Menagerie Screening Dates Added in Europe and Canada

The November screenings for the remastered two-part Star Trek episode “The Menagerie” keeps expanding. Last week an additional day was added to the US (story), and now it is going international. Fathom have added a link to details for seventeen Canadian locations (November 15th only) – Canadian details at Empire Theaters. And now new showings in Europe have been announced as well, varying from November 13th to November 20th depending on location – European details at STARTREK.COM. Tickets info for the American screenings on November 13th and 15th available at Fathom Entertainment.

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None in Quebec :(

Hey! What about Downunder? Can someone beam it in for us “poor” Aussies. I’m sure it will be just as huge here once the word gets around.
Someone has gone to a lot of effort to get this on the big screen. Now that it branching out to other countries don’t forget us!

will these be true HD or will it be something else as rumored?

Whe-hey! A chance to see the Remastered TOS in the UK AND on the big screen! I’m not missing this.

‘REAL’ big screen TOS in all it’s glory in the U.K. too…


Would be nice to know which ODEON. There’s no details on their website.

A second night! Great news! I was worried because I have a work related function on the first night.

The link didn’t work for me. I was first, I tell you, FIRST!
I was, too. SED: “O, Canada! They listened!”
Anyway, good news.

Thanks Anthony, if not for you, I’d never know about it… This will be my first time seeing anything remastered, we dont’ get it here.
I called the Theatre hear in Newfoundland, Canada and they didn’t know anything about Menagerie, nothing on the web site either, so I called their Head Office, Yes ! it’s showing hear on Nov. 13 at 7:30pm, I have my tickets now, But I have not seen any advertising or promotion except on this site ( and ) If no one knows about it ticket sales will be low. The girl at the Ticket counter didn’t even know about it until I asked to buy tickets, she said I was the only one!
Again thanks Anthony, I visit every day since late July 2006, about 2 weeks after you started, Keep up the good work. I’ve been a fan since the 60’s, saw every show on origional air dates, Still love TOS best.

Trekkers of continental Europe: would you expect this to be subtitled, dubbed or will it just play in 23rd century American English?

I’m just curious.

Scott B. out.

I’ve got my ticket, though I have to go way the heck out of my way to the north end of Toronto to see it…

And none in France :(

I would be very interested to see TOS on the big screen all the time. Remastered to perfection they could released an double bill every couple of months. That way CBS should have enough time to spend working on each episode. With the work they would have already done for this remastered project they could then spend there time adding to other things that would benefit from being remastered. For example some of the sets for the planets surfaces and animating the often crinkled static bridge view screens as well as updating all the hand phaser effects etc..

They could also record all the music musical scores into stereo and update some of sounds effects to just give the shows that movie feel. So we would end up with what we didn’t quite get this time around.

Then in a few years time when they had shown TOS on the big screen every couple of months as a double bill of episodes they could releases new TOS at the movies DVD box sets. I am sure there would be a lot of interests in seeing these on the big screen like that.

Plus then CBS Paramount would make a killing on the DVD’s again. I know for sure I would buy that Box Set, unlike the currently planned HD DVD’s. Plus I would be there ever time they released a double bill in the cinema.. I hope there is a suit reading and they are seeing the dollar signs :O).

I am really interested in seeing this showing of “The Menagerie” in the UK, but as Utterlee has pointed out there isn’t any details on the ODEON website as to where its being shown.. Hopefully it will be somewhere near by.

The BBFC (British ratings board) have certified this theatrical release as running to 115m 38s. But there’s no listing of including the bonus features that may get shown that night. Is this screening of The Menagerie a longer edit in some way?


I live in London and they have it out in Colchester??!!!


Nah. Too cerebral. ;-)

…..And I’d have to go all the way to Colcester to see it.
With current train fares it really would be cheaper to buy the DVD!

Great – just about 100km away from me. I hope that I get some tickets.

Is this the same as the re-mastered version?

Try this for us guys in the UK

Going there now… :)

wat abaut in dublin in wat cinema if ane !! ??????
? [: I]
bin in ticketmaster & uci & savoy & cineworld and …… nada zippp !!

yas wat off ireland?
uk is nat all of Europ

80 miles each way for me to see this in Colchester and during the week!?!
Can’t believe this is not showing in London…. at least thats only about 30 miles….

I hope more people around the world get to see this. Kind of exciting how this has taken off.

why on earth Colchester? Colchester??? WHY??? wouldn’t london make more sense? i might go though, it’s not too far from where i am… colchester……………is it possible that this is a mistake?

i hope for plain basic english. original voices (hey, i’m a fan), no subtitles (want to see the whole picture).

Pah! I’m not dragging myself out to Colchester to see it. Can’t believe they’re not putting it on in London, will have to wait until I get a big screen and HD-DVD player then.

PS I have nothing against Colchester itself, just in case someone from Colchester is reading this thred… it’s just that it’s quite difficult to get to from where I live, (the only way is to drive, otherwise travel on train via Ipswich or London which is not really ideal) :)

Got my tickets. Of all the places to have it show up, we’re getting it here on little old PEI, Canada. :) I have not been overwhelmed by the remastered project, but I have always wanted to see some representation of the original ship on the big screen. Hopefully the next time will be Trek 08.

Anybody down in the OC?

I think it’s really exciting that there is enough demand for these showings that they would add an extra US night and expand it to non-US theaters…maybe Trek (especially TOS!) will finally start getting some of the recognition/airtime it deserves if these showings are a success.

And Mexico ???

Perhaps these showings are a pilot test of some sort to gauge viewer turn out.

Paramount may want to see how many fans will show up for a 40 year old show.

That in itself sounds like a movie.

“The 40-Year Show” starring Steve Carrell’s grandfather’s cousin’s former roommate.

‘Todays forecast. Short skirts and ripped shirts with a chance of phaser fire’

Colchester in the UK. Only nearly the other side of the coutry

New cinema’s added for the UK!

Yay, I have tickets for the screening in Dresden – anybody else there?

I am going to go to the Southampton Showing

Bizarre screening locations in the Netherlands – The Hague and Utrecht, but not Amsterdam or Rotterdam?? Might try and get to The Hague screening but I’m not sure I can be bothered with the journey.. then again, it is a bit of a once in a lifetime event…

I’m going to Covent Garden!!!

>it is a bit of a once in a lifetime event…

yeah, so I’m going!

I saw it in the theater, it was magical…