Nichols Praises Abrams – Kyson Lee Talks Sulus

Since she began her recurring role on Heroes, Nichelle Nichols has been getting a whole lot of new attention. NBC recently held a press conference call with Nichols and her Heroes co-star Dana Davis. Nichols reveals that she actually found out she was going to appear in Heroes after being told by some Trek fans, but she didn’t appear surprised saying “They’re Trekkers, they know everything." Nichols also says that her role on the show, like George Takei before her, keeps ‘expanding’ and revels we will see her in a flashback scene in an upcoming episode. No word yet on if she has any superpowers, but they do seem to run in her family. Nichols was also asked about the upcoming Star Trek film and, unlike her former captain, she had nothing but the nicest things to say about young J.J. Abrams…even proclaiming that Gene would approve of the new master of Trek…

I think it’s just terrific and to know that Gene’s (Roddenberry) legacy shall not only live in what was here when he was here but to be going on. I think in J.J. Abrams’ hands, I think all the respect and wonderful things that went into “Star Trek” will be honored, but I think he will also take it even to new heights, as Gene would have loved. I know he’s up in heaven going, “Right on!”

Full transcript of the Nichols conference call available at ENI

Heroes’ Ando almost new Sulu? – Original Sulu to return to Heroes?
A few months reported that James Kyson Lee (Ando on Heroes) was playing coy about whether he had auditioned or not for the role of Sulu for the new Star Trek (after he previously stated he was interested). Now that the role has gone to John Cho, Lee opens up with TV Guide to reveal that there was some talk, but NBC wasn’t up for letting two actors go:

When my name came up at Paramount, there were too many obstacles. They had Zach [Quinto, who plays Sylar] from the show to play Spock and they had to write him off Heroes for about three months. To do that with two characters would be impossible. It would have been cool to be part of it.

[Heroes spoilers]

Earlier in the new Heroes season, the original Mr. Sulu’s (George Takei’) character Kaito Nakamura took a swan dive off a tall building, but is that the end? Kyson Lee tells TV Guide that it may not be:

I actually was in San Diego a few weeks ago and I gave a Lifetime Achievement Award to George Takei at an Asian-American film festival. He and I have developed a good friendship on and off the set. I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t the last of George on the show. There are always flashbacks and trips back in time.

Heroes airs tonight at 9 PM on NBC
Check out a preview of “The Line”…featuring the new Mr. Spock

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First! hehe!

Her action figure (sitting at her comm) from Hall Mark Christmas Ornaments is sold out. Any one have it?

Stop with the First comments puhlease!

James Kyson Lee ( ‘Ando’ ) would have made for an excellent Sulu. It’s a pity things didn’t work out for him.

Nichelle is and remains a class act. The more she gets to do on Heroes the better–she deserves it.

And I echo #3 to everyone–this “first” thing is such a kid’s game. Can we please just post when we have something to add to the discussion? Because you know what? Being first means nothing, gets you nothing, accomplishes nothing. Enough already.

Wow–I need caffeine now!

I 3RD on 1st…get over it!

Still trying to get into Hero’s. Have only watched bits of 1st 2 episodes of second season. Just can’t get into it. Back to Stargate for me.

re: 3. Jay – October 29, 2007
“Stop with the First comments puhlease!”

Seventh!!! (7th!!!)

Having seen good amounts of Abrams’ work, I agree with Nichelle Nichols’ assessment of him.

I think he has the intelligence and integrity to bring Star Trek back to the sense of wonder and humanity, while delivering a high adventure along the way.

Besides, Nichelle is still a gorgeous woman, both in looks and personality.

#6, the 2nd season episodes of Heroes have been pretty disappointing so far, you’d enjoy the first season more.

Nichelle is one classy and beautiful lady. However, I think her comment about Gene in heaven is funny. He was an atheist, so he is either non-existent according to his beliefs, or in torment going “I was wrong!!!!!!!”

The secret is everyone/animal goes to Heaven. Along with every other species in the Universe.

Hey guys…

There is 1 “first” comment, then 700 “stop saying first” comments. Which do you think is more annoying for a reader? Just skip the first comment on the board and ignore them. They’re looking for a response, and it’s working.

In other Trek actors on TV news, John Cho is appearing on How I Met Your Mother TONIGHT at 8:00 on CBS.

Re: #10. Not in torment. The Almighty is too merciful for that.

He might, however, be in purgatory, watching re-runs of Battlestar Galactica. I mean the old one.

As for Nichols, what an awesome dame.

#12 Rich: HaHa. You just became one of the 700 “stop saying first” commenters that you find so annoying. I agree; I find them annoying too, but now I just became one of them. DAMN!

#6 KevinA: I started watching Heroes off and on towards the end of season one, and could not get into it too. Then I watched season 1 from the beginning on DVD (it’s available now) and it all started to make sense and was very captivating. I am hooked now.

I love Nichelle Nichols, you go girl!

#3 Jay is right..this isn’t AICN..and that isn’t cool…just annoying..

Why do people assume that the alternative to atheist philosophy is automatically Christian beliefs?
Not a very “Trek” way of thinking.

Although, I agree with #10 – her comment caught my attention right away.



I love Nichelle. She always has something insightful or classy to say. It’s wonderful that she’s endorsed both Zoe Saldana and Abrams’ STAR TREK.

…”unlike her former captain, she had nothing but the nicest things to say about young J.J. Abrams…”

What kind of statment is this? Shatner has said NOTHING bad about Abrams at all. He’s disappointed about not being in the new movie, but he hasnt been bad-mouthing anyone.

I agree with 20… doesn’t comment like this perpetuate the issue?

Shat’s comments about it being unwise of JJ not to have him in the film wasn”t a very nice thing to say. Take note of Nichelle Bill and you just might learn a thing or two!

Shatner is fast becoming the only surviving TOS member not appearing in some official/unofficial medium as their TOS character since Generations.

Shatner was on Futurama with the rest of the surviving cast. He was very funny. Technically he was play William Shatner’s head not Captain Kirk, but still….

It’s a Monday:

Last time looking at this site, out of the corner of my eye this headline looked like it read “Kyson Lee Talks Sluts”…

Time to go home…

Not to be the cynical guy, but if JJ Abrams was giving me work on a hit show, I would praise him until the cow’s came home, no matter what I thought.

#26 JJ Abrams is not involved with Heroes and hasn’t “given” Nichelle anything.

#20 is right.

That was a real back-handed way of writing about Nichelle Nichols attitude towards J.J. Shatner may have a big head, but he loves Star Trek. As I recall, he has never been disrespectful towards any of the cast or crew for XI.

The comment was almost a way of shunning Shatner rather than praising Nichols. Shame on you.

#9 and #15. Thanks for your advise.

I actually had the 1st season of HEROES on order from Amazon and cancelled it after seeing the 1st few episodes of season 2. I couldn’t work out what was happenning. Kept watch for stupid reasons (The Dad is was the original Steven in DYNASTY haven’t seen him for years)

Anyway will take comments on board and look at a fresh look at season one’s only $40

John Cho is on How I Met Your Mother right now on CBS. And he is FANTASTIC.

I LOVE you Nichelle Nichols! She is just such a class-act and she is stunning… I’m so proud that she continues to represent the ideals of Trek so well!


Kevin, RUN, RUN, RUN and buy/rent Season 1 of Heroes. It’s also available thru Netflix. I couldn’t get into it either when it was originally airing, but, thanks to Netflix, when I finally finished the first season on DVD, I was hooked like a crack ‘ho’ looking for her next fix! ;-)

And thanks for reminding me where I’d seen Jack Cole before! He looks pretty damn good 20 years later. Oh, and Quinto is absolutely FANTASTIC as Sylar. He shows up about Ep. 4, I think.

#31: I do so want to look as good as she does when I’m 75!

Save the cheerleader, save the world.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Nichelle Nichols has never been anything less than absolute class. Shatner could take a lesson from her. I’m getting really tired of hearing from him, and his comment about how much more money the movie would make with him in it was just wrong on so many levels. You’re not in the movie, Bill. Get yourself, and your massive ego, over it.