’n again?

Koenig just seemed to be embarrassed to be on the stage.

You two guys are what Spike TV is all about.
Thank you both for shinning so bright.
Beacons of awareness to all of us?
What for being a forward thinker?
For not being a sexiest pig or a mindless consumer?
Sorry to shit on your sausage party.
What the hell is this the WWE message board?
I had no idea some Star Trek fans could be so nasty.
Anytime for no reason one plays the Mom card it really just shows
one has nothing to say regarding true issues or answers to questions.
Instead of a debate all we have here is a contest on who can play it blue the most. Its total grade school! I will never underestimate the Redneck Star Trek Fan Factor again. It seems to be alive & well right here.
Sorry for you Dudes. Really you guys like Star Trek, so do any of you walk away with any wisdom at all?
Again I ask, what would Gene think of Spike TV?
By the way Harry nothing I have said deserves your comments.
I have never had to brag about anything like that.
Here or anywhere else. Most people don’t.
It almost seems to me you may be subconsciencly talking about yourself.
From your hundreds of daily posts most of which are always vulgar,
its a good guess you are a depraved human being.
Its like every answer, comment or reaction you have has some level of perversion in it. You should get help before you go blind.
The handle you use here on this site to me is a cry for help.
Sorry for calling out the Spike TV Phonies.
Its obvious I offended both of you.
Especially Harry.

I just happened to pop in just before Quinto did his intro to the “tribute” to ST:TWOK. It was pretty brief and hardly a fitting tribute. The cast really seemed to enjoy the enthusiastic crowd response, but I got the impression that most of them were thinking, “Can I go home now?”

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

# 38…..

Dude, please, shut up.

Sorry.. that was meant for #37, NOT 38. Sorry about that Vulcanista.

Leonard is growing his hair!

I’ve met Koenig 3 or 4 times at conventions over the years, most recently last year at the Creation con in Vegas. There is some truth to the claims here that he comes off as more standoff-ish than his TOS castmates, but I’m inclined to cut the guy some slack. For decades he’s been re-living 2 years he spent on a show where he had little more to do than say “warp 3 Keptin.” He’s always been one to state his mind about the show and his place in it. He’s very candid and in no way has a star complex.

I didn’t see the awards show but if he did appear disinterested, it’s sort of ironic that this was a TWOK tribute, the one movie where he actually got a chance to shine with a much bigger part than either of his supporting co-stars.

George & Nichelle by the way are two enormously gracious people. Can’t say enough good things about ’em.

I caught the tribute last night and I thought it was neat. Yes, it was brief, but it also appeared that it was edited for time. Cool things about it:

1) Zach giving an overview of Khan and introducing the cast.
2) Bill speaking on behalf of his crew and throwing a (literal) shout-out to Ricardo.
3) The enthusiasm of the crowd.
4) When the camera panned to Rosario Dawson and she was SO EXCITED she was about to hyper-ventilate! (Wonder if she’s a Kirk or Spock girl?)
5) The fact that, 40 years later, 5 of our beloved TOS crew are still with us and looking good!


Aw, sounds like someone needs a hug!

Wow, what an odd turn this thread has taken.

Its the Maxim Magazine Star Trek Tread!
Its where guys like Harry come & share their thoughts.
Most people keep their private lives private.
Not Harry, because he has no private life,
everything that comes out of his mouth is vulgar.
Why you ask? Because that area for Harry never gets play.
So its manifests itself into Harry’s daily comments.
Sorry Harry, the truth hurts! Your the one who needs a hug.
Have fun watching Spike TV the rest of your life!

Blink and you’ll miss it, but i swear I saw Deforest and Doohan in the crowd giving the devil horns to the remaining crew. Oh yeah!

Scott, my opinion only, but I think you ought to lighten up a bit. Your comments in #18 were out of the gate inflammatory. My hope was to make something of a joke referencing your seemingly over-the-top hatred of a cable network. Sweeping generalizations of peoples characters are what has given the non Star Trek fan fodder to ridicule trekkies. Yes I like nice cars. Although I can’t recall just what show on Spike is about strippers per se, I do know that the network does feature it’s share of scantilly clad pretty girls (Orion slave girls anyone? Perhaps mini-skirted Starfleet officers start to ring a bell?). Hey, I love to trade barbs with anyone, and I’m pretty certain I can hold my own if one would care to exchange jabs, but I was hoping to persuade you to back off of your vitriol for a moment and understand that having a differing viewpoint on what qualifies as “good TV” does not make you better than anyone else. As for Harry, he’s my friend and I will have his back just as he has mine. I don’t get as easily offended as some, and in truth, he reminds me of my own older brother (in sense of humor, not age, Harry) so I always get a laugh out of his comments and his poetry is usually a great measuring stick of just what the concensus of thought may be on a paricular thread. Anyway, your beef was with me, so back off of Harry.

Back on topic, I think that I, for one, am grateful that Spike took some initiative and put Trek on the air. The more the better. And what do I think Roddenberry would think of Spike’s putting Star Trek and Star Trek related programming on it’s channel? Well, if he were still with us, and had any creative control of Trek, he’d probably say “Thanks for this handsome check! “

Whatever happened to “7 Days?” It used to be on before Voyager on UPN, and then it moved to Spike. Is it still on Spike?

This board is supposed to be about sharing our love of Star Trek. We all have different personal tastes beyond Trek, but for the most part we can agree on Trek. Please, agree to disagree and move on. I’m tired of coming here and reading nasty personal wars. If you can’t say something nice…

18, 24, 29, 37, 46. Whatever. But you do seem a little obsessed with Harry. Look within, pal.

Harry, THX–You so crazy!! I spit my coffee on my keyboard! You guys owe me one. Ergonomic, Classic Kinesis, #KB133PC, black.

Leonard’s growing his hair!!


He’s still hot…

Bill looked great and Nichelle is OMG beautiful! George looked great and Walter didn’t seem more one thing than another. But still cool.

It’s the most amazing thing in the world to see them all together, even for 57 seconds.

“I like to give a holla to my boy, KAAAAHHNNN! Love to ya, playa!”

That was the sh*t.