New Conquest Trailer + Images + Details

Bethesda just released the following trailer for Star Trek Conquest.

The strategy game for Wii ($29.99) and PS2 ($14.99) is released November 13th.

New sceenshots
Bethesda have recently released about a dozen new screenshots for the game, here are just a few with links to more…


(more Wii shots)


(more PS2 shots)

New details/interviews
In the last couple of weeks there have been two informative interviews with Frank Arnot, producer of Conquest. Here a a couple of interesting tidbits about the game:

Armchair General: A great number of titles are adopting the turn-based/real-time strategy hybrid. How doesConquest differentiate from that trend?
Frank Arnot: I think what differentiates Conquest is that it is more of pick-up-and-play game. It’s a strategy-lite product with the option to simulate or take part in intense arcade battles. This should appeal to strategy gamers who don’t always have the time or desire to embark on epic campaigns, as well as arcade junkies who want a little more reason to be shooting everything in sight.

Star Trek Gamers: Since the Wii uses a rather unique control interface it will be obvious that control differences between the 2 games will be…well..different. What about the base features of the game, will the Wii and Playstation 2 versions be virtually the same game but only with control differences to cater for the entirely different control schemes?
Frank Arnot: In terms of game features, the Wii and PS2 versions are identical. The Wii control system does make a huge difference in the feel of the game, with it targeting, maneuvering, and firing. Additionally, the Wii runs at 60 FPS as opposed to 30 FPS on the PS2, and uses its extra memory for larger and greater bit-depth textures making it visually more appealing.

More at Armchair General and Star Trek Gamers


Pre-order Conquest at Amazon for only $14.99 (PS2) or $29.99 (Wii)


and if you don’t have one yet…pick up a Wii

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Looks okay…and for twenty bucks, I’ll prolly pick it up. Sorta reminds me of a fancy Trek version of Star Control 1

Looks like Armada, but I don’t know if it’s as good.

I am still addicted to ST Armada II……7 years later…..christ……

Reused music from Legacy does not make me hopeful.
Still, I’ll probably get it because I am a consumer whore.

Star Trek Bridge Commander is still the best Trek game to ever be released…….

Thousands of mods are available for free and the graphics keep improving year after year.

Amazing stuff

So, since when did “Build an Empire” become something the Federation did?

# 7 “So, since when did “Build an Empire” become something the Federation did?”

It’s just a game….besides Kirk and company killed a lot of aliens and he really didn’t respect women that much either…..I mean he used them like rag dolls…..

this games looks like it will suck as much as legacy does. at least they put it at the price it deserves. and if you wait a couple months im sure you can pick it up in the bargain bin…… it looks the same as legacy….. from what i can tell seems like the ships are gonna handle just about as well ( like a wet bar of soap sliding around a bathtub)

why cant we have a good star trek game?!

For the price I can’t resist this one. There are too many Wii games coming out right now that I want but don’t have the money for at $50 a pop – so at least I should be able to get this without feeling a pinch. It looks like fun too but I should with-hold judgment until I play it.

The very idea of galactic domination goes 110% against what Star Trek ever stood for.
Why Paramount or the fans would ever support this game is absolutely foolish.
Of course the fans want a game no matter how stupid and Paramount wants the cash.
This game looks like a total turn off….I wouldn’t bother with it. It just shameful.

Video game companies continue to NOT GET IT when it comes to Star Trek. I don’t want to conquer the galaxy or see a myriad of “KEWL ‘SPLOSIONS!!!!1111” I want strange new worlds and to seek out new civilizations.

The day that Interplay went out of business is the day Trek gaming died.

Legacy on the Xbox 360 was great fun. I may have to commandeer my wife’s P$2 to give this a shot, especially at that price. Looks like fun.

#4: I’m a consumer whore, too. :D

@ 7: And since when did the entire Federation become one “Species” :P

A proper sequel to Birth of the Federation would’ve been preferrable, and after the disaster that was Legacy, i’m not exactly on the cheering side when it comes to this game (which is obviously Bethesda’s way of making a “quick buck”).

Its a video game your fruit cakes……

Whats with all the “how dare they make a Star Trek game about galactic domination.”

Its a video game you fruit cakes……

Whats with all the “how dare they make a Star Trek game about galactic domination.”

I have never been a gamer. I often can’t even tie my shoelaces properly so I don’t presume to try and shoot down enemy vessels while riding quantum singularities in my spare time.

As on outsider, I have observed that Star Trek games have never reached the large success others have.

To me it seems that the whole notion behind Trek differs from what a ‘game’ is supposed to deliver. Star Trek is not about building empires or shooting down bad guys or doing barrel rolls around a nebula. No, to me it seems Star Trek is about the human component of space exploration. So it seems counterintuitive to me to market games that sound cool in theory, but that do not deliver the Star Trek zeitgeist. That being said, developers should not be blamed for this as some of the movies that are pumped out as product have recently failed to deliver that formula as well.

The real money, I think, is in fan interaction as characters. Where they can play out their lives in that world they so love to live in (well, that some of us do anyway) – a little place called the future.

Think about it.

Someone sign me up when it’s ready.

# 7 So, since when did “Build an Empire” become something the Federation did?

Actually, I like the line one of the characters on DS9 (Eddington the Maquis) said that the Federation is worse than the Borg, it quietly assimilates worlds into the Federation and they would eventually have the Cardassians on the Federation coucil ( and we did see the Cardassians as crew members on “future ” ships).

So the Federation does build an Empire, just the easier way with less or no bloodshed. Then it has to fight to protect it’s “Empire”.

I wish I could play the Tholians.


*Sigh*, if only we could get that LEGO ‘Star Trek’ game… ;)

I’m with #12, er, OtterVomit. This game looks repetitive and boring; not what I want in a Trek game.

I’d love to see a Trek game based in the Original Series universe that was more like the James Bond games or Medal of Honor series. Imagine playing as Kirk or Scotty, or being able to custom-create your own character. You go on a variety of missions where you contact alien civilizations, battle bad guys, solve conundrums, figure out and utilize some exotic alien tech. Maybe some missions would involve space battles, but I’d like to be a character running around the Enterprise, fixing the warp core, or beaming down to alien worlds outwitting a supercomputer, or piloting a shuttle inside some crazy nebula while being attacked by Orion pirates.

Is that too much to ask? My Wii awaits….

Scott B. out.

this is half starfleet battles, half star wars empire at war. nothing new. they’ve done this (sort of) with armada and armada 2. this kinda looks almost unimpressive.

My fav Star Trek game was the 25th Aniverssary one. Still never got passed the 2nd level but there you go

I get the whole “Star Trek is not about combat” thing, but I have to say: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force” and “Star Trek Elite Force 2” are my 2 favorite Trek games. those games did provide SOME character interaction. For me it was just cool to be able to walk down the corridors of Voyager and the Enterprise E. Definitely helped me get lost in the game.

Bridge commander was way cool too, especially with the voice recognition enhancement. Nothing like saying a bridge officers name and have them turn to you and say “Yes Captain?”

I also have great memories of playing “A Final Unity” back in the early 90’s. That game did allow for a lot of character interaction. I haven’t played it in years though because it won’t even work on the older computer I have running Windows ’98.

If anyone out there has managed to get it to work, I’d love to hear how you did it!

“Video game companies continue to NOT GET IT when it comes to Star Trek.”

Actually they do get it. They know that people want these kind of games, and they make it for them. Notice I didn’t say all people. People wanted starship combat games…they got em. People wanted a Trek FPS…they got it. People wanted a Trek RTS…they got it. People wanted a Trek 4X game….they got it.

I’ve enjoyed all of those games, but I do think it’s time to look at doing something along the lines of the show again. Sort of an updated version of the 25th Anniversary game, but either first or third person in a true 3d environment.

this reminds me too much of Star Trek Encounters… It was good, but I’d rather play a game that focuses more on what Star Trek is more about: exploration.

Don’t get me wrong, though, battles and action is great, but this just doesn’t have that Star Trek feel to it… it reminds me more of Star Wars if anything.

lightyearmodels –
“Star Trek Bridge Commander is still the best Trek game to ever be released…….”

Right you are! Although 25th Anniversary and Elite Force are also entertaining. I had hoped that Legacy would mimick Bridge Commander’s style but with improved graphics. Unfortunately, the explosions look BETTER in Bridge Commander and the control style leaves much to be desired.

Conquest appears to fall into the same trap as Armada. Starships are not popcorn, they are built to last.

I also do NOT understand why they don’t make make an RPG adventure game for Star Trek. The upcoming MASS EFFECT game looks like a perfect template for what I’m talking about. Chart unexplored worlds, meet alien races, solve a galactic mystery. Star Trek has all the mythology for it. I’m simply baffled as to why it is not done.

I wonder if Bethesda owns the right to make games based on the new movie? Anyone know?

Damn I wanna play this. When is the EUR release?

“Build and Empire.” “Achieve Glactic Domination.”

Have the designers of this game actually seen an episode of Star Trek? Gene Roddenberry must be turning over in his grave.

How can you build an empire when Picard surrendered the Enterprise every 2 seconds…lol

It looks like a fancier version of Armada to me, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“A proper sequel to Birth of the Federation would’ve been preferrable, and after the disaster that was Legacy”

Bang. Thats what needs to be made. Where you start out with original series ships and get the new ones as your empire advances. Hot damn that was a good game.