Shatner: No ‘Star Trek’ Cameo For Me

In case you were wondering, William Shatner is still not happy that he has not been asked to be in the new Star Trek film. When asked by MovieWeb if he had a cameo role he denied it, and went on to say:

I would be reluctant to do something that had so little value as to be a cameo. I’m disappointed that the story that they chose to do does not include the character I play, having been in on the birth of Star Trek, I would love to have been in on the rebirth or the resuscitation of it. The fact that I’m not is a disappointing and I think a foolish business decision on their part. Somebody decided how to play their story and they’re knowledgeable people and wonderful entertainers so we’ll see what happens.

The Shat heard round the world
These comments are similar to Shatner’s statement last week to the AP, although he upgraded ‘unwise’ to ‘foolish.’ As predicted, the AP story went far and wide. It was reported on TV, the print press and the online media in hundreds of locations. Of course each outlet is allowed to add their own spin, especially in the headline. Most went with something simple, like “Shatner Not Aboard for New ‘Star Trek’,” but some got a bit more creative:

Washington Post:
Beam Him Out of the Picture
CBS News: Star Trek to boldly go without Shatner
News24 (South Africa): Kirk boldly going nowhere
Boston Herald: Exclusion from ‘Trek’ flick irks original Captain Kirk
The West Austrailian: Capt Kirk misses out on new Star Trek
CTV (Canada): Canadian Bill Shatner shut out of Star Trek flick
BBC (UK): Shatner sad over Trek movie snub
New York Post: Kirk Jerked

…but Shatner’s news has brought him an offer for a new role. A Craig’s List post offers the original Kirk a role in film called “Fraternity Escorts.” It begins:

Dear Mr. William Shatner,

The Enterprise may no longer want you… but a new enterprise does! We’d like to beam you up for a cameo role in FRATERNITY ESCORTS, a new raunchy college comedy about a group of Animal House-esque misfits who learn to turn tricks for wealthy Beverly Hills women in the hopes of raising forty grand needed to avoid eviction.

…so there is a silver lining after all.

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i’m ok with shat not in it.

Dammit Bill, it’s not all about you!

This upsets me. He should realize that this isn’t a business decision, it’s a story decision, and the story can’t be about him anymore. It’s being given to a brand new generation.

This sounds like MovieWeb was standing in line directly behind AP and got virtually the same answer. As for whether Shat should or shouldn’t be in the movie.. Don’t make me pull out the red velour undies, folks. I will. You know I will.

Dignity, thy name is Shatner. :lol:

This puts him in accord with the producers of the movie, who say they don’t want to put him in it unless it’s a meaningful role and not just a cameo. So therefore, “old Kirk” isn’t a meaningful part of the movie, so they haven’t asked Shat to be in it. So what he’s really upset about is that there isn’t a whole lot of “old Kirk” who could only be played by himself in the movie.

If they can make it meaningful, I want Shatner to be in it, but I don’t want them trying to shoehorn “old Kirk” in either.

it is a biz decision. shatner is not necessary. everybody knows it but him. i love the guy… but let it go.

Of course it would be nice if Shatner had a sizable, meaty role.

If would be nice, just to have him in it.

But it’s also entirely possible to write a great script, assemble a great cast, and not have Shatner in it. I would go so far as saying, that maybe – just maybe, Star Trek can do fine without him.

What’s bugging me (as a long time fan of both the Shat and Star Trek) is the unprofessional whining… or at least the appearance of whining. He hasn’t said anything negative other than not being included, and yet the press continuously build it up to be something written about. Shatner’s not helping.

I’d much rather read the quote ‘No comment’, and leave it at that.

The last section of his quote seems to be his way of throwing a bone to the producers…if he’s not in the final film, we, the fans still acknowledge his importance to the franchise.
I believe the story will bring in new fans, and reinvigorate Star Trek, but that won’t keep me looking for Mr. Shatner on every single frame of the movie…

Not having William Shatner in this would be like,, trying to fry eggs,, with no egg.

Come on JJ,, Get Shatner !!

This is getting old. I’m firmly in the camp that Abrams & Co. have conspired with Shat for a top-secret cameo; that being said, Shatner’s continual denial is getting annoying. Abrams needs to address this by either admitting that Shatner IS in the film or, if Shatner really ISN’T a part of it, offering him a role or speaking to him directly so he’ll shut up.

All of these sound bytes (one of which was on the front page!) are creating a negative impression of the film, and could potentially hurt it.

This film will be BETTER than the original series and films.

There it has been said. Better. Here’s why…

This film may embody more of TOS than TOS did. When the show was originally on and in production, they were really just making it up as they went along. They “weren’t exactly working on all thrusters” and the results were captivating but spotty at times. Now, after 40 years and much reflection, the body of work as a whole and the essence of the characters and their interactions and relations can be factored in.

William needs to watch it before he burns any bridges.

You bite your tongue.

OK, Shatner’s not in the film, not even as a cameo.

Can we PLEASE move on, now? Pretty please?? With sugar on top???

The result? A more “concentrated” product with more TOS parts per million that the original unrefined original. This is not columbian coke. This is crack. Add to that that that this is being done by extreme fans of the show (which was never the case before. Never.) and I’m sure that we’ll all be crack-heads laughing that blow ever did it for us.

Sure, we’ll still all love TOS and have an emotional attachment to it,. but when we are alone we will admit it to ourselves. There will still be those TOS “original” die-hards who are haters of the new TOS crack but they will be like dudes who collect vinyl… analog artifacts in a digital age.

I for one am ready to be a strung out crack-whore!

and that was in response to #11

my post had to be cut up because it wouldn’t post. I just figured it out that it was because of the word c*ocaine. There is some kind of filter against certain words? A name of a drug cannot be used? I thought the states was supposed to be a free country, but I have the feeling that you guys are sliding into a paranoid fascist culture. What a sad place. We have problems in Canada, but the US is an empire that never should hav ebeen and is clearly in decline.

Does not putting Shat in the film have something to do with this because he is from Quebec? :)

There is something really weird about all this.

And of course this is what Nimoy said about his proposed appearance in Generations – that Spock didn’t do cameo

Enough, already!

I honestly couldn’t care less whether or not Shatner is in the film; but I wish they’d say one way or the other whether he was in or not. All these rumors are getting annoying.

based on everything we have been hearing about the focus being on Pike and that era of the Enterprise it makes sense for Shatner not to be in it. The dude is and always will be the Kirk-unit, the creator, but I mean damn, as someone else said it isn’t all about him.

Shatner, you will always be THE Captian Kurk.

19… Weird indeed, since the last time Shatner was offered a role in “Star Trek” (in “Enterprise”), he turned it down. Why the hard feelings now?

Something hinky here.


Because the last time he was being asked to appear on a TV series that was failing in the ratings in an attempt to attract interest to it – they needed him more than he needed them. He had leverage.

Now he’s being left out of potentially the biggest “Star Trek” project ever made – certainly bigger than anything since the very first Trek movie. And he has no leverage.

I don’t think I want to say too much more on this topic, as it is growing tired. But I will reiterate that I do not think Shatner is neccesary for he film. In fact, given his egotism, I think he could be detrimental to the development of the new cast of characters, particularly Mr. Pine. The fact that JJ has resisted the tempation to bend over backwards to appease the Shat gives me more confidence in his decision-making.

Shatner won’t make the difference at the box office (especially when one considers the multi-million dollar contract it will take to put him on film). A good story, good acting, and good advertising will make ALL the difference. From what I have heard here at Trekmovie, so far so good.

I’ll trust the story-making decisions of J.J. “Lost” Abrams over William “STAR TREK V” Shatner any day.

But I will still watch Shatner act in ANYTHING!

#26, Rastaman:

When Maurice Hurley had to be replaced after the second year of TNG as the producer in charge of writing, the studio heads were quite explicit – although not at all public – in their intent to find a replace “who will stand up to Roddenberry.” They ran through a couple of candidates before finding someone suitable, and after a staggering start the series finally got good.

There’s no way of knowing to what extent the new executives at Paramount were looking for someone who could say “no” to the usual suspects and strike out in a new direction with Trek, but I certainly agree with you that the willingness of the producers to do what’s necessary is encouraging.

I’m a bigtime fan of The Shat, but, uh…technically he wasn’t part of the “birth” of Star Trek, was he? He replaced Jeffrey Hunter. Hmmm.

The team doesn’t need to do or say anything. In a few months filming will have ended and Shatner will have given up his whining. So Abrams shouldn’t fan the flames by getting involved, its exactly what the SHAT wants.

Without risking the wrath of the anti-shatners, I would just like to say that I want him in this film and it is the prospect of Shat and Nimoy together again that has always interested me in this film.

If Shat was in but no Nimoy I would be making my pro Nimoy feelings felt.

This is a really sad way for TOS to end up.

I will, however, keep the faith,

24. 19… Weird indeed, since the last time Shatner was offered a role in “Star Trek” (in “Enterprise”), he turned it down. Why the hard feelings now?

Something hinky here.

All Shatner cares about is a big pay check…….That is all he ever has cared about. I love Trek and everything Shat has done as Kirk but I think the old SNL skit hit pretty close to home about how he really feels about the fans. I don’t think he has ever done anything FOR the fans……it’s always been about getting paid to Shatner.

I don’t understand HOW they could bring him in this movie without hurting the stroryline???

I mean Capt. Kirk (Shatner’s Kirk) died in Generation. SO how the hell could they bring him back from the grave? Should they ignore the movie. Make him live without explaning how he has comeback (laugh all you want I’ve read this in here)? Or they should invent some weird story around Kirk so that they can please some fans…

the Anwser to all the above is NO. So forget about Shatner in this. Thats it thats all!!! Deal with it.

Oh Lord!

Bill let it go.

Again you were not at the birth of Star Trek, that would be Nimoy.

Sorry my man, But Boston Legal and are still there for ya.

To quote what you said nearly 21 years ago, “Get a life!”


oh dear. im crushed by that statement by the shat. thats sounds conclusive to me. i think we can forget it now. this is such a shame. it could and should have been sorted. i agree that it probably wont make that much difference at the box office but surely people agree it would have been great to have had the TWO old masters handing over the baton the the new guys. there is now a dark cloud hanging over this movie as far as im concerned. i will of course go and see it but i wanted to see shatner and nimoy in uniform once more- for the last ever time on the big screen.

i wish the production team had been a bit more clear about their own position on this. we could have avioded all this nonsense ending with shatner issuing a statement himself. a bit of a shambles. im disapointed to say the least.

You suppose he’s just hoping that someone up in the offices at Paramount will call and offer him a big payday to endorse and promote the movie? I don’t mean the folks at Bad Robot, I mean the studio wheels.

I’d love to see The Shat in ”FRATERNITY ESCORTS”.

Anyhow, we now know for sure, pretty much (like I predicted in the other thread) that he has been offered a cameo, but is not interested in doing a cameo. He’s only interested in playing Kirk if it’s a substantial contribution. Well that means changing the story, which is obviously unachievable without compromise, because if it were I’m guessing they would have done so and he’d be in.

Well that’s that. We can move on now folks.

I still think they have a part for the Shat lined up in “Star Trek II” or whatever its gunna be… for all we know Star Trek could just be a build up to that???

*crosses fingers :P*

Pipe down Bill… for now anywhooo

Let’s jack this one up to 600 posts


Somehow I think even if he WAS cast in the movie, Shatner’s ego would still prevent him from having anything to do with Chris Pine, who he would probably regard as his “replacement.”

Folks, you saw Shatner and Nimoy in uniform for the last time ever, in 1991.

Nimoy, more than likely, will not be in a Starfleet uniform for this movie.

The passing of the torch was done in Star Trek VI, and that’s all that should be done.

Nimoy is in the movie because it matters to the plot. If Shatner was so concerned with dramatic moments and storytelling, then he should understand that. Instead, he’s worried about himself and face time on the big screen, since he only seems to get TV work.

To clarify, I’m first and foremost a TOS fan, always have been. My favorite character is and always will be Kirk. But, if Shatner is willing to manipulate (or try to) by using the media, then I feel sorry for someone who so successfully portrayed my childhood hero.

He’ll end up taking the crapfest movie that he was offered above, just as he did for Loaded Weapon I and so on. Of course he will, because he’ll get enough lines to feed his ego and enough money to line his pockets.

Go on JJ, Roberto, Damon and the rest of the production team. Make this movie according to how you have done before, and done so successfully.

The film will end up with so much production buzz as you film that Shatner may even end up caving and doing a cameo, even if it means swallowing his precious pride as a master thespian.

(note to Roberto: you also have to try and address that Kirk will be about 150 years old in TNG time.)

I’m still disappointed that Shatner decided to Kill Kirk off in Generations. Who should we be blaming here?

Eff off already Bill. For goodness sake. My respect for the man keeps plummeting.

wasn’t it technically Leonard Nimoy who was at the birth of Star Trek? Why all the fuss Bill? I hoped he be in it now I couldn’t care less. I want to hear more about the film and less Shatner. It is getting old.

I just get this feeling that the writers and producers are being asked “….so why DIDN”T you write him in the story to begin with? I mean you have Spock..why not Kirk?” which point even the ones who aren’t rabid fans would look puzzled as if it were quite obvious and answer…”um..cause he died already in that other film…we didn’t want to mess too much with Canon…and that seemed like a seemed obvious..he’s dead…” …all this fuss after the fact..who knew…..

I don’t really believe the Shat is endering himself to anyone associated with this movie. If you look at all the comments from the other original recast characters they have been gracious and spoke with kindly about the whole project and there respective new images. Shat just sounds like he’s constantly bitching with a single “pine is good looking” comment ….

He’s worn out my patience with his comments ( geniune or not ) and frankly now I don’t give a flying goat in panties if he’s in it or not – why not let us just focus on the positives that are coming out of this pic.

Wow, I wonder what Bill’s agent thinks about all of this. I mean, it’s one thing to be disappointed and even to say so, but publicly accusing the producers or execs of making ‘foolish business decisions’ comes off as petulant and arrogant. I guess he’s written off any chance of making this work, seeing as how he’s pissed all up in their wheaties. That’s a shame, really. Even a 2 minute cameo- done properly – would have fanboys (like me) over stimulated for days. Oh well. I hope the movie doesn’t suck.

BTW, anybody else notice the News 24 (South Africa) and the Boston Herald articles are virtually identical? How’s that for phoning it in?

star trek was given birth by roddenberry, hunter, nimoy, barrett etc.
not shatner.
he came in later.

To Bill Shatner:

{{{{{{{HUGS!}}}}}} There, there, Sweet Pea. It’ll be okay. You’ll be just fine. You always are. :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|
(note that I didn’t bless his heart) :-)

#44. Yes technically it was Spock who was at the Birth of Trek. Actually there’s no ‘technically’ about it, it’s a fact. Jeffrey Hunter too, I wish he hadn’t died so young.