Video of TOS Reunion At Scream Awards [UPDATED: Extended Video Added]


Here is the full 4 minuted Star Trek II portion, including clips and an introduction from Zachary Quinto.

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How sweet it is.

Look at Quinto!

He look like he was going to cry!


It would have been a special moment to see all those actors together at that award show.

It’s sad that several of the cast have passed, not just Doohan and Kelley, but Bibi Beesh and Merritt Butrick and Paul Winfield. They did look good and it was a nice tribute to Ricardo Montalban too.

Leonard looks GREAT! I can’t wait to see him one last time as Spock next year.

The video posted cuts off an interesting part. When it was originally broadcast, at the very end as they’re leaving the stage, Takei stepped up to the microphone and made a comment. The look Shatner cast back over his shoulder at him, you’d think Takei had pissed in the Shat’s cornflakes!! I guess the Shat was the only one scheduled to say anything!

They sure get a great reaction. The public has NOT forgotten them by a longshot.

Hey, Shat, maybe someone else would like to say something too.

Is Montalban deceased..?

Ricardo’s still around. He’s just confined to a wheelchair now.

Sign Rosario up for a part!

See what I mean about Rosario Dawson? She’s considered one of the hottest starlets in Hollywood, and she looked like she was about to faint! That was cool. :) I don’t care what any of the haters say – Bill looks damn good still, and would look even more so with proper costume/makeup/cinematography. I hope he gets his chance.

Wow! Just wow! Brought a tear to me eye seeing them onstage…


Leonard does look good. I think he might have lost some weight.

And hell yes get Rosario Dawson in that movie! Good grief, that is total no-brainer casting!

That’s what it’s all about folks. Star Trek. TOS still holds the magic.

Of course they were never forgotten, they are the forefathers of all Star Trek!

Just because another crew comes along doesn’t mean they are trying to replace anyone, they are only there to carry the flame forward.

It was true for TNG and it will be true for the Trek 08 crew as well.

Nichelle looked like she wanted to say something.

well mr wise guy JJ look at shatner …… HE IS THE CAPTAIN OF STAR TREK
for me star trek ended at star trek trek tos rules!!!!

To bad they only got a minute to talk.

Ol’ Walter looked like he’d rather be doing something else – like, say, getting a rectal polyp removed – than have to stand there and let Shat deliver all the lines. LOL I remember when Shat was on the Tonight Show several years back – Koenig had a walk-on during the segment. He came over to Shat from behind the curtain, gave him a big kiss on the lips, then bitch-slapped him half out of his chair, and walked off. :D

Thats awesome but shats really getting to be a ginormous parody of himself…


LOL! Leonard *always* looks like he’s lost some weight!

But I do see the very teeny tiny beginnings of the Spock haircut.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I’ll tell you what, those folks don’t look all that different from the 40th anniversary show, which was 11 years ago. Should have done a TV movie.

And I’ve found yet *another* Heroes/Star Trek Link:

Cristine Rose played Gi’ral in TNG: “Birthright I & II,” (the mom of Bucktoothed Klingon Girl) as well as currently portraying the role of Angela Petrelli on Heroes. I was watching “Birthright II” recently, and the first thing I thought when I saw her was, “Well, hell, that’s Angela Petrelli! With buck teeth and a lumpy forehead!” (not to mention the *really* bad hair.) After checking with, sho’ ’nuff, it’s her.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

The clip was great. It was great to see them all. The crowd reaction was just ac cool as seeing them all together…

OMG I feel like a teenager again, lol. Leonard Nimoy still handsome as ever.:)

It’s very sad that James Doohan and DeForest Kelly are no longer with us, as is Mark Lenard who play Sarek.

Zachary Quinto does look like he over come and holding back the tears. I am so glad they picked him to play young Spock.

Oh my GOD ¡¡¡ me HEROES ,,,meke my cry, heheheee

Quinto must be a good actor. He comes across so sweet and genuine in these interviews (I just want to give him a hug and call him sonny), but on Heroes he is so, so convincingly evil. All he has to do is give the camera the evil eye, and I’m on the edge of my seat saying “Oh sh_t, now what is he going to do?!” Can’t wait to see what he does with Spock, should be interesting. I don’t expect a dull moment with him.

It almost brought tears to my eyes to see the remaining 5 original cast together like that. Just wish they had more time for all of them to something.

Just wonderful to see them all get SUCH praise and love from the crowd… what did Nicelle have to say?!!


Big Khan yell. Funny.

Rosario Dawson would be great. She’s obviously a fan.

Mira Sorvino is a huge fan too. She talks about watching the original show with her Dad (big “Paulie” Paul Sorvino) as a kid. Just saw her the other day. She still looks great.

Let’s get all the fans in there.

Don’t care how old they get! This cast still has it!

The Shat is still convinced that it’s pronounced “wroth” rather than “wrath”. Oh Billy boy…

Poor Nichelle kept trying to say something.

She tried to be the one to say Ricardo couldn’t make it, but Shatner stole it, then she got cut off trying to say something else.

At first I thought “Gee, its a shame they didn’t have Majel and Grace Lee with them” but then it occured to me “oh wait, they weren’t in the movie”.

I guess Kirstie Alley was too busy shooting another Weight Watchers commercial with Valerie Bertanelli.

This clip is cut short. Both George and Nichelle got to say something at the end, George: “We love you all fans, live long and prosper” , Nichelle: “Bless you all”.

Rosario should be in this movie…she’s so damned HAWT!!!

When I see them all together, I can’t help but feel all is right with the world. Truely.

Excuse me. I’m a little verklempt.


God! I love theses guys. And yes, Leonard looks good. I saw him at the Vegas con and got a photo op w/him. His hands feel cool and firm and he smells really good. Like coffee and cinnamon and toothpaste. He looks 10 years younger in person. They all do, actually.

Bill said “The Full Body Project”, then Nichelle said, “Could not be with us here tonight.”

Prolly one teleprompter had the full speech, telling everyboy what’s up with the TOS crew- Leonard’s photography gig, for example. Then due to time, they cut it short to just include the Montalban/Khan thing. They probably put up the wrong cues. Happens all the time in these awards shows. Nichelle corrected Bill, that’s all. He fumbled, she caught it , passed it back and he ran it in. Pretty slick, if you ask me.

I’m sure they all had a part but there was just no time.

And Rosario is my new homegurl.

Khan was in evil imaginationland in South Park tonight!!!! KHAAAAAANN!!!
Where’s the South Park Love here??? They routinely have TOS references !!! Dr. Adams, The Providers, Miri, Redshirts, KHAAAAAAN!!!!

Rosario Dawson’s reaction is exactly the reason why Shatner must be brought back to join Nimoy in Star Trek XI.

These actors in these roles have “it” whatever it is.


This isn’t rocket science. Just look at the reaction non S.T. nerds(like us) have at the sight of the originals. Would the cast of Voyager, Ds9, Ent or even TNG get that type of reaction?

Bring back Shatner as Kirk.

XI without Shatner at this point will be a huge letdown.

Nobody gives a rats ass about Star Trek without these people + their characters.

I would settle for Shatner + Nimoy, but I’d love to see all of them in ST XI

Rosario Dawson just earned her Trekkie Street Cred with me. That was some genuine geekasm she displayed. I knew I loved that chick for some reason. ;)

Bonita Applebaum, you gotta put me on.

*Fangirl-gasm!* My mind just exploded. That was amazing, I love when we get to see the crew together. The introduction from Zach-san was awesome, and that ‘Khan’ yell was so cool! Best thing ever! YAY!!!! *CLAPS*


Wow, isn’t that just great – you just have to put them all together and there’s no need anymore to bicker about whether the magic is still there or not or whatsoever. You all can see for yerself that it’s still there.

They all still look photogenic,their adventures were cut too short, damn you Paramount!

Pity this new ‘TOS’ film couldn’t include ’em all in it’s ‘time-travelling, alternate timeline’ scenario…

Just gotta add my fanboy love for Rosario Dawson. You know if any of us had been standing next to her we would have cheered until we lost our voices, then collapsed into our seats giggling like school girls.

I KNEW there was a reason I like that girl!

NO FAT OLD KIRK! He is dead. Let him RIP.


I’m sorry! i just can’t help it! heehee!

I consider STII:TWOK as the best ST movie ever…

cheers from manila, philippines!


Meanwhile, he’s dead for 13 years. He’ll be just skin and bones by now. There’s no risk in resurrecting him – I bet you he’ll look fitter and younger than ever. You must DISTINGUISH between the character and the actor…